Saturday, February 27, 2010

Another Case of Black Hypocrisy

I am discovering with the election of the first black president that black people are not playing by the Rules of Fairness. This behavior has been justified as; 'it' (mistreatment/racism/discrimination) is/was done to us so - why should we be fair? Well, this behavior is now worn boastfully on the sleeves of Black Americans.

Some believe America’s system has been unfair to black people. I understand that rational. I agree with it in many ways. Many!

Inconsequently, it should not be used as a justification to initiate an injustice.

The recent Sprite Step Show saga (White Sorority Shares Step Show Prize After Internet Stir) ... is bigger than what's on the surface and/or bigger than what some black people have regulated to: Minutia.

(Check out the white girl’s performance that initially won them the prize until the “stir”):

It would be an ALARMING story of racism if the tables were turned.

Black people should not under any circumstances use pathetic tendencies (unrighteous retribution) to support hypocrisy. This is the hypocrisy that I am frustrated with to the utmost… because well-meaning black people fought tirelessly to eradicate injustice. We still are in many ways - but then we (too many black people) are silent when innocent white girls are treated unjustly. Ain't right - and I will not be silent while blacks are collectively silent. Nope not me! I will always call them/us I do white people who live in their racism - and I have always challenged the government of the United States when/if policies/legislation is bias.

In this case blacks are using their ‘affects’ of white racism to justify their racism. Is that righteousness? Is it what Martin wanted? Is it what Malcolm ultimately wanted in his last days? Is it what Mandela wants?

Black folk are not holding up the Banner of Justice on this one. So, it is bigger than who won. Who lost. Who gotta share the prize. This is a matter of principle where black people are not Sounding the Alarm.

An alarm that should have been pulled when President Obama was un-presidential while in a communicative back-and-forth with John McCain at the Health Care Summit (political theater

Obama vs. McCain,

If the president was George W. Bush or some other white man and McCain was a black congressman (during this exchange) black people would be pissed by the level of disrespect President Obama displayed when addressing Senator John McCain e.g. countless interruptions and the arrogant reminder that the "campaign is over".

Written by Brian E. Payne. Inspired by Black Hypocrisy at its BEST!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Theater at its Best?

The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater is on tour. A few years ago I had the privilege to see the magnificent performance. The grace, skill, detail, and commitment to perfection is amazing. Nothing like I have ever seen in my lifetime. Hands Down!

Theater appears to be extremely popular of late. Yesterday the Japanese man behind the Toyota brand was on Capitol Hill issuing a scripted justification – and making a hopefully sincere apology to the world for Toyota’s recent vehicle problems.

As Mr. Aiko Toyoda read his opening statement I could not help but have compassion for him as he sat in a room with mostly white men who were ready to cut his throat. Ready to ‘act’ in what I believe to be a mockery. Political Theater!
Today, The White House with its head of the dysfunctional household, President Obama, discussed health care on national television. All major news networks are covering the “summit”. As a matter of fact when the chat session was on, I walked in a Goodwill store to shop for a few clothing items. Saw a nice coat for my son. Doubt he will like it, not “urban” enough. I finally made it to the electronic department. Guess what? The Health Care Summit was on all televisions. I stood there watching for a total of 15 minutes while Hispanic men and women walked pass me un-phased by the theater. Good for them!

I later went back to my office in the Career Services Division of Goodwill. There were approximately 20 men/women in the spacious lounge area waiting to interview for 1 job. All were dressed to the T! All looked good. Fresh hair cuts. Fresh perms. Fresh suits.

I decided to abandon my work for another moment. I approached a prim and proper brotha. After we traded greetings (so nice that black men can be pleasant to each other, unlike black women), He asked me, "Brotha, what do you do here...I need a job? You look important." I told him what I did for a living at this stage in my life – and I definitely assured him that I am not “important”. He continued without appearing to be ‘desperate’ like so many of the unemployed, "I need health insurance. I have not taken my cholesterol medication in a week. I feel my blood pressure rising. I just want to work and be healthy."

Work and be healthy…

That’s it! But, for some sickly pathetic reason the United States government cannot deliver for this man. Cannot assist him! Yes, we have a responsibility to put forth effort to be employed and be healthy. I am aware of that “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” mentality. I agree with it, actually. My only concern is that the elected officials ‘acting’ today on Capitol Hill do not have an on-going clue what the brotha is facing: Possible interview rejection, a blow to his ego, no job to tell his wife and kids about, and no way to get that pill that keeps him from having a stroke.

People are dying while a Republican rudely interrupts a Democrat. People are dying as a liberal nods off while a conservative speaks - during the Political Theater of today.

Written by Brian E. Payne. Inspired by the Spanish speaking man who stood in front of the Goodwill used tube televisions, and said:

Que perdida de tiempo

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

White Sorority ROCKED IT

I ain't believing it...I typically get extremely annoyed after 5 minutes of a step performance. Not this time. These Susies BROUGHT IT! Or, did they win because this was 'different', white girls steppin'? I could not stop watching.

Lord...Blacks are losing their grip on steppin'. What is the world coming to? I would be embarrassed to wear my letters. If I paid to get some..LOL!

I can't stop laughing...

Brian E. Payne

Monday, February 22, 2010

President Obama's Final Push, HIS Final Push

*Picture: Tune in Thursday for the latest hurdle. It will be televised.

IMO he has taken too long to put his imprint on the bill.

In the beginning he literally told Congress, ‘Go get me a bill.’ What…? He left it up to them idiots? I could not believe it – and when I voiced my disbelief in the form of challenging his leadership capabilities I decided to gauge the thoughts of others. So, I sent a blazing commentary challenging the President’s ability to lead. None of the Barack Obama cheerleaders were feeling my opinion. Don’t blame - them considering they have invested all themselves in the Power of the Messiah.

Today, after reading that President Barack Obama and his White House staff wrote a new health care reform bill I wanted to modestly remind my critics that this is something I said he needed to do initially as The Leader. My way of saying, ‘I told you so!’

Click on the Comments icon to read how those folk with the mud in their face justified themselves.

Brian E. Payne gloating.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Runaway Zebra Captured On Downtown Connector - News Story - WSB ...

The Zebra was doing what we all should be trying to do: BE FREE.

As The Zebra galloped down Atlanta's busy highway we watched in amazement. Rubber-necking. Thinking about the bizarre-ness of the scene. Holding-up traffic, wishing we could be out of it. But, wondering why the striped creature was out of its caged environment.

I stopped "wondering" when The Zebra was cornered by humans. It was at that very moment that I felt sorry for God's creation: HUMANS. It was also at that moment, as I watched the ridiculousness from afar (live television), that I began to desperately yearn for freedom. Free of my complex schedule. Free of authority. Free of all my self-imposed vices.

We are not free! Sitting in traffic, texting, FaceBooking, arguing, and rushing to no place are only a few impediments that hinders what we think we have: FREEDOM.

Hopefully, we learned/re-learned something from The Zebra. I did.

Lord, continue to place us in the midst of humility so that we can 'see' more Zebras.

Written by Brian E. Payne

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Seriously? Tiger is going to apologize? For what? To who? Who does he owe an apology outside the countless walls of his Florida home? Besides that blonde head blue or hazel-eyed trophy wife?

Some will immediately say, 'to the kids who looked up to him.' Again, really?

Do we honestly think the average kid gives a damn that Tiger was out banging any and every non-black woman he came across? H*ll, most male teenagers were high-fiving when they heard about his exploits! He got 'man points' for his behavior!

Not, that he deserved the accolades. I do wish sometimes that I had his stamina…LOL!

What did we expect from America when this went down, when he got caught-up? I will answer that:

*Ridicule (endless jokes)
*Judgment (deserved)
*A Demanded Apology (Wow! From Americans?)

The apology to the cease pool that created him is on its way. 11AM sharp Friday! No questions will be permitted. I guess now those pathetic Americans needing an 'I am sorry' will be satisfied...without anything changing.

He still a Tiger!

America makes you, glorifies you, uses you for its selfish insecurities, enables you, humiliates you, then forgives you as long as you sit in front of a camera and further make an azz out of yourself.

I just love this place…

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Corrupt Black Caucus

I have really wanted to NOT believe this for years. I did everything I could to avoid the issue out of fear that my suspicions would be validated. I needed this commentary to motivate me to be fair. To continue to be critical of black leadership. As it stands black leadership is no different than the corrupt white leadership. The Good Ole Boys Club is in the black culture too. As a black man who stands for the empowerment of blacks worldwide, I am deeply something I knew to be true for years. Disappointing! Who will do right by black people? Who?

Brian E. Payne sharing.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Georgia Cheating Scandal

It appears most of the cheating went on in predominantly black counties. Metro counties. At least that’s the way it looks. Disappointing. Someone please dispute my findings. Tell me I am wrong!

What does this mean? Are black children ill-prepared? Are they, as stats prove, not efficient at taking standardized test? Are the teachers not productive/efficient in preparing the students as the other county teachers? Help…

This has been in the news for quite some time. I stayed away from the subject because I was preoccupied with what I would discover…

Brian E. Payne sharing.

According to a recent article in School Library Journal, a huge percentage of high school students–95%!!!–say they have cheated at some point in school. Their definitions of cheating ranged from allowing other students to copy their homework to cheating on tests. The statistics come from Donald McCabe, a professor of management and global business at Rutgers University. McCabe has been surveying college students for eighteen years and high school students for six years. His high school results come from surveys of 24,000 students in 70,000 schools. Sixty-four percent of students report serious cheating on tests, including copying from someone else, helping someone else cheat, or using cheat notes. Fifty-eight percent of students admitted plagiarizing. Many students were caught cheating primarily because they bragged about their skill at beating the system.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

John Mayer's Playboy Interview Causes Uproar Online:

A Black Woman Responds:

The response was shared with me and few of my friends. The title of the email subject is, A Good Read. Of course I clicked on the link. Love “A Good Read”! Turns out I was applauded by the black female’s response. I read. Re-read. After the second read it was confirmed that I was disgusted with the lame insecure response from a woman calling herself God’s most beautiful creature.

Click on the Comments icon. A group of REAL black women respond.

Brian E. Payne sharing.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Abortion is a “human activity" utilized by black women?

Seeking the Female Perspective

Endangered Species - a species at risk of extinction because of human activity, changes in climate, changes in predator-prey ratios, etc., esp. when officially designated as such by a governmental agency such as the U.S.

I guess one of the "human activities" is abortion? What does the first part of the definition imply in the context of black women?

I can think of several other human activities related to black males...

*Injustice that leads to incarceration
*Police brutality that leads to murder
*Down Low activity that eventually comes to light (Is this one a stretch?)

Let me know what you think.

The Numbers


Abortion is a female discussion that needs be a topic for female round tables not white men on Capitol Hill! Right?

Brian E. Payne sharing.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gauging Black Hypocrisy

When I saw ANOTHER commercial Tuesday night I immediately thought about Super Sunday, the commercial Black America has hammered into the ground (Doritos: black kid slapping black man,, and how emotions always get heated when speaking of America's number one ongoing problem: Race.

In an effort to be fair - this time to white folk, I have to disclose my reaction to a Broadview Security commercial (link below).


Some white people do take extra steps to be racially sensitive. Actually, I would hate to be in their shoes. Always worried if they are being PC and/or sensitive to people of color feelings. I have said time and time again that black people are hypersensitive and somewhat on edge when it comes to race. I myself have a radar that automatically gauges what is said and not said by non-blacks. At times, I believe this to be unfair to white people. Then I think it is their culture that started and upheld this ridiculous racial divide. However, nobody should have to walk around on egg shells wondering if something said will offend. Especially, if the person on the egg shells always have good intentions. So, the commercial is my way of admitting: If the "ex-boyfriend" was black - black people would have something to say too. Scream about: 'That commercial is racist!'

White folk are in a losing situation...when it comes to race. Nothing they do may ever be enough. This time the commercial is indication that the producers were being sensitive if not they would have featured a man who kick in doors (home invade) by the numbers. We know who these
men are: Black Men.


"Fairness can be instituted if we are willing to 'see' the other side."

Brian E Payne sharing.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

This Week's Funnies - Two Days In

Sarah Palin Needs to Stay in Alaska

Did Sarah Palin give us another reason to blast her…? Yes, she did! She continues to make it too easy for her critics. What is her deal? The crazy irony is that she is liked by many. Hell, groups are paying her to speak at these Tea Parties. Really? What can she say that will help the Republican agenda? What can she say that will help the resurgence of the Conservative Movement? If I were a registered Republican I would be embarrassed. Also, I definitely would not go to a ‘Tea Party’. Since I am a conservative I am hiding each and every time Sarah speaks…why? She is closely connected to my conservative values!

Capitol Hill is What it is, The Snow Has Reminded us of That

Gotta love the picture of Capitol Hill! No commentary needed.

Brian E. Payne sharing.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Liberal Left Ratings are Dropping…

I have my beliefs on why Olbermann's ratings are tanking...and why Hannity's, O'Reilly's, and Beck's continue to RISE.

Muata’s Say

Euphoria for President Obama has died. The ‘wanting’ for liberal commentary/chatter has subsided. Euphoria is temporary. The ‘yearning desire' for a Left platform always gets put down when the Left gets flustered e.g. Health Care pending defeat. Why? The Left is full of fickle supporters. Their allegiance is no where near as strong and powerful as the Right’s. The Right supporters almost never stop supporting because they are addicted to and loyal to Party, not man/politician. They are on the Right for what the Right stands for. It’s ideology. Not the character playing the part. President Barack Obama for the Left is playing the part. He is the Left's figure-head who is challenged to appease the Left in a popularity contest. The Right's character is cemented in those who vote Republican.

Not sure why Americans who lean to the Left forget this: The Right is what makes up this country. Principles of America began on the Right's foundation. Think about it...Conservative values are ingrained in American culture. Socially liberal we are perceived because of media blasts e.g. soap operas - but America is 'mid-West plagued'.

Black people at the core are conservative. We were once Republican in large numbers. The dichotomy struggle: Blacks were hood-winked convinced to be liberal and to lean toward the Left while we are innately conservative in thinking. We don't support a woman's right to chose, we don't respect homosexuality, we are extremely judgmental, we are racist and separatist, and we are foolish bible-thumpers: All conservative values.

With this understanding and reality, people who listen to Keith Olbermann are in many ways satisfied, comfortable in the now, and politically lazy. While Republicans function as if the world is going to end ALL the TIME. Democrats and the Left move too slow. And, they NEVER strategically plot like Republicans. Doing the right thing is not always the best and necessary thing e.g. reversing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. One (Democrat President) should not drop an explosive and divisive topic without planning the navigation. Again, Democrats do not effectively plan/plot.
Olbermann's rhetoric is also sheepishly weak in most minds. The Left has always been seen as Yellow - and as a bunch of loose-lip jelly-back chatterers.


Brian E. Payne sharing.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010


It is tax time! You know this time of the year brings so much EXCITEMENT. That excitement is of course connected to the good vibes people develop because of the money they may receive in the form of an INCOME TAX RETURN. I remember how I at one time would 'hawk' my mailbox waiting for the mail carrier to deliver my W-2's. Similar to the young lady I saw waiting, and waiting, and waiting Saturday for the rude woman (black) who is charged with placing mail in boxes. This twenty-something tattoo-covered young lady was aggressive with her 'wait'. She basically camped out. And, when Ms. PMS Postal Service showed-up it was on! "Took you long enough. You usually arrive on Saturday between 11 and 12. Where you been? Dang! Now, Fast Tax is closed!"

What in h*ll is Fast Tax? Let me stop trippin'...I know what Fast Tax is. I try to pretend like I do not know because when I think about a business that's purposely set-up to exploit people I get frustrated. Equally frustrating is how my people line-up at H & R Block, and that other tax rip-off company that Magic Johnson promotes.

Get that?

Magic is a pitchman for a business that 'legally' swindles money from the disenfranchised. Isn’t he Mr. Entrepreneur Promoter? Mr. Financial Planning Pusher?

Magic can’t be broke! Why in heck is he pushing businesses like a Jackson-Hewitt Tax Services and Rent-a-Center?

Why is Magic Johnson pitching Jackson Hewitt and Rent-a-Center ...

Just had a thought.

I remember when I use to shop around for a fatherless black kid’s social security number so that I could get more money back...I ain't embarrassed by that. Other folk (white) do it more than ya know! Not that that makes it right - but it does need to be pointed out since black folk are relentlessly accused of doing it! Equal playing least in my commentary.

Someone PLEASE call out the Magic!

Brian E. Payne sharing. Inspired by the increase in flat screen sales as a result of TAX TIME!