Thursday, May 31, 2012

A White Human

If you are not African American it may be difficult for you to understand why African Americans do/can/will NOT accept what many liberal whites believe blacks are: ‘Just Human, Just Like Us…Just Human Beings without a race or color attachment…Just Members of the Human Race without a legitimate geographical connection. If blacks believed that they are Just Human there would be an unwanted denial and removal of their self-described superiority. So, that acceptance is ignored…avoided. A great number of blacks believe that they are not cut from the same humanity clothe as the white brothers and sisters of the universe. Why? Because black people believe that they are morally superior creatures…more ethical than Caucasians. A great number of blacks believe that they are of a higher spiritual status when their interpretation of history is prefaced or under consideration. Why? Because the Africans who were forcefully removed from Africa by Europeans and sold into slavery by men who looked just like them believe that their history points to the infliction of brutality instigated and carried out by the men Native Americans vividly described as a Pale Face. This factor is supported by the black man/woman’s unrelenting ability to forgive The White Man for all his atrocities. Black people -without deliberate force- envision a worker of malice when they think about the evils that their ancestors endured and suffered under cattle slavery, segregation, and Jim Crow.  Their –blacks- visualization ultimately is of a man that carries the white pigmentation of their Lord, Jesus Christ. Ironically, blacks believe that they are of a higher spiritual species – but yet adore and attempt to be like a white man. Contradiction…?  Yes, it is! But, it is to be expected considering black people living in America are Conflicted. We, black Americans, are of a clashed culture that has identity issues that are coated with: ‘We are not like them…but I want to be just like them, a White Human

Muata Nowe

Monday, May 21, 2012

Homosexual relationships are most often viewed in the context of sex ONLY. No wonder some people WRONGFULLY characterize homosexuality as sexually deviant behavior. Heterosexual relationships are seen as natural examples of LOVE. If I were gay I would find this disturbing and insulting. The heterosexual community has 'cornered' homosexuality with sex as if gay relationships are ONLY about sex. This shallow approach is not taken with the straight community. Nope...but this is not anything new: Most human behavior that's not considered the norm is demonized. Hell, people of color have been demonized! Yet, the Demonizers are the men and women who participate in the so-called homosexual sex acts! Almost as hypocritical as the Slave Master having sex with the black female slaves...#HypocrisyIstheRootofTheHate#

Muata Nowe 

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

The Champion Hazed and The Hazers Punished…Nothing Resolved

Multiple FAMU band members will be charged with the death of a fellow band member, Robert Champion, who died as a result of a deeply disturbing hazing ritual. Without saying, Champion’s is tragic!            

Actually, it is awful reminder that some humans are hell-bent on acquiring acceptance which is another indication of the pervasive insecurity that lingers in the souls of countless men and women…grown men and women! Additionally, his death supports my belief that people have a sick need to inflict physical and emotional pain out of a sadistic desire to demean others; and to gain some strange level of pleasure from the brutality.

Sadly, this callousness causes long-term psychological distress that challenges the therapeutic efforts of trained men/women who hear the tragic tales of man’s need to debase the greatest gift of all, LIFE.

There is so much personalized pain associated with this case: the parents, the young man's final gasp for breath, the guilt that will be with those who sat quietly watching a self-sanctioned beat down...

Regretfully and without irresponsibly blaming the deceased, Robert Champion gave his bully harassers, deranged overseers and fanatical beaters permission to viciously beat him (as if he was an out of control slave needing to be punished). 

Back then
And Now
The Drum Majoring Champion decisively opened himself up to be killed…he entered the sickening realm of self-psychological the young woman I witnessed degrade herself by allowing seven men have sex with her to gain entrance in a sorority – and to be among the popular Calvin Klein culture: 

The Champion wanted to be accepted and he wanted to be declared a man who
'Crossed the Fires'. A misguided purification that resulted in his death, not responsibility.

The only way there will be an honest consensus of accurate responsibility is when we, this disturbing culture of humans, conclude with honesty:

Robert Champion was responsible for his demise…
The consequence was a death sentence…all because he wanted to be among The Approved.

The five band members facing prison time are 'examples' that the state wants to utilize in their zealous attempt to send a message that they hope will gain approval from the citizens of Florida.

Inconsequently, the district attorney’s message will be a continuation of Hazing...even in prison they will face the same:

Beat downs that are perquisites to be among The Accepted

Muata Nowe