Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The 100th Day Report Card

Today, our president receives his first “report card”. He has made it to the JUDGMENT benchmark of 100 days as President of the United States. Seems like yesterday he was getting tripped-up by Justice Roberts on that cold day back in January. Three months have passed! Many will shallowly say that he has done a remarkable job and others will begrudgingly state that he is taking this country straight to h*ll. Like we are not already there? If there are those out there that believe I am over exaggerating the present condition of Gomorrah I recommend that they think about the pot of unclean chitterlings that was passed to Mr. Obama. He inherited a bubble guts stomach ache, not from President Bush, but ultimately from the lawmakers who are of late notorious for turn coating (The Fix - Specter To Switch Parties) and eating a lot of pork Politicians LOVE Pork….Even John McCain! « WHAT IS GOING ON?. Okay, just to be fair I will add President Bush to the pig intestines. He did help intensify the worldwide hatred of the United States.

As we reflect this Wednesday on what is important I hope we will continue to be critical of all politicians. Including President Obama. His centennial celebration does include: fibbing and the neglect of campaign-hyped policy…which defines him as a politician. Perhaps, not the average – but he still in the position of ‘compromising’ so that his liberal agenda gets full attention and approval. However, President Obama has been SUCCESSFUL in quite a few areas of legislation. I, the unrelenting critic, cannot dispute that. It appears several people cannot criticize much.

Read what one of the best event promoters in this land of pop culture has to say about our Homeboy, President Barack Hussein Obama:

"Tomorrow marks Obama's 100th day in office. I wonder if in the quiet, still darkness of the night... in the small bathroom that no one uses downstairs in the White House... do you hear a man mumbling to himself in the mirror... "What were these people doing for the last 40 years??? I thought I knew, but I had no idea." Considering the bailout plan Bush created & started, Afghanistan, Iraq, the oil crisis, the economy, Fannie & Freddie, the Swine Flu, the real estate industry, the American Automotive industry, the energy crisis, Mexico, Cuba, natural disasters and the media... President Obama is "ice." Cooler than a polar bear's toe nails. If Bush, McCain and Palin were at the helm, do you still think Americans approval rating would be at 70%? Honestly people, regardless if you are an Obama supporter or not, if either one of the individuals I previously mentioned were in power, our morale level would be at an all time low. I have seen President Obama more times in 100 days then I saw Bush in 2007. He works so hard, I'm almost willing to bet my baby toe he has 3 clones. This man does more in an hour than I can do in a year. I salute our President, his efforts, his resilience, his vision and his "cooler than a polar bear's toe nails" demeanor. Because with everything going on at this very moment... McCain would have slipped into a deep depression and early stages of Alzheimer's.... then Sarah Palin would have been our president..... Yeah, I know.... that thought gave me a cold chill too."

I agree with JCarter, “President Obama is ICE.”

Something to think about in regards to perception:

Most Influential Person

Don’t be surprised…Brittany Spears and Tina Fey are more “influential” than two world leaders and the Jim Hendrix of rap, Lil drug infested Wayne, is in the top twelve. And, I can’t forget: a preacher made it in the top three. Wow! I knew I should have used my seminary education to gain notoriety …and to get rich.

Written by Brian E. Payne.
Inspired by The General of Sol-Fusion (

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Truth Hurts and PC Wins

By now you have heard or read about some blonde chick standing up for her beliefs. In the recent past, we have heard some quite ignorant responses to the questions bias judges ask during beauty pageants. At least in this particular case, Miss California did something that is becoming a rarity: she told an unfiltered truth. She was not responding with the restraints that political correctness unfortunately produces. Miss California spoke her conscious, not what she thought would get her a prestigious title that many will forget about ten years from now. Instead, Carrie Prejean will be remembered because she stood her ground. She did not succumb to the PC-ness t hat has polluted honesty and integrity. I commend her, and condemn this fat gay guy who does nothing to advance the gay cause in America, Perez Hilton. His type of over the top flamboyancy typically hinders, and not advances. Who is this guy anyway? He can’t be the new spokesperson for Homosexuality in America. If he is…I now see why the ‘movement’ is leaderless and off-course.

While speaking of the course, Americans need to stop pretending that same sex marriage is a natural phenomena. It is not, and we KNOW it. But, what we have selected to do is unleash ‘un-definition’ within the ranks of established morals and values. We are pathetically willing to accept whatever makes us feel good. What’s easier. What does not hold us accountable. In all of this irresponsible liberalism, what we are approaching is complete cultural/societal disarray.

What will our kids recognize about what made America ‘decent’ at one time? Family is what we once could count on to uplift us, teach us, mold us, and ultimately make us feel a sense of security. What we have exchanged for this is not reflective of what some say God wanted:


Same sex marriage is not within that confine. It is, actually, out of order.

The other opinion:

Miss California: An Unpopular Answer or a Bad Answer? Nsenga ...

I definitely welcome yours.

Written by Brian E. Payne.

Stay tuned: The Penis is a Dummy (The Shadow Series)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sponge Bob Got Back

Well, I was trying to have an uneventful night with my son, Judah. We decided to watch a little television. Something funny - but well within the decent category. We found some show on the Disney Network. I typically do not care for him to watch the 'kid friendly' stations for several reasons. One being: behaviors that I do not agree with are promoted and condoned. Like cross dressing and boys acting like girls. Yeah, I now 'minor'. But, I have had the unwanted task of explaining to my son why two men were French kissing out in public at the infamous Lenox Mall in Atlanta a year or so ago. Anyway, while we watched television Judah and I got excited when we noticed that Sponge Bob was featured in a new Burger King commercial. Sadly, Judah's excitement dwindled when we watched the following (link below - extended version).
He was so disappointed.
On both occasions (the gay kiss and the bouncing butts), Judah said to me, "Dad, that is not appropriate."
What are your thoughts about the commercial?
Written by Brian E. Payne.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Tea, Talk, and Protest

When I was a Peace Corps volunteer I learned a great deal. I can go on and on with all the treasures that I acquired and brought back to the United States. Not that I was void when I joined the infamous Eastern Caribbean training group (EC 60) – but I was sadly naïve.

One of the most beneficial influences there was the learned behavior of ‘taking it easy’ with the assistances of Earl Grey. Drinking tea became a ritual. Imagine that, a southern boy partaking in a British past time! My morning began with tea. My afternoon concluded with tea and conversations. Long conversations that never failed to address world affairs. I loved the combination: Tea and mouth chatter.

Last week proved to many that there was a need for TEA and a lot of rhetoric. Over 700 tea parties around the United States. Crowds of 10,000 or more. People from all walks of life: young, old, white, white, men, and women. All were mentally consumed with one mission: PROTEST. The age old opportunity to communicate to the powers that ‘we the people’ are unhappy. Disappointed. Disgruntled. And, growing with dissension


While I am a passionate supporter of political dissent that’s responsible and purpose driven, I just could not understand why these folk suddenly decided to voice their concerns all on the same day. Smells funny to me. Some say that the ‘campaign’ to send a message was a grassroots effort. Isn’t that ironic? The Right aligning themselves with grassroots activities? Really? Who buys that crap? We all know that the conservatives, republicans, and ultra right-wingers rarely go to the people to implore them to speak for them. (Well, they did effectively utilize the Ku Klux Klan -- Extremism in America.) Their counter tactics have always begun from the confines of their unyielding and moral high ground politics. Not from some mid-westerner who is upset about a job loss. This act of opposition is reserved for America’s stepchildren e.g. blacks, gays, and women.

But, perhaps things are changing? Are these culturally insulated people finally understanding that government has never been on their side? Have they finally begun to conceptualize that those on the disenfranchised left have been left out? No…say it ain’t so! They are not just realizing that tax increases have the ability to handicap communities? Their trailer parks?

When I visually examined the crowds in state owned parks and on the steps of state capital buildings I could not make many distinctions. However, one element did pop into my brain:

Perhaps, the United States government’s elected officials will listen now. Their distant cousins are now being affected (Billy Bob).

But, reality set in. And, here it is

Taxes have been raised by lying presidents (all of them including President Obama) that I have been blessed to witness walk into the White House – but these pissed-off folk have NEVER orchestrated a day to protest legalized rip-offs since Boston. Makes one wonder what the real frustration could be.

And, now that the Right has no serious plan to combat the Left they have decided to be organized critics of their own system. Actually, it is a clever move: Get the people on one accord under the cloak of ‘we are prepared to do right by you now’.

Who is falling for this?

Well, it is obvious. Look at Grand Wizard Sean Hannity’s sponsored TEA Party protest:

A lot of people, right?

All those people are prepared to kick Barack Obama out of office without understanding that their taxes would have been raised by John McCain too. Do they know this? I believe that they do. This growing whitewashed and extremist radicalism (a fearful reaction to impending ‘White Slavery’) is in response to the BLACK change that they are not psychologically prepared to embrace.

Tax increase is not the change. It is the standard: Happens all the time.

Have you looked at your utility bill lately?

Written by Brian E. Payne. Inspired by Ada B.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Barack and Hugo: The Handshake

Why in world didn't President Obama tell his staff to keep him away from Hugo Chavez? He gonna take some hits for this one. H*ll, he under the microscope anyway - but a picture with a man who throws ridiculous insults and who is seen by many as a lunatic. Not that I agree. Actually, when Chavez is not spitting fire he has legitimate criticism of the GREAT UNITED STATES that I agree with!
Let the conservative anti-Obama begin...again.
Stay tuned. It will be something else next week. Want some TEA?
Written by Brian E. Payne

Friday, April 17, 2009

An Eye for an Eye...Literally

Woman blinded by acid wants same fate for attacker -

How do you feel about "biblical justice"?

If used in the United States would it lower crime rates? It appears to me in the US that the fear of going to prison is somewhat non-existent for many.


Shared by Brian E. Payne

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Father Passing on the RIGHT PLAYS

As I have said time and time again:
The black man has more on his mind these days. Hell, he always has. Unfortunately, they have never asked: What do you think/believe? - in a way to get the REAL answer. But, here on this blog which is dedicated to TRUTH, the Black Man does not have to wait to be asked. He speaks and he ain't PLAYING:
Last night my wonderful girlfriend made a very innocent comment that pierced my soul and provoked me to go into a "speech" laced with emotion. Yes, we do have Emotions. Yes, some of us are passionate about our roles and responsibilities as parents.

Her comment:

"I find it hard to believe that you have not taught your son how to PLAY basketball." Look at Michael Jordan. He has passed on his craft to his sons."

My blood began to boil. I probably need therapy, as most Black Men do to help deal with these emotions and experiences that were never digested properly as a child, and continue to be a part of my fabric to this day. Yes, I PLAYED basketball. I was named an ALL-STAR my first year on an organized team at age eleven. I earned 3 full scholarships running up and down courts on the eastern shore of the United States. I made many associates, had plenty of admirers, learned the value of: discipline, teamwork, sacrifice, goal setting, hard work, and sportsmanship all which have proven to be positives in my life. In the end Basketball did not PLAY me as it has far too many black males in our country.
I discovered years ago that too many black males are pushed, influenced, and even expected to play sports to fulfill the dreams and entertainment desires of others.
As for Michael Jordan.......................He is simply the greatest basketball PLAYER of all time. I choose not to hold him or sports up to the following people and their causes: Mary McCloud Bethune, Thurgood Marshall, Harriet Tubman, Shaka Zulu, Muhammad Ali, Dr. Ben Carson, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. - all adorn my son's bedroom wall and bookshelf.

More importantly, I choose to influence my child to learn about and believe in God. I attempt to "train him and run drills" on how to be a good citizen, open doors for ladies, say thank you to teachers, compliment his neighbor, local mechanic, and the teenagers working the cash registers throughout the community. None of these people may ever become famous or gain financial riches for their crafts yet they contribute something more than 2-3 hours of entertainment as most sports and athletes do.
What am I really saying?
For those parents who really care about teaching our kids (especially black males) what and how to PLAY; PLEASE consider the following avenues: Education, Citizenship, Responsibility, Accountability, Spirituality, Carpentry, Masonry, Medicine, Electronics, and Entrepreneurship. Determination and practice in these areas will help prepare them to PLAY a much bigger game. The game of LIFE!

Written by Patrick Medley.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Let the Praises Commence

3 'phenomenal shots' ended pirate hostage crisis -

We should expect to receive an onslaught of media coverage that will honor the specially trained and highly disciplined covert tactic group, US Navy Seals. The military is also experiencing a surge in web site hits. All of this attention will keep the Captain of Maersk Alabama in the news too. We should be prepared to watch his first primetime interview with Charles Gibson or some other popular news anchor. He will receive an award for bravery. Commendations from the navy. H*ll, President Obama, the man who gave an order to shoot the Somali pirates if visible danger was imminent, has already called Captain Phillips congratulating him on his heroic actions.

What will be forgotten are the men who were more than likely under orders of a deranged militia leader. Men who probably have not reached the age of 20. Men who were likely taken under a controlling spell at the age of 13. They are better known as Child Soldiers.

“Approximately 250,000 children under the age of 18 are thought to be fighting in conflicts around the world, and hundreds of thousands more are members of armed forces who could be sent into combat at any time.” -Amnesty International

As we (Americans), go about our week, we will also fail to acknowledge the possible reason why this piracy activity is taking place:

A Desperate Attempt of African Retribution

Whether we want to admit it or not, there are men and women all across this world who believe that the United States and its destructively “evil” cohort, Europe, are deserving of any illegal and/or deadly reprisal as a result of their pillage of African nations. Even the perpetrators feel justified in their, in many cases, asininely backwards actions.

While I do not condone the behavior, I do understand where the ‘get-back’ impetus stems. When I think of what Africa could have been, I think about all the white men who have capitalized off the welcoming spirit and the humble nature of African people. These men have stolen land and assets that they have used in many cases to pit one African ethnic group against another.

No, this (child soldiers/understandable African retaliation) will not be discussed this week. Instead the American people will be flooded with misplaced heroism, additional military recruitment ads, and glorification of US bravado.

I ain’t falling for it!

Written by Brian E. Payne.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Every year I have something to say about the celebrated resurrection of Jesus Christ. My words have been viewed as cynical, disrespectful, and overwhelmingly insulting. Of course, I have in turn defensively described my sentiments as my truth. My beliefs. My understanding. While ‘telling it like it is’ I have isolated myself becoming a lone man on a theological island that, in truth, has become drastically lonely.

Feeling alone is not a good feeling. It leads to a depression that fluctuates from moderate to severe – but this Easter season I am not lonely. I actually feel like I am standing with countless brave people. I have ‘balls’ as a result of this like-minded support. But, I do not have joyous feelings about this considering what is occurring domestically.

In the latest edition of Newsweek, writer Jon Meacham, states that Christianity and its influence is losing substance and legitimacy among America’s latest and most recent generations. He also says that the Christian Right has lost its battle against same sex marriage, abortion, and school prayer (lost that fight a long time ago). And, to be quite frank these are battles I wish in some ways would have never been lost. Well, praying in school was never something I supported. Nonetheless, the Lefts strong-arm ability to regulate abortion to a meaningless ‘choice’ and their successful efforts to defy God’s marital union has done nothing but change the divine script God supposedly set-forth.

Not that killing babies and same sex persons getting married is my defiant ax to grind. Really, it is not. However, we (Homo sapiens) have allowed a mechanism that forged my moral character to dwindle. Christianity has become irrelevant to many. It is a non-issue. The question bishops, pastors, and other Believers should be asking is, Why? Why does Newsweek’s cover read:

The Decline and Fall of Christian America

In my typical cynicism, I must declare that the last word in the cover’s title is the problem:


This country has taken too many wrong turns. In effect, altering the precious landscape that was envied by most nations. Now, we are nothing more than an embarrassed bully trying to rearrange a mess. A mess, Christianity in its most useful form (character development, and not the belief pushing of myths e.g. He Rose) cannot shake…thus the reason its usefulness has become useless.

Another Easter…some will relentlessly celebrate what Mary Magdalene - John 20:14 was first to witness (allegedly) while others will share the morals Christianity once was able to solidify in MOST humans.

Written by Brian E. Payne.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Thangs Have Changed in the White sho!

I shared the pictures above with mostly women expecting to only humor someone's day.
I guess I did that - but you know me...Mr. Too Damn Serious. Mr. Gotta Have a Discussion.
What came next:
I have been privy to several female discussions in person and on line where women still spread/acknowledge the following sentiment:
Size really does not matter that much.
However, I have noticed that there has been a major shift in that thinking/desire among women too:
Size does matter.
Okay, if sizes does not matter, why in the h*ll do women purchase and use HUGE fake ding-a-lings? I forgot what they are called until I Googled 'fake penis' and found:
Okay, if size does not matter, why are so many women within the confines of these revealing discussions disappointingly articulating that "it is too little for me"?
Also, with the overwhelming number of sex toy parties (items for sale) that are flooded with single women and married women who claim that they are using the old faithful (dildo, magic bullet, etc.) instead of sex-ing a man, brings me back to my known thought for years:
Men are not sexually satisfying women.
Hope I am doing my job: Slinging with help from:

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

In or Out of Wedlock?

When I read the phrase, ‘Out of Wedlock’, I begin to think: Does ‘In Wedlock’ mean that the scenario is different? Technically, I guess there is a difference considering one’s marital status is affected…but realistically, what does In/Out Wedlock imply when kids are involved?

When I think of both (married/unmarried), based on my baby daddy experience and my knowledge of the in’s and out’s of countless failed marriages, I really do not comprehend a difference. If momma and daddy are together, but hate each other there is no difference. If momma and daddy are ‘living in sin’ and estranged there is no difference. With the overwhelming divorce rate (over 50%) and pathetic marriages that should have ended years ago (too many to count) I ask, what is the point of ‘locking’ the involvement up in holy matrimony if a pregnancy sneaks up on ya? What does the marriage guarantee when thinking of the children?

Should more black folk get married considering the following statistic:

70% of BLACK children are raised by single black women

Which is better?

*Go ahead and get hitched knowing you are not ready to be married to the man/woman you made the
baby with.


*Accept the baby momma/baby daddy role and be the best parent you can be outside of the home.

40% babies out-of-wedlock

“For a variety of reasons, it's become more acceptable for women to have babies without a husband”, said Duke University's S. Philip Morgan…”

Nearly half British babies out of wedlock -

“The percentage of British babies are now born out of wedlock continues to approach 1-in-2…”

If the Out of Wedlock scenario is becoming “acceptable”, why does it still have a negative connotation when speaking of black people, particularly poor black people? I press here because this wealthy couple has not received much flack for their out of wedlock baby making ways:

But, this brother has (perhaps he should even with his has-been status – Wow!):

Shared by Brian E. Payne.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

When asked, Does Satan Exist?

Satan is The Believer all wrapped up in his/her self serving religiously generated arrogance.

That was my initial response – but of course I had to add more:

Satan? A devil? Really?
Perhaps you have created a negative force to justify the positive force: God.
Perhaps you have to have a reason for the countless injustices that occur around the world.
Perhaps you falsely believe in a literal interpretation of the bible e.g. Fallen Angel (Isaiah 14:3-14:20). Where did this Lucifer fall from? Story of Lucifer Such a ridiculous story!
To agree/believe that there is a devil gives credence to our inability to understand our devilish defects/actions.
Were the men and women who participated in the violent enforcement of slavery on North American soil devils?
Were the men who used water hoses and German Shepherds to disperse non-violent crowds back in the 60's devils?,%20Alabama%201963_jpg.jpg

Are the black African men who savaged-ly prance around African countries promoting and initiating genocide devils?
I believe humans have attached a definition to a devil/satan, and humans have consciously and subconsciously acted accordingly.
So, a Satan/Devil does not exist. Devilish people do.

Tempers Flare at Debate on the Devil - ABC News
Shared by Brian E. Payne.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Who did they think was flying over on Air Force One: Shanaynay and Pookie?

"He talked nuclear threats with Russia's president and gave an iPod to the queen. And that was only the beginning. It was an eventful first day on the world stage for President Barack Obama, launching new arms control talks, placing China ties on fresh footing and calming fears about the ailing U.S. economy - seemingly everywhere, relaxed and smiling all the while. While wife Michelle attracted breathless attention with every stop, fashionable outfit and sip of tea."
Dang 'Blacks' know how to act! We learned from da best:

Your answer please.
We all ain't no Ni**as!
I can't stop laughing!
They look content to me. Perhaps, this photo was taken prior to Queen Elizabeth touching Michelle Obama and the First Lady responding in a similar affectionate gesture (

Note the sequence of occurrences:

*Queen Elizabeth placed her arm around the First Lady’s waist FIRST.
*The First Lady then extended her arm and placed it in the upper mid-back area of Queen

After typing the above I began to really realize how ridiculously trivial this has been for the past 24 hours.

I do consider myself a news junkie which is probably the reason the media never ceases to amaze me. The world is in financial crisis because of blond head blue-eyed white people (Financial crisis caused by "people with blue eyes": Brazilian ...) - and I cannot avoid the onslaught of “protocol was broken” breaking news infiltrations. Seriously? I ask you, do you give a damn if Michelle touched an uptight frail old white lady? I can care less that she trampled a British etiquette. Etiquette that’s viewed by many around the world as pompously arrogant anyway! And, how much sense does it make when the Queen initiated the intimacy and when she shakes the hands of countless men and women who may just fail to wash their nasty fingers after taking a wiz or dump? We all know some folk are disgustingly gross. Especially, ______ people.

I will NOT fill in that blank. You do it! Just remember what momma MAY have told you while growing up. Recall your experiences at work or in college (depending on where you went to get ‘educated’). Think about the universal black belief concerning _______ people.

I just know there is one person reading who will call me a ________ (again) if he/she correctly fills in the blanks above.

Universal Black Beliefs about _____ People (I did not say that they are true):

*_____ people are nasty.
*_____ people allow dogs to sleep with them.
*_____ people do not wash off meat/chicken before cooking.
*_____ men have small ding-a-lings.
*_____ people smell like dogs when they get wet.
*_____ people are literally afraid of blacks.
*_____ women are ‘loose’.
*_____ women give the best head.
*_____ people are naïve.

Written by Brian E. Payne. Inspired by me attempting to communicate what others may be thinking.