Saturday, January 28, 2012

The President and Memories of The Preacher

I have typically given all presidents my complete attention during The State of the Union address. The Commander and Chief of the United States deserves that...the office of the presidency deserves that. Despite my disgust with US politics I still remain fairly respectful…respectful of the institution that should be a representation of The People. Consequently, President Obama is that institution at this very moment in time. He is not a distastefully dressed mannequin that we point at when we are offended. 
Is it a prerequisite that we honor the presidency? No it is not. But, I know firsthand that my refusal to stand during the Pledge of Allegiance and the United States of America National Anthem years ago was not received with appreciation. In fact, I was demonized for "disrespecting America". In that vein of identifying Disrespect, I am of the belief that disregarding the President and the attained office is a blatant act of Dishonor. 
While getting aroused by the president's eloquent oratory skills and from experiencing the Holy Spirit tingle it hit me. My memory took me back to my home church. The church where my membership is not in good standing considering I have not submitted my tithes and attended regularly in almost 20 years. I am definitely a backsliding heathen in the minds of the presiding African Methodist Episcopal Bishops and their dutiful Zacchaeus’ behaving men (Luke 19) who are responsible for pillaging the financial coffers of not only my former church - but all the churches within the African American Episcopal Zion Church Conference. And, if the church does not pay up it will get a visit from The Black Mafia…the Gang of Bishops,

The beloved pastor of the church that endured my ups and downs with Christianity and boastful promotion of Islam was always pleading...more like begging...his flock to follow him in the direction of growth and prosperity. He delivered countless sermons that were initially biblically-sound. Unfortunately, toward the completion of his seminary influenced Word from God - and immediately before the guilt-charged Altar Call- he moved into the pathetic arena of supplication. He wanted the stubborn member-filled and family-favored congregation to get along. To work together to accomplish the church's aspirations and goals. To work together to appease The Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ and the Most High Bishop of the AME Zion Order.

President Obama has been more than a President; he has also been a man in constant mode of reaching and extending the Olive Branch to his party's rivals,
The Party of No Because the President is Black. They are the legislators 
In thoughtful reflection of my past and elaborate analogical creation, President Barack Obama has been my childhood and young adulthood pastor. He has begged and begged for the politically elected white men and women of this crumbing nation to put aside party divisions. To suspend party alliances...President Obama regardless of his liberal agenda -which I do not agree with at all- by the way, should be the respected inspirational voice that leads The Change that so many voters believed in back in 2008. He should not be regulated to a meaningless afterthought and a chirping bird that hungers to be heard. President Obama is more than a puppy seeking never ending attention!

Sadly, I know how his presidency will end. It will be a similar ending that my former pastor is all too well familiar with:

He will not succeed at forging bipartisan unity...he will be unsuccessful despite the list of 'accomplishments' that so many people are clinging to like bibles. He will leave office as another Jimmy Carter; who essentially is a gracious GIANT in his reincarnation! He will be a voided president who will be forced to pass on his message to those who are ready to listen, and eventually act. He in a sense will be the Builder of a Church...of a People's Congregation that's on the same page as he.

President Obama is a defeated pastor that understands that working within the House and Senate...within the Church Conference is a waste of time.
President Obama should have been a preacher. People listen to preachers...but they often times still have to bend down on bending knee in prayer
because The People of the Church are just as arrogant, mean-spirited, racist, and backstabbing as flame-face John Boehner and his underhanded Understudies.

Muata Nowe

Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Black Eight-Three

There is an approval rating stat out there that would be alarming if I did not know my people...83% of black Americans approve of the job President Obama is doing...83% of blacks actually are happy...content...pleased with the outcome of his presidency so far. Really? Nah...dat crap is incorrect! 
83% approve of his work thus far because he is black. In my conflicted mind and humble opinion that is shallow and should be a badge of shame. It perhaps indicates loyalty but it certainly does not define us as intelligent thinkers...critical thinkers...evaluators of substance...SMH.
We will die with the pending death before we rebuke what is not helping us. sad! 
I am ducking in shame today. I have no legitimate base to stand on with this craziness that we blacks continue to do/support. How are blacks any different from those citizens of countries that foolishly honor their leader when in fact the leader is raping them financially, culturally, and environmentally?! We are no different from those extremely poor men and women of West Virginia that vote a Red ticket when in fact the Red ticket legislation is hurting them!? We -BLACKS- are no different from those white poor men and women of West Virginia that vote a Red ticket when in fact the Red ticket legislation is hurting them!?
Yeah...they vote Red!  

Obama sympathizers will preface: GW Bush policies, the undependable factor of polls/statistics, and the ole stable: 'The republicans are STANDING in the President's way...'. Everything but this fact: He just ain't cuttin' it...He ain't living up to his campaign pledge...

Muata Nowe