Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Barack is just another Man with Black Skin

I will not take anything away from Barack Obama and I shall not insult him, but I will say that I do believe Mr. Obama is not prepared to be the next president of these United States of America. Several of you reading are probably wondering how I can come to that conclusion and a few of you may be in agreement. For those of you in agreement, I pray you have come to your belief based on Barack’s political life, his position on various topics/issues, and his voting record in the senate. I, for one, refuse to jump on the band wagon just because he has black skin. You get that? Black skin. Not, African American. To be African American means you have had the opportunity in life to truly identify with being a black American. Barack Obama claims he “identifies” with the less fortunate and most demised people on earth, but I question this. It is my hope he eventually tells the world’s populace how he relates to being a black American man by having a white mother and Kenyan father. However, I don’t expect him to because if he does he may prove to be too black for his white fans.

Along the lines of politics, if you are “too black” in America you will never win the presidency. Being too black means you personally identify with the struggles, the plight, and the suffering of African Americans. It also means you are willing to voice your disdain or frustrations publicly without fear of losing mainstream (white) corporate and private donors. If you are light in skin tone, non-intimidating looking, possess an international viewpoint, shockingly articulate, and unwilling to officially stand up for the wrongs that continue to be perpetrated among black folk in America like Al Sharpton or Louis Farrakhan you are their man! Oh! You can’t have a perm either.

It is interesting to me that Hilary Clinton can voice her frustrations about the government’s neglect of poor black men and women without fear of ridicule or financial abandonment. She has been known to blast the government and fully support the “black cause” on countless occasions. Just like our first black president, William Jefferson Clinton! It is as if she gets a pass from her white followers. Let’s explore this for a minute. Senator Clinton, a white lady from Illinois, can rant about my disadvantages as an African American and Senator Obama can not. Is it that those white financial backers of Barack are okay with him being non-confrontational? Are they okay with him not “stirring trouble”? Do they prefer a non-agitator? Yes, they do. He is their “clean” man that helps them forget about their present and/or past racist beliefs. He makes them feel better and more comfortable. Now, for the black followers of Obama he to some degree brings feelings of pride and accomplishment despite his ancestry and upbringing. The brown skin is sufficient! But, what if he was Asian? Would black people vote for him then? No, they probably would not. The Asian will need to have a little black blood in his blood stream. Ridiculous!

Even if Barack is everything the majority wants and since his blackness is enough for blacks, America is STILL not ready for a president who is not the product of white parents. And we actually believe race relations are getting better in America. We can change minds, but we cannot change hearts and deep-seated beliefs.

America is a compilation of misguided opinions and debilitating insecurity. Regardless of race or gender the United States cannot be saved via the presidency. We are slowly, but surely heading toward a third world condition, and part of the problem is we elect our leaders because of the candidate’s skin color, rock star status, maleness, devotion to Christianity, and if he/she has smoked marijuana or not. Everything but relevant experience and the ability to lead effectively.

Written by Muata. Inspired by those people out there who will cast a presidential vote for Oprah Winfrey just because she is POPULAR. Inspired by the reading of Barack Obama's book, The Audacity of Hope.