Thursday, September 23, 2010

Guilty Silence is Long

Black people need to take a long examination of homosexuality and molestation. Black people refuse to really address both issues. Pushing both off as ‘these are the white man’s issues’. Thus promoting an environment of guilty silence.

We avoid the conversations knowing full well that a many black men we want to believe are on the up and up are predators of young men. Young men who are looking for manhood devotion and love. But, for some insane reason black people are quick to defend the so called leader, pastor, teacher, and/or Uncle Sammy. Which in my humble – but extremely forceful opinion gives these weak and life destroying men a free pass to corrupt fragile lives. Lives that are in most cases in need of educational, mental, and spiritual guidance.

I am not surprised by the recent allegations made against Bishop Eddie Long. Not at all! Preachers can be gay. Preachers can be molesters. They are not immune from engaging in behavior that many find unusual and homophobicly disturbing.

I see Mr. Long as a man searching. Searching for constant validation. A man who needs attention. His declaration that he wears muscle shirts, saggin jeans, huge belt buckles, glistening ear rings, black diamond studded rings, and gold medallions to identify with the hip hop and young adult culture is a bunch of garbage. A lie that he expects to cover up his psychological indiscretions and personal battles within.

My lingering question, why can’t his people, his congregation see him and others like him as what he displays? He does not exude confidence. Strength. Balance. Humility. He by all accounts is a grown juvenile who elevated himself to a Bishop and Spiritual Leader that boys call Daddy. One who preys on people in need of saving. Saving from what the world spews. That can be just about anything, by the way! In this case, these people are in the need of more than God. They need a way to make ends meet financially and emotionally. But yet, the preacher with the mindset to capitalize off the insecurities of man/woman presents him/herself as what is needed and desired to be saved. From here a dependency, that the preacher slyly and secretly wants, is set-up. Developed in a way that high-jacks the emotions of vulnerable people.

So, New Birth and most mega churches are full of people searching. Looking for something or someone to save them from life events. They rarely realize that the mirror is their best weapon. Their most appropriate tool for surviving. Not some man who spends more time in the mirror than a woman. Not some man who mask himself with the wealth that was given to him by those who came to him – to the church naked, spiritually deficient.

Bishop Eddie Long through this drama whether true or not needs to be put on trial for the worst crime committed on God’s people:

Creating a Following that Bows Down to Man, and not The Almighty

He's no different than the Hebrew Bible’s Pharaoh. No different than the Book of Esther’s king that wanted Mordecai to bow down.

That’s his crime. His inappropriateness.

Muata Nowe

Ego and Insecurity Destroys, not Humanness

I am so sick and tired of people saying:’ He/she is only human.’ Another damn excuse to behave like sick/pathetic representations of God's creation. God did not create us to be 'just human'. We say this as if human is some defective offspring of God. Like God made massive mistakes with us. To say this is a way to justify FOOLISHNESS. We are to be above average and not average. How about us being MORE than just human? Let's strive for that, and stop blaming our tired-azz decisions on 'just being human'. How about you just a f-ck-up? One that does not care about no one but self! Lord….being human is our excuse now! We have disappointed the Creator! No wonder it appears He has abandoned us! SO, if Mr. Bishop is guilty of this behavior, I guess "He just Human." By the way, he a human who decided to be the preacher. When one takes on that responsibility it should be known that he/she is taking on representing a religion that people have attached to the one and only, GOD! Therefore, the preacher's behavior should be better than the average human. If he/she cannot stop behavior that upsets our God he/she need not be the pastor/preacher. It is that simple. But, what drives these preacher is
Ego and Insecurity.

Muata Nowe

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Do you identify with America's American Dream? Do you know what the American Dream means? How do you define it? Are you an American Dream come true?

These are critical questions as this country endures the present state of unemployment, resurface of growing religious intolerance, on-going racism, blatant disrespect of the presidency, the new face of poverty, entitlement behavior and attitudes, growing United States' isolation, and pervasive apathy.

To be honest I have never identified with an American Dream. I really do not have any idea what it could be for me. I just worked extremely hard on NOT becoming what the status quo said I would become e.g. an inmate, convict, father of 5-8 bastard kids, dead by 30, etc. This in itself is interesting - and somewhat sad. All this time me and quite a few other black men in the United States worked tirelessly at proving others wrong instead of simply working to achieve goals like going to college, completing college, getting a job, keeping a job that's a career path, etc.

Why sad?

Because the pressure to 'not be like your no-count daddy, uncle, older brother' - creates unwanted pressure that hangs over a black male child's/man's head that immediately morphs into a life environment that makes black brothas more concerned about f-ing up instead of developing a strategy to be the BEST. Imagine the constant fear of failing your family and falling for the systematical traps. I must admit that I grew tired of this. I recall one moment when I wanted to just jack my life up. It was after I had just won my second national hurdling title. I was depressed. Hating life. My thought on one night was to go out, buy some crack cocaine, and smoke it. My idea was to get addicted - and become what I was fighting not to become. All I wanted was to have a life like countless 'majority' kids: free of the pressure of failing. I just wanted that monkey off my back. *Never thought I would share this...Wow!

May be this is why the American Dream is some illusive intangible for blacks? We have to admit that the concept of the American Dream when framed was not for black people. So, why should we identify with something that was not for us? Another reason why we need FUBU (For Us By Us).

*I have always wondered what stopped me from becoming a crack head...I really want to know so when I share this story with black youth I will be able to help them identify/discover their life protecting intervention powers. Believe it or not, there are black boys/men wanting to destroy themselves. They are literally thinking about killing themselves in more ways than one.

Muata Nowe

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Black Unemployment is High..AND? What's New?

Open Letter to Obama: Black Unemployment Must Be Addressed -Dr. Boyce Watkins

What did we expect? Black unemployment has many layers. Our condition has been rough for decades. The election of a black president was not going to change that. I am trying to figure out what type of plan the president can put into motion to get blacks employed. Is he suppose to say, 'Okay folk, these jobs are for blacks only.' How should this work? I am convinced if scholars, economist, and other experts cannot get jobs to fall from the sky they will not for the president. Blacks are last on the list to get hired anyway! If I owned a business I would be loyal to MY PEOPLE. What makes us think that the white business owner is not being loyal to HIS PEOPLE? We need our own...and stop asking the government for this and that. How about more black millionaires invest in black employment? Just a thought...

Muata Nowe