Sunday, December 26, 2010

Be Christian and Be Kwanzaa

Yesterday was Christ-mas Day. The day King James claimed Jesus was born. A day of birth that's considered special to thousands of people from ALL walks of life. From Iraq to Germany. From St. Vincent to Tonga. This day is revered! That cannot be disputed.

My hope as someone who does not subscribe to a religion and as someone who humbly believes that his life has been one of charitable contribution via his passion: Service - is that Christianity's Christians will not only celebrate Jesus’ believed-in birth - but plan to and then mirror the life of Jesus Christ...and stop talking about Him in name ONLY. Rather emulate Him in service. In divine duty.

Feed a homeless man. Spend some time with the sick. Communicate with the men and women who are not ‘Saints’. Convey to someone that they are worthy. Challenge an unjust authority. Be Him.

And, continue to be of his essence by promoting and participating in an action plan. A road map of empowerment: KWANZAA. Kwanzaa places the one who celebrates in a position to do something.

I peacefully –and without any self superiority suggest when you, the Christian, begin to miss Jesus and/or 'get happy' don't just call His name. Be as countless atheist and agnostics are: Sacrificial and Giving.

Most importantly, Be the Christian You Say You Are, in your faith and within The Seven Principles of Kwanzaa.

Muata Nowe

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The Working Class and Wealthy Sacrificial Lamb

There should not be an assault on the wealthy and there should not be a malignancy tag placed on America's working class.

Well, the latter description should not be used to identify men and women who are sincerely trying to attain employment. However, we have to be honest like Juan Williams, some people are purposely diminishing their work ethic integrity, They can care less about searching for a job; the 300 bucks per week is a freebie, compliments of the United States Government's Handout Division. A handout that I needed 3yrs ago, and may need in the near future. We are not safe from termination. If you think you are, you a fool…but don’t sell your soul to remain employed!

Additionally, the top one percent should not be dreadfully marked The Anti-Christ. They should not be demonized like the biblical well-off, Mark 10: 23-25. Having a cornucopia of money is not evil as the holy book repeatedly insinuates. Did not God give King Solomon wealth?

Thousands of the modern day high earners work hard to get that paper legally within this capitalistic society. Have we forgotten our system is geared for the wealthy to remain wealthy and for the powerless to remain powerless? And, often times the men and women labeled by liberals as evil are small to medium size business owners trying to stay afloat while employing well over 40% of America’s workforce.

The Blue Dog and Leftist Democrats will not share that tidbit. They too busy accusing President Obama of bowing down to the Republicans - and pathetically whining about wealthy people, 'They should share their wealth'. Really? In a Darwinism environment? The fittest only survive!

Why not those of us struggling to make ends meet give back via service e.g. mentor, feed the homeless, etc. instead of going to church every Wednesday and Sunday prepared to tithe? Eating Spam - but giving the church your last. That is the perfect description of a religiously constipated deacon. Financial tithing is another form of gambling money away. Sowing at a lost! May as well give those singles to a graduate school stripper! At least you are getting something in return. Like a steamy straddle; better known as a lap dance!  

President Obama - with admirable humility - straddled the fence. He did what needed to be done to help men and women who are unemployed. I hope they understand that he became their sacrificial lamb. He in defeat compromised so others could have. President Obama did that while thousands of the non-working failed him this past November.

Most remarkable leaders end up unappreciated by the very people he/she sacrifices for during challenging times. Barack Obama is well on his way to the lonely pit of non-appreciation. The people who lift you always seem to drop you! And, cook...then devour you:

Muata Nowe

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Seeing him was like seeing myself. The striking resemblance. The melancholy disposition. The reluctance to embrace. The fortress of protection used to insulate the heart. The cemented stubbornness that stems from the belief that truth is not relative. And, the love that begins to flow as the fortress slowly comes down. Now, getting to know him/me is easier.

My father has always been a part of my life. I made sure of that with my on and off efforts to be nothing like him. He was not there when I graduated, crossed the finish line, and when I became a father. He was not there for so much as I attempted to defy all those who wanted me to be forgiving: “No matter what, he still your daddy.”

What he missed was my creation of himself that was altered to be what he wanted to be, a parent. Ultimately, he wanted to be a man not associated with his turbulent past. “Me can’t come back to Thomasville. I am JB there and not the aging with God’s grace JW here in Monroe.”

What my father did for me was remarkable. He encouraged me to strive for success, to be proud of my ethnicity, and to be caring. He did all this outside of my life, not in my life. He did this by hiding from what he caused: Pain.

And, God returned to the garden and asked, “Where are you Adam. Why are you hiding?”

JW Taylor has been hiding...and Adam did not respond.

But, that's okay. Seriously, it is okay! I finally came to that conclusion when I saw him for the first time in 8 years on Black Friday 2010. The peace that came over me when I saw him. It was surreal. He looked, I looked. Our brains were racing without the uncontrollable anxiety that's dominated our lives for the longest time.

While sitting in his presence with my oldest sister and his daughter, Shirley Jean – I quietly admitted that I have been mad at myself and the JB Taylor, not the JW Taylor.

JB is what he became (mean and violently unpredictable) while coming to grips with his life long trauma: no father, no mother, and the lost of his twin brother at 2 years old: “Me raised me self. Me twin died and I stayed alive.”

We are responsible for our plight...

I have never made overt excuses for my unbecoming behavior or my less than thoughtful decisions - but I have selectively with a tattered crutch connected the mishaps and foolishness to a lack of manhood training.

And, God returned to the garden and asked, “Where are you Adam. Why are you hiding?”

Muata has been hiding...and Adam still has not responded.

Unfortunately, my daddy’s fatherly abandonment has become a justification, an ill-advised rally cry for all the ills of the Black Family.

While we do need more of our black men to be fathers, our black boys should not wander aimlessly through life reeking havoc on society because daddy has not or was not around. The accepted chaos is the rotten fruit of poor decision making, not father’s absence.

We, black men without daddy, must take control our lives. We, in the end, when it is all said and done our decisions are ours. We have to own the decisions without connecting 'no father' to them - and without getting frustrated with Tyler Perry's accurate depiction of MORE than a few black men. We are those images on the screen.

So, JW Taylor and I can rest now. We are at peace. Our souls are no longer in turmoil. We are back on the same sheet of music. We are singing his favorite song, and back to eating our favorite meal,
*Stewed white rice and chicken

Muata Nowe

Monday, November 15, 2010

In that Moment of For Colored Girls, Press Reset
Where do I begin? Perhaps, I should wait until the emotional marinating is complete? The feelings are raw. Yet to be flavored with my tamed power of the edit. The pain I felt, feel – as I watched and think about the tragedy of life. Will this -what I am about to write- do any justice to Tyler Perry's best form of creativity? Should I even try to communicate where the characters left me?

In this place, I shall be what I am. A man. That man...the man in character after character. The man I saw in Sunday night cinema. The pain conveyed by all. Both male and female. A pain so intense all of it seared my soul. Burned me! Reminded me of what I was, what I am, what I can be, and what I want to be...with and without Whoopi Goldberg character's dependency, Religion.

In this place, I shall be what I am. A man. That man many want to believe is stereotyped entirely too much. The Black man. But, I ask the feared creature: Have you been the abusive drunk in any form? With or without Heineken, Captain Morgan, Ciroc, and/or Hennessey. Have you been the slick rapist in any form? With or without committing the brutality of physical rape. Have you been that inconsistent, come and go Frank in any form? With or without a woman singing,  Have you been that Down Low Brother in any form? With or without embracing homosexuality completely. Have you been the cheap thrill man used for meaningless sex in any form? With or without accepting your devalued role. Have you been that man who encouraged the back alley murder of the unborn by saying nothing or not being available in any form? And, finally, have you been that Noble man – the man God created - that expressed love in the face of not getting what he wanted (a baby) - again, in any form?

Have you?

If you are a man and you answered yes to any of the above you are the stereotype. You have in fact made what was/is thought to be real. You did it, not Tyler Perry. Not the White Man. You are the maker of what is thought of you. If you have responded with a guilty, and not an angry, demeanor you are getting Tyler's unoriginal message.

If you are female and reading, do you remember Phylicia Rashad’s character saying with such authority - before she pulled back the curtains (so fitting; pulling back what has been covered: the light, the truth), "You have to take some responsibility in this." Do you remember that, my essence of beauty? Do you? remember. Did that moment take you back to that place? You are/were in that place if you are/were living to get a man - and not living to rid yourself of human-made victimization.

Location, location, location...that is the saying for all those wanting to be successful. It is all about where you are! Will the business survive in this place? Better yet, will the business of God's shattered masterpiece (you) survive in your lonely locale?

We are where we are. We are where we want to be. If not...why haven't we relocated spiritually, mentally, and emotionally? Why haven’t we pressed reset?

Because...we are not free! Because we hide self from truth. Because we are not Kimberly Elise’s character did in that ragged chair. She breathed!

We must...breathe easy. If not, we shall be what we are. You, me a serial spirit killing male and you a broken and defeated female.

Tyler Perry's, For Colored Girls has told us

We Are More Than That!

Rise up...God's Mighty People...Rise up!

Muata Nowe

In honor of my momma and your momma if she has endured the pain that being (♀) brings forth.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Lethal Complexity

While the beating of Bobby Tillman  is enough to serve as an example of the lethal complexity within the black community, other salient – and detrimental factors are in the background which adds to African American reality. Realities that black people in many ways control and leave unattended.

Psychological and Spiritual

The young men accused of the savagery appear to be emotionally and spiritually bankrupt. They display no authentic emotion. As if they are possessed by a nonchalant and uncaring spirit. No connection to morality or humanity.


They young men accused of the savagery cannot form complete sentences. Their English is horribly broken indicating to me that they possibly read on an extremely low grade level.


The young men accused of the savagery are so clueless that they are not aware that the jailhouse interviews will help convict them.

Urban Demise

The young men accused of the savagery are so caught-up in thug mentality that they are freely referencing and supporting the cowardice No Snitching Rule. Also, the deputies put all the youth on the bus as a part of their initial investigation because none of the youth present were willing to “name names”.

Misguided Importance

The NAACP is so enthralled in finding a cause to promote that they have lost their way. They have literally depleted their relevance and importance by latching onto any and every complaint made by black people. Often times the complaints are frivolous, of no value, and a waste of time. How about they explore why black males are significantly falling behind in academics on ALL levels!

The Effects of Urban Flight

Bobby's mother wanted what was best for her son. She relocated to slow Georgia with her children in flee of gang activity in high speed Los Angeles. Ultimately, what purpose did that serve? She with high expectations came to an area of the country where the hood – but accurately described as deadly - elements of city life have moved to the suburbs as a result of gentrification.

Black Baby Boy Momma Syndrome

The mother of one beast-like boy is emphatic about her son's innocence. She is so blinded by the Baby Boy syndrome: Excessive pampering of African American boys. To the extent of foolishly excusing their reckless behavior. She actually believes her son could not commit murder because he is, "a sweet boy". Really? Also, within this context, not one black father has spoken. Not one!!! Leaving me to conclude the obvious: the black daddy’s are not involved in the maturation of the accused.

All of the above are huge particles within the black community. All points are so entrenched, embedded in the black day-to-day that we cannot routinely with pride preface our improvements/advancements e.g. Black president - but still lead the nation in killing each other.

We (America’s blacks) are the problem. No system. No government. We are! All these years of seeking and working to eradicate our plights and ills; and we still are finding that black life is jacked-up at our very own making.

I honestly believe most black people are so defeated that they enjoy the stench of the swamp. They are okay with it...what do we do in collective to change it?! We will march on Washington. Criticize government. Go to the school and act a fool. Neglect to vote. Blame the white man. But, we always fall short of getting it rendering us mentally and soulfully distant.

Guess what? The Black Church will be packed come Sunday - and the surrounding black communities will be littered with the bottles of cheap bear and wine. Moscato and Colt 45.

Jailhouse interviews: 

Muata Nowe

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Gorillas Are Dangerous

“Black people make you hate them.” –Haitian friend 1995 High Point University

I know how that hate manifests. I know what it feels like to despise what you see in reflection. It is a painful feeling that causes one to hate, not only oneself, but others who look just like you.

In the case of then Brian E. Payne and now Muata Nowe, the hate that I once harbored slowly, very slowly went away with my forced persistence to love thy self. Damn that was tough! All praises are due to Allah and His Messenger, the Honorable Louis Farrakan. One of two Saviors!

Bobby Tillman’s killers hate was viciously seething, boiling over, this past weekend. These animals did not allow themselves to birth love of self.
Birthing in this sense…

is/was a difficult task considering within my immediate circle, in my community hate is/was common place. However, I must inform this new generation of savages that the hate black people shared in my Small Place (Thomasville, North Carolina) was nothing remotely familiar to the disdain sadly owned and brutally shared by America's black citizenry of today.

Gang stompings (beatings) were not popular in my home town. But, next door in the neighboring city of High Point 'jumps' were a part of the daily routine from 1988 to 1990. The Juice Crew terrorized the city so much so if they were wreaking havoc today the then cowards who made up the Crew would be easily tagged as terrorists. The District Attorney that prosecuted these boys (who are out of prison now) would have made certain of it! I loved the zeal the white DA expressed back then to cage the Juice Crew. While he was gutsy some idiotic thinking black people labeled him a racist. Similarly idiotic as the mother of one arrested animal that beat down Bobby Tillman, "My son ain’t involved in no killing." So typical of our black baby boy mommas!

Terrorist, not a man with guts, is a fitting description of the four young black men who beat to death Bobby Tillman at a hood party. Actually, these untamed gorillas and any other self hating black person should be deemed hazardous to the well-being of society. They should be either punished as they would have in some former traditional African cultures e.g. put to death - or locked up forever. The latter is the most preferred expensive measure these Liberals. I can't believe I pay for ruthless criminals to exist. Deplorable!

The paragraph above -well beginning at Actually- were my exact words during my brief call-in to an evening radio show. Unsurprising, countless calls flooded in response condemning my rant. Three callers with identical mantras alluded to what the white man has done and/or is doing. Really?

Here we go again blaming the white man for our savagery. For our hate that we so often see in reflection. I could not believe it. Slavery and Jim Crow again...? The excuse? The justification?

I wonder if black people realize how pathetic they sound when their hate is made Justifiable?

Mr. White Man is The Man! He still to this day can claim with confidence that he made us into haters of self. I applaud him! I need his power.

As, Grandma Frankie would say, “Gorillas (her code word for Niggers) are dangerous.”

Muata Nowe

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

From 2008 and Back to Apathy

*Perhaps, it should read: The Hottest Place in Hell is reserve for those who do not vote consistently in times of political upheaval.

Initial percentages are indicating that black people did not show up yesterday. Of course, it irritates me when pundits and statistical analysis gurus start to point the finger in the black direction - but that discontent from me I must admit is my unwillingness to accept that my people are connected to the reason the House of Representatives has turned BACK red. This alone makes me justified in stating, Black people continue to be a part of the problem. Disagree if you like. Curse me if you must. My understanding of this convoluted political dynamic is true. We refuse to push back when policy, and not man is of importance.

We will surely drift backwards when the Republicans begin their wave of blocking initiatives that help people stay afloat i.e. extended unemployment benefits. One area that I have intimate experience. Being unemployed with no job leads is a horrible place to be. It is professionally and personally demeaning. The only means of emotional and financial support is knowing that the money you contributed to unemployment benefits over the years will be in your checking account come Friday. Now, that assurance is at stake. The Republicans will make certain of that!

This is not what I expected. I knew the Democrats would reign. I just knew it. Part of my over confidence was rooted in the thought that black Americans have had enough of the legislation that bleeds of racist ideals. That's where this GOP discontent comes from. I am certain of that! Republicans, with men like John Boehner, hate that THEIR country does not completely reflect them. They are addicted to the Confederacy agenda. The sad thing is that a plethora of Caucasian Republicans who are struggling to make ends meet voted Republican across the board yesterday.

Well, now thanks to all those unregistered and non-voting black people - and turncoat Independents this nation will be embroiled in a nastier fight for two more years. And, yes all the blame cannot be levied against black people. I know that. One thing I know also is that countless black men and women did not think to vote yesterday.

Disappointingly, as Roland Martin and the likes of him predicted: Black people voted for man (President Obama) in 2008 - and not for policy. If they are wrong, why didn’t the black vote come out in mass number yesterday to vote for policy? Yesterday was all about policy! Our black president - the only reason the majority of black people voted for President Obama - needed us for his policy Tuesday. He was literally begging us to vote for policy this time around. I heard him on Reverend Al’s radio talk show, The Warren Balentine radio talk show, and he was with Tom Joyner last week pleading for blacks to show and prove this time around. He went as far to say, “This is not about me. This is about me needing Democrats in the House and Senate. We need you. It is not about me.”

Black people did not connect the dots. His Rock Star status motivated us 2yrs ago. Policy is boring! It does not have glamour. Perhaps, the administration should have placed diamond studded earrings on policy or found some way to attach rims to policy. Then we would have gotten our behinds out yesterday. Why?

Because we are all about the bling.

Living in the moment produces nothing. Haven’t we learned anything from the likes of KCi & JoJo? Working – really working - in the movement produces longevity and results. This fact rendering what I expected:
2008 was a moment, not a Movement.

Muata Nowe

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

When Needed

The Democrats desperate need of the black vote may have been the best political creation to occur for black people in decades. That's only if black people use this recent development to lobby and leverage what is critical to them.

In the past, it really has not mattered if black people voted or not considering numerous black Americans refused to register and vote in national - and particularly in local elections. Making up only 12 percent of the US population and less than half participating in the sought after right somewhat made black Americans non-existent within the political landscape.

Times have changed. Every Democrat struggling to stay in office has been courting black men and women for the past year. Not aggressively courting - but there has been a difference in the pandering since President Obama made has way to Pennsylvania Avenue.

The change in black people’s motivation to vote is not only evident at the polls; it appears there is a collective interest in US government politics. That in itself is refreshing. In the past, urban black hubs outside the District of Columbia were completely void of political energy. Then came along the Obama Express.

A new day has arrived. With its arrival blacks all across this nation have voted early and plan to get up early today to make their way to their polling stations. With its arrival there are more expectations from the black electorate. Black people in several ways now see and feel the purpose in casting a ballot. The present administration has successfully conveyed this purpose unlike any administration in the past.

As I watched the world news last night, three networks had stories indicating that the black vote is necessary for the House of Representatives and Senate to remain Donkey Blue. If the color changes to GOP Red, it will be a blue evening for all the people who depend on Democratic Party legislation.

And, we have to be frank, black people need congress to stay blue. We are that political block that benefits to some degree from the Democrat agenda regardless of our stepchild status. This, the Democrat Party, is our only recourse considering black people in America do not have any intentions to govern themselves and implement widespread nationalism.

So, go vote! Be pleased that you are needed. It feels good. It really does…but I am still worried that the black vote will be taken for granted when the campaign ads have ceased. That’s today around 11:00PM EST. Then I think, black people should expect to be pimped if they are not willing to pimp themselves out of the mess they continue to live within.

Muata Nowe

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Racism is Taught by the Stereotyped

Racist thinking is partially fed and cultivated by behaviors that are uniquely displayed by certain groups of people e.g. Blacks, Mexicans, Italians, and the other usual suspects that racist direct their frustration, anger and hatred towards...which encourages some people to suggest with trepidation: "certain groups" may need to behave more appropriately.

This implies that the groups of people mentioned - and certainly other groups including white Americans from Arkansas - are behaving in such a way that encourages the racist to formulate thoughts that are typically tagged as stereotypical.

When I was the blackest boy growing up on Small Street my grandmother told me, "You behave like you got some damn sense. Don't you embarrass the family." She would continue with, "Black people already got enough against them. We don't need you acting like the nigger that white people think you are. Don't make their case."

Over the years, I have tried to admirably play the part for my grandmother and black America. Tried to be a good boy. I have literally put forth an effort to be better than the 'thoughts' that swam/swim around in the head of some white folk. I did this for two reasons:

Because Grandma Frankie told me to and because I wanted to defy what was already imprinted in the minds of not only white people - but countless black people too. FYI, it was a BLACK man who told me, "you ain't gonna be shit." I was told that at church by a respected church member. And, after I had just won my first national track and field title.

Living up to grandma's standard did not jive with my mentality at times. I have regrettably on many occasions played the 'nigger part'. Therefore, I became what she deplored. And, unfortunately I indirectly encouraged racist thinking.

It is morally inappropriate for a person to be a racist. The feelings and beliefs associated with the title are destructive. They eat away at one's soul, and ultimately the conclusions formulated by the racist poison society. The affects of the toxicity are reflected in the past and present conditions of United States' race relations.

Consequently, I must disclose that I am familiar with the thinking of the racist. Most recently, there have been brief moments that alerted and alarmed me to my statements about a "certain group". I noticed that I was freely conveying via verbal commentary racist comments. I began to talk about this "certain group" like a group of racist white men would in the confines of their circle. I became a racist in those moments. Why was it so easy for me?
Because of the behavior projected and displayed by the "certain group".

Not that people of color should be singled out as if they are the sole misbehaviors. Perhaps, if some of us within the "certain groups" behaved differently we would not have to worry about what is being said and written about us by the white racist. Then we will be confident in knowing that the detrimental thinking of the racist was in fact formulated based on a deep seated hatred that has nothing to do with us - the Black Americans, Mexicans, and Italian Americans - acting unbecoming. Well, as long as there are Jersey Shore and Tiny & Toya reality shows the racist will have fuel for their fire.

Muata Nowe

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Living Honestly with Muslims

Well over 80 percent of the men and women I share a 120 unit building with are devout Muslims. I wish I could say that I am pleased with the clientele around me. I wish I could disclose that I am respectful of the culture they exude via ethnic attire and mosque attendance. I am not. Actually, over the past few years I have been exposed to a pathetic representation of the people who practice Muhammad's religion.

Religion is an element of culture. It describes how one relates to The Creator. Religion helps us understand the magnitude of one's faith. And, we all know that faith is the driving force behind belief. These beliefs vary significantly. They can be all over the place casting a gigantic spectrum of thought. Within that intellectual matrix one can become extreme in their thought processes considering most recognized religions specifically Islam and Christianity in their purest forms are extremely violent, purposely confusing, and breeds a sickening dependency. This is how religion births extremism. The extremist is born within the complexity of religiosity.

But, how am I to know who is not egregious and who may be among the nonsensical Islamic fold at my address? They all look and behave the same to me. The men are short and the women appear to be sexually repressed. Most of the living domains I have entered are a mess, and even downright nasty. The property's green space and parking deck are often heavily speckled with litter leaving me to conclude that they have no respect for where they live. Ironically, their mosque landscape that sits across the street is immaculate. They all appear to cook and eat the same cuisine. The Tandoori aromas unfortunately make their way under my door. They lack pleasantry. Only a few greet me (the adherents of Hinduism), and some cringe when they pass me (the Muslims).

With this honest description in mind, should I believe that all Muslims from India are identical? Of course according to the political correctness cops, using the word 'all' implies a generalization and supports irresponsible stereotyping. But, I ask what should one do when he faces this conundrum? Should I insist that all Indian Muslims are not this trifling or should I assume this behavior is only uniquely displayed within this group of Muslims? I am literally stuck.


I am not really stuck. I am secure in my thinking. These Muslims at my address in Decatur, Georgia are disgusting on so many levels. Now, if I repeat this on television/radio - or if this commentary finds it way to my employers, I wonder if they would terminate my employment.

National Public Radio should not have caved to liberal-minded pressure. They were wrong to fire Juan Williams for expressing himself. For saying what many of us have thought. He was hired by NPR to express himself…well, as long as if he did not offend Muslims.

I guess I should not be concerned and/or nervous about the Muslim men below my French doors who are up at all times of the night and morning on their laptops chain smoking?

Like, Juan, I am being honest: I have serious concerns that these men may be planning a 9/11 style attack.

Guess I am wrong for that thought and even more wrong for voicing it...No one should be punished for honesty. No one!

Muata Nowe

Friday, October 15, 2010

Morehouse’s Homosexuality is not an Acceptable American Experience

Someone is sitting back thinking, ‘Not again. Muata is bringing up homosexuality…again. Why? What is he hiding from us?’ Yes, I know this is a possible thought which in many ways solidifies my opinion:

Black people would rather irresponsibly accuse to deflect the real issues pertaining to homosexuality and avoid in an effort to cover up what is pervasive within our community.

We do the same with child molestation, unhealthiness (obesity), and sexual intercourse. We remain silent on these issues – but are glad to discuss The Real Housewives of Atlanta and the BET Hip Hop Awards Show. So ridiculously backwards and out of touch with what’s critical!

These discussions are paramount. They are needed without senseless emotion, Christian zealously and without taking sides. However, taking sides can spark new thoughts. Form new ideas and new opinions. Therefore, here is my taking a side position on the flamboyance of Morehouse’s most recent news making homosexuality saga.

The homosexual community has for years tried to no avail force their lifestyle onto/into a heterosexual nation. They have relentlessly attempted to be understood and accepted. Not that I like comparing the two – but the Black Experience in the United States is somewhat similar in that blacks simply want/wanted to be accepted.

The United States is a male dominated culture that has not been kind to females let alone gay men and women. Especially, gay men. With this understanding, not that I expect you to agree, I do not think it is logical for homosexuals to expect the concept of America to accept them and the life that they led. I also believe it is flawed thinking for gay men/women to expect systems/institutions e.g. an all male black school that has been in existence for years to accommodate an distracting outlandish lifestyle (cross dressing) and that without question is not accepted by the society at-large. Yes, certain areas such as Midtown Atlanta, Dupont Circle in DC, urban San Francisco, and The Village in New York are more diverse in thinking. But, we have to admit that these liberal pockets of major cities are unique and definitely progressive. The majority of the American landscape is neither. This is a conservative nation with so called conservative values.

So, why is there an expectation for Morehouse officials to extend patience and acceptance to men who dress like females? Morehouse is a historically black college for MEN, not men who want to be female or dress and carry-on like females.

This is my position. One that will probably get me tagged as a homophobe. Interesting…but nothing new. Not new and far from the truth. My actions have proven that I am not a hater of gays. I am the opposite. What actions?

When closed minded black men and women ridiculed me for befriending and maintaining a friendship with a big lip, big nose, and big head gay man I was steadfast in my heterosexual love for him as my friend and mentor. It did not matter that he was a homosexual preacher. What mattered to him was that he never wore a badge on his forehead declaring and demanding acceptance. He was comfortable with who he was within the confines of the American Experience.

Muata Nowe

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Twittering with President Obama

President Obama's tweet from his town hall at George Washington University Tuesday night:

"The question is whether hope once again overcomes fear. The other side is trying to ride fear all the way to the ballot box on November 2."

My tweet back:

"How much hope r we expected 2 extend w-out gaining s-thing from our hope and faith? I am tired of waiting 4 change."

No response yet...

Not that I am some brave fella - but I find it absolutely pathetic that more black people are not holding the president accountable to his marketing pledge, Change We Can Believe In. Not that my tweet will make a difference; it will not be read by the aide that sent it. I just seized a moment to utilize my tweet account with substance, and not random bull shyt like: 'I am watching Undercovers.'

Roland Martin has challenged the president by asking the hard questions that - as a matter of fact - were not laced with 'what are you going to do for black people?' The questions included the major issues of today: exceedingly high nationwide unemployment, massive unethical home foreclosures, another year of Wall Street financial raises and bonuses, and other pervasive issues that Change is not affecting. Roland was also demonized as a result by black people who are simply and shallowly satisfied with having a black president.

What difference does that make anyway? The nations poor, and now middle class are struggling while the president flies around this country campaigning for the democrats (his backers and black people's political Gods) that cannot get anything done.

In his scripted campaign sermons he continues to blame President Bush. Sorry but that to me is a bytch move. Blame blame blame. I am sick and tired of hearing that from him. Each time I allow the pointing of the finger intestinal runs to swim around in my head I feel like puking. I am actually losing respect for him.

Earlier this week the Atlanta Braves lost a game due to repeated errors made by their second baseman. He had a horrible game full of mistakes. Guess what? His teammates have not blamed him for their demise. They moved on, and prepared for the next game...that they lost, by the way. My point, players do not place blame. They forget the day before, the season before. They address the now. The present without prefacing over and over the past.

Still waiting on my tweet response to be addressed. Well, I am not waiting. I have moved on! Perhaps, the White House should take my lead - and leave President Bush alone.

Muata Nowe

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Guilty Silence is Long

Black people need to take a long examination of homosexuality and molestation. Black people refuse to really address both issues. Pushing both off as ‘these are the white man’s issues’. Thus promoting an environment of guilty silence.

We avoid the conversations knowing full well that a many black men we want to believe are on the up and up are predators of young men. Young men who are looking for manhood devotion and love. But, for some insane reason black people are quick to defend the so called leader, pastor, teacher, and/or Uncle Sammy. Which in my humble – but extremely forceful opinion gives these weak and life destroying men a free pass to corrupt fragile lives. Lives that are in most cases in need of educational, mental, and spiritual guidance.

I am not surprised by the recent allegations made against Bishop Eddie Long. Not at all! Preachers can be gay. Preachers can be molesters. They are not immune from engaging in behavior that many find unusual and homophobicly disturbing.

I see Mr. Long as a man searching. Searching for constant validation. A man who needs attention. His declaration that he wears muscle shirts, saggin jeans, huge belt buckles, glistening ear rings, black diamond studded rings, and gold medallions to identify with the hip hop and young adult culture is a bunch of garbage. A lie that he expects to cover up his psychological indiscretions and personal battles within.

My lingering question, why can’t his people, his congregation see him and others like him as what he displays? He does not exude confidence. Strength. Balance. Humility. He by all accounts is a grown juvenile who elevated himself to a Bishop and Spiritual Leader that boys call Daddy. One who preys on people in need of saving. Saving from what the world spews. That can be just about anything, by the way! In this case, these people are in the need of more than God. They need a way to make ends meet financially and emotionally. But yet, the preacher with the mindset to capitalize off the insecurities of man/woman presents him/herself as what is needed and desired to be saved. From here a dependency, that the preacher slyly and secretly wants, is set-up. Developed in a way that high-jacks the emotions of vulnerable people.

So, New Birth and most mega churches are full of people searching. Looking for something or someone to save them from life events. They rarely realize that the mirror is their best weapon. Their most appropriate tool for surviving. Not some man who spends more time in the mirror than a woman. Not some man who mask himself with the wealth that was given to him by those who came to him – to the church naked, spiritually deficient.

Bishop Eddie Long through this drama whether true or not needs to be put on trial for the worst crime committed on God’s people:

Creating a Following that Bows Down to Man, and not The Almighty

He's no different than the Hebrew Bible’s Pharaoh. No different than the Book of Esther’s king that wanted Mordecai to bow down.

That’s his crime. His inappropriateness.

Muata Nowe

Ego and Insecurity Destroys, not Humanness

I am so sick and tired of people saying:’ He/she is only human.’ Another damn excuse to behave like sick/pathetic representations of God's creation. God did not create us to be 'just human'. We say this as if human is some defective offspring of God. Like God made massive mistakes with us. To say this is a way to justify FOOLISHNESS. We are to be above average and not average. How about us being MORE than just human? Let's strive for that, and stop blaming our tired-azz decisions on 'just being human'. How about you just a f-ck-up? One that does not care about no one but self! Lord….being human is our excuse now! We have disappointed the Creator! No wonder it appears He has abandoned us! SO, if Mr. Bishop is guilty of this behavior, I guess "He just Human." By the way, he a human who decided to be the preacher. When one takes on that responsibility it should be known that he/she is taking on representing a religion that people have attached to the one and only, GOD! Therefore, the preacher's behavior should be better than the average human. If he/she cannot stop behavior that upsets our God he/she need not be the pastor/preacher. It is that simple. But, what drives these preacher is
Ego and Insecurity.

Muata Nowe

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Do you identify with America's American Dream? Do you know what the American Dream means? How do you define it? Are you an American Dream come true?

These are critical questions as this country endures the present state of unemployment, resurface of growing religious intolerance, on-going racism, blatant disrespect of the presidency, the new face of poverty, entitlement behavior and attitudes, growing United States' isolation, and pervasive apathy.

To be honest I have never identified with an American Dream. I really do not have any idea what it could be for me. I just worked extremely hard on NOT becoming what the status quo said I would become e.g. an inmate, convict, father of 5-8 bastard kids, dead by 30, etc. This in itself is interesting - and somewhat sad. All this time me and quite a few other black men in the United States worked tirelessly at proving others wrong instead of simply working to achieve goals like going to college, completing college, getting a job, keeping a job that's a career path, etc.

Why sad?

Because the pressure to 'not be like your no-count daddy, uncle, older brother' - creates unwanted pressure that hangs over a black male child's/man's head that immediately morphs into a life environment that makes black brothas more concerned about f-ing up instead of developing a strategy to be the BEST. Imagine the constant fear of failing your family and falling for the systematical traps. I must admit that I grew tired of this. I recall one moment when I wanted to just jack my life up. It was after I had just won my second national hurdling title. I was depressed. Hating life. My thought on one night was to go out, buy some crack cocaine, and smoke it. My idea was to get addicted - and become what I was fighting not to become. All I wanted was to have a life like countless 'majority' kids: free of the pressure of failing. I just wanted that monkey off my back. *Never thought I would share this...Wow!

May be this is why the American Dream is some illusive intangible for blacks? We have to admit that the concept of the American Dream when framed was not for black people. So, why should we identify with something that was not for us? Another reason why we need FUBU (For Us By Us).

*I have always wondered what stopped me from becoming a crack head...I really want to know so when I share this story with black youth I will be able to help them identify/discover their life protecting intervention powers. Believe it or not, there are black boys/men wanting to destroy themselves. They are literally thinking about killing themselves in more ways than one.

Muata Nowe

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Black Unemployment is High..AND? What's New?

Open Letter to Obama: Black Unemployment Must Be Addressed -Dr. Boyce Watkins

What did we expect? Black unemployment has many layers. Our condition has been rough for decades. The election of a black president was not going to change that. I am trying to figure out what type of plan the president can put into motion to get blacks employed. Is he suppose to say, 'Okay folk, these jobs are for blacks only.' How should this work? I am convinced if scholars, economist, and other experts cannot get jobs to fall from the sky they will not for the president. Blacks are last on the list to get hired anyway! If I owned a business I would be loyal to MY PEOPLE. What makes us think that the white business owner is not being loyal to HIS PEOPLE? We need our own...and stop asking the government for this and that. How about more black millionaires invest in black employment? Just a thought...

Muata Nowe

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Open Letter to Reverend Alfred Charles Sharpton

Dear Reverend Al Sharpton,

While I respect you for your sacrifice and what I believe to be a genuine concern for the progression of black people, I am somewhat stumped by your decision and/or allowance to have a 'sanctified' fraud appear weekly on your show, Keeping it Real Radio Show.

My disappointment in you is similar to the feelings I initially had when I learned that Earvin Magic Johnson was/is a spokesperson for two financial exploitation businesses: Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Inc. and Rent-A-Center. But, in this case Reverend Sharpton, I am of the unwanted belief that you are participating in a religious scam that adds to the emotional defeatism of black people worldwide.

I was driving from work one afternoon. I typically listen to nothing but talk radio – and I am an avid listener of your show. While listening on this particular afternoon I heard a charismatic man, by the title of Bishop, tell a caller who had only given his name, "I am getting the feeling that you are experiencing some tough times. Think about moving to North Carolina. Your opportunity is there." And he concluded, as I learned with every call, "This is the Word of the Lord."

Reverend, you have a dedicated black audience that respects you. Adores you. Appreciates you. Just by you allowing this self-described Bishop to conduct this crap on your show is deplorable - and extremely insulting to black people.

When one can call your show, say hello - and then an "anointed" Bishop 'runs down' (guess) the present details of one's life and then give 'Godly' prophetic advice is completely misguided and it removes that very important aspect: Personal Relationship with God. Replacing it with a call-in radio relationship with a boot leg Bishop.

I sure you have been to Bishop Jordan's website.

"Get your prophecy here:

As a Master Prophet, I can truly decree a thing and see it established---just like the prophets of the Scriptures." –Bishop Jordan

How can you, a minister of your intelligence, condone the above? This man claims to be a Master of Prophecy....

As much misdirection, deceit, and hoodwinking black people have faced, it saddens me that Al Sharpton, a man of your stature would dwell in the disgusting swamp of religious trickery.

I called into your show on this day. Was placed on hold. Was later told after waiting on hold for 22 minutes that if I decide to hold on I would be holding for an additional 40 minutes. The call screener said, "We have more than 10 lines in the mix now. It is like this every time Bishop is on the show."

My disappointment deepen. I hung-up. Decided not to 'hold-on' any longer...unlike those desperate men/women waiting and holding on for a Word from a crook.

Reverend Sharpton, with this scheme, you are no different than the African men who sold innocent Africans into slavery...for me to write that was painful...I have always respected you and your no bull approach. I am not sure where I stand any longer. That is even more painful because you are one of the last black men to 'stand'.

I guess standing comes with a price these days...


Muata Nowe

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Colors of Hypocrisy: White, Pink, and Yella

All this fuss about the building of a mosque and Islamic community center next to Ground Zero in New York City. 

I guess, as a descendent of black slaves, I should be upset by the naming of a few buildings/monuments...

Did not this racist use his power to "eliminate" (his word) the Black Panther Party - and didn't he refer to Martin Luther King, Jr. as monkey? A building was erected in his HONOR. 

Isn't there a Confederate Flag on a pole at the top of the State Capitol building in South Carolina? It is there to HONOR The know that racist body that wanted slaves to remain slaves.

Stonewall Jackson the Confederate General that regularly prefaced God prior to fighting to keep God's people in slavery has a statue of his likeness in Lexington, VA. It was built to HONOR him.

I can continue to list buildings and other national landmarks (parks) that HONOR racist and racist agendas/intentions. And people, mostly white people, are upset over a structure that will be used to HONOR a religious faith? Yeah, 'it is going up next to Ground Zero.' So damn what!

I drive pass that flag in South Carolina. I have seen that statue of Stonewall. I have to see the name Hoover on a sign in the District of Columbia.

I guess I should be all torn-up. I would definitely rather be torn-up than a hypocrite. White America is showing its colors, pink and yella!

Muata Nowe

Monday, August 16, 2010

Black AMERICANS Don't Care...

The position of the corpse looks familiar...?

The earthquake hit Haiti HARD. The recent rains/flood in Pakistan has hit HARD. In both occurrences thousands of people perished – and are still dying from the ramifications of Mother Nature's fury. (Some people actually believe God had His hand in the causing of both disasters. I can believe this misguided thinking because the bible is a written recording of God killing people, try the Old Testament. Yeah, God is a murderer.)

From the tragedy in Haiti, Wyclef Jean, a Haitian and not some bleeding-heart sympathizer has stepped-up to try his attempt at leadership, running for president of Haiti. (I do appreciate those white people spending months in Haiti helping to lift up the people. Thanks, Sean Penn.)

Leadership: Leaving me to question AGAIN: Are leaders made or born? Mr. Jean will soon be another example in the experiment, Leadership. President Obama is proving to be a MADE leader. If he were a born leader, he would not go from one position of rebellion to a position of DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO GET cover his ass! (Read up on the flip-flop of President of Obama on the mosque in NYC)

I remember the days after the natural events e.g. Haiti and Pakistan - which God, Himself, could not prevent. People all across this nation were sending $10-$15 text messages. Donating to the Haiti Relief Fund. People, black Americans in particular, were displaying the love that they have for the Haitian people. Question: Why were/are black Americans suddenly concerned? Haiti has been in need for decades. Where have you been, black man/woman? Then the flood of Pakistan helped validate my worst belief:

Black people in America will only respond to pleas to provide aid when people who look just like them are affected. Same skin color.

I support my belief with the following questions:

Where is the black church outcry (not that there was much of a CRY from the black church when the earthquake ravaged Haiti)? Who is speaking on behalf of American blacks for the people of Pakistan? What is the plan of action to organize a Walk/Run for Pakistan? When will there be a benefit concert?

Some nonchalant blacks are more than likely thinking, 'Why should I, a black person, send money to help Pakistanis? They don't like me.'

For those of you European, Asian, African, West Indian, and other nationalities/ethnic groups reading, black Americans, some not all – but TOO MANY – are that damn shallow - and believe it or not that harden. And yes, for you monitors of my rhetoric, I include myself among the 'some'. I have just recently been able to fully embrace poor white people from America. At one time in my life, I would not allow myself to sympathize for America's poor white "trash". So, there you go!

Back to this: 'Why should I, a black person, send money to help Pakistanis? They don't like me.'

Really...That's the position we are going to take? Typical for clueless black Americans – logical and understanding for some intellectually in-tune blacks from America...considering our history on US soil. With that truth, in some ways we are NO different from the white oppressor...

Muata Nowe

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fantasia: Another American Nightmare

Look at that pic. She was surrounded by relics of the past. Simple stuff. When life was good...

Fantasia Barrino is a product of her environment. Like everyone on the face of this earth! Not an excuse for cheating with a married man: Not an excuse for blowing her money. Not an excuse for tarnishing her name!

Cheating is a two way affair. It is not just the man’s indecent discretion. Like so many women have expressed all over the World Wide Web that it is. Absolutely disgusting that these females take this pathetic justification for doing what men do without remorse - and with cowardice intentions…much like how ‘da boys’ are expected to cover for the cheater: “He the one married.” Did Alicia Keyes hear me?

When we cheat in a ‘divinely sanctioned’ marriage, we cheat the Higher Power that we claim to believe in, we cheat the kids that may be involved, and we cheat the dedicated husband or wife that has been faithful.

‘Damn it, Fantasia – YOU cheated with Mr. Cook. Separation does not absolve you of sleeping with a married man. DIVORCE does!’

She became…what? A product of her environment. Somewhere in her rearing/life she gained the distorted belief that it is okay to participate in an affair.

Much like America, in the general, she has become what this country is, a cheap product. For sale as is: susceptible to costly repairs and always BROKEN.

Down hill from here:

And here:

Her broken environment is the land of The American Dream, not Farmington Apartments. She came from nothing (and there is nothing wrong with that). She dreamed of becoming a star by utilizing her ‘God-given’ voice and talent. She sacrificed to become a success. She worked hard for the American Dream. She made it!

On her Way Up with Innocence:

Close to the end (now) Fantasia has become the sad epitome of the American Dream. Even in her rendition of America’s Song of Pride, she exemplified her love for what America provided, The Dream:

So, I am not surprised. Not at all. Disappointed – but not distraught. Disappointed that she became what America shyts daily.

Unfortunate that Ms. Barrino did not look ahead. She about to be broke. I wonder if the family that she is so foolishly dedicated to will be to her left or right when foreclosure comes a knocking? Who will be there? I will tell you.

America will be here for her again - with an opportunity for her to dream and become the fruit of her dreams…but we can count on America to be there smiling arrogantly (with the 'I told you so’ look) with a choice: American Dream or YOUR Dream.

I love, Tashia! I do! I really do. I was in her corner for the longest time. Love her voice. Love the spirit and energy she formerly gave to the world. Then I got a smell of her Made in America diarrhea. She bought into it…but what did I expect from her being that she has NO ONE guiding her. America does not give us a book of instruction. Instruction evidently does not come from her immediate family...either (bunch of leeches).

And, before I step off this commentary - someone please tell me why God has to be referenced when we f*ck up?

“Fantasia's faith in God, herself and family remain as strong as ever."

God has NOTHING to do with our train wrecks – and I am convinced God SLOWLY answers when we have hit rock bottom…Why? Because God definitely knocks on our door EVERYDAY in our imaginations – and we do what: IGNORE. Diss Him.

Well, thought I was finish.

An addition to the American Dream…the final act of desperation: SUICIDE.

-Muata Nowe

Thursday, August 05, 2010

The Day in Black

I entered a building the other day that typically systematically attracts black men (was not a court house). I enthusiastically said, "Hello" to everyone seated in the waiting area.

There were two beaten down looking black men, one mad looking black woman (so typical), and one southern Georgia looking white woman. She may have had Peach snuff in her mouth. I had to go get that for Grandma Frankie once a month.

All had that puzzled expression, 'Why is this sweat covered black man so happy and why is he greeting us like he knows us?' The brothas spoke. I knew that they would. The black female with huge biceps and an afro did not acknowledge my presence. She pretended to be engrossed in a make-shift self help book,

The 65-70 year old white lady (in a non-battery powered wheel chair) said, "There's another one. You look like a ball player. Big and tall. So big. You play ball."

Since she was white, elderly, and displaying trailer park intelligence I did not curse her out. Actually, a profane tongue lashing directed at a pale-face woman will get you locked-up down here in the bible belt. Furthermore, any wanted and/or unwanted activity displayed towards a white female can get a brotha lynched down here in the illusionary Mecca, Atlanta – which is similar to Mississippi without sophistication.

Remember Emmett Till?  

The Day in Black continued

Was on a cardio power walk later in the day. Noticed an inter-racial couple approaching me. As we got closer, I noticed that the former meth-head looking woman was beginning to look terrified. Her body was becoming stiff. Her steps got shorter. And, she was about to squeeze her high-yella companion’s arm off. No lie! I saw fingernail marks in the young man's frail biceps. When we finally got shoulder to shoulder I wanted to say, 'BOO'. I did not because she was very pregnant. Every bit of eight months. That 'BOO' may have broken her water – and I would have had to help deliver the mongrel baby.

The Day in Black outside of the United States

When I traveled to non-black countries around the world as a Peace Corps staffer kids, men, and women randomly ran up to me. Followed me in villages like I was a good luck charm. They peeked in my window at night. Waited outside my door for me to get up at 5:00AM (and these American pre-teens and teens sleep until noon during the summer). They rubbed my skin wanting it to come off. They asked, “Are you Michael Jordan? Do you know Michael Jackson?” Men had me posing with them for pictures. Men even trusted my black self with holding their babies. As late as 2005, in one former USSR controlled country there is a huge picture of me above a family's soap opera programmed television holding a baby. Similar to this picture – but not gender exact:

Being a Black Man has been quite a ride. I am going to get me a white chick to take the final ride with me:

The Day in Black

Muata sharing.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

14th Amendment in Question...

I am sitting here laughing at all the responses I have read related to this new Republican initiative. I am surprised that the Republicans – THE REPUBLICANS – are tossing this around. These are the same men who have for years rebuked any talk of changing the constitution. They have presented what they believe to be legitimate arguments against ‘messing’ with the constitution for decades.


Question: Are black people considered ‘whole humans’ in the constitution? What are we ¼ human? Has a change been made to that?

Okay…These men are hypocrites. Their forefathers interjected the 14th Amendment so that THEIR family members could come to the land of the Native Americans – and flourish. They have used the 14th to their benefit for years – but now the off-springs of slave masters want to a change to be made. Why?

Let’s be honest and CLEAR if these people coming to the United States - then popping out babies just so that their off-springs can receive citizenship were mostly WHITE there would not be an issue. I hope the white people reading will at least consider that…PLEASE.

For the record, I have strong opinions about illegal immigration. They have been forged without emotion. They have been established without the minutia that does not matter.

One thing about most black people. We do respect the representation of the law. Just don’t like it! With that I believe something should be done about people BREAKING the law. Not sure what exactly – but I do like the steps taken when Haitian illegals are captured: The Forces that Be send their black asses back! So, why not do this across the board? For everyone?

I saw the lady (above picture) – and thought: ‘she is more than likely here illegally.’ Then I thought about the child in her arms and the little one by her side AND the life in her belly…My conclusion: I really do not like that people get here illegally and then they go and have kid after kid. Just does not sit well with me. Complex. And, believe me I perfectly understand the other side of this issue…I am black. I know what it feels like to be not wanted. To want a better life. I have seen the struggle within the boarders of the US and overseas. Getting here is a strong pull. A desire created off a Promise. Too bad the Promise becomes a Nightmare for so many.

Muata sharing his complex thoughts.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

The Pimp Pimping a Dollar - Creflo Dollar is that PIMP

I shared this clip (above) in an email conversation yesterday. I woke-up 3 days later (this Sunday) thinking about Dollar, and I got pissed off. Why?
I know countless people. Good people! Who have done everything to give their part to the church because the bible commands them to. They are Believers in the Word. Not Believers for the sake of getting into HEAVEN (if there is such a place). Some of these Believers have gone without to adhere to "God's Word". They did it because they BELIEVE! They trust in that Word, not some spineless passa. But, this pimp for a Dollar goes and makes this declaration. He is a disgrace. A disgrace to my ancestors who Believed in the POWER of God - and not some jelly-back passa.

As a result of my disdain for this FOOL for a PREACHER, I am sent/shared this clip with well over 1000 people/email addresses, with my Facebook Family, and now with you the World Wide Web.

I have one request - much like the request we receive when we get an email that says,
'Please forward if you love Jesus'.

My plea:

PLEASE FORWARD TO YOUR EMAIL CONTACTS if you value TRUTH! Just cut and paste my blog address – and share. Re-post. Do whatever to share a message from a man who is not asking you for a damn dime. From a man whose singular agenda is to spread legitimate Truth. Not falsehood. Step away from your some-timey faith - and do what Jesus really wanted: STAND FOR TRUTH not ridiculous bible scripture!

Let's expose this idiot - Creflo Dollar - for what he is: a CROOK! That pimps black people all over the world! If you too Christian to do this: You too religiously punk to stand up for those who genuinely Believe! That's your grandparents, your parents, your aunts and uncles!

That Pimp's Home: 
That Pimp's buddy in his EXPENSIVE car: 

I am done being nice with these Blood Suckers! No more Mr. Nice Guy.

F*ck Creflo and Eddie! And, Joel, Jamal, and TD!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Black Forgiveness is Always at Work

Once again, a black person exercised forgiveness. Once again, a black person said, "I am not going to do what they did to me, my family, and my people.

That "they" is white people.

Shirley Sherrod did the right thing in spite of racism’s brutality. A brutality so many black Americans have faced and continue to face daily. And, as we are trained to do by black pastor, we have forgiven our white racist oppressor.

Slaves were known to pray for slave master in the face of African cultural destruction. I don’t find that to be surprising at all considering the nature of most African people - humble, forgiving, loving, caring, and loyal.

Black people have been committed counterparts to making the America Experiment work. We have worked tirelessly to be acknowledged as human. Our ancestors died for us to not only have the right to vote – but to sit at the counter with some white people who hated/hate us because of our dark skin color. Imagine that…so many white people despise the color of our skin on our bodies – but yet they are waiting in line at the tanning salons and burning themselves on American beaches to look like us…?

Shirley and all blacks from all over the world should hate white men. We really should. Think about what the white man has done and caused all around the world. The strife. The pain that comes with them trying to be God’s Ultimate Creation. So, when the small part of Mrs. Sherrod’s speech that has been taken out of context was constantly played last night and this morning, I was feeling her. It is a similar feeling I get from time to time when I see a white man begging for money at the LaVista Road exit. That feeling:

‘I am not going to give him a damn dime. He has had one thing that I have lacked my entire life, skin privilege – and he did not make it past begging for pennies and nickels?’

Something always steps in my conscious – and summons me to reconsider. To be compassionate. To be what God expects of me…despite what the White World has reeked: Havoc.

Black people have countless issues. Some of our own making and many as a result of orchestrated Havoc.

One thing we cannot be when you look at the root of racism, Powerful. Racism requires power.

We, black people, do not have any power because we continue to forgive you, Mr. White Man, day after day.

I am not even sure if I want that Power…

Written by Brian E. Payne. Inspired by a true American, Shirley Sherrod.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Wasted Time

I don’t have a problem with people exercising their Freedom of Speech right. There is not too much someone can say that will offend me or hurt my feelings. I rarely get upset when I see an image that many would find offensive. I just don’t. I don’t care what people think unless it is directed to me by someone I know. Someone I consider an associate and/or friend. Even then it depends on what is lodged at/against me. If a white friend calls me a nigger, it will sting a little. If a black friend refers to me as Satan, it will bother me for a day or two. Actually, the Satan insult that typically comes from a sanctified brotha or sista hurts more. Both occurrences can be handled with grace and dignity. Crying about it or becoming forcefully agitated (fight) is a waste of time.

Why black people continue to waste time, I am not sure.

The NAACP is wasting valuable time passing a resolution of condemnation against the Tea Party Movement. Well, that part of the Tea Party Movement that refers to President Obama as a Black Hilter, that refers to black people as monkeys, that fringe part that continues to embarrass those well-meaning men and women who want to exercise their Freedom of Speech via protest.

Protest is what literally established the NAACP. Men and women decided to stand up against what they believed to be governmental wrongs e.g. segregation, non-voting rights, whole scale discrimination, and racist activity. Protest is/was the basis of the NAACP’s agenda. When someone is/was wronged the NAACP comes/came a running!

On several occasions the NAACP should have stayed in their comfortable offices - and there have been NUMEROUS occasions when I believed that they should have came out blazing. Like when a black child is shot by a black gang banger while sleeping in her bed. Like when a local church is trying their best with limited resources to address obesity within the black community. Like when black parents appear to care less about their children’s educational development. Like when black kids become so socially and morally out of touch that they appear to be entitlement zombies.

Think about what NAACP stands for, The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. The word ADVANCEMENT stands out to me. You?

We can advance in protest against crime that still to this day destroys our future, the black child. We can advance in protest against how fat we are becoming. Just morbidly fat and drastically out of shape. We can advance in protest against the rising high school dropout rate among black teenagers. We can advance in protest against our children living such carefree and ancestral unaccountable lives that they have no idea who Booker T. Washington is - and when our children tell us, ‘I am going to wear my pants and sneakers like this because it is the style.’

There is so much we can be doing besides sitting around a board room table passing a meaningless resolution or burying the N-word.

Does the average black person care that President Obama is being portrayed as a gorilla on a placard? Yes, the average black person does care. I find that to be so off-base. So out of touch with what is really important. So shallow. So limited. So ridiculous considering we (black people) rarely get this upset when we are the cause of our demise.

Read/heard all this before? Rhetorical minutia?

If yes, that in itself is the problem. We continue to miss the message. The message that will free us. Our freedom could have been purchased then controlled by us if we would have addressed this:

without whining to the system that planted the seeds of self hatred. Black people still begging their oppressor to respect them when in fact they refuse to honor themselves.

Written by Brian E. Payne

Roland Martin: