Saturday, October 27, 2007

California Burnin’: It is Sad that I Don’t Care

The news this week has been filled with fire. Literally, fire! The wild fires in California have consumed conversations and the images of the fires have been forever imbedded in the minds of those who picked-up a newspaper this week. It was definitely a front page story not to be missed! Nonetheless, I was not overwhelmingly fazed by the tragic stories of people losing their homes. I could not identify with their pain. Believe me; I tried while watching a lady fall to her knees in complete heartache when her address was read over an intercom system. The reading of her address was the Red Cross’s way of informing her and others that their homes were demolished by this act of nature.

An act of nature – but considered an act of God by holy-rollers: “These are the end of times”. How I have heard this since I was a toddler! From Reverend James Cleveland to Minister Louis Farrakhan. This message of doom has been irresponsibly blurted out with a vengeance for far too long. I guess the “end days” are among us…STILL? I wonder when Jesus is really coming back.

As I thought about these so-called end of times, I became increasingly puzzled by my dismissive and nonchalant attitude. Shouldn’t I be torn-up by lives being ripped apart? I certainly understand that people are losing material items, but homes are sanctuaries. They are shrines. Homes in some cases are all people have to link themselves to family history. Cherished generational items truly make-up a home. These are homes, not the sitcom set for Fred Sanford’s junk yard. For me, every item in my place is of monumental value. The books, pictures, and heirlooms are only a few mementos that make me who I am.

If you are reading you know that I am a black man. Some say too black. When I mentioned this word (black) as I audio recorded this commentary I began to reflect on this demised color. After thinking for awhile a revelation was received. I began to piece together why I am not empathizing with the Californians who lost everything. I thought I would be too shameful to admit this: The reason I am not distraught over million dollar homes going up in a blaze is because the people I noticed on CNN did not look like me. They were/are white. Unlike the black American citizens - not refugees – of the Gulf Coast. The people from the swamp’s East and West Bank have lips like mine. Their noses are like mine. They were/are victims of a devastating storm that shocked the world. I can relate to them through years of black pain and struggle.

Over 900,000 people were evacuated. Over 480,000 acres burned or on fire (that’s 645 square miles). 19 reported fires. 7,000 firemen and women battling the blazes. 8 dead. Countless people are expected to be injured. One billion dollars worth of damage. Over 1,600 homes destroyed by one of God’s biblical weapons of wrath (punishment) – and I am not feeling remorseful at all. Not one ounce of sympathetic feelings for these people who are strangers just like every black person I watched thread through Lake Pontchartrain flood waters back in September of 2005. Did skin color alone connect me to Mrs. Etouffee? If this is the case, I find it interesting considering I and several other black people are occasionally quick to interject classism within the black race: poor ghetto blacks vs. financially stable blacks. Meaning: Well-to-do blacks can careless about destitute blacks. But, during the saga of Katrina I and those other polished black folk were suddenly ‘feeling’ for New Orleans’ poor blacks. Hypocrisy again?

Should I be concerned by my lack of loving pity for California’s newly traumatized? Could I be so mean-spirited and possibly racist that I can’t show any level of human kinship? Lord, I am wanting to know what you have created, or a better question, what have I become? I do want to care, even as I understand that COUNTLESS white folk were unmoved by the images of Katrina, the beating of Rodney King, the injustice of Jena 6, the killing of Medgar Evers, the rape and torture of Megan Williams, the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., the slaying of four little girls as they participated in Sunday school activities, and the senseless hanging of black men, women, and children, but my conscious and emotions will not allow me too mourn with my fellow Americans. Why?

My answer:

I am a product of racism. America’s racism has shaped my opinions, beliefs, and day to day thoughts. I am what you, America, have produced: A man who was waiting on you to react the way you are now responding when a huge hurricane by the name of Katrina hit land in black New Orleans. The 9th Ward. And, as a result of your neglectful inaction I am harden. So hard, my television is not getting its usual play of news because I just don’t care about expensive homes owned by mostly white people going up in flames. I don’t care about 12,000 men, women, and children having to flock into a stadium. I just don’t care as a result of what you have proven and done to me and my people. America, you have confirmed that you will abandon black folk whenever and wherever. So, please know that when you don’t see black people crying or attempting to assist, try to understand that our lack of a caring response is of your making.

Ya reap what ya sow in this world. You, America, have reaped a class of people who do not identify with your tragedies. And yet, you continue to sow. This is your fault, not ours!

Consequently, it is my responsibility to change my heart in spite of Babylon’s flagrant disregard. It is me who has to forgive. It is me that needs to be compassionate. If I do these things my soul and thinking will be in line with what God ultimately wants: Love for thy Neighbor. Since I am not in accordance with what God desires from all of us I am wrong. Dead wrong!

I am confident that I am not the only black person feeling this way. I am confident some white people will not understand.

Written by Muata. Inspired by my mother: “Brian, these people will bounce back before you know it because the government will rescue them, and then the government will claim that the reason they were so responsive is a reflection of lessons learned from the Katrina aftermath. Whatever!”

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tyler Perry's, Why Did I Get Married? is an Accurate Depiction of Marriage

Our day to day behavior is typically determined by a response to others’ reactions which are their actions to reactions. Basically, we all behave the way we do because of what has been done or said to us. In essence this is nothing but learned behavior that we display as a result of living. This is what I call, The Chain Reaction of Life. People are programmed to act and/or respond. No one is immune to this on the face of the earth. No one. Some behavior is inappropriate and some of what we do and say is on board. Righteous and morally correct. Marriage is one of those acts that the church tells us will lead Believers down the road of moral righteousness: No more fornication. Sex between man and woman is within the guidelines of the church now that you have proceeded with one of the Lord’s natural progressions of life. Really?

Repeating marriage vows is a method used to, not only ‘legitimize’ a union, the vows are in most cases repeated with religious jubilance because they represent ‘God’s sanction’ of marriage. The proof is in the vows: “God joins you together in one of the holiest bonds.” Even the latter understanding (God’s approval) of marriage causes me to think more seriously about the scripted commitment that’s repeated by all walks of life each and every month. However, what definitely got me ta thinkin’ bout this important decision a little more intensely was Tyler Perry’s, Why Did I get Married? box office hit. Going to see this movie on opening night was my way of sharing a family moment with black folk (statistics indicate that 90% of ticket sales were to black people). The family was well behaved two weekends in a row. So, forget you, Mr. Bill O’Reilly!

Marriage is encouraged by our government; and Christianity faithfully endorses this Senate and House push for man and woman to become “one in holy matrimony”. Isn’t that something, people are asked to become one in unit and in idea when speaking of signing your individualism away. We actually pay states to be ‘reclassified’ as Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson. The infamous marriage certificate/license that’s paid for along with other soon-to-be worthless items e.g. wedding gowns is valued at a cheap $30 – but most couples treat this future laminated declaration like it is worth thousands of dollars. Just ask a “happy married couple” to show you their marriage license. They will sit you down and pull out an overpriced cream colored photo album or they will fast forward amateur marriage ceremony and reception video to the frame that displays… You guessed it: The Marriage License. Whoa, this piece of paper has become a priceless antique while the marriage is in the toilet. Yep, in the toilet! But, of course not too much can be flushed down that collector of human waste. Therefore, one disgruntled party is more than likely to escape the underground cesspool container. Survival of the Fittest, Baby!! ‘I ain’t goin’ to go down with this fool!’ So much for this part of the vows: “This occasion marks the celebration of love and commitment with which this man and this woman begin their life together.” What happen to the love? What happen to the commitment?

Amazing. When the times get difficult we revert back to what we were prior to becoming this never true non-existent “ONE”. A self-serving individual! Actually, I find it somewhat crazy for us to think that two people with two different personalities will become conjoined individuals. God did create us separately with different characteristics. Right? Nevertheless, these defining differences are the exact elements that contribute to a successful or disastrous marriage. It is evident men and women are polar opposites. That Venus and Mars discourse will inform you of this. One has a desultory ding-a-ling and the other has a cherished sugar bowl! One has emotions that drastically infect and alter her personality monthly and the other has a rough exterior that he claims is bullet proof: ‘I am tough. Nothing gets to me!’ Yeah, right?

In truth, what we truly have are two people who decided to commit to each other – and this should not require a waste of money (the wedding) or God supposedly sanctioning anything. Do we really believe God is approving what He already knows is not going to work? Commitment can mean several different things, but what I believe it should not mean: we are ONE in mind, body, and spirit. But, the vows state something else: “Marriage is the union of husband and wife in heart, body and mind.” Nope, it does not work this way anymore – and when a marriage functions on this once functional premise it is destined for failure. Individuality is what makes Thomas and Denise. Why should spouses put what makes them who they are up for ceremonial sale or on the back burner when he/she decides to spend the rest of their lives with each other?

Spend the rest of their lives with each other.

Now, that sounds condemning. Whew! The same boring and/or stimulating sex forever? Women, you have to admit that sounds overwhelmingly restrictive. The boring sex. But, of course, you have probably adapted your thoughts and opinions to Western thinking that usually ends up being a lie and a concept that is unrealistic for most. And, how do I know it is a fantasy? Well, do some research on cheating and divorce. Just watch Cheaters or talk to your co-worker. He or she probably proves my point: Nothing last forever. But, the vows recommend something different: “…keep yourself only unto her as long as you both shall live...” Stepping out will happen in one way or another i.e. emotionally or physically. If it does not, you best believe this ‘fortunate’ couple is ‘blessed’. Usually this so called blessing is reserved for couples who have learned the art of sneaky upfront and strategic communication with an absence of reality. Complete communication, but with select topics of discussion. No holds barred communication with diverting avenues that hide the truth. What couple do you know that’s accomplished a real level of open dialogue? One where the husband can say to wifey, ‘That weave is hideous.’ One where the wife can say to hubbie, ‘Your stomach is growing day by day.’ - without either one developing resentment?

Why did I get Married? explores the communication component thoroughly. I was reminded of how difficult it is to communicate with the one you say you love. I was reminded of how tough it is for so many of us to express ourselves without fear of ridicule and rejection. I was reminded of what it takes to be correctly understood and purposely insightful. Most importantly, this fantastic movie helped me to focus on the one thing that is important within those unrealistic vows: “Before they knew love, they were friends, and it was from this seed of friendship that is their destiny.” and “You have pronounced yourselves husband and wife but remember to always be each other’s best friend.” Friendship is what we have before we get married. It is the one thing that keeps us excited about each other. ‘My friend this and My friend that.’ This is the stomach tingling chatter that rolls off our lips in good friendship. We are so in love with our friend. Then something happens: We get married. And, we all know that the friendship is left behind – but why? I have yet to receive an understandable answer from these “happily married” couples as to why the bond of friendship is broken after those vows are recited. Why?

I think I have a psychologically-based ignorant answer (I ain’t no therapist):

Couples begin to apply husband and wife expectations to each other that only represent what Western society has told us they should be. A husband is supposed to Do this and a wife is supposed to Be this - while neglecting and forgetting what truly tied them together in the first place: FRIENDSHIP. Friendship is universal. It begins with the seed of acceptance. Marriage is just a non-naturally progressive step we take to publicly ‘confirm’ our love. But, friendship is what MADE us us. Marriage does not!

Written by Muata. Inspired by the hysterical scene in the movie where it is apparent something was conveniently left out in moments of marital communication: The Truth.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Bible Quoting Zealots: The Helmet Head Mormons and a
Du Rag Wearing Christian

I STILL can't believe that people hold their religious books of faith to heart so defensively and dearly. These people are egotistical zealots and dangerous fanatics. They will die for the Bible, Koran, Book of Mormon, etc. Literally, offer-up their lives for aged writings.

The power of religious and scriptural belief continues to be exceedingly harmful, and it confines people to a small box that's protected and insulated by insecurity and fear which renders countless 'Believers' to intellectual retardation and spiritual handicap-ness. And, then violence e.g. Middle East Conflict, Christian Crusades, etc. develops because their arsenal of scripture does nothing but divide and alienate.

I was happy to see the Christian brotha stand his ground. I was impressed by his tenacity to convey religious ‘justifications’ via the Bible. However, I was disappointed that he did the same thing most Mormons do: Discount and Reject while uplifting their beliefs. Typical of bible quoting Christians - while never understanding that their book of contradictions actually sanctions and supports hatred that leads to the violence I referred to above.

Click below and then scroll down the web page to view video.

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Shared with the world by Muata. Inspired by my book. Specifically, the chapter that explains how the Bible is flawed propaganda disguised as love, religious truth, and God’s word.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Katt Williams Wears Noose to BET Hip Hop Awards: Comedy or Foolishness?

This socially and culturally irresponsible crap was projected to the world while black congressional leaders were in Washington, DC on Tuesday, October 16, 2007 trying to convince lawmakers that the displaying of nooses should be considered a hate crime.

Black people need to stop condoning foolishness. Katt Williams was dead wrong, and definitely irresponsible for this stunt! I wonder if he understands that at this rate we (black folk) will never be taken seriously if we continue to take part in activities that demean our culture and race? I doubt he even cares! Or, perhaps he does. He did have a few insightful things to say regarding Jena 6, Michael Vick, and TI during his opening statement on the BET HIP HOP Awards – but I did not take him seriously as a result of his girly pink outfit and noose accessory. First impressions are key. They set the tone for what people think of you. Isn’t this important fact somewhere in the comedy manual?

It was my prayer for a white congressman to gain access to the picture (link below), and present it to the Judiciary Committee as an example of how we disrespect each other and promote hatred within our community. I wonder what John Conyers would have said? He would have probably been mad ass hell at this insensitive & tasteless gesture of "comedy" - but I bet you he would have also been speechless; rendered to a mumbling embarrassment. What could have he said? How could have he justified this mockery and insult to every person concerned about race relations and/or human dignity?

Of course there are plenty of black people out there saying, 'Man, it is all in fun. We tryin' to turn this noose thing into an endearment quality'. Meanwhile, waiting for a white comedian to do something similar so we can get all hyper-sensitive.

Remember how some black people responded to Michael Richard's implosion of hatred? Richards can't get a job working anywhere. Ya think Katt Williams will work again? He will. Probably working to continue regurgitating on African American heritage.

Too many black people are what?


Hypocrites with no essence of PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY directed towards our black ancestors!

I am tired!!!!!!!!!!!!


Would a Jewish person wear the image of a swastika on his or her
t-shirt to promote comedy?

We are losing this battle!

Written by Muata. Inspired by another disgrace perpetrated by a N-word!

Hey, I call it like I see it!

Monday, October 08, 2007

We are Crazy and Most of us don’t even Know it

Traveling down the same road breeds boredom and monotony. In relationships it is bound to cause frustration for the individual who was under the impression the subject that was discussed on the tired-ass road two-three weeks ago was a dead issue: Done with. Addressed. Solved! Of course, we all know that it does not work that way all the time. While I am of the belief that it should, I, more than likely am in the minority. Understanding that I perfectly comprehend that traveling down a more than familiar road does not excite people, it is my prayer you will stay with me for a few minutes – considering what I have typed below has been communicated by me on one occasion before. But, this time I am a tad bit more serious and determined to convince everyone reading that there is a pervasive problem among us that we must begin to identify as Mental Illness.

Mental Illness is real, and black people must begin to acknowledge its presence within our community. We can’t continue to taboo the subject like we have done HIV/AIDS. Insanity is not reserved for those black Vietnam War veterans we pass at highway exits. It is not some random disease that only affects society’s throwaways. No, Extreme Emotional Disturbance (EED) consumes the sista driving around in her silver Mercedes CLS63 AMG. What a hot ride! Mental illness is a part of the brotha’s DNA who appears to have it all together. The dude who has a certain je ne sais quoi that charms everybody. He has a metro-sexual contemporary furnished condo, a fly whip with factory rims, two degrees, a closet full of stylish clothing - and he goes to his $130,000 place of work each and every day as if there is not one problem. This man has it made. He is polished and put together quite well. He has to be. He manages multi-million dollar investments. But, one thing besides his loot and material items separates him from other fellas: He takes a “cuckoo pill” every night. This is the silly descriptive name he has given to his much needed chemical balancing medication. Yeah see, this black man needs something by the REAL name of Lexapro to manage his mood swings; his Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). If he does not take his daily dose, going to that six figure job would be out of the question. His Lazy Boy would surely get all of his attention. Along with the barrage of court television shows. And, on top of this depressing reality, his relationship with the woman who once believed her man was the shit, would be in shambles. Even his sex life would be almost non-existent because without that crazy man’s pill nothing ain’t going to pop-off up in his overpriced Ethan Allen king size bed. If it does, you best believe he is superficially in the sexual moment with his woman. He is somewhere far away dealing with his chemical imbalance that’s causing him to have suicidal thoughts. This man wants to die instead of getting that ass!

If I did not have your attention before I hope I do now because what I am trying to convey is critical.

It was not until Michael Vick was indicted on federal charges that I began to examine mental illness with more scrutiny. At the encouragement of Jay Steele, a lifelong friend and Elite, I actually began to convince myself that Vick’s self-destructive behavior could be linked to a psychological issue and/or disorder. Admitting to myself that Michael Vick’s actions could possibly be a result of a sick mentality appeared to change my opinion of the man I repeatedly referred to as Lamont Sanford (Dummy), but then I said to myself, “This man is stupid." Not crazy.” Nonetheless, isn’t it funny that stupid and crazy are used interchangeably all the time when referring to one’s unusual behavior? On too many occasions we regulate an individual to STUPID. It is easy to do this because it puts the responsibility back on the individual. It should be their act we are speaking of as stupid, not them per say. But, when it comes to crazy we rarely identify the behavior as crazy. We, immediately without caution, will say, ‘that Negro is crazy!’ while never believing it though.

This indicates to me that we are cautiously aware that some of us are mentally ill. However, we as a community fail to really do something about it. In all honesty, we don’t even address mental illness issues. We keep the person in the crazy category while never reaching over or back to provide that ‘in slavery’ type of love that was lost with integration. No, we are too far removed from identifying the obvious. For example, how could family members of Amber Hill, the Ohio mother of two toddlers, not know she was depressed? A deep depression, which apparently stems from domestic violence and the toughness of young motherhood, caused her to allegedly drown her two little girls. I will tell you why. Well, typically, if a brotha goes up to one of his best boys and say, ‘Man, I am depressed.’ The classic response: ‘Quit trippin’ and get over it.’ Or, how about this response that usually comes from a saved woman: ‘It will all be okay. Put it in God’s hands.’ You know I can go somewhere with this last piece of putting it in God’s hands foolishness – but I won’t today. This is how we help each other through mentally exacerbating times. We basically dismiss the issue as silliness, and as God’s help is all one needs. Where was God when Amber was holding her kids under a shallow collection of water in a low income Section 8 apartment bathtub?

Why? Is the question I would like to leave you with. Why aren’t we flocking into therapy sessions? Why are we the last to sign-up for a talk with the company shrink? Why aren’t we addressing the anger and resentment that sizzles through our pores? Why are we so afraid to admit that we have alarmingly serious psychological issues? Why? Perhaps, we are too ignorant to identify this sickness as mental illness. I doubt that. We are an intelligent race of people who are capable of accomplishing all things. We have been successful on countless fronts – but we are lacking in the win category when it comes to embracing our insanity.

Let’s leave the taboo and hush-hush realm, and do something to truly build each other back up emotionally and psychologically. None of us should feel alone in this world. The village proverb has to be reinforced daily. Just because some of us live in $300,000 homes is not indicative of everything is alright with us collectively. The essence of our stewardship should be caring for each other, and not this isolationist (black church) induced attitude: “helping only those members at OUR church”.

I always say that I am crazy. What if I disclosed to you that I am? Seriously, emotionally disturbed. What would you do as my brotha or sista? I ask again, what would you do? I don’t need to know what you would say. Give me your ‘doing actions’. Remember, I just told you that I am crazy!

Info on bipolar disorder and depression:

Written by Muata. Inspired by the two and four year old girls killed by their mother. Inspired by the fact that Isaiah Thomas regulated these young black girls to a bitch before they even became teenagers.