Tuesday, November 02, 2010

When Needed

The Democrats desperate need of the black vote may have been the best political creation to occur for black people in decades. That's only if black people use this recent development to lobby and leverage what is critical to them.

In the past, it really has not mattered if black people voted or not considering numerous black Americans refused to register and vote in national - and particularly in local elections. Making up only 12 percent of the US population and less than half participating in the sought after right somewhat made black Americans non-existent within the political landscape.

Times have changed. Every Democrat struggling to stay in office has been courting black men and women for the past year. Not aggressively courting - but there has been a difference in the pandering since President Obama made has way to Pennsylvania Avenue.

The change in black people’s motivation to vote is not only evident at the polls; it appears there is a collective interest in US government politics. That in itself is refreshing. In the past, urban black hubs outside the District of Columbia were completely void of political energy. Then came along the Obama Express.

A new day has arrived. With its arrival blacks all across this nation have voted early and plan to get up early today to make their way to their polling stations. With its arrival there are more expectations from the black electorate. Black people in several ways now see and feel the purpose in casting a ballot. The present administration has successfully conveyed this purpose unlike any administration in the past.

As I watched the world news last night, three networks had stories indicating that the black vote is necessary for the House of Representatives and Senate to remain Donkey Blue. If the color changes to GOP Red, it will be a blue evening for all the people who depend on Democratic Party legislation.

And, we have to be frank, black people need congress to stay blue. We are that political block that benefits to some degree from the Democrat agenda regardless of our stepchild status. This, the Democrat Party, is our only recourse considering black people in America do not have any intentions to govern themselves and implement widespread nationalism.

So, go vote! Be pleased that you are needed. It feels good. It really does…but I am still worried that the black vote will be taken for granted when the campaign ads have ceased. That’s today around 11:00PM EST. Then I think, black people should expect to be pimped if they are not willing to pimp themselves out of the mess they continue to live within.

Muata Nowe

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