Wednesday, September 05, 2012

The Obvious in Scripture

Secret Service Investigates Billboard Calling for Prayer for Obama’s Death

Upon reading the article’s title I had one thought: ‘Here is another opportunity taken to insult, disrespect, and demean President Obama.’ A couple of weeks ago it was the same thought after reading a commentary that insulted, disrespected, and demeaned The First lady, Michelle Obama. 

After asking myself, why am I am getting so upset over an image of President Obama praying above a bible verse, Psalms 109:8, I began to think - and not respond with emotion fueling my intellect. Besides, the verse is not new to me. Actually, the Book of Psalms is legitimate within the context of my theology. 

“May his days be few; may another take his office!”

This is the verse under contention, and speculation. Why…? 

Well, as the article indicates the bible verse issues harm –political harm- to be done to the leader of that day and time. The operative word is political, and the shared resonation should be on “of that day and time”. 

David sings with such passion. The passion continues after verse 8 – but in typical pious custom the verse is evaluated in its singular construction. Nothing –not one verse- is taken into consideration prior or post Psalms 109. 8. 

The focus is on, 

“May his days be few; may another take his office!”

Effective assessment of biblical scripture rarely occurs. Ministers and preachers need for it to be that way. They have to use it as one-liners and punch-lines to capture and maintain the shallow mind’s attention and unyielding devotion. Thus the reason, irresponsible biblical re-wording and paraphrasing are two constants projected each and every Sunday Morning – and during Wednesday Night Bible Study. But, be mindful that the majority of the sheep prefer the Slicing of Scripture. The slaying of ‘The Word’ is a necessary when what comes before and after the highlighted bible verse (Psalms 109:8) unleashes a clearer or comprehensive understanding. 

I challenge you to read Psalms 109:1-112. You should ascertain why David wanted the king’s children to be “fatherless”. You should discover why David wanted the king’s wife to be a widow. Your study should help you conclude the obvious: by using Psalms 109:8 alone –without any scripture before or after it- is simply calling for the king’s days in office –as the Ruler- to be limited…void of the king’s lengthy participation as the Overseer of the kingdom. If you come up with anything more than that, you have injected hasty assumption which is relatively easy to do considering the preposterous contradictions the Holy Bible spews. 

It is not until verse 9, “May his children be fatherless and his wife a widow!” that the obvious is confirmed…David in fact eloquently wishes for the king to die…in song. 

Remember, verse 8 is the only verse noted in bold font on the billboard. 

So, upon reading Psalms 109:8 I should have concluded The Obvious: David was singing with all of his heart for the king of that day to be removed from his leadership role (office). 

You will also discover by reading verses 16, 17, and 18 that the personal portrayal given is not the character of President Obama…so the man who came up with the billboard is biblically clueless; simply someone who is using his ability to be recklessly free with his speech. I don’t completely condemn him…he is likely a sheepish victim of another Misleading Man of God

Muata Nowe