Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The Working Class and Wealthy Sacrificial Lamb

There should not be an assault on the wealthy and there should not be a malignancy tag placed on America's working class.

Well, the latter description should not be used to identify men and women who are sincerely trying to attain employment. However, we have to be honest like Juan Williams, some people are purposely diminishing their work ethic integrity, They can care less about searching for a job; the 300 bucks per week is a freebie, compliments of the United States Government's Handout Division. A handout that I needed 3yrs ago, and may need in the near future. We are not safe from termination. If you think you are, you a fool…but don’t sell your soul to remain employed!

Additionally, the top one percent should not be dreadfully marked The Anti-Christ. They should not be demonized like the biblical well-off, Mark 10: 23-25. Having a cornucopia of money is not evil as the holy book repeatedly insinuates. Did not God give King Solomon wealth?

Thousands of the modern day high earners work hard to get that paper legally within this capitalistic society. Have we forgotten our system is geared for the wealthy to remain wealthy and for the powerless to remain powerless? And, often times the men and women labeled by liberals as evil are small to medium size business owners trying to stay afloat while employing well over 40% of America’s workforce.

The Blue Dog and Leftist Democrats will not share that tidbit. They too busy accusing President Obama of bowing down to the Republicans - and pathetically whining about wealthy people, 'They should share their wealth'. Really? In a Darwinism environment? The fittest only survive!

Why not those of us struggling to make ends meet give back via service e.g. mentor, feed the homeless, etc. instead of going to church every Wednesday and Sunday prepared to tithe? Eating Spam - but giving the church your last. That is the perfect description of a religiously constipated deacon. Financial tithing is another form of gambling money away. Sowing at a lost! May as well give those singles to a graduate school stripper! At least you are getting something in return. Like a steamy straddle; better known as a lap dance!  

President Obama - with admirable humility - straddled the fence. He did what needed to be done to help men and women who are unemployed. I hope they understand that he became their sacrificial lamb. He in defeat compromised so others could have. President Obama did that while thousands of the non-working failed him this past November.

Most remarkable leaders end up unappreciated by the very people he/she sacrifices for during challenging times. Barack Obama is well on his way to the lonely pit of non-appreciation. The people who lift you always seem to drop you! And, cook...then devour you:

Muata Nowe


Lessie said...

Excellent piece! Juan Williams has a valid (at least to me) point! I believe Gov't subsidies have crippled our work ethic, as a result it is a crutch for the masses!

Your right BP, we live in a capitalistic society just cause you have wealth are you the Anti-Christ? WE don't dare criticize OUR beloved passa!!

We have lifted the President only to drop him! His party continues to show weakness and no unity, while WE kept our ass home this past November!!


Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...


Folk letting him be crucified! Negroes and the liberal left.


Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

Reader Response:

What a powerful word.....oh, my Lord. This is do DAMN true!


Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...


If you think about it his supporters (some of them) and many of the democrats are hanging him out to dry alone. Typical, leaders with a good purpose/cause all end up strung up by their very own backers. History always repeats! I hesitate to make a biblical comparison to the story of Jesus...but think about it - so similar. The parallel is there. Same with Martin: a few in his camp were turncoats. Same with the Black Panther leaders. The enemy always has a willing recruit! Sad!