Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Shackled Minds and Shackle Shoes

I am not offended at all.

The creator of this shoe is only tapping into the mentality that persists among many black people. It is a marketing tool...why not use it?

Black people are notorious for highlighting the negatives of our turbulent past and present: calling each other Ni**er, treating each other like a white slave master treated African slaves, use of the bible to demonize certain 'segments' of the black race/culture and the pervasive acceptance of whitewashed Christianity…
Without admitting it, millions of black people subconsciously believe that a white Jesus is their God.

So, why is it a problem when a person outside of our ethnic group markets a product that satisfies the continuation of black people's affinity towards self-destruction? 

Additionally, black people have a dangerous infatuation with the power of the so called Establishment. For example, think about all the young black men that search high and low to purchase a vehicle that looks like a police car i.e. Crown Victoria…

Think about the countless number of black men who have the toughest pet i.e. pit bull terriers...

Black people love and long to have the white man's power and authority, resulting in the devaluation of black pride, black dignity, and black respect.

Combine the love of the negatives and a reckless love for a influence that's ultimately desired to falsely elevate damaged egos - and we will have the result that's in the mind of the man/woman who created a shoe with shackles...they are not the blame, and they should not ‘pull’ the shoe.   

Black People -including Jesse Jackson- stop whining and be the opposite of what THEY believe we want and is that simple! And, please don't accept that it cannot be done! Here is an example of the refusal to be Common…

It is not a surprise to me that this young lady is not an American. People of color from countries across the seas (Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea) -which are actually resting places for millions of Africans- have an internal tenacity to succeed! Black Americans in the collective are satisfied...content with mediocrity!

What type of people yearns and prays for what devalues them? 

A Defeated People!

Muata Nowe 

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Parental Failure with Our Youth 

I am not amazed by the number of people who are signifying, claiming, assuming, & saying that Creflo's daughter deserved a beat-down. This is the convenient and abusive mentality of men and women who have no other options within the Bag of Discipline. 

Believe me; strong disciplinary tactics are necessary for rebellious teenagers. Teens are conflicted by being lost in a world that does not respect Youthfulness. The teen mind is in rebellion...more importantly their minds are NOT ready for the shameful classification of adulthood (18yrs of age) - thus the reason they act out and behave unleashed. 

A beating did nothing for me. Nothing but caused a little physical discomfort. And, to be honest I am overwhelmingly resentful because of the ‘beatings’ I received. 

I continued with teenage behavior. Why? Because that's what a teen does. Disrespect and dissing of authority is a part of the process. Choking, slapping, and throwing items with the intent to rectify behavior is STUPID. It is asinine - and ultimately ineffective. 

One would think we (hell-bent on whipping the ass of a teenager parents) would know this. Whenever ANYONE, including your child, has the ability to move you to immature and destructive behavior YOU have lost. You have become an unproductive guardian. You have become what we typically do not like. Or, perhaps the Beaters enjoy behaving like an out of control teenager. Think about how ridiculous Mr. Dollar must have looked as he rolled around his marble floor with his daughter…Think about how FOOLISH we are for believing that a bible scripture means BEAT YOUR CHILD’s BEHIND…Proverbs 13-24. Then again, The Believers believe any damn thing that seeps from that ancient rhetorical device. I wonder how many of The Believers believe this one Lev.15: 19-24? 

Considering corporal punishment and ass whippings have been staple responses within human culture, I ask:

Have the brutality (beatings) worked? 

Check the incarceration stats, check the escalation in crime over the past two decades, and check the increasing percentage of mental illness and institutionalization...there is more!

This family matter episode is an opportunity to think about a more effective response. This is an opportunity reassess what we have been doing as parents. 

Instead of siding with or PRAISING Creflo (he should have beat her ass), why not take a moment to critically think about our failure with our youth.

But, since Creflo Dollar did the beating it is okay. Passa is always right…

Muata Nowe