Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Religion AND Eddie Long…are the Arrogance that Destroys Everything

My mother and I were just talking about ‘arrogance in the pulpit’ on Easter’s Sunday (get that?). The conversation we had reminded me of my disdain for what the BLACK Christian Church has become. Pharaoh of the Hebrew Bible was stubborn. He would not relent. He fought Moses and fought Moses. He would not remove his ego. His arrogance. He never pursued humility. Therefore, he got what he deserved. He lost it all. His empire. His riches. His son. He lost the respect his wife had for him. Today, when I think about The Pulpit I get repulsed by the sights…the insecure men – the women with an ax to grind – the scriptural and Christology ignorance – and the high and mighty dispositions carried by men and women who are leading God’s people straight to hell. Not the physical hell…that does not exist. It is the damnation of spiritual, emotional, and mental hell. Black people in the United States, Africa, and the Caribbean are following behind Pharaohs and Serpents. Eddie Long with his muscle bound body and egotistical personality is burning in a hell and he is leading the most vulnerable of us to an abyss. He will be a Pharaoh of today. He gonna lose it all. Mark my words. Prediction made on April 27, 2011!

*I thought he was going to "fight this"? Settling is not fighting. He guilty!

Muata Nowe

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The World's Most Beautiful...Really?

It is amazing how the United States determines 'The World's Best/The World Champions/The World's Most Beautiful’. So damn arrogant! If I were shallow or limited in my perceptions and thinking as the Powers expect its citizens to be - I and others would have grown up believing that the US was the World. SMDH. Actually, even as a World Power the US is a SMALL country. Small in geography and thought! But yet, Jennifer Lopez is the World's Most Beautiful Woman...Really. While J-Lo...sorry she stopped being J-Lo after she stopped tagging along with Diddy to increase her popularity stock. Was a good move on her part...I am certain he hit dat so she paid for her new status. Pat that MF (Diddy) on da back! While Jennifer is a pretty woman-fine too- (MERCY)-she NO WHERE near the Most Beautiful in the World. Definitely a gear shift for for People Magazine: a Latina gets their props? Wow! I thought this 'acknowledgement would be permanently reserved for America's Scarlet, The White Woman. Now, since we have a black president (in color only) - perhaps a black woman will be named the Most Beautiful one day. What ya think? I have learned to NEVER say Never...The White House has a Black man as Chief. Also, since black women are tagged and promoted as mean, angry, loose, fat, and full of negative attitude – If that is you, sista…you need a damn remake before I go get me a White Woman...stop Muata! Black women are characterized as these outrageous depictions by black producers, film makers, and writers. So I need to shut-up...

Black Women are Beautiful too...LOOK:

This video could have been made in Senegal...

-Muata Nowe

Friday, April 15, 2011

Lashanda Armstrong she was BLACK

Not much from the black blog-a-sphere and FB on the black mother who killed herself, her three children, and attempted murder of her 10 year old. Typical…and before I continue – please don’t get hypersensitive. If this was another white woman, black people would have a lot to say. I base that on similar past events. The past is always a great predictor of what people will do in the present/future. I am also convinced that -you perhaps- thought the mother was white. I did. Without thinking about it…I pictured a mentally distraught white woman…after a white woman told me about it. My white friend thought the black mother was white too. But, then I opened up my email. provided a picture of the mentally distraught black female for me and the world. I do try my best to reserve my contempt on matters like this. However, I must admit I am pissed off with the black mother. I am disgusted each and every time any adult decides to KILL their kids. It is excessively selfish and coldhearted. I wish these people would just kill themselves! Why the kids? By the way, I am not sure of the black female’s background – but this is a GREAT opportunity for the black community to address MENTAL HEALTH. We have dismissed it for far too long. If the past is a predictor of the present…black people will not have the mental health discussion. Just got off the phone with my boy and he mentioned mental health while we were discussing Lashanda Armstrong. That’s at least a start!!! I challenge us to have some level of discussion with family this weekend about mental and emotional health. Hell, just stop and ask someone: ‘How are you doing today. Really, how are you doing?’ You will be surprised how that may help someone recognize that living can be WORTHY!

Muata Nowe

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

On Forgiveness…

Open Letter to Black People

Dear Black People Living in the United States of America,

Do me a favor. At least consider doing me a favor. Please stop saying that “Black people are the most forgiving people.” That is so untrue. So far from the truth. We have not forgiven the white slave master ancestors for their brutality. How can we claim that we have extended that MASSIVE level of forgiveness when we have yet to self-recover from the brutality? Look around…In many ways, we have not changed. We display our brokenness constantly. Consequently, what we have done is adapted, assimilated, and emulated. Even with our Eurocentric change we are still acting and behaving with brutality towards each other. One does not forgive the brute and then begin to behave like the brute. The interesting development in all this brutality is that black people brutalize each other like the slave masters did – but fail and have failed to respond in a demanding and collective way that indicates that we are Anew. That we are washed clean. Sanitized. Forgiveness brings a different mindset. It literally creates a new person. It produces a new human that has released the past. It brings peace within. We are a long way from being at peace with ourselves and with our brothers/sisters. So, please stop saying that “Black people are the most forgiving people.” If we were, we would not have become the Brute. And, just to entice the emotion and intellect of the Believers in the Jesus story – and to utilize my non-belief of Jesus’ divinity theology; consider this: Jesus forgave. He actually became what he was not before. He became an example of what forgiveness can do. During this Easter season, let’s try to be more than what we were a minute ago. Let’s try to love each other then institute a genuine love with all of humanity. Let’s try to view the biblical stories in a humanistic domain. Let’s make the story real by becoming Anew. Forgiveness demands a change. A radical change! Actually, as I conclude and shut off my brain for a moment I remembered that Easter is ALL ABOUT CHANGE.


Muata Nowe