Monday, August 16, 2010

Black AMERICANS Don't Care...

The position of the corpse looks familiar...?

The earthquake hit Haiti HARD. The recent rains/flood in Pakistan has hit HARD. In both occurrences thousands of people perished – and are still dying from the ramifications of Mother Nature's fury. (Some people actually believe God had His hand in the causing of both disasters. I can believe this misguided thinking because the bible is a written recording of God killing people, try the Old Testament. Yeah, God is a murderer.)

From the tragedy in Haiti, Wyclef Jean, a Haitian and not some bleeding-heart sympathizer has stepped-up to try his attempt at leadership, running for president of Haiti. (I do appreciate those white people spending months in Haiti helping to lift up the people. Thanks, Sean Penn.)

Leadership: Leaving me to question AGAIN: Are leaders made or born? Mr. Jean will soon be another example in the experiment, Leadership. President Obama is proving to be a MADE leader. If he were a born leader, he would not go from one position of rebellion to a position of DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO GET cover his ass! (Read up on the flip-flop of President of Obama on the mosque in NYC)

I remember the days after the natural events e.g. Haiti and Pakistan - which God, Himself, could not prevent. People all across this nation were sending $10-$15 text messages. Donating to the Haiti Relief Fund. People, black Americans in particular, were displaying the love that they have for the Haitian people. Question: Why were/are black Americans suddenly concerned? Haiti has been in need for decades. Where have you been, black man/woman? Then the flood of Pakistan helped validate my worst belief:

Black people in America will only respond to pleas to provide aid when people who look just like them are affected. Same skin color.

I support my belief with the following questions:

Where is the black church outcry (not that there was much of a CRY from the black church when the earthquake ravaged Haiti)? Who is speaking on behalf of American blacks for the people of Pakistan? What is the plan of action to organize a Walk/Run for Pakistan? When will there be a benefit concert?

Some nonchalant blacks are more than likely thinking, 'Why should I, a black person, send money to help Pakistanis? They don't like me.'

For those of you European, Asian, African, West Indian, and other nationalities/ethnic groups reading, black Americans, some not all – but TOO MANY – are that damn shallow - and believe it or not that harden. And yes, for you monitors of my rhetoric, I include myself among the 'some'. I have just recently been able to fully embrace poor white people from America. At one time in my life, I would not allow myself to sympathize for America's poor white "trash". So, there you go!

Back to this: 'Why should I, a black person, send money to help Pakistanis? They don't like me.'

Really...That's the position we are going to take? Typical for clueless black Americans – logical and understanding for some intellectually in-tune blacks from America...considering our history on US soil. With that truth, in some ways we are NO different from the white oppressor...

Muata Nowe


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Reader Response:

Terrible! Sad! I was thinking about Pakistan today and Wycef trying to run for President of Haiti.....What happened to the money raised for Haiti from America? Where is the outcry from the gov. about Pakistan....will be none...they don't them no way. Terrible!
Black Americans......we....disconnected.....
Lord have Mercy!


Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

Muata responds to SP:

Yes, SP you used the right word: "disconnected". Wow! That rings with me. We are disconnected. Off balance. Off centered. Thanks...Disconnected.


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