Friday, May 27, 2011

If Joplin was Named for Scott Joplin…

Please do not mistake my criticism of African Americans personally or as self-hate. Well, if you are an Americanized African like me you may have no other choice but to be offended by my analysis of our intentionally persistent shortcomings and apathetic avoidance of what is vital. Actually, these are the elements that have broken my heart over time. All I have asked of us –including myself after my racist past- is consistency in self-love and a display of love towards others. Others who do not share my skin tone and others who live across Earth’s waters.

With that Opening Statement and photo Collage of destruction here I go again…

It is apparent to me that black people of the United States have serious difficulties with showing and -at times- extending love to not only self but to people who we have every reason to temporarily dislike. Our disdain should be brief, and not lifelong. Yes…we should not have many issues with white descendants of Jim Crow implementation at this stage in our Americanization. Especially, if YOU -the Christian- claims Christianity as the ONLY way and as America’s religion. The adaption of Christianity is inclusive. In its authenticity it should not see shades of color. But, we know the reality of that: Color has to be seen for people to have something to keep them from being simply Human. We are not colorblind because we need singular and limited identification. That in itself is so shallow. Consequently, some white people have used this man orchestrated religion named after a white Jesus to be vicious. And of course, we know that some black people who idolize this bleached Christ abhor white people. Interesting, love the white image of Jesus but hate his so called father’s worldly offspring…Caucasians.

So, with this concentration on race – an earnestly rational application that I prayed to have removed from my being recently (last week) – I ask,

‘Why hasn’t the black community within the shores of the USA publicly mobilized in Love and Concern to at the least mention - via black talk radio, black blogs, and black-focused web sites e.g. and - the God permitted tragedy that was inflicted on the people of Joplin, Missouri?’  

The devastation captured in this video ironically resembles the White Supremacist government supported destruction imposed on black communities back in the 1920’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.
*Young black boy carrying dead body during Black Wall Street Devastation, Tulsa, OK - 1921*
It ALSO has resemblance of Rwandan villages after black Africans with European supplied assault rifles savaged the country of Rwanda.

*Hutu soldier beats Tutsi man*

Black people -without a doubt- were battle ready in futile prayer and condemnation of FEMA with the natural disaster occurrences that have destroyed areas where more blacks are affected e.g. Haiti and New Orleans.

We cannot continue to expect others (white people and the white government) to express/show love and concern for us and other black nations when we NEVER breathe a word of concern after Mother Nature ends the world of the people many of us commonly call, CLEAR people. These are the same people who pack up their belongings and leave the United States for Africa as Peace Corps volunteers.

We MUST do better in this area of our existence. Better is not forgetting. Better is forgiving…with acts of love and service. Better is living in the midst of God’s crucified son, Sacrifice. God wants us to prove to God that we are serious about Loving One AnOther. In the Christian’s heaven there may not be all black/white subdivisions…

In this case, the ‘other’ of the AnOther were the residents of Joplin, Missouri.

This family (above) could have been this family:

Perhaps, we should pretend Joplin, MO is named for Scott Joplin, the King of Ragtime. Perhaps, then the city of Joplin would be important to us black folk…maybe not, considering an ‘educated’ African American asked me a couple days ago: “Who in the h*ll is Scott Joplin? And, what happened in Joplin?”

Muata Nowe

Monday, May 23, 2011

Sidnee...You are such a pretty...DARK skin Baby

African Americans, after decades of personal economic advancement and enhanced social upward mobility, sadly -in the collective- remain mentally void of their heritage and culturally handicap. With emphatic envy, I continue to be amazed by what the white man - with the assistance from traitorous black people - have accomplished. Willie’s tenacity to rule the world may have been immoral, but his successful efforts to dominate were, simply put: Brilliantly Remarkable.

Some claim the white man’s success was gained by evil means; and I agree up to a point. That ‘point’ becomes blurry, hard to identify and substantiate, after concluding that the Africans that briefly resided on slave ships and destined for the New World would have seized the opportunity to dabble in
agricultural slavery if the tables were turned. However, some white people conveniently preface African enslavement of Africans to boastfully justify the diaspora nightmare Europeans set in motion.

Further, after living and breathing as a black man in America I have regrettably accepted that the affects of slavery have permanently paralyzed unified black progression. I have also determined -a long time ago- that the Americanized Africans that we have become are recipients of self-hate. A hate that will ultimately be the demise of God’s pigment rich people.
A hate that if vehemently rejected by prideful African Americans potentially could have been a towering and black forte - and not some superficial Black Power fad without a bite or a sting.

The last time I was stung by a bee was October 1997. On that day, my deceased mentor’s mother died. After replaying all the details and happenings of that day my mentor and I discovered the pronouncement of his mother’s death was at 10:38AM. Ironically, that was the exact time that I was stung by the bee. My Kenneth Cole watch revealed that time when I smashed the bee on my forearm.

The last time I was bitten was the week of May 15, 2011. This recent bite was inflicted by psyche-deficient African Americans. Not all, but I am certain an enormous number of black people internationally and domestically are infected with the ramifications of the color line. The color line is my hypothesis of skin complexion diversity. Diverse – but detrimental. Commonly known as Shadeism. *Powerful documentary:

The prominent Doll Experiment and shameful Alpha Kappa Alpha Brown Paper Bag Test were raised from the shadows last week. I was reminded that the outcomes and extended variables of both monumental occurrences remain a part of the black DNA.
It is no secret that Black people have been programmed to believe that light is always better. That is nothing new. However, after so much success within our race from dark - and light skin people like Harold Ford, Jr. one would think that we would be BEYOND the following:
“You are such a pretty…dark skin baby.”
My god daughter was insulted with that idiocy quite frequently last week. Sidnee is what some would identify as dark. The description is fitting. It is reality. But, coming from black people it is indicative of a washing of the brain that REMAINS. Still here. Still among us. Still suffocating black people despite what we have endured. One would think that after all the bites and stings we have endured that we would beyond the hate that was maliciously implanted in our consciousness. Not the case!

My Sidnee will not be a causality of black folk’s pathetic Negroid intellect. Consequently, Sidnee was complimented with dignity by Caucasians e.g. “She is such a beautiful baby.” Note: No offensive adjective preceding the word baby?

She is my pretty little baby…my Godchild. And, not some African American girl cheaply regulated to “You are such a pretty…dark skin baby.” Which is code for, “To be dark she is pretty.” Yes precious, adorable, and a few decades ago would not have been permitted to become a pink and green wearing AKA.

I guess this commentary explains my reasoning for my shocking decision.

The Decision: I, Muata Nowe, have pledged to no longer write about race relations. I refuse to address race from the disposition of defense. For far too long I have defended black people against the onslaught of brutal racism. Never really taking a lengthy public moment to acknowledge and accept that black people are the racist within the black race. I have been frontin’ for black people…I have safeguarded us for far too long…and what have I received in return

“You are such a pretty…dark skin baby.” and “I like this doll because it is lighter.”

Perhaps, a better question:

Why haven’t we learned anything from the Kenneth and Mamie Clark experiment?

Muata Nowe

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Trash Thinking....

Something interesting just occurred…I was searching the internet looking for a picture of a statue that was erected in Senegal last year. Built by North Koreans, by the way. I became interested in it after reading this month's Ebony magazine. There is a blurb about it in there.

African Renaissance Monument (French: Le Monument de la Renaissance africaine) is the name if it.

Picture of it :

CNN article discussing the controversy :  

After filling my brain with the info, and later coming across another picture of the monument. This picture is accompanying this blog post (above). It is attached. Look at it…See the trash behind the ladies walking? You can’t miss it…the trash is piled at the base of the statue. SMDH.

Later today I decided to search for a news story that I came across last night :

Trash…is on my mind. What’s also on mind is the dichotomy :

Here in the USA people are living in horrible conditions and city governments are freely adding to the horrible environmental conditions…all over a unpaid bill. Ridiculous. Should not the county officials taken another approach? One that would have kept the trash containers that people would not have to be subjected to the maggots, flies, bad smell, and the trash? For God sake! - kids live in that community! SMDH. Then I began to think about the trash below the statue in Senegal, Africa: A black man. An African Leader gets a multi million dollar statue built in his poor country…and then him and his government permits the base of the statue to become a garbage dump. For God sake! - people have to walk past there! SMDH.

European municipality in Stone Mountain, Georgia and African government…both failing The COUNTLESS ways.

Trash Thinking....

Muata Nowe

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Rashard Mendenhall’s Comments…Ruled Out of Bounds?

Mendenhall’s statements should bring the Christ followers back to God’s adapted reality. The New Testament reality. And, that TRUTH is - no man/woman should rejoice when a life is terminated.

"For those of you who said you want to see Bin Laden burn ... I ask how would God feel about your heart?" –Rashard Mendenhall

Not that I am a supporter of Osama bin Laden or his acts of terror that he has been connected to over the years. No way whatsoever! If his involvement that has been shared with us by the United States government – and our unrelenting and biased on both sides – the Left and Right - media outlets he in fact in my non-religious and inhumane belief was worthy of death. Additionally, this is my Hebrew Bible thought process…but if I were a Christian of today my modus operandi SHOULD be with the new line of thought. That thought is within the pages of the New Testament. God’s new Word. A gracious and forgiving word that all Born- Again men and women are divinely mandated to embrace. Also, within what so many Believers inaccurately refer to as the Old Testament there is a commandment that’s remarkably easy to understand: Thou Shalt Not Kill.

Here again, is a perfect case of man’s favored ability to pick and choose. Our frail inconsistency is at work! It is an ideal example of man’s way of religiously determining what is appropriate for them to believe and not believe. This is what the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament promotes: Situational Non-cemented Belief.

There is no way one can live a life without hypocrisy and contradictory if he/she proclaims to believe The Apostle’s Creed as veracity. Yes. You, Sunday pew and bedside Christian, are a self-acknowledged hypocrite and incongruous individual if you are singing this week’s praise song, ‘Death to Osama bin Laden’. If you have exclaimed, ‘Thank God Osama is dead’ you are the spitting image of Hypocrisy’s first cousin, Judas…when it is all said and done you will hang yourself too.

This blunt pragmatism is not announced via commentary to condemn…it is made to respectfully remind and humbly reeducate the Christian who is intentionally and unintentionally lost in their religiosity and who is spiritually under the spell of The Great Opiate, Religion or any other mind controlled celestial subject matter that religious belief is without a doubt idiosyncratic.

Religion blocks mind evolution…

Muata Nowe

Monday, May 02, 2011

My Worries Remain, The Killing of Osama bin Laden

In the mind of the terrorist the celebrating is indication that America is relenting. Perhaps, there should be a brief moment of dancing in the streets – but typically what happens is the United States government begins to declare victory in ways that motivates those who want to do the USA establishment and its citizens harm. The gloating may be needed for heighten morale in the United States. It definitely will be a huge energy jolt for our sacrificial men and women in uniform.

Since that tragic day back in September of 2001 I have wondered what will be the outcome. I have always contemplated on what would be the presumed finality of The War on Terror. On that day, I was sitting at my desk pretending to work and trying to look important at my federal government issued rat space. When one of my best friend’s ran to my cubicle out of breath - and informed me of the morning’s developments, I became numb. I could not move. Stunned. After a few, what felt like LONG moments, I began to think of Malcolm’s words of prediction: “America’s chickens are coming home to roost.” Yes. I am well aware that that thought was somewhat filled with misplaced vindication on my part. No one needs to tell me that on this day, May 2, 2001. I have accounted for those memories of Malcolm’s contempt for African American brutalization instituted by the hands of US government. It was a fleeting thought that was connected to my once harbored pain. It was my frustration with US politics, and my inability to tame my disdain for how this country has conducted herself all around the world and within her borders.

Today, I do not feel relieved at all. The killing of Osama bin Laden has not brought any comfort. I am not elated. Ironically, I have this overwhelming feeling of preoccupation. My mind is in that place of concern that another terrorist leader will rise – and he will ultimately seek retribution for the killing of his powerless figurehead, Osama bin Laden.

That’s what Osama became. Nothing more than a man Wanted by a nation that helped shape and solidify the art of terrorism. Now that he is reported to be shark food, I would like to be assured by our protectors from violently Radicalized Islam - Islam is not the enemy - that they will remain vigilantly on the hunt for the foreign terrorists that have successfully become Americanized and on the watch for Heartland Americans that have become anti-American.

As we carry on this week, let’s not forget Osama bin Laden issued an irreparable blow to the United States. Since that day, this country has been going downhill. Just think about that before you jump to protective and support mode for the USA. Economy. Unemployment. Threats of other terrorist attacks. And the huge elephant in the room: Pervasive Division.

When division looms weakness is up for the taking.

Will America gain something from this moment other than chants in the streets? Will she seek justice for all the men and women who have been drastically impacted by what September 11, 2001 produced?

The next production…must be jobs…employment. Perhaps, if I were employed I would feel some jubilation? Since I am an Unemployed Revolutionary, I have no reason to place my United States of America flag in my window. My flag will rise above my preoccupation when I am able to stabilize my life with what this country appears to give more to non-citizens: OPPORTUNITY.

Muata Nowe