Sunday, November 23, 2014

If the Prosecution has decided that there was Probable Cause, why was the case given to a grand jury? I will tell you why.

But first let's define:

Probable Cause

"Apparent facts discovered through logical inquiry that would lead a reasonably intelligent and prudent person to believe that an accused person has committed a crime, thereby warranting his or her prosecution, or that a Cause of Action has accrued, justifying a civil lawsuit."

Please focus on the word Cause...then think about the Action that was taken to terminate Michael Brown. Remember, the Action had a Cause. So, if there was a reasoning (Cause) for the Action taken, why didn't the Police, Detectives, Investigators, and Prosecution determine/conclude that there was a Probable Cause. I will tell you why.

When a controversial case is given to a grand jury it typically means that the Prosecution has 'politically' decided not to get involved. It is the Prosecution's way of passing the buck. It is the Prosecution's way also of securing a ruling that will be in favor of the Prosecution's friends, The Police.

When there is probable cause there is a possibility that the Prosecution will lose their case. That's the way it should be...a Possibility should be granted…given a Chance on both sides of the law.
But here is the Reality: when it is all said and done, it is about appearances, politics and winning & losing.

The justice system of the United States of America becomes flawed when the very essence of the system is not utilized, a Jury.

A jury should be deciding the fate of the man that gave birth to the Probable Cause.

Anything else -like this sham for a decision rendering body- The Grand Jury, is an unjustifiable tool that rarely favors the victim of the Action taken...especially a young black man who has lived-up to the depiction of an overweight bully.

Muata Nowe

*While we wait on the Grand Jury's decision NOT to indict the Shooter let us be at peace and later in peaceful protest. Looting, stealing, fighting, disrespecting the police is NOT the solution when in fact nothing has been done enough internally to heal the ills of the reasons Michael Brown had prior incidents with the law...Blacks have not done enough*

Friday, June 06, 2014

The Compliment

I received the BEST compliment this morning. 

A woman who I see almost every morning asked an individual who knows me, 

"Is he homeless? 

The man I know informed me what she asked after she left the building. He said he told her,

"No. He is not homeless. Why you ask?"

The woman responded,

"Well, he is always around. I see him walking a lot or riding a bike. He also has a kid with him sometimes...pushing the younger one in a jogging stroller. I saw him walking with a boy too. I guess the boy is his son...the boy was riding a scooter. He always has on torn up jeans or ruined cargo shorts. And, he is always at the grocery store either reading or on the computer in the Starbucks section. You know, homeless people hangout in coffee shops. He stays well-groomed - but there are a lot homeless men who keep up their facial hair."

The man said he laughed and walked away.

Why is this my BEST compliment?

Because I want to live/have a simple life free of all the crap that identified me by some as "wealthy and highly educated". Yeah...I would prefer simplicity over wealth. I would like to be known as intelligent but humble with my intelligence. Besides, internet is free at is comfortable...I get free sample cups of coffee...clothes are overrated (would rather be naked or only wear my favorite items)...walking/riding a bike is healthier...spending time with children is beneficial in so many ways...reading expands the mind and has the ability to temporarily 'free' man/woman from their predicaments.

I Shall Be Free One Day...

Looking for a book.

Muata Nowe 

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Who We Are...

We MUST begin to view ourselves as NOT an innocently special people...NOT as an unique or chosen people of a higher moral disposition. We must stop viewing ourselves as victims that behave badly because The White Power Structure poisoned us...I don't know not one white person that contributed to any of my poor decisions. We are the same people that behave as evil describes. Many of us (blacks) see ourselves as innocent learners of evil that was presented to us by The White Man. It is sickening, embarrassing and ancestral demeaning how many times I have heard, "The white man taught us this...he is the reason we act so bad. He is the reason we don't have a pot to piss in. He taught us how to kill each other. He gave us crack and malt liquor." This thinking is shallow and it KEEPS us from addressing who and what we are. We are Human Beings. Where is the accountability for what we have become? Face it: We are humans that have the same EVIL and satan-laced motivations as every man/woman on this earth.

Muata Nowe 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Dear Malcolm

Dear Malcolm,

I write this letter to remind you of my allegiance to you...I share this moment with you to praise you for setting the example; for being a man when not many others would...I write this letter to pay homage to the legacy you left behind for us to revere - and sadly for some to distort. I share this moment with you to convey my respect, and to articulate my present thoughts/concerns.

In so many ways we need you, Malcolm. On the surface we appear to be doing quite well. Not sure if you have heard/been informed, the United States of America elected a black man to be president. Like you, I never thought this would be a reality. Not sure if you have heard/been informed, black men and women are CEO's of several major companies within the USA. Like you, I never thought this would be a reality.

We are doing quite well for ourselves bearing in mind we are considered by Jamie Fox to be "the most talented people in the world". Like you, I have always known that we were talented. Like you would have more than likely been- IRRITATED -when you hear/heard Mr. Fox's declaration over and over again while watching an African American ‘oriented’ television network. Yes, Malcolm we have a television station dedicated to our TV-watching pleasures and desires. There is even a news broadcast that focuses on our issues. Jamie Fox, the comedian, singer and actor made his pronouncement after receiving an award. An award that was given to him by the organization that you more than likely still consider to be a preposterous representation of the opposite of your thought process, Black Nationalism.

If I may, what are your thoughts on the comment, "black people are the most talented people in the world"? Like you, I have always believed, there is significance behind a man's words. Jamie's words have resounded with me over the past few weeks. Each and every time I hear the words, I conclude that Mr. Fox is referring to our talents that please the superficial senses of men/women. He is speaking of the African American's music, acting and athletic faculties. Not our intellectual dexterity/accolades. Like you are probably, I am offended by his words. What about our accomplishments in the areas of math and science. Why do we have to be the talented entertainers...the porch monkeys?

Perhaps, Jamie Fox was in the moment. Not really thinking about what we should be celebrating during Black History Month.

I am not certain - but I know one thing - you are wondering when we will heed to your words...when will we finally utilize our bents to build a nation within a nation like our Asian, Latino and African brothers and sisters?

Brother Malcolm, you are missed - and on this day of acknowledgement of your brutal assassination I come to you in remembrance...remembering what you believed:

The Black Man/Woman will never be respected until we prove to the world that we are more than entertainers...until we reclaim our remarkable heritage...until we stop killing each other like those black men killed you on this dreadful day, February 21, 1965.

Remembering you in word and photo,

Muata Nowe

Friday, October 04, 2013

25yrs ago I decided to attend HPC. It was High Point COLLEGE at the time. Now it is the highly acclaimed High Point University. 20yrs ago I graduated from HPU. My classmates and I were the FIRST to hold the University title. We attended college but came out university graduates. I am significantly proud of that accomplishment. When I entered I had no expectation to graduate...I was there to be a hurdler. If you know my story, you know that I lived up to that status. A hurdler. Over the years I have acquired several titles and statuses. But the one I cherish the most this weekend is Graduate. As my fellow classmates, other HPU graduates from different years and current students (my niece) celebrate their accomplishment I hope they understand that life is good...I hope they understand that life can be one way one day and completely different the next. I stand in that locale of 'different the next day'. While my education and training prepared me to not only be a productive citizen of the world I also have become a symbol of an American Nightmare. Again if you know my story, you know my current life positioning. I thank High Point University for helping me to become a man, a steward of humanity, a lover of internationalism, a reader & writer, a conservative value holder, a lover of classical and aged jazz music, a world class hurdler, a non-racist, a seeker of religious truth, a critical thinker and a father. So my, HPU Alumni, toast for me...pour out a little Mad Dog 20/20 on my behalf in my absence from celebrating those 20 years (absent as a result of the Nightmare)...most importantly do not take your education for granted. It was well worth the my case 5 years. Panther PRIDE. No regrets!!

Muata Nowe

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Yes...He was Black people. He was black. Stop pretending like you are not aware that black people are capable of mass shootings...violent gunman rampages. If we kill each other at the rate that we do in Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and other so called urban hubs we are definitely capable of blasting up a navy yard...or is there a 'reason' that I am missing for blacks killing each other like we are in a war. Note how the black blogs/media sites are NOT all over this story. If anything, the black media/writers/commentators NEED to start another dialogue pertaining to Aaron Alexis's mental state.

Muata Nowe

Thursday, May 30, 2013

For years now I have been particularly concerned about the fast deterioration of moral fortitude which is one of the numerous reasons why I answered my Calling to preach; and later rebuked it. 

The decay is ever-present within today’s generation of tech savvy Smartphone carrying men and women who lack the ability to speak properly, dress with a level of respect that honors their families, behave with dignity, count the correct change without a cash register, and tell time with an analog clock, not digital. 

Generation after generation there has been a desired probability of Life getting better. After the Civil Rights Movement there was a huge expectation for a dawn of a new and better day, not only for African Americans but for all the people who found themselves under the heel of Western discrimination and domination. Better in the sense of humans choosing to make decisions that do not negate humanity’s purpose. 

The Change has not come. Day after day…newscast after newscast we are relentlessly and indiscriminately polluted by the efforts of an irresponsible news media with atrocities that defines and legitimizes our unwillingness to live by traditions that exalt morality. 

Just this past week an African maniac with a British accent boldly claimed Allah instructed him to take a life. 

What makes a man use a vehicle as a weapon to run over another man? What makes God’s supreme creation stab, cut, and decapitate another human being? The excuse the devilishly misguided man prefaced in his Jihadist Old Testament scripture laced rant is terrorism e.g. Matthew 5:38-48. 

I agree the actions of these two demented men caused and promote terror. But, why is terrorism the reason proclaimed for the evil-intent that wrongfully subsists in the hearts of God’s Creations? Why…? 

Is this really an incident triggered by a need to impose lex talionis? 

Some will give credence to mental illness…others will remind us that Man has always been violent and prone to malevolent behavior. If this is the case, why are we living? What is the purpose of getting up each day knowing that Man is a voided soul that uses popular justifications for his shortage of morals? 

Ultimately, the sad reality is that someone will flippantly categorize decayed human acts and behavior as,
 ‘This is just the way it is, Muata.’

Really…? Is this what I have to look forward to as I get older? If so, I am prepared to die today – I and wholeheartedly primed to take my life…eliminate myself from this lawless arroyo. Even in our desperation to defeat…Purge our demons, humans once again will in-motion picture promote Man’s self-induced demise:

And, what about my children? How do I explain to them that God created Man and Woman, but allows Man and Woman to emotionally and physically choke the Life out of each other? 

Should I tell them that Man has made his bed…deathbed? How should I expound on the insightful inquisitives of a child? When should I inform my children that it appears Living will be riddled with disappointment and horrible tragedy? How will I impart bravery (like displayed in the photograph below) in the Face of Death?

What should my response be to my child who will eventually look up at me and ask, 
‘Daddy, why are humans so cruel to each other?’ 

My response will be short: 

‘Man…Male has destroyed human creation. God has nothing to do with the misfortune that occurs in this world. Man is the reason for the ongoing self-destruction. You live a life that’s divinely expected, and then hope and pray the ‘reasons’ for wicked irrational behavior is not blamed on a tough childhood. And finally, please believe in the Power of Decision. Despite what others my say and believe, Decision is what you have before any negative action.’

Muata Nowe