Friday, October 04, 2013

25yrs ago I decided to attend HPC. It was High Point COLLEGE at the time. Now it is the highly acclaimed High Point University. 20yrs ago I graduated from HPU. My classmates and I were the FIRST to hold the University title. We attended college but came out university graduates. I am significantly proud of that accomplishment. When I entered I had no expectation to graduate...I was there to be a hurdler. If you know my story, you know that I lived up to that status. A hurdler. Over the years I have acquired several titles and statuses. But the one I cherish the most this weekend is Graduate. As my fellow classmates, other HPU graduates from different years and current students (my niece) celebrate their accomplishment I hope they understand that life is good...I hope they understand that life can be one way one day and completely different the next. I stand in that locale of 'different the next day'. While my education and training prepared me to not only be a productive citizen of the world I also have become a symbol of an American Nightmare. Again if you know my story, you know my current life positioning. I thank High Point University for helping me to become a man, a steward of humanity, a lover of internationalism, a reader & writer, a conservative value holder, a lover of classical and aged jazz music, a world class hurdler, a non-racist, a seeker of religious truth, a critical thinker and a father. So my, HPU Alumni, toast for me...pour out a little Mad Dog 20/20 on my behalf in my absence from celebrating those 20 years (absent as a result of the Nightmare)...most importantly do not take your education for granted. It was well worth the my case 5 years. Panther PRIDE. No regrets!!

Muata Nowe