Friday, June 06, 2014

The Compliment

I received the BEST compliment this morning. 

A woman who I see almost every morning asked an individual who knows me, 

"Is he homeless? 

The man I know informed me what she asked after she left the building. He said he told her,

"No. He is not homeless. Why you ask?"

The woman responded,

"Well, he is always around. I see him walking a lot or riding a bike. He also has a kid with him sometimes...pushing the younger one in a jogging stroller. I saw him walking with a boy too. I guess the boy is his son...the boy was riding a scooter. He always has on torn up jeans or ruined cargo shorts. And, he is always at the grocery store either reading or on the computer in the Starbucks section. You know, homeless people hangout in coffee shops. He stays well-groomed - but there are a lot homeless men who keep up their facial hair."

The man said he laughed and walked away.

Why is this my BEST compliment?

Because I want to live/have a simple life free of all the crap that identified me by some as "wealthy and highly educated". Yeah...I would prefer simplicity over wealth. I would like to be known as intelligent but humble with my intelligence. Besides, internet is free at is comfortable...I get free sample cups of coffee...clothes are overrated (would rather be naked or only wear my favorite items)...walking/riding a bike is healthier...spending time with children is beneficial in so many ways...reading expands the mind and has the ability to temporarily 'free' man/woman from their predicaments.

I Shall Be Free One Day...

Looking for a book.

Muata Nowe