Sunday, August 01, 2010

The Pimp Pimping a Dollar - Creflo Dollar is that PIMP

I shared this clip (above) in an email conversation yesterday. I woke-up 3 days later (this Sunday) thinking about Dollar, and I got pissed off. Why?
I know countless people. Good people! Who have done everything to give their part to the church because the bible commands them to. They are Believers in the Word. Not Believers for the sake of getting into HEAVEN (if there is such a place). Some of these Believers have gone without to adhere to "God's Word". They did it because they BELIEVE! They trust in that Word, not some spineless passa. But, this pimp for a Dollar goes and makes this declaration. He is a disgrace. A disgrace to my ancestors who Believed in the POWER of God - and not some jelly-back passa.

As a result of my disdain for this FOOL for a PREACHER, I am sent/shared this clip with well over 1000 people/email addresses, with my Facebook Family, and now with you the World Wide Web.

I have one request - much like the request we receive when we get an email that says,
'Please forward if you love Jesus'.

My plea:

PLEASE FORWARD TO YOUR EMAIL CONTACTS if you value TRUTH! Just cut and paste my blog address – and share. Re-post. Do whatever to share a message from a man who is not asking you for a damn dime. From a man whose singular agenda is to spread legitimate Truth. Not falsehood. Step away from your some-timey faith - and do what Jesus really wanted: STAND FOR TRUTH not ridiculous bible scripture!

Let's expose this idiot - Creflo Dollar - for what he is: a CROOK! That pimps black people all over the world! If you too Christian to do this: You too religiously punk to stand up for those who genuinely Believe! That's your grandparents, your parents, your aunts and uncles!

That Pimp's Home: 
That Pimp's buddy in his EXPENSIVE car: 

I am done being nice with these Blood Suckers! No more Mr. Nice Guy.

F*ck Creflo and Eddie! And, Joel, Jamal, and TD!



Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

Reader Response:

This is disgraceful!!! Your voice is needed!!!


Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

Reader Response:

I agree that there is irresponsible teaching by these preachers' regarding the truth about tithing. It will NOT keep you in heaven.

BUT, it is ALSO a FOOL who thinks the Promises of Jesus are fake. Time is the only revealer of truth. Time will tell all and reveal all.

My opinion. Not to debate. Just sharing as was done below.

-A Believing Reverend

Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

Reader Responds to the Believing Reverend:

A man named Jesus never made any promises that I'm aware of. It's hard to make promises when history shows you didn't exist, unless you are the Latino "Jesus" of today . . . now, those we can prove existed and continue to exist. Of course, the bible was sure to wrap up a lot of loose ends concerning the evidence by saying this tablet and that got destroyed. How neat. What a great little package deal. "We can't show you evidence because it got destroyed." Or "we can't dig up the archaeological evidence because this is holy ground." Ooh, boy, it gets deep!

Better yet, let's give the benefit of the doubt and say he did exist. Through what power was this individual able to make promises that prevents you and me, with the same heart and an awareness of our own energetic powers, from making the same promises? Further, what are these promises, word for word, and the evidence that these promises can and have been fulfilled at any time in history? To call someone a FOOL because they do not share the same belief system is hypocritical and, I'd think, not a good example of Christianity in practice. Religion, yes; Christianity, no.

I have so surpassed the fear that comes with religion that someone else's definition of what others are who do not believe in Jesus is small potatoes in the grand scheme. I hope for you, one day, that same freedom, as I was once where you are now. It's OK for you to love and devote your life to Jesus, because that is your choice. I would never hold it against you, just as I'd never suggest forcing it on anyone else. I always advise those who hold any belief system, if they ask for my advice, to make sure it works for and benefits them and to be 100% dedicated to it so as not to appear "flaky." And, despite how you might see non-followers and advocates of Jesus, I don't think you're a fool; somewhat misguided, but not a fool. Although, the bible does say that the fool and the wise man meet the same end. So, again, it could just be my arrogance in thinking I've accumulated some wisdom that causes me to see you as misguided. What a party it'll be when the fools and wise men meet up. ;-)

Nandi Asase Yaa
Go Against the Grain! Eklectiks
Get to the Block! Yanni's Block

Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

Believing Reverend responds to Nandi:

You mean a great party when foolish & sellf-proclaimed "wise" men meet up with the truth. I say again, only time will tell. Stay encouraged!

Peace, God's blessings, Jesus' Promises and the Holy Spirit Anointing!

-Believing Reverend

Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

Nandi Responds to Believing Reverend:

It's quite possible each of us meets up with the truth as we transition to our next level of existence. Thing is, at that point, none of us are given a return to enlighten others, which leaves us until our turn to find out. In the end, I doubt any of us can feel as if we were wise beyond all knowing, but probably all can see how we played yet a little bit of the fool regarding the ways of man and those guidelines which man set forth through his pen that have now become the basis for the existence of others.

Until then . . .

May Peace Be Restored


Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

Muata responds:

SO many Christians speak in this form: 'We will see. Time will tell.' Waiting...Sad and pathetic. Waiting on what? Black people in particular waited and waited. They called on Jesus in the gut of slave ships. No response. Many blacks (not me) still waiting on a Jesus that has proven to be MIA for the poor and hurting. Coming back? For what...oh! to separate the good from the evil? If that is the case he gonna have a difficult time and so many so called weak behind Christians will be in the evil line. I deplore the Christianity of today. It is a cheap piece of clothing. Disposable when done with it. Re-used when one is down on his/her luck. My energy into this crap is purposeful...Most black people still ignorant to the truth behind God's so called word. Again, what people in their RIGHT mind follows behind their oppressors religion? I will tell you: A people still struggling to identify themselves at this late date. I will no longer play nice when it comes to this. If I offend I don't give a damn anymore. If I lose a few of the 1500 people on my email list I don't give a damn. Most people like me die alone anyway. If the story is true, Jesus died ALONE on that damn cross! People are dying as fools! I want to save some. And, I am and will continue.


Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

Nandi responds:

Sho' you right. And only when we put aside our cowardice and stand up for ourselves will "peace" offered so willy-nilly through religion have a chance at being restored. Until then, we can keep running, but we can't hide. At this point in time, who would want to save us? How many among us are worth being saved from something? A great many of us hate ourselves and each other so much we'd rather see us dead. And if we say we don't hate each other and ourselves, all we have to do is looking at the eroded state of our communities. There's no peace, no harmony, but plenty self-righteousness to go around. Add a mixture of faux pas preachers with their meaningless "anointings," and we've pretty much condemned ourselves to the current hell we reside in. For someone to tell me there's a greater hell than watching the slow death of my people is ludicrous beyond belief! Many of us hide in religion, so we don't have to come out and get dirty in the trenches. That's the real truth. Blame it on Jesus. Blame it on the season and what God has in store for you, but never, never, ever blame yourself for why it is what it is.


Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

Reader Response:

yikes! There are more precious issues to discuss. Such as there is an election coming up in Nov that could change the political landscape for years. i realize why you wrote this. But let's face it Christians are no more misguided that muslims or any other religions. when people spend more time following people than actually following the things that they are supposed to learn from those people then they lose sight of whats right. gays are rejected by most faiths. Why? I know jesus accepted all people. Hell one of the disciples could have been gay.Why is it not in the bible? hmm well duh. They had plenty gays back then but no one talked about it. So the disciples probably wrote them out of it.


Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

Reader Response:

Resonates with me. I can remember being like 8 always questioning my grandmother (RIP) as to "why you always giving to church building fund"! I would be SO mad at the pastor, really!

Grandmom would always reply "don't worry baby it's for my passa church"! How about TO DATE the building looks the same but abandon! You tell me...


Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

Reader Response:

Don’t get me started on those clowns. Didn’t you leave out Jakes..I know u didn’t mean to..haha. I have a cousin that will eat 10 yards of Eddie Long’s SH**(as my mother would say). Mind you when she needs financial help she calls me. I don’t get it Payne why all these church folks kiss these pastors behind and these pastors barely know their name. Whatever happened to the church being there for the community?


蕭劉明倫松恬 said...

Better be the head of a dog than the tail of a lion.............................................................

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