Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Who We Are...

We MUST begin to view ourselves as NOT an innocently special people...NOT as an unique or chosen people of a higher moral disposition. We must stop viewing ourselves as victims that behave badly because The White Power Structure poisoned us...I don't know not one white person that contributed to any of my poor decisions. We are the same people that behave as evil describes. Many of us (blacks) see ourselves as innocent learners of evil that was presented to us by The White Man. It is sickening, embarrassing and ancestral demeaning how many times I have heard, "The white man taught us this...he is the reason we act so bad. He is the reason we don't have a pot to piss in. He taught us how to kill each other. He gave us crack and malt liquor." This thinking is shallow and it KEEPS us from addressing who and what we are. We are Human Beings. Where is the accountability for what we have become? Face it: We are humans that have the same EVIL and satan-laced motivations as every man/woman on this earth.

Muata Nowe