Sunday, October 02, 2016

The Condemnation of the Gorilla

Those of us on the outside looking in...those of us perplexed by the behavior...those of us who cannot comprehend MUST understand that the response is one of frustration, and an embarrassing self confirmation that we (black people) do not have any control over most aspects of our lives. No control over our bodies. But, definitely not to the extent described by crudish Donald Trump. Contrary to his asinine belief, there is a huge number of African American/Black men and women who are not “living in a hell’. We (black men) may however be characters on a real reality show that has a point increase for police officers killing black men.

Nonetheless, even the wealthy and Modern Day Turncoat blacks (Herman Cain's) do not have complete control of their black bodies.

The author, Ta-Nehisi Coates, eloquently describes the life of black people in America as a beautiful struggle. He further describes the black life in the United States as an abstract state of existence while using the words body and injustice in an analogy. “Coates confronts the notion of race in America and how it has shaped American history, many times at the cost of black bodies and lives.” The black body has been subjected to numerous evils that haunt black people today. The hauntings manifest in our self concept, behavior and within decision making. We often times function from a self-imposed disadvantage which ultimately is a life lived in Condemnation.

Far too many black people are condemned. Condemned by limited finances, condemned by the failure of the public schools in and near their neighborhoods - and there are countless blacks regulated to an experience that is reflective of previous generations, Void of Hope. Tupac Shakur reminded us of the collective belief that all hope is lost. That hope has no secure home.

“The truth is there is no hope for the future.”

This is what Shakur believed. This is what the enraged looter is sharing with the world. He is sick and tired of the promises that America has not lived up to...he is beating on his chest as a gorilla does when he wants attention or when he needs to mark his territory. Unlike the gorilla, the black woman...the black person does not feel at home, at peace or free to claim territory.

In most cases the black people who have spent time protesting and destroying property have no idea how to express themselves. They are wandering voiceless souls using the identity of America's former transgressions -violence and mayhem- to say, 'Look at me. I am human too.' Inconsequently, this is where Black America differs from White America. We do not have blood on our blood from the slaughter of Native blood from the African that was forced to be a recipient of imperialistic rape.

The disarrayed in-protest response has been within the fabric of America for decades so my reasoning should not excuse the desperate effort to be acknowledged...white people have reacted the same way too.


But, it has typically been in response to their University winning a national sport’s championship. And yet, blacks get the question,

Why are you all destroying shit?

The backlash is a -REACTION- that stems from a black man being executed by the police. These REACTIONS have become commonplace...a regular occurrence. Why?

Because the killing of the black man in America is a systematic atrocity which has been a reality..a sport for more than 100 years.

The RESPONSE is ridiculous and outlandish in some ways - but I understand. I agree that vandalism is inappropriate - and is a shallow RESPONSE to a calculated conspiracy to Tame the Gorilla.

There will always be a REACTION to the killing of the unloved In-Danger Species, The Black Man. The chaos in the aftermath is a sign of desperation. It is a RESPONSE to the inflicted Condemnation.

Black people worldwide have been under attack for years...condemned for years. Consequently, I do believe if black people had the means -some not all...only the Field Niggers- would strike back with devastating blows like a Nat Turner.

Hoping it does not become all out war. But, the Gorilla’s Back is against a wall...the gorilla is preparing to pounce...The Gorilla Is.

Muata Nowe

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Teacher BAE Bae

Her body is banging. There is no doubt about that. She is pretty too. And, there must be some level of intelligence. She is a Keeper of children. Intellect is a requirement in the field of the arena of holding the key to education. Distractions should not be within the curricula of academics. TeacherBae's body is not a distraction within the setting she works in now -or did work in. I read somewhere that she was fired. Not sure. Anyway, Her body is a result of dynamic genes dating back generations of African people - and possibly a consequence of working out. She looks fit. Far too many times, I see overweight teachers, nurses, doctors and other people who should be physically fit. Particularly, if you are an individual that face impressionable minds each day. The same goes for persons who are charged with representing Healthcare i.e. doctors, dentist, and nurses. "TeacherBae" as an elementary school teacher is in innocent territory. However, if she was a middle or high school teacher she would be the cause of major disruption. Pre-teens and teenage boys would be asking for Restroom Passes every five minutes. And, they would not be pissing on the toilet seats. They would be jerking they do on the regular at home in their bedrooms.

For me, if she was a teacher at my middle school I would be distracted as I teach health and the proper mechanics of kicking a soccer. All the hoopla surrounding her attire and BODY should not generate the racist and sexist comments. She is fine. Leave it at that. All this chatter about "if it were a white woman" need to stop. We, black folk, are quick to utilize and preface race. And, white folk are so damn uncomfortable with our (blacks) bodies. If it ain't the black man's dick, it is the black female's ass. We are built differently. It is that simple. We are also physiologically framed to be better athletes. Jimmy the Greek was right! And yet, he was fired for speaking a TRUTH. Finally, understand/know that my initial reaction to her photos and the drama was: 'She needs to dress like she is going to teach children everyday, dress more conservatively.' In the span of four hours I have adjusted my thoughts and opinions..thanks to discussing this latest Distraction with guess who? A BLACK female. The black woman's corporate/work related issues are real. If she ain't mad, she is disgruntled - or she needs to smile more. The latter I agree with, by the way. Smile. But, not to appease The White Man, and the Black Man for that matter!

Muata Nowe

Saturday, January 09, 2016

Bill Cosby Deserves Both.

The chatter about Bill Cosby has not overwhelmed me. It has encouraged me to state My Say,

I still value and respect the contributions Bill Cosby have bestowed. He has done a lot. Actually, more than most black preachers, athletes and entertainment celebrities who by the way have skeletal remains in their closets.

It is not just his contributions to several universities, he also became a positive alternative for television, The Adventures of Fat Albert and The Cosby Show.

For once in decades of television a black man was saying and doing The Right Thing. He was a husband, and not a gangster. He was a black man giving advice to children of all walks of life...Bill Cosby became a man worthy of respect.

Then after years of being a devoted father and husband on TV, Bill Cosby became the black man that many blacks began to despise. He went from a loved and admired black man to a black wealthy man who aired the dirty laundry of African Americans...he simply told the truth about our unconsciousable behavior that typically goes unaddressed because of our Black Hypocrisy...because of our unwillingness to own our betrayal of those who paved the way. Bill Cosby called a spade a spade. White people enjoyed his frankness and blacks either ducked their heads in shame or began a campaign to discredit him. The latter did not work. Bill is/was right about us.

And now, like so many other black men he is in need of our support...he needs the adoration that was present when he was the voice of Fat Albert and Dumb Donald...he needs the respect we gave when he was Mr. Cliff Huxtable. He is in need.

That was evident when he was escorted by a female lawyer into the courthouse. He looked frail...he looked caught up...he looked as if he was carrying the Burden of Guilt.

He is defeated. Beaten by the past that he kept under wraps. Destroyed by his demons.

I saw a man that once gave me hope that a black family could exist without persistent dysfunction. I saw a man that shared positive life values during a time when black men were often characterized as (and were) fast-talking pimps, slick Jesus-loving ministers and brutal lawbreakers.
I saw a man that I cannot let go despite my inclinations of his guilt.

I ALSO saw a Man...not a black man. A Man who used drugs to disorient women. A Man who raped...not assaulted women.

I now see a Man. Not a black man.

Bill Cosby is the epitome of Man...the good, the bad and the ugly. Sadly, he will depart from this life as what he shares with so many: of his doing he has become The Ugly.

As I conclude this simple commentary and keeping in mind that I too carry the good, the bad and the ugly, I am hoping that I will be able to balance my Commendation with my Condemnation.

Bill Cosby Deserves Both.

Muata Nowe