Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Open Letter to Reverend Alfred Charles Sharpton

Dear Reverend Al Sharpton,

While I respect you for your sacrifice and what I believe to be a genuine concern for the progression of black people, I am somewhat stumped by your decision and/or allowance to have a 'sanctified' fraud appear weekly on your show, Keeping it Real Radio Show.

My disappointment in you is similar to the feelings I initially had when I learned that Earvin Magic Johnson was/is a spokesperson for two financial exploitation businesses: Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Inc. and Rent-A-Center. But, in this case Reverend Sharpton, I am of the unwanted belief that you are participating in a religious scam that adds to the emotional defeatism of black people worldwide.

I was driving from work one afternoon. I typically listen to nothing but talk radio – and I am an avid listener of your show. While listening on this particular afternoon I heard a charismatic man, by the title of Bishop, tell a caller who had only given his name, "I am getting the feeling that you are experiencing some tough times. Think about moving to North Carolina. Your opportunity is there." And he concluded, as I learned with every call, "This is the Word of the Lord."

Reverend, you have a dedicated black audience that respects you. Adores you. Appreciates you. Just by you allowing this self-described Bishop to conduct this crap on your show is deplorable - and extremely insulting to black people.

When one can call your show, say hello - and then an "anointed" Bishop 'runs down' (guess) the present details of one's life and then give 'Godly' prophetic advice is completely misguided and it removes that very important aspect: Personal Relationship with God. Replacing it with a call-in radio relationship with a boot leg Bishop.

I sure you have been to Bishop Jordan's website.

"Get your prophecy here: http://www.bishopjordan.com/prophecy.htm.

As a Master Prophet, I can truly decree a thing and see it established---just like the prophets of the Scriptures." –Bishop Jordan

How can you, a minister of your intelligence, condone the above? This man claims to be a Master of Prophecy....

As much misdirection, deceit, and hoodwinking black people have faced, it saddens me that Al Sharpton, a man of your stature would dwell in the disgusting swamp of religious trickery.

I called into your show on this day. Was placed on hold. Was later told after waiting on hold for 22 minutes that if I decide to hold on I would be holding for an additional 40 minutes. The call screener said, "We have more than 10 lines in the mix now. It is like this every time Bishop is on the show."

My disappointment deepen. I hung-up. Decided not to 'hold-on' any longer...unlike those desperate men/women waiting and holding on for a Word from a crook.

Reverend Sharpton, with this scheme, you are no different than the African men who sold innocent Africans into slavery...for me to write that was painful...I have always respected you and your no bull approach. I am not sure where I stand any longer. That is even more painful because you are one of the last black men to 'stand'.

I guess standing comes with a price these days...


Muata Nowe

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Colors of Hypocrisy: White, Pink, and Yella

All this fuss about the building of a mosque and Islamic community center next to Ground Zero in New York City.


I guess, as a descendent of black slaves, I should be upset by the naming of a few buildings/monuments...


Did not this racist use his power to "eliminate" (his word) the Black Panther Party - and didn't he refer to Martin Luther King, Jr. as monkey? A building was erected in his HONOR.


Isn't there a Confederate Flag on a pole at the top of the State Capitol building in South Carolina? It is there to HONOR The Confederacy...you know that racist body that wanted slaves to remain slaves.


Stonewall Jackson the Confederate General that regularly prefaced God prior to fighting to keep God's people in slavery has a statue of his likeness in Lexington, VA. It was built to HONOR him.

I can continue to list buildings and other national landmarks (parks) that HONOR racist and racist agendas/intentions. And people, mostly white people, are upset over a structure that will be used to HONOR a religious faith? Yeah, 'it is going up next to Ground Zero.' So damn what!

I drive pass that flag in South Carolina. I have seen that statue of Stonewall. I have to see the name Hoover on a sign in the District of Columbia.

I guess I should be all torn-up. I would definitely rather be torn-up than a hypocrite. White America is showing its colors, pink and yella!

Muata Nowe

Monday, August 16, 2010

Black AMERICANS Don't Care...

The position of the corpse looks familiar...?

The earthquake hit Haiti HARD. The recent rains/flood in Pakistan has hit HARD. In both occurrences thousands of people perished – and are still dying from the ramifications of Mother Nature's fury. (Some people actually believe God had His hand in the causing of both disasters. I can believe this misguided thinking because the bible is a written recording of God killing people, try the Old Testament. Yeah, God is a murderer.)

From the tragedy in Haiti, Wyclef Jean, a Haitian and not some bleeding-heart sympathizer has stepped-up to try his attempt at leadership, running for president of Haiti. (I do appreciate those white people spending months in Haiti helping to lift up the people. Thanks, Sean Penn.)

Leadership: Leaving me to question AGAIN: Are leaders made or born? Mr. Jean will soon be another example in the experiment, Leadership. President Obama is proving to be a MADE leader. If he were a born leader, he would not go from one position of rebellion to a position of DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO GET RE-ELECTED...to cover his ass! (Read up on the flip-flop of President of Obama on the mosque in NYC)

I remember the days after the natural events e.g. Haiti and Pakistan - which God, Himself, could not prevent. People all across this nation were sending $10-$15 text messages. Donating to the Haiti Relief Fund. People, black Americans in particular, were displaying the love that they have for the Haitian people. Question: Why were/are black Americans suddenly concerned? Haiti has been in need for decades. Where have you been, black man/woman? Then the flood of Pakistan helped validate my worst belief:

Black people in America will only respond to pleas to provide aid when people who look just like them are affected. Same skin color.

I support my belief with the following questions:

Where is the black church outcry (not that there was much of a CRY from the black church when the earthquake ravaged Haiti)? Who is speaking on behalf of American blacks for the people of Pakistan? What is the plan of action to organize a Walk/Run for Pakistan? When will there be a benefit concert?

Some nonchalant blacks are more than likely thinking, 'Why should I, a black person, send money to help Pakistanis? They don't like me.'

For those of you European, Asian, African, West Indian, and other nationalities/ethnic groups reading, black Americans, some not all – but TOO MANY – are that damn shallow - and believe it or not that harden. And yes, for you monitors of my rhetoric, I include myself among the 'some'. I have just recently been able to fully embrace poor white people from America. At one time in my life, I would not allow myself to sympathize for America's poor white "trash". So, there you go!

Back to this: 'Why should I, a black person, send money to help Pakistanis? They don't like me.'

Really...That's the position we are going to take? Typical for clueless black Americans – logical and understanding for some intellectually in-tune blacks from America...considering our history on US soil. With that truth, in some ways we are NO different from the white oppressor...

Muata Nowe

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fantasia: Another American Nightmare

Look at that pic. She was surrounded by relics of the past. Simple stuff. When life was good...


Fantasia Barrino is a product of her environment. Like everyone on the face of this earth! Not an excuse for cheating with a married man: http://www.sandrarose.com/images9/fantasia-cheat500.jpg. Not an excuse for blowing her money. Not an excuse for tarnishing her name!

Cheating is a two way affair. It is not just the man’s indecent discretion. Like so many women have expressed all over the World Wide Web that it is. Absolutely disgusting that these females take this pathetic justification for doing what men do without remorse - and with cowardice intentions…much like how ‘da boys’ are expected to cover for the cheater: “He the one married.” Did Alicia Keyes hear me?

When we cheat in a ‘divinely sanctioned’ marriage, we cheat the Higher Power that we claim to believe in, we cheat the kids that may be involved, and we cheat the dedicated husband or wife that has been faithful.

‘Damn it, Fantasia – YOU cheated with Mr. Cook. Separation does not absolve you of sleeping with a married man. DIVORCE does!’

She became…what? A product of her environment. Somewhere in her rearing/life she gained the distorted belief that it is okay to participate in an affair.

Much like America, in the general, she has become what this country is, a cheap product. For sale as is: susceptible to costly repairs and always BROKEN.

Down hill from here:


And here:


Her broken environment is the land of The American Dream, not Farmington Apartments. She came from nothing (and there is nothing wrong with that). She dreamed of becoming a star by utilizing her ‘God-given’ voice and talent. She sacrificed to become a success. She worked hard for the American Dream. She made it!

On her Way Up with Innocence:


Close to the end (now) Fantasia has become the sad epitome of the American Dream. Even in her rendition of America’s Song of Pride, she exemplified her love for what America provided, The Dream: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTXIVGJfmZ4.

So, I am not surprised. Not at all. Disappointed – but not distraught. Disappointed that she became what America shyts daily.

Unfortunate that Ms. Barrino did not look ahead. She about to be broke. I wonder if the family that she is so foolishly dedicated to will be to her left or right when foreclosure comes a knocking? Who will be there? I will tell you.

America will be here for her again - with an opportunity for her to dream and become the fruit of her dreams…but we can count on America to be there smiling arrogantly (with the 'I told you so’ look) with a choice: American Dream or YOUR Dream.

I love, Tashia! I do! I really do. I was in her corner for the longest time. Love her voice. Love the spirit and energy she formerly gave to the world. Then I got a smell of her Made in America diarrhea. She bought into it…but what did I expect from her being that she has NO ONE guiding her. America does not give us a book of instruction. Instruction evidently does not come from her immediate family...either (bunch of leeches).

And, before I step off this commentary - someone please tell me why God has to be referenced when we f*ck up?

“Fantasia's faith in God, herself and family remain as strong as ever."

God has NOTHING to do with our train wrecks – and I am convinced God SLOWLY answers when we have hit rock bottom…Why? Because God definitely knocks on our door EVERYDAY in our imaginations – and we do what: IGNORE. Diss Him.

Well, thought I was finish.


An addition to the American Dream…the final act of desperation: SUICIDE.

-Muata Nowe

Thursday, August 05, 2010

The Day in Black

I entered a building the other day that typically systematically attracts black men (was not a court house). I enthusiastically said, "Hello" to everyone seated in the waiting area.

There were two beaten down looking black men, one mad looking black woman (so typical), and one southern Georgia looking white woman. She may have had Peach snuff in her mouth. http://www.bnbtobacco.com/imggrab.aspx?pub=y&ID=400030. I had to go get that for Grandma Frankie once a month.

All had that puzzled expression, 'Why is this sweat covered black man so happy and why is he greeting us like he knows us?' The brothas spoke. I knew that they would. The black female with huge biceps and an afro did not acknowledge my presence. She pretended to be engrossed in a make-shift self help book, http://bibleplanner.com/images/bible_for_sale.jpg.

The 65-70 year old white lady (in a non-battery powered wheel chair) said, "There's another one. You look like a ball player. Big and tall. So big. You play ball."

Since she was white, elderly, and displaying trailer park intelligence I did not curse her out. Actually, a profane tongue lashing directed at a pale-face woman will get you locked-up down here in the bible belt. Furthermore, any wanted and/or unwanted activity displayed towards a white female can get a brotha lynched down here in the illusionary Mecca, Atlanta – which is similar to Mississippi without sophistication.

Remember Emmett Till?


The Day in Black continued

Was on a cardio power walk later in the day. Noticed an inter-racial couple approaching me. As we got closer, I noticed that the former meth-head looking woman was beginning to look terrified. Her body was becoming stiff. Her steps got shorter. And, she was about to squeeze her high-yella companion’s arm off. No lie! I saw fingernail marks in the young man's frail biceps. When we finally got shoulder to shoulder I wanted to say, 'BOO'. I did not because she was very pregnant. Every bit of eight months. That 'BOO' may have broken her water – and I would have had to help deliver the mongrel baby.


The Day in Black outside of the United States

When I traveled to non-black countries around the world as a Peace Corps staffer kids, men, and women randomly ran up to me. Followed me in villages like I was a good luck charm. They peeked in my window at night. Waited outside my door for me to get up at 5:00AM (and these American pre-teens and teens sleep until noon during the summer). They rubbed my skin wanting it to come off. They asked, “Are you Michael Jordan? Do you know Michael Jackson?” Men had me posing with them for pictures. Men even trusted my black self with holding their babies. As late as 2005, in one former USSR controlled country there is a huge picture of me above a family's soap opera programmed television holding a baby. Similar to this picture – but not gender exact:


Being a Black Man has been quite a ride. I am going to get me a white chick to take the final ride with me:


The Day in Black

Muata sharing.


Wednesday, August 04, 2010

14th Amendment in Question...


I am sitting here laughing at all the responses I have read related to this new Republican initiative. I am surprised that the Republicans – THE REPUBLICANS – are tossing this around. These are the same men who have for years rebuked any talk of changing the constitution. They have presented what they believe to be legitimate arguments against ‘messing’ with the constitution for decades.


Question: Are black people considered ‘whole humans’ in the constitution? What are we ¼ human? Has a change been made to that?

Okay…These men are hypocrites. Their forefathers interjected the 14th Amendment so that THEIR family members could come to the land of the Native Americans – and flourish. They have used the 14th to their benefit for years – but now the off-springs of slave masters want to a change to be made. Why?

Let’s be honest and CLEAR if these people coming to the United States - then popping out babies just so that their off-springs can receive citizenship were mostly WHITE there would not be an issue. I hope the white people reading will at least consider that…PLEASE.

For the record, I have strong opinions about illegal immigration. They have been forged without emotion. They have been established without the minutia that does not matter.

One thing about most black people. We do respect the representation of the law. Just don’t like it! With that I believe something should be done about people BREAKING the law. Not sure what exactly – but I do like the steps taken when Haitian illegals are captured: The Forces that Be send their black asses back! So, why not do this across the board? For everyone?

I saw the lady (above picture) – and thought: ‘she is more than likely here illegally.’ Then I thought about the child in her arms and the little one by her side AND the life in her belly…My conclusion: I really do not like that people get here illegally and then they go and have kid after kid. Just does not sit well with me. Complex. And, believe me I perfectly understand the other side of this issue…I am black. I know what it feels like to be not wanted. To want a better life. I have seen the struggle within the boarders of the US and overseas. Getting here is a strong pull. A desire created off a Promise. Too bad the Promise becomes a Nightmare for so many.


Muata sharing his complex thoughts.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

The Pimp Pimping a Dollar - Creflo Dollar is that PIMP

I shared this clip (above) in an email conversation yesterday. I woke-up 3 days later (this Sunday) thinking about Dollar, and I got pissed off. Why?
I know countless people. Good people! Who have done everything to give their part to the church because the bible commands them to. They are Believers in the Word. Not Believers for the sake of getting into HEAVEN (if there is such a place). Some of these Believers have gone without to adhere to "God's Word". They did it because they BELIEVE! They trust in that Word, not some spineless passa. But, this pimp for a Dollar goes and makes this declaration. He is a disgrace. A disgrace to my ancestors who Believed in the POWER of God - and not some jelly-back passa.

As a result of my disdain for this FOOL for a PREACHER, I am sent/shared this clip with well over 1000 people/email addresses, with my Facebook Family, and now with you the World Wide Web.

I have one request - much like the request we receive when we get an email that says,
'Please forward if you love Jesus'.

My plea:

PLEASE FORWARD TO YOUR EMAIL CONTACTS if you value TRUTH! Just cut and paste my blog address – and share. Re-post. Do whatever to share a message from a man who is not asking you for a damn dime. From a man whose singular agenda is to spread legitimate Truth. Not falsehood. Step away from your some-timey faith - and do what Jesus really wanted: STAND FOR TRUTH not ridiculous bible scripture!

Let's expose this idiot - Creflo Dollar - for what he is: a CROOK! That pimps black people all over the world! If you too Christian to do this: You too religiously punk to stand up for those who genuinely Believe! That's your grandparents, your parents, your aunts and uncles!

That Pimp's Home:
That Pimp's buddy in his EXPENSIVE car:


I am done being nice with these Blood Suckers! No more Mr. Nice Guy.

F*ck Creflo and Eddie! And, Joel, Jamal, and TD!