Saturday, October 23, 2010

Living Honestly with Muslims

Well over 80 percent of the men and women I share a 120 unit building with are devout Muslims. I wish I could say that I am pleased with the clientele around me. I wish I could disclose that I am respectful of the culture they exude via ethnic attire and mosque attendance. I am not. Actually, over the past few years I have been exposed to a pathetic representation of the people who practice Muhammad's religion.

Religion is an element of culture. It describes how one relates to The Creator. Religion helps us understand the magnitude of one's faith. And, we all know that faith is the driving force behind belief. These beliefs vary significantly. They can be all over the place casting a gigantic spectrum of thought. Within that intellectual matrix one can become extreme in their thought processes considering most recognized religions specifically Islam and Christianity in their purest forms are extremely violent, purposely confusing, and breeds a sickening dependency. This is how religion births extremism. The extremist is born within the complexity of religiosity.

But, how am I to know who is not egregious and who may be among the nonsensical Islamic fold at my address? They all look and behave the same to me. The men are short and the women appear to be sexually repressed. Most of the living domains I have entered are a mess, and even downright nasty. The property's green space and parking deck are often heavily speckled with litter leaving me to conclude that they have no respect for where they live. Ironically, their mosque landscape that sits across the street is immaculate. They all appear to cook and eat the same cuisine. The Tandoori aromas unfortunately make their way under my door. They lack pleasantry. Only a few greet me (the adherents of Hinduism), and some cringe when they pass me (the Muslims).

With this honest description in mind, should I believe that all Muslims from India are identical? Of course according to the political correctness cops, using the word 'all' implies a generalization and supports irresponsible stereotyping. But, I ask what should one do when he faces this conundrum? Should I insist that all Indian Muslims are not this trifling or should I assume this behavior is only uniquely displayed within this group of Muslims? I am literally stuck.


I am not really stuck. I am secure in my thinking. These Muslims at my address in Decatur, Georgia are disgusting on so many levels. Now, if I repeat this on television/radio - or if this commentary finds it way to my employers, I wonder if they would terminate my employment.

National Public Radio should not have caved to liberal-minded pressure. They were wrong to fire Juan Williams for expressing himself. For saying what many of us have thought. He was hired by NPR to express himself…well, as long as if he did not offend Muslims.

I guess I should not be concerned and/or nervous about the Muslim men below my French doors who are up at all times of the night and morning on their laptops chain smoking?

Like, Juan, I am being honest: I have serious concerns that these men may be planning a 9/11 style attack.

Guess I am wrong for that thought and even more wrong for voicing it...No one should be punished for honesty. No one!

Muata Nowe

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