Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Black Man and His Johnson

For centuries, black men have endured the degradation of their spirit and manhood. All that they stood for while serving as kings in Africa was dismantled by slavery. They have however, remained steadfast. They have made a way out of no way. They have overcome what many thought to be unbeatable odds without much POWER.

The perseverance of the black man cannot be refuted. With that, a certain stigma has arisen that might prove to be controversial, insightful, and informative.

Recently, I picked up a book that was recommended to me by a Caucasian woman. The title of this very thought-provoking book is Hung: A Meditation on the Measure of Black Men in America. The author, Scott Poulson-Bryant has taken me on a very uncomfortable journey page after page. It has been so uncomfortable because he has forced me to conduct an ego self analysis. No man enjoys this. It truly puts him in a position to either accept some things or totally discount them.

If any black man tells you the size of his penis does not matter please move away from him! Lighting will definitely strike him or somewhere close. The fact of the matter is that the black man’s penis is the last beacon of success and power that he has after everything else such as money, cars, houses, and clothes are taken away. His penis is what will be in his hand! He still has that device that makes a woman squirm. He still has that thing every white woman wants to experience. He still has that sword the white man hated so much during slavery that it was cut off, and then placed in the black man’s mouth while the noose was around his neck.

Power: the ability or capacity to perform or act effectively.

Despite what the government reports to us via statistical analysis, the black man wants to be effective. He wants to be because it is in his nature to perform effectively, be it professionally or personally. We all want to be viewed as the best car sales man, stock broker, check stand clerk, medical doctor, trash collector, or teacher. Why? It is simple: The best gets attention and then recognition follows.

According to our societal beliefs, the best penis is the 8 to10 inch one. We should not be surprised by this. The Hummer is huge. Bigger is just better in the United States. Now, ask yourself why wouldn’t every black man want a large penis? I am sure the ones who have those eight to ten inches feel a certain level of power. Remember, the desire for power is planted in men at a very early age. On the basketball court, on the football field, and in the bedroom the man has to have the power to some degree. However, for the black man this power concept relates back to how power was taken away from him. Imagine the power a king has. He is the ruler. No one can or should defy him. It is this type of power that the black man wants to regain. He wants to be the man of the house. He wants the white man to see him as what he was before Porch Monkey. He wants his woman to see him as DA MAN! The question: How does all of this relate to penis size? Continue to read.

Well psychologically, a man is usually less confident if he has a small penis. Not only with his sexual performance, but in his life in general. But, the man with a large penis walks with a swagger. He knows he is the #$*&. Nobody can tell him anything.

Why do we have this difference in confidence levels? To explicitly reiterate:

The big black penis is envied by white men and black men. The big black penis makes the white women come back. The big black penis has the ability to make every man in the locker room stop, glance, be quiet for a moment, and then say: DAMN!

Envy, praise, and attention. To be envied, praised, positively reviewed, and recognized. What more does the black man need? Whew! I am excited thinking about the power that I have.

Written by Brian E. Payne. Inspired by any brother out there saying, ‘Brian, I was never a
ding-a-ling watcher in the middle school gym shower.’ Yes, you were. We all were because we wanted the power, and wanted to see who else had it!!!
Please read below the female's response to: Is penis size important?
1) I think that size is important in regards to the extremes - too large or too small. Too small won't be enjoyable, and too large would be uncomfortable. The only personal opinion that I have is in regards to the physical pleasure - anything in between 5 and 7 inches should work just fine. However, I could understand why some people would inappropriately correlate penis size to a measurement of manhood.

2) I think it depends on what a person is looking for when in the presence of a particular penis. What is it that they want from it, and/or the person? Then size is important. My honest answer to the question is No. Size doesn't make me feel better, nor does it satisfy my needs. Size is only important to those women that have allowed themselves to live in a shallow world with unsureness of self. Size counts for half of what a man with an average size penis can do, versus one with 12 inches.

3) The penis is the quarterback and I will be the receiver. When it goes long and deep: Touchdown!!! Play executed perfectly, but only if the penis knows how to stroke a pass. Praise be to the man that is equipped with the knowledge and skill of pleasing with ones "penis."

4) I think penis size is important to some degree, but mainly I think it's a matter of preference. I think it’s a misconception that the larger the penis, the greater the sex. Size is important to each person in the sense that the receiver/giver is seeking satisfaction, and when that is not achieved its a bummer. Isn't that essentially what we are seeking: to be satisfied in the bedroom. No matter the size. For me, it's not about the size, as much as it is about performance. So, if a man doesn't know how to utilize this tool, size goes out the window.

5) The size of a penis does matter because you want to be able to feel something during sex. Believe it or not, their are men whose penis looks like it stop growing at age 7 or 8. I really feel sorry for these men and encourage them to marry a virgin. To be more specific, it is not the length that matters, it is the girth that is really important.

6) When I was young I believed the HYPE, and yes I thought size did matter. Since I have been grown and allot more experienced in life. I have found that a man that is giving pleasure to a woman that wants to be pleasured; size does not matter...quality not quantity. "It feels good" does not mean as much as my feelings.

7) In the case of oral sex I believe the size of the penis comes into full play. I have only performed oral sex on my ex-husband, but I feel you have to have a certain size for the woman to maintain the quest of conquering the penis with her mouth. The penis has to be large enough that the mouth and throat can feel the depths of the penis penetrating through her whole body.

8) It's not about feeling better. It's about feeling at all. I gotta be able to feel you, at minimum. That's being considerate because... your penis needs to make me c*m. If I can't feel your penis, how will your penis make me c*m? No manner of motion in the ocean will help a small ship. It'll just make me seasick...

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Lucifer's Acquisition

Why should we care that Middle East tensions have flared up once again? Why is the media covering the same scenario that plays itself out daily in that region? Why are we spending so much time talking and debating the crisis? Why don’t we just sit back and allow these people to destroy themselves? Why is the Western world quick to defend “God’s chosen people”, who became ruthless invaders and brutal occupiers of righteously acquired land. The Jewish people were wrong many years ago, and they are wrong now.

These are the type of questions I have received within the last few days. Some may consider the questions valid, a few may be offended by the non-caring attitude that they purport, and some may consider the final question to be anti-Semitic. Either way, the Middle East problems are far from being over. This tit for tat deadly game is taking lives and destroying physical structures such as homes, border crossings, and businesses. While the destruction continues many of us who care, are wondering what the real issue is. It definitely is not about two kidnapped Israeli soldiers. It is bigger than that. Much bigger.

The Middle East conflict, particularly between Palestine and Israel, dates back to the early 1800’s. It all started over the acquirement of land and an imperialistic action. Land then, like today, is the determining factor of the development and creation of a culture. The geographical location dictates the elements within the culture. For example, in the Pacific the cultural aspects of the people there coincide with what the land has to offer e.g. tropical climate. In the Middle East, because of the religious and spiritual aspects, the land is prime real estate. It is the essence of the people. Muslims, Christians, and Jews have known this for quite some time. Therefore, the Palestinian Arabs decided to settle in this part of the world bringing together their Muslim, Christian, and Jewish traditions while living in complete harmony until “outsiders” from Europe selectively decided to colonize the land. These people are known as Zionist, but are also referred to as Jewish extremist. Over a significant period of time the Zionist migrated from Europe to Palestine. Of course the influx burdened the Palestinian people, and it was this burden that eventually lead the Palestinian people, who were living together peacefully, to became resentful. Then the fighting commenced!

I find it ridiculously hilarious that the major point of the conflict is somehow glossed over by the United States and European governments. It was the European Jew who invaded this part of the world. It was the European Jew who pressured the UN to intervene on their behalf under false pretense. It was them who ended up with 55 percent of the land to form a Jewish state (now Israel) despite the fact they represented only 30 percent of the total population, and owned under 7 percent of the land.

In regards to land procurement the darker skinned humans always get the raw deal. Think about it. The Native Americans were the first inhabitants on what is now North American soil. The Aborigine people of Australia were the first inhabitants of that part of the world. The Asians and Africans of today and thousands of years ago were the first inhabitants of that body of land. Each group’s land was infiltrated with foolish Western values, imperialized, culturally raped, and/or stolen by the white man.

What skin tone does the Jew’s in power from Israel have? You guessed it: WHITE. It is interesting that the white men of the past and even today have constantly been the aggressor and the conniving ones, but they always plead innocence when challenged. In the Hebrew Bible, the writer of Isaiah had a name for people of this character: Lucifer.

After countless history lessons we are still avoiding the appropriate discussion. Instead of giving the Palestinians their land back we choose to debate over if their military tactics are within the confines of warfare. Yes, killing civilians merits a discussion. However, the darker skinned people (Palestinians) are not interested in sitting down and talking about sanctioned Western methods of war. They want their land, and they have proven that they are willing to die for it. I admire and respect that because my ancestors of Africa died in an effort to save what the Europeans and Americans have transformed into a dreadful place.

Written by Brian E. Payne. Inspired by that person who dares to label me as anti-Semitic.

Friday, July 07, 2006

The Holy Koran and Your Bible: Is your God a Supreme Mob Boss?

A recipe of Hatred, Murder, and Destruction: The Holy Koran and of course your Bible.

*Before I begin I would like to encourage you to study the Koran to not only verify my findings, but to educate yourself. What you will discover is the Koran for thousands of Muslims is a scared tool that can be used to help one despise the non-believer and its teachings have caused years of religious conflict. The same holds true for the Bible.

The average Muslim today will not tell you that their book of faith is littered with seeds of hatred, murder, and destruction. The conservative, moderate, and liberal Christian will not tell you that their book of guidance (the Bible) has strands of H, M & D. However, for all of you who subscribe to Islam or who is intrigued by the religion that is proclaimed to be the guiding force of the terrorist will be informed today by a man who believes all forms of religion have proven to be deadly when the prescribed tenants and beliefs are misinterpreted or misused.

To misinterpret sections of the Koran is a potential recipe of H, M, & D. For example, how should one understand the following Koran passage: God does not guide the evil-doers (2:258). First, one must understand that the referred to evil-doers are those men and women who are considered unbelievers. Then you have to ask yourself, who does God guide? The answer: Muslims, who have declared war on the non-Muslim. This is the first seed of hatred and division that has been planted between the non-believer and believer. Keep in mind a similar scenario is within the Christian faith i.e. highly favored saints and the unfavored people who question.

Take a look at this passage from the Koran: Those that deny God’s revelations shall be sternly punished; God is mighty and capable of revenge (3:5). There is no room for misinterpretation here. Right? This mighty God appears to be in the punishing business. He appears to be revengeful. If you read the Koran you will gather that the revenge mentioned is not an act of light punishment. Death is your sentence if you do not believe Allah’s mandates. Keep in mind the Christian God killed Pharaoh, his son, and his troops because they did not believe.

Let’s dissect one more passage that does not require a scalpel to make an incision. On the matter of suicide: Do not destroy yourselves (4:29). Before you respond, think about this passage. Do not destroy yourselves (??). Well, on September 11, 2001, yesterday, and today a few determined men killed themselves and hundreds/thousands of other people. They apparently did not take heed to this passage. They decided to view it in un-literal terms. A literal interpretation, unlike others, was bypassed. I find this interesting considering the Muslim in the Middle East prefers a literal translation. There is no tolerance for “picking and choosing” over there. Keep in mind Jesus’ death has been viewed as a suicide by many.

The essence of this piece is to drive home the point that religion continues to be a great divider. It is a reckless vehicle full of explosives. Usually after an explosion particles are thrown every where. At times there is no recognition of what was in the vicinity. Explosions are Destructive, the result of some is Murder, and the impetus behind the explosion is Hatred. H, M & D!

How long will people die over something that does not make any sense? Who will be the next fanatic to emulate Jim Jones? Who will be the next victim of sectarian violence? Will there ever be an end to misguided faith?

Written by Brian E. Payne. Inspired by the death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, former chief mastermind of terrorism in Iraq. Inspired by those self-righteous Christians and Muslims, who fail to acknowledge that their God sanctioned murder. This makes their God the supreme mob boss.