Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Troy Davis, The Death Penalty Reconsidered…Without a Doubt

 In response to the pending Troy Davis execution (7pm tonight – Jackson, Georgia) someone asked me, “How do you feel about the death penalty?” Damn…another question that reminds me that I am getting old. As I move closer and closer to my porch, rocking chair, tobacco pipe, never-ending glass of Fire Fly Tea…with Jesse at my feet and my boys taking care of me - I am becoming a little less abrasive and more compassionate. 

The Death Penalty…???
 Stephen Hayes
If a deranged lunatic savagely killed my mother, sisters, brother, children or baby mommas, I am certain without any doubt would be the aggressor in issuing the death penalty. I would do the killing. No questions asked. No taxpayer-paid board making the decision to terminate life or not. Of course, the guilt of the fool would have to be SOLID. No questionable areas. Unlike the lingering doubt that was not successfully factored into Georgia’s Board of Pardons and Parole decision to uphold the execution Mr. Troy Davis. The board,

My equally ferocious killing of the maniac stems from my Hebrew Bible embrace…well, parts of it. It is also reflective of my ability to be full of rage. As I read and participated in several blogs and Facebook discussion about what the State of Georgia plans to do on September 21, 2011 at 7PM, I am no longer consumed with the fury I felt a few days ago when I began my ‘highlighting’ of the Troy Davis case. Tuesday morning when I received word that he was denied clemency, I initially did not respond – but then I checked my phone. That question was in my Inbox: 

“How do you feel about the death penalty?”
I FEEL the death penalty could serve a good purpose if the world’s judicial systems were created to issue impartiality. I also FEEL I would be okay with a ‘live by the sword die by the sword’ punishment if the system was not diseased with favoritism. Let’s face it…Caucasians have benefited from an unjust process. Let’s face it…darker people of the world have been innocent victims of the inhumaneness of White Supremacy…a ruthlessly attained sovereignty that has a foundation of infinite inequality. Let’s face it…money and dynamic attorneys have and will continue to get the worst of the worst of hominoids off...and yes those people are and will be of any race. Money rules! But, it does mysteriously appear that when a black man legally earns/acquires significant wealth he is ‘scrutinized’ with a vigorous zeal to destroy. Troy may not have had enough money? Classism is the other noticeable elephant in the room.

Troy Davis will be lynched (I learned yesterday that the word lynch was not exclusively used to identify or define a hanging) also in part because the slain officer’s family believes that they will be at peace with a
carried-out death sentence. A black man has to die. The blood thirsty Dixie mob made its way into the 21st century.

I am convinced ‘death issued’ by flaw-plagued and guilt-riddled humans will not and cannot bring peace. Even if I were to kill someone for brutalizing my family I know without a doubt that I would not be at Peace. 

Sadly and fortunately, peace will be enforced by man and granted divinely to Troy Davis come 7:15pm Wednesday, September 21, 2011. He -in all of this- Troy is the only mortal gaining what all of us seek:
Now that I understand that - I am relinquishing my selfish desire for Troy to be saved…he will be free – and thankfully I am one more step closer to Freedom. We die every day…
Muata Nowe

Friday, September 16, 2011

WWJD...Reverend Alex Williams

Pastors are not above inapt behavior. Knowing this is not surprising. There is nothing wrong with accepting it as commonplace either. Attempting to be above behavior that we consider ‘sinful’ human action is commendable especially if you are a ‘called’ person of the cloth. 

Fortunately, a pastor’s conduct is placed on a mantel…FORTUNATELY. On the mantel should be accompanying elements of life that are worthy of respect. Today, the respect that man has for God’s designated domain –the pulpit- has been uprooted with an ordination that’s not befitting of Church Leadership. If this is true, why do church congregates authorize bad deeds that are exhibited by the leader, The Pastor? And, even a better question, why do church-going black people close a blind eye to what has/is destroying the black community? 

The African American preacher was once humble. Once slow to respond to a petty irritant and quick to interject gracious discernment. Pastor Alex Williams did not utilize caring - or a forgiving perspicacity. What he decided to was eradicate the problem himself. Did he not learn from Moses? Moses needed Aaron and Aaron certainly needed Moses. 

Being a man who is charged with ‘leading a flock’ does not have a license to take the law into his own hands. Did Pastor Williams not learn anything from Pontius Pilate? 

Pastor Williams is supposed to be the example of the long ago faded mantra, What would Jesus Do. And, we know that the Jesus of King James’ testament was not prepared to blaze with bullets. He was too meek…almost punkish.  

There are also significant accounts within the sacred text that indicates Jesus was a man of compassion. A man of community empowerment. A man of community mobilization for the good, and not the bad. What this out of touch Church of Christ Bishop did was a classic example of black on black crime. He shot a black kid over property. Yes, vandalism in all forms is wrong. It is unnecessary – but understanding where I was psychologically as a thirteen year old I cannot and will not condone the pastor’s decision to unload his pistol like so many ‘justice seekers’ have over the past few months. As if Williams is a hero,

*Idiots marching, rallying, chanting in support of their Passa.
Surprisingly, there has not been any BLACK community outrage in support of the black kid. None! No march to support misguided black youth. No calls to the mayor’s office demanding more resources to invest in teen enrichment. What we have witnessed is the ignorance of black silence; not legitimate black hypersensitivity. What I have witnessed as I asked, Isn’t it amazing that that preacher got off after shooting a 13 year old?” What I have disappointingly endured is, “That ni**er should have been shot!”
I am not shocked by this response from the African American community. We hate each other so much that we want our future (black youth) to be hunted down and then terminated.

In South Africa before the dismantle of noticeable Apartheid,  Afrikaners were linked to the animal expedition killing of black children*

Mr. White Man does not have to kill blacks any longer. We do a damn good job of that!
Ironically and without an unequivocal doubt, if a white man…church shepherd or not, would have unleashed Saturday Night Special ammunition in the direction of black juveniles - black people infected with inappropriate hypersensitivity from all over the United States would have planned another Jena-like rally…so much for Jena…nothing came of that Moment…TBI - Typical Black Irresponsibility.

Pastor Alex Williams reacted with self-hatred over something he cannot bring along with him to his Imaginary Heaven. A double financed, paid for by shallow church members…a filthy,  

Muata Nowe