Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Gorillas Are Dangerous

“Black people make you hate them.” –Haitian friend 1995 High Point University

I know how that hate manifests. I know what it feels like to despise what you see in reflection. It is a painful feeling that causes one to hate, not only oneself, but others who look just like you.

In the case of then Brian E. Payne and now Muata Nowe, the hate that I once harbored slowly, very slowly went away with my forced persistence to love thy self. Damn that was tough! All praises are due to Allah and His Messenger, the Honorable Louis Farrakan. One of two Saviors!

Bobby Tillman’s killers hate was viciously seething, boiling over, this past weekend. These animals did not allow themselves to birth love of self.


Birthing in this sense…

is/was a difficult task considering within my immediate circle, in my community hate is/was common place. However, I must inform this new generation of savages that the hate black people shared in my Small Place (Thomasville, North Carolina) was nothing remotely familiar to the disdain sadly owned and brutally shared by America's black citizenry of today.

Gang stompings (beatings) were not popular in my home town. But, next door in the neighboring city of High Point 'jumps' were a part of the daily routine from 1988 to 1990. The Juice Crew terrorized the city so much so if they were wreaking havoc today the then cowards who made up the Crew would be easily tagged as terrorists. The District Attorney that prosecuted these boys (who are out of prison now) would have made certain of it! I loved the zeal the white DA expressed back then to cage the Juice Crew. While he was gutsy some idiotic thinking black people labeled him a racist. Similarly idiotic as the mother of one arrested animal that beat down Bobby Tillman, "My son ain’t involved in no killing." So typical of our black baby boy mommas!

Terrorist, not a man with guts, is a fitting description of the four young black men who beat to death Bobby Tillman at a hood party. Actually, these untamed gorillas and any other self hating black person should be deemed hazardous to the well-being of society. They should be either punished as they would have in some former traditional African cultures e.g. put to death - or locked up forever. The latter is the most preferred expensive measure these days...by Liberals. I can't believe I pay for ruthless criminals to exist. Deplorable!

The paragraph above -well beginning at Actually- were my exact words during my brief call-in to an evening radio show. Unsurprising, countless calls flooded in response condemning my rant. Three callers with identical mantras alluded to what the white man has done and/or is doing. Really?

Here we go again blaming the white man for our savagery. For our hate that we so often see in reflection. I could not believe it. Slavery and Jim Crow again...? The excuse? The justification?

I wonder if black people realize how pathetic they sound when their hate is made Justifiable?

Mr. White Man is The Man! He still to this day can claim with confidence that he made us into haters of self. I applaud him! I need his power.

As, Grandma Frankie would say, “Gorillas (her code word for Niggers) are dangerous.”

Muata Nowe


Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

Reader Response:

I heard about the incident this morning. I am so angry, I can't comment at this moment. I enjoyed reading your post. I agree with you 100%.


Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

Reader Response:

I knew members of the Juice Crew. One on one some of them were really cool, but when they got together it was terror.


Boss said...

I know the leader and he is a changed man and also my step dad, watch your mouth because you at the end of the day don't even exist!!!