Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Son makes Decision for Dad

*Please check out video below after reading*

Monday, was the first day of football practice for Judah Mordecai. Both, Judah and I were nervous. Judah will not fess-up to his preoccupation - but I guess my maturation has encouraged me over the years to be honest with my feelings. My Judah is still at that age of not admitting to what makes him fearful. Soon he will learn that fear is a 'best friend', and not an emotion to 'punk' compartmentalize. *He can start by fearing the POLICE! They have been known to randomly kill black men.

As I watched young men run up and down the mosquito-infested field, I could not stop thinking about how I DO NOT WANT Judah to play football. My 'wants' are irrelevant at this point in his development. It is he who is the decider of his extracurricular activities. My job is done along these lines.

I have pressed upon him the REMARKABLE advantages of owning a football team. I have pressed upon him the importance of being in a decision making role: in the FRONT office. *Isn't it interesting that the men who determine the fate (reinstatement, trade location, salary, type of community service, etc.) of the players are mostly white - but yet the league work horses/players are 90 percent African American?

Most importantly, I have conveyed to my Judah what I expect from him in regards to sports, academics, and clothing:

"Only a few make it to the 'big leagues'. So, putting all ya eggs in that athletic basket is not a good idea. Keep ya options open. Read two-three books a month, and never allow me to catch you saggin'."

If I had my say on this one, Judah Mordecai would be going to guitar and/or violin lessons (like I had planned) considering I am not an avid promoter of sports. Why?

The dynamics of youth sports have changed drastically. It is all about winning now. No socialization skills or fundamentals focus. The affects of this NEGLECT are prevalent. Think about the young athletes who could have ‘been somebody’ (according to shallow-minded black folk). Their lack of learning to properly function in society ruined their aspirations and destroyed the over zealous dreams of one track-thinking parents: 'My son will be the next Vincent Young.' *More black folk should encourage: "their sons to be judges so that they can be in a position to have an affect on the horribly imbalanced judicial system."

My Judah is growing up. This decision was his, not mine. Watch/listen:

He did say at the end that he wants to be an astronaut...Thank the Lord!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

White Cop and White America’s Arrogance


Cop will not apologize and some are saying, “Gates should not have allowed his emotions to get the best of him.” I actually heard that from a handkerchief head this morning. Seriously, the man was in/at his docile. His freaking home. He complied with the policeman’s commands – but still got the metal bracelets placed around his wrist.

Gates' emotions were Sounding the Alarm. A Ringing of the Bell…AGAIN. If he would not have yelled he would not have gotten arrested. The arrest was needed!

This situation is TEACHING MOMENT for the world: Proof that America is still dealing with race. Still…

This situation is an OPPORTUNITY for Whites to self-reflect. Will they do it? No.

The white cop with his “NO APOLOGY” stance is typical and indicative of white arrogance and supports the following: Most White folk are incapable of empathizing with Black America’s pain. A deep-rooted pain that’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

I have always understood that if one voices their wrongs and attempts to rectify the wrongs, a new day is on the horizon (learned that in kindergarten). Unfortunately, America will remain in a horrible past that has molded this pathetic country. Here we are, in 2009 – and White America cannot practice one of Jesus’ best attributes: Humility. But, we are a Christian Nation?

The ball to REALLY address racism is in White hands. Sadly, they will not do anything with the ball. Even after the most powerful man in the world said:


Their arrogance stinks! And, yet blacks/Hispanics are “the problem” in America.

Not a rant. A repeated TRUTH.

What shall I do:

Continue to remind this country that they are/were wrong. Just maybe, my efforts will reach the heart of one white person.

Brian E. Payne

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Black In America 2

I should have watched the second installment of CNN’s Black in America 2 – but after a full day of work and writing I decided to watch our president plead his case for universal health care, have a drink (Bacardi 8 and Coke), and then I started writing again. So, there I was thinking about my day while the syndicated Delilah Radio Show played in the background.

It was definitely an eventful day.

Three minutes into my drive to my office my Jeep Cherokee ran out of gas. This was not a big deal considering I was able to coast right into a gas station. Around mid-morning I got into an argument with a friend. This was disappointing because I think I hurt her feelings. After five seconds of entering my beloved home at the end of my day, I discovered that my electricity was not on. I was initially stunned then I realized that I did forget to pay the bill. Two of the three occurrences did not faze me at all. I took both in stride, and adapted. The argument affected me the most. Nonetheless, I moved on to have a productive day.

Watching another Soledad O’Brien piece would have given me an unwanted energy boast. So, I guess this is why I sent the following question out prior to leaving work:

Are you looking forward to CNN’s Black in America 2? If you are or not, why?

Click on the Comment icon to read the responses.

Shared by Brian E. Payne

The Delilah Radio Show:


Black in America 2:


Monday, July 20, 2009

New Peace Corps Director...A BLACK MAN

The following entry is an email correspondence sent to fellow Returned Peace Corps volunteers.

Some of you reading received an email from me with the first link below. For you, I have a confession:

I did not click on the link before I sent it. That means I HAD NO IDEA that our new Peace Corps Director is a black man.

Yes, I admit that I send links/emails onto others without reading or viewing from time to time. I am GUILTY. So after I decided to open the link, simply because 'something' was nagging me to, I was AMAZED that a black man was selected.


Because it is rare. Rare for a black man to lead any international relations/affairs/development agency. I can probably count on my hands the number of black men who I know that have lived and worked overseas. There are many around the United States - but the number is extremely low (out of a group of 66 men and women I was the ONLY black man in my Peace Corps training class). Heck, there are not that many black men who have traveled over waters to donate a week of time to the underprivileged.

Those of us who have served for lengthy periods are not more evolved. Better. Nope, not in the least! However, I must say that I am more well-rounded as a result of me joining the Peace Corps; and then working for Peace Corps for 8.5 years.

And, to now witness history: The First Black man to lead the agency that I respect and love is not only remarkable, it is emotional for me. Now, when those less fortunates that Peace Corps volunteers serve worldwide, an additional statement is being made:

From the top, a BLACK man cares about the countries so many of us western-polluted Americans NEVER think about.

I am proud. Very Proud.

*I have to acknowledge that this would have not been a reality if it were not for President Barack Obama. I am not a euphoric emotion-driven fan - but I do give a 'Big-up' when it is due.

Aaron Williams - First Black Male Peace Corps Director http://peacecorpsconnect.org/bio/aaron-williams

Carol Payton - First Black and First Female Peace Corps Director:

Brian E. Payne
RPCV 1994-1996
Antigua, Eastern Caribbean

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Today’s Advertisements: Should I be Perplexed?

Yeah...the photo advertisements got my attention too. Do you want to purchase the perfume/cologne...NOW?

Maybe it’s me. Not sure. Perhaps, I am too protective of Judah, my 10 year old. Or, could it be that I am too hyper-sensitive. Whatever it is I am certain that there is at least one parent or even a non-parent who will agree with me on the following.

Television Commercial:

A female enters what appears to or could not be her home. She has a nice size purse and she is dressed like she is ready to go out on the town. She's eating yogurt. As she approaches the family room there is a female on the floor in a yoga position. She explains to the woman who entered the house that she is working on her digestive health. The female in her going-out jeans says, “Why don’t you try some Yoplait Plus it is for digestive health.” While still in the yoga pretzel the young woman says, “HONEY, I can’t find my hand.”

Watch here:

http://www.yoplait.com/spots/default.aspx (The Yo-Plus: Yoga ad – to the right)

Are you wondering what got my son’s attention?

The term of endearment, Honey, is what baffled him.

“Dad, why is a woman calling another woman honey?”

I answered his question without regurgitating my social-cultural-political verbiage. I have saved that for you to ponder with me.

Is this some outlandish producer’s way of pushing a lesbian relationship agenda? Marketing to lesbians to increase yogurt sales? It might be considering that this nation is moving so far beyond traditional values/the natural order; and so close to the EXTREME LEFT (which by the way is supported by our Leftist President).

Thinking too much? Nonetheless, I wanted to share with you so you can analyze the commercial, tell me what you think, and hopefully consider the psychological destruction ad’s and other mechanisms to sell products could be doing to the psyche of our future (the kids).

Here’s an ad that got a lot of attention from conservatives. Liberals rationalized it to the point of a non-issue: ‘It’s just flamboyant marketing.’


The picture was on a billboard in Time Square for all (children included) to see.

Here’s another one. This time using kid friendly bunny rabbits:


Notice the rabbit hitting ‘it’ from the back?

Someone please tell me that I am not becoming some un-cool Conservative Stiff in my old age.

I may just be SERIOUSLY concerned about the Hard Left this country has taken over the past thirty years.

Just me talking again, Brian E. Payne.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Obama on Africa...Typical

I am not surprised President Obama has this position on Africa: Unwilling to say that the affects of colonialism/oppression/destruction is justification for the complexity of Africa. This is the same man who will keep passing legislation to give Israel millions each and every year. The same man who will ignore Haiti's cry. Definitely disappointing coming from him. He is the first black president and he selects NOT to acknowledge that neo-colonialism continues to affect the Continent? (I don't need for him to blame, btw). I am happy we have a black man who appears to be a decent man in the white house - but I have always been leery of all politicians. Especially, when it comes to Africa. He cannot even politically embrace his homeland. Express sympathy for its present condition.

It is amazing that men will sell their souls to be in a leadership position in the United States.

Much respect to Sharpton, Farrakhan, Malcolm, Garvey, Vesey, Turner, and more.

They represent and represented. Barack Obama is what he is when it comes to Africa: a Typical American Politician. That equates to a Jelly-Back. A Coward who can't speak ALL the truths about the Homeland.

What about Africa?

Written by Brian E. Payne. Inspired by my question.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Most Charities Supported by a Rock Star?

Yes. It was Michael.

Never knew that.
I came home to watch the memorial service on CNN. On my way home I scanned the radio for a live feed. I found one on 1380AM. It was not until I heard the first song. The first speaker. That I began to get emotional. Crying.
A buddy of mine asked me the other day, "Why are all these people crying like they KNEW Michael Jackson." Well, I am one of those people, I didn't KNOW MJ. But yet, I am sitting in my fitness center all emotional. Not crying anymore - but so devastated that this world has lost more than a rock star. We have lost a caring man. A giving man. Yes, we have plenty of those. Or, do we...?
Yes, there are those who care. Who give...but not enough. Nevertheless, the way I see it. Feel it. Michael Jackson cared beyond my comprehension. His words and deeds have proven that.
How I wish I could be like Mike. That statement/wish should help me and others re-evaluate and re-define ourselves. In death we MUST learn.
Words from Al Sharpton:
"There was nothing strange about Michael...It was strange what Michael had to deal with..."
Words from Brooke Shields:
"Michael saw everything with his heart."
Written by Muata.

Monday, July 06, 2009

The Tragedies Begin with that Money Hungry Glance

I started writing a commentary entitled, Typical Jump-off, to offer my opinion on the death of Steve McNair. The writing commenced while sitting in a cabana smoking a Brazilia Maduro cigar, sipping on a Tommy Bahama rum and Coke, and watching countless BEAUTIFUL women pass. Several of the glancing females wondered who my friends and I were considering the cabanas at this hot spot in Atlanta cost a pretty penny to reserve. Little did they know that my regular status, pleasant demeanor, flirting skills (with women only), decent tipping habits, and writing abilities got me the comfortable seating space for free. Yeah, the females possibly assumed I was some Million Dollar slave. They cash eye-balled me and the fellas for what seemed like an eternity. Some even came over to pretend to be interested ONLY in us, and not our perceived status. Small talk lead to the inevitable and predictable question: What do you do for a living? The faces of disappointment were hilarious after I informed them that I was a Recruitment Manager for a non-profit and a struggling writer. Then I saw nothing but the back of their heads that were full of cheap weave. Some even had two to three month old hair-do's that looked like beehives. And, they wanted my attention, money, and time?! Good thing my momma did not raise a fool. No Drink-Chasing Prostitutes and Nappy Heads for me!

As for Steve McNair. Many are calling him a fool today. I have questioned his intentions with that 20yr old - but I have not made it to the judgment level. Believe me, I am one to say that WE ALL need to hold each other in ACCOUNTABILITY judgment. This brand of personal accountability check is considered ‘judging’ by too many! If only we would judge with love. Perhaps, Steve would have been home with his wife and Sahel would not have been an adulteress.

Some are saying that all they will remember about Steve is his tragic fate. I somewhat thought this is where my mind would go prior to reading the article at the link below. My mind changed after being reminded of Mr. McNair's contribution to the world. It was not only a 13 year career as a Tough Quarterback. No, Steve McNair beat several odds to become a NFL horse. Just read up on him. He was more than a man who cheated on his wife. Of course this is where the minds of many women will linger. That's surprising in itself, but typical, considering the average female doesn’t know what it takes to be a black quarterback in the National Football League. They probably have no idea that he was a charitable man.

Why not think of the positive with Steve McNair? We are doing it with Michael Jackson even though we are AWARE that MJ may have been a pervert. A Snatcher of Children’s Childhoods via molestation.

Either way, this does not change the fact Steve McNair died in a condo with a 20yr old Kia driving No Body. Killed violently. As a pathetic cheater in the eyes of the same females I described in the opening paragraph of this commentary:

Glancing Money Hungry Chicks looking for an affair/relationship/f*ck with a man who looks like he makes his loot by running up and down a football field. I should have played along with these imposters of decent women. All it took was one $10 drink and a puff of my $15 cigar to hookem'. Sad.
We make the decisions in our lives. Steve shallowly made his and Sahel Kazemi did too.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Life is Out of Your Control

Friday is my 39th birthday. One more year and I will be the big FORTY. Can’t wait for that one. Yeah, right. Seriously, I will celebrate that one with all of myself and definitely with friends…ONLY.

Turning 39 does nothing for me, it does not spark any feelings of excitement, nor generates any feelings of euphoric insight. I am just another year older. Of course I can ask myself the same rhetorical question many of us ask each year, ‘What have I learned?’ To be quite honest with you I have not learned anything different from last year.

The world continues to turn each second with or without me learning a damn thing. Actually, if I am really really honest with myself I have not learned any lessons in some areas. Evidence of that is in my duplicated mistakes.

Some believe the world is getting Barack Obama better and others emphatically believe the world is on an irreversible downward spiral. If you know me you know exactly what I think about this world: No comment. Well, let me share one: Me nah like dis place!

No matter what I think one thing is for sure, we are here to get older and then die. Think about that for a moment. Finish? We live to die. That can be such a waste. However, what we do between birth and death is up to us and provides some level of validation to the divine purpose if we do something with our lives. Some chose to do nothing of humanitarian value and others strive to be what God predestined. Think about that too. Predestined?

If it is already written in God’s history book we are in affect just playing our lives out in an orchestrated role. Somewhat like a set script that’s written for us.

Perhaps, in the five minutes it took me to write this it has been reaffirmed to some that what lies between birth and death may just be out of our control. Imagine that. We have no control or power over what becomes of the gift God granted? Makes me ask, ‘Why did God give us life if He has to control it?’

As a matter of theological fact, the lackadaisical way God is managing our lives makes me want another Manager or another Freewill Contract.

Convoluted by Muata.