Thursday, August 28, 2008

An Urban Business Proposition

What you are reading may be determined as a tired duplication. A re-hashing of the same ole same ole. Nevertheless, any discussion where individuals are able to express themselves with the hope it will reveal a little healthy frustration and assist in starting or re-igniting a dialogue that will provide constructive guidance on how to solve what MANY of us believe to be a problem is and will be productive. Right?

With that let’s begin with a discussion that occurred at a high-end barber shop, (black owned) in Atlanta’s very own posh and trendy Buckhead District. Just wanted to point that out considering it may make a difference for you, the reader.

The Discussion

Dr. John Jones, MD:
Hey. What’s up? Cut a little off the top, and fade out the sides. Trying to hide all this gray. Man, I have a business idea that you may find interesting. Another doctor and I have been conducting some research. The research indicates that hip replacements will be in an increased demand within the next 5-10 years,

Hip replacements?? Why? Don’t mostly old people get those?

Dr. John Jones, MD:
Well, one study points to an on-going fashion trend. I think black people call it saggin. These men walking around here with their pants below their buttocks will need hip replacements because of the way they are walking 24/7 to keep their pants up. The walking from side to side actually puts unnecessary and disproportionate stress on the hip joints which leads to bone deterioration.

Dr. John Jones, MD:
You would not believe the amount of years this stress is putting on that joint socket. The studies show that a 16 year old who walks in this unnatural state for more than 5yrs adds 15-20 years to the hip area. I am excited about this. An easy way to make some money! Are you interested in investing in this venture with me and my colleague? We are partnering with a nursing home that primarily works with African Americans. And, guess what, my friend is the head doctor on call for three of the nursing homes in the Atlanta area. They may just see an increase in hip replacement surgeries…if you know what I mean.

You are kidding.

Dr. John Jones, MD:
No I am not. We may just make more money for a more fabulous retirement. Try walking with your pants that way. You will notice not only a discomfort in your hips but in the lower back and groin area. No joke! These guys may not be able to walk at 40. Let me know if you are willing to join us. Here is my card.

This discussion was not juicy. Unlike the average barber shop and hair salon gossip – but it is interesting and it definitely bleeds a possible unethical activity that may take place.

If this doctor is serious, he is about to capitalize off what I believe to be stupidity and what some believe is a fashion statement that’s expressing rebellion. Much like what many of us thirty-something’s did when we were teeny-boppers: wearing of apparel inside out or refusing to lace up our shoes.

Someone will always find a way to make some money from our ingeniousness and/or ridiculous behavior. This has always been ‘their’ way of exploiting and raking in huge profits as a result of…you guessed my answer: Our inability to see past tomorrow. What do I mean by that? We rarely look to the days ahead in effort to protect our families from governmental genocidal antics e.g. health departments encouraging black women to abort their babies, from the bombardment of irresponsible marketing e.g. Colt 45 commercials (thank you, Billy D. Williams), and from our lack of individual responsibility to be good stewards of our health e.g. walking around bow-legged when you don’t have bowed legs.

Who da fool?

Written by Brian E. Payne. Inspired by Eric A. Johnson and that white medical doctor. He is on to something. I am in!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Writing is on the Wall (Wake-up, People)

My assertion and plea for PEOPLE to wake-up out of their deep sleep indicates that I believe we are unaware, uninformed, and/or purposely neglecting the truth. A truth that could actually save our lives – but we are too ego-driven and foolishly stubborn to recognize the damage that we have done to our greatest gift, Earth. Therefore, we will continue to destroy everything that once made us superior. Our ability to reason keeps us one step ahead of all other mammals. However, reason and logic are the last two human capabilities that we implore when it concerns our home, Earth.

The universe in all its magnificence is in peril. On course to explode. Melting. It is like a deadly train wreck waiting to occur. Unlike, that flash of seeing your life before you prior to an accident happening, we can see the death and destruction daily. But, what do we do?: We remain asleep while taking our faith for granted.

My faith has brought me tears. I should have given up on PEOPLE a long time ago. Then there would be no more crying!

Written by Brian E. Payne. Inspired by the Pale Blue Dot.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Russia is Healthy, the United States is on Life Support

The medical professionals will tell you that the number one killer of men in the United States is cardiovascular disease; and there is significant research that will validate their assertion. Why anyone would challenge this fact is puzzling to me – but I definitely can understand the suspicion-oriented debate floating within the medical community: Isn’t stress and unhealthy eating habits the real cause? This question certainly lends support for us who believe that the root of the problem is based in the cause, and not the outcome which is heart disease.

With this understanding, I have recently questioned the cause vs. outcome dynamic. However, my mind dilemma has not been related to health. My struggle has been with a popular characteristic of men vs. outcome. One can safely surmise that in the United States the number one killer of men is arrogance; and the outcome is what we are witnessing and experiencing in the US at this very moment in history. Record foreclosures, the halt of home and business construction, job loss and layoff, fluctuating gas prices, and war are only a few outcomes of America’s big headed-ness.

Who ever thought the United States would begin to lose ground within their own land? Not to boast, but I had a moment of reflection years ago while back packing in a rain forest that enlighten me to this fact: The United States of America will inevitable display Third World tendencies while developing and developed countries will tout economic stability and trade strength. This leading the once lagging behind and manipulated nations to a very critical status among world leaders: Superpower!

Russia is a country that has positioned itself as a TRUE superpower over the years (China too). They have done this in not only abrasive discourse and diarrhea of the mouth. Unlike the US, Russia is not a bunch of talk! No, they have focused on THEIR development and decided not to meddle in other country’s business. Again, unlike the United States. While our narcissistic and deceitful leaders have been committing millions of dollars overseas in an effort to exert CONTROL, occupy land, and seek future FAVORS, the former U.S.S.R. has been:

*Becoming the world’s largest leader of natural gas production.
*Moving up in the ranks as the 8th largest oil reserve in the world.
*Exporting so much that they have earned billions of dollars in the past 20 years.

Russia is the new world “bully” according to Cowboy Bush. Nonetheless, they can afford to be without fear of retaliation from the US. They are fully confident that no president of the United States would be stupid enough to attack them in support of any country. Well, maybe we would for Israel. We always seem to have the crybaby Jews’ back. Russia is also aware that countries in liberal Europe and their Russian vodka drinking neighbors will not dare challenge them considering they hold the key to their energy ignitions e.g. oil.

Perhaps, this is the reason the world community is ignoring The Republic of Georgia’s president, Mikhail Saakashvili, plea’s for military assistance to stop the Russian army’s occupation. Unfortunately, Saakashvili is another puppet leader propped-up by the United States who has to learn the hard way. As I listened to him repeatedly rant, he looked so defeated and surprised that he is on an island all alone. No Bush, McCain, or Obama will come to his defense with strength e.g. military power. Nope, all three will sit back and talk tough. This is all they can do! While they grandstand for votes (Obama and McCain) and as Mr. Bush tries to salvage his legacy, don’t they understand that Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin are telling them to kiss their azzes? Yes, they realize that they are getting the middle finger – but they are in a bind: No military to commit to help the Georgian army, and no money to finance another war. We are stuck! Unable to help an ally who thought the Great United States had her back.

This is the outcome - and I really wish people would stop expecting America to do more to assist Georgia. We can’t! But, the Spartanic rhetoric will continue. Obama will finally have an opportunity to prove to his critics that he has testicular fortitude, but only with what he does best: speaking. McCain will be the typical Republican: publicly condemn Russia without thinking about the consequences. He may just add them to the “axis of evil”. The Georgians will be exterminated. Their forced-fed democracy will be toppled, and Russia will be what it has always been: Imperialistic. This, of course, they have in common with the United States.

And, guess what? The root, the cause, of this drama stems from… You guessed right: ARROGANCE.

Roost on, Chickens. Roost!

Written by Brian E. Payne. Inspired by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. They never stopped following the ways of Joseph Stalin. America was naively tricked again!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes Remembered, Really Remembered!

I mentioned to a group of my peers earlier today that there is "no need for a commentary to remember Mac and Hayes" when all you have to do is navigate to You Tube. There we can pull-up numerous videos starring the comedian and musician. Below I have made it a little easier for you by sharing one of my favorite stand-up comedy routines and by including a video for that world famous theme song from the hit movie, Shaft.

Now, if you have already viewed the Bernie Mac stand-up from Def Comedy Jam I have a question: Did you notice that he pleaded with the audience to "stop the crime"? He even went a little further, and addressed this "no snitching" issue that is still prevalent today. So damn common that there is a No Snitching Campaign. That’s what these gangsta fools are calling it! Both, notations from Bernie Mac hit me (stopped me dead in my tracks) because people are dying (good people) and their messages are not embraced/being heard. If they were getting a little of our attention, why is the crime committed against a black person in the black community perpetrated by another black person i.e. home invasions, murder, robberies, etc.?

It just makes me wonder why aren't we (black community) getting the message after so many black men and women have begged black folk to ‘get it together’.

It is disappointing to think that I may die tomorrow or a month from today; and the LITTLE that I have done to encourage or create change will not be heard or acted on. Does that concern you for yourself? I have not done a great deal - but I would like to go to my grave knowing that we GOT THE MESSAGE. Bernie and Isaac did not!

As I reflected on the death of these two black men after listening to the Mac stand-up, I have thought about nothing but this question: When will Black America reach its FULL potential? Full to me is not having a black president or a huge home. No, FULL is when we begin to respect each other. When will we not have to worry about another brother stabbing another brotha in the back over something trivial?

Finally, as I listened to Isaac's hit play in the background while I typed, I heard him say/sing, "Who is the man who will risk his neck for his brother man?" Not too many of them anymore, either.

Bernie Mac on Def Comedy Jam:
One of Isaac Hayes' Classics (he has plenty):

Written by Muata. Inspired by:

We need to make a change TOGETHER. We are perishing as a black man runs for president. We are perishing as we move into multi-million dollar sub-divisions. We are perishing as we... What does this reveal to you?

Thursday, August 07, 2008

God is an Ultra Conservative, Republican

We spend a lot time trying our best to figure God out. When we think we have a grasp of who or what God is, we then profess to know EVERYTHING about Him. Like, what He thinks. I know you have heard some shallow-mind churchgoer or a zealous theological know-it-all say, ‘God knows/God is…’. Some of us continue with believing that we know what His actions will be as a result of selective behaviors e.g. sin and unselfish giving. It is as if we have attained the highest level of academia that’s related to the understanding of The All Powerful while failing to realize that our mentalities are dreadfully limited when it comes to Mr. Omnipresent. But, what we have done with relative success is ‘attach’ our minute understanding of God to our daily decisions and activities. ‘God told me to do this…’ Basically, belittling this God of ours to our level of conception. Unashamedly, I have been guilty of doing this. Therefore, I am in no position to ridicule or criticize those who are only doing what they believe needs to be done to UNDERSTAND. With my bible belt and enlighten (seminary) understanding I am prepared to declare that God is a Republican!

Before you, liberals, disregard this commentary please allow me some time to share with you why I have come to this conclusion by listing a few presidential campaign topics, along with my spin, that Mr. McCain and Mr. Obama are flipping and flopping. While it may appear I am committing the all too common wrong: Judging. I am not. Just sharing my UNDERSTANDING of God’s so called word. Practically, the same thing your pastor does on Wednesday evening and Sunday morning.


For the past 16 plus years the United States government has neglected the borders. Both liberal and conservative administrations are to blame! Consequently, we have illegal immigrants infiltrating every corner of the United States working for insulting wages, causing an additional burden on our messy and uncompassionate healthcare system, and most importantly they have broken federal law in their effort to get a piece of America’s brutally acquired and capitalistic pie.

Why is God a Republican on this issue?:

The God I know does not support the breaking of established laws, rules, and regulations. (Deuteronomy 5:6-21, The Ten Commandments). And, Republicans generally want these illegals rounded-up and prosecuted. Similar to what God has promised He will do to those who do not obey His rules/laws.

Gay Marriage

There have been all types of state legislation recently pertaining to same sex marriage. Massachusetts is one bleeding-heart state that allows a Steve to marry another Steve. As a result of this irritating hoopla, the country is divided on this issue also. However, most of the Republicans of today are in stark disagreement with the Democrats. Some Republicans actually believe that being gay is a mental illness. As it was believed to be by the mental health community up until 1974 (DSM-V).

Why is God a Republican on this issue?:

The God I know does not support Cindy marrying or sexing Cindy (Genesis Chapter 1, 2, and 3, Adam and Eve). And, we all know where Republicans stand on this disputatious topic:

Marriage is the union between a man and a woman.


Every since 1973 (Roe vs. Wade) the United States has been on opposing sides. Some believe it is a woman’s decision, and no man-made law should dictate when and if she can or cannot abort her child: Pro-Choice. This movement has been quite effective over the years. They have successfully lobbied to maintain the right to eliminate a pregnancy. Definitely, in a political sense this “movement” is connected to the liberal agenda. Fanatical conservatives and Republicans have been known to go to great lengths to deliver their message of Pro-Life e.g. Eric Robert Rudolph.

Why is God a Republican on this issue?:

The God I know does not support the taking of a life. Of course this is a New Testament understanding because God Himself was ‘indirectly’ involved in the murder of men, women, and babies within the Hebrew Bible. But, overall we have to agree that God does not condone the eradication of His creation: Life (Genesis 9:5). And, we all know that Republicans are quietly trying their best to reverse Roe vs. Wade e.g. the appointment of conservative judges.

Drilling for Oil

For the life of me I cannot understand why the Democrats (including Obama) are so much against searching for oil within our union. Of course the following argument is presented by these moose lovers: ‘Drilling is harmful to the environment and animals.’ Okay, I get that – but I can care less about a da*n four leg creature that chews grass when gas prices may be close to $10 a gallon in seven years. The same amount of time predicted to attain results from drilling in Alaska. Drilling wherever in the US will eventually decrease dependency from countries that in fact do not have our best interest in mind (Saudi Arabia). When God created the heavens and earth He pretty much was saying, ‘After this you are on your own. I want you to be independent.’

Why is God a Republican on this issue?:

The God I know does not support all out dependency. He wants us to be self sufficient. Stable; with the ability to stand on our own two feet. And, who among these party-line men and women promote independency in all areas of life more so than the other: the Republicans. Pick yourself up by your own boot-straps, is their credo while the liberals encourage handouts and the seeking of governmental charity.

Capital Punishment

Let’s make this one real simple. “An eye for an eye. A life for life.”

Why is God a Republican on this issue?:

It’s simple. Capital punishment is a recurrent theme in the Hebrew Bible which was/is supported by the God we send prayers to on the daily. And, Republicans are proponents of the death penalty whereas the Democrats are prone to pathetically protest the execution of an admitted child rapist/murderer.

Written by Muata. Inspired by God’s ability to rule with a conservative heavy hand once upon a time ago. He is losing His touch. The liberal Democrats are taking over. Can’t you tell?