Monday, June 28, 2010

African American culture...Is there such a thing?

While at a conference in New York (NYC has always been too fast and funky for Da Country Boy):

Thinking. Listening. Thinking more than listening. Lord knows I want to NOT think as much. My brain always at work is not necessarily a good thing. But, the sites and scenes of NYC are more than enough to invade and pollute my cerebellum.


As I think about ethnic groups, I cannot think of what African Americans are 'known for'. Something outside of entertainment? For example, Asians are known for math/science intelligence. Jews are known for using their money to build financial empires.

Help me think of some 'known for's' for African Americans. 'Known for's' that benefit African Americans collectively.

What is 'a part of African Americans' that help us build community (real community), and not contribute to some system that can care less about our existence. What I mean by the previous sentence: we are always in the position of contributing to some other groups elatedness via entertainment - and we continue to make some other group wealthy.

Further, is there a such thing as African American culture? If it is, what does it entail?

Let's see if we can discuss this without using slavery as justification for our overall 'positioning' throughout the United States. If ya want I can list several groups from around the world that faced moments (decades) of cultural exploitation and 'stripping'. *I am trying my best not to lean on slavery as a reason...that is a goal of mine.

In what areas non entertainment related do we stand out?

"One of my most saddest moments was when I discovered the Friday Fish Fry was not an African American cultural tradition. It is a Catholic tradition!" -Brian E. Payne

Sunday, June 20, 2010

What makes the United States deserving of immunity?

I met a white guy the other day at a career center. He is unemployed - and on a frantic search for employment. He is no different from a lot of people. So I did not think much of his looks of desperation.

Some say that the “unemployment market is bouncing back”. That’s good news for me considering I will be ‘hitting the pavement’ again soon. Don’t be alarmed. Just know that grant money should not be an agency’s primary source to serve The People. That soft money quickly dries up, and eventually the government funders are on to the next caring organization that has it hand out begging for ‘Obama Dollars’.

The white guy did not ask me for money. Actually, he wanted me to listen. So I invited him into my place of solitude at work, my office. I began to listen to him reluctantly. After about three sentences I shutdown. I was silenced with a tad bit of anger by, “I never expected that I would end-up like this. Unemployed. With no evidence of employment coming my way. I did everything right. I am not supposed to be in here with these people. I am trained and educated. This is not for a person like me.”

After I asked him, “Who are these people exactly?” he got up and left. That was best for him.

His statement is so typical of an overly arrogant white male who has been affected by His country’s in progress coming home to roost collapse. “This is not for a person LIKE me.” Really? I saw fire! His disposition is classic of the United States government - and it 'fits' right into what I have been thinking and believing since I was old enough to knock down the self serving fortress, American Arrogance.

These ‘patriotic white men’ cannot understand why The Union is in turmoil. But, I know exactly why! And, as a result of that one reason, the incidents (below) are listed and serve as reminders and provide support for my rationale that the United States is undergoing all this deserving retribution because of her inability to be truthfully accountable and unselfishly humble.

God (according to that ancient book slave masters used to enslave the mind, the bible) with his commanding and vindictive powers showed the Pharaohs what price had to be paid for the bull headed, arrogant, and egotistical male misdeeds and disobedience e.g. natural disasters and calamity as a result of man disobedience.

With that in mind this country is in for it. Too bad those who have no connection to the grand scale corruption and parting from Godly ways will perish with the biblical Roman-like Empire too…unless God decides to ‘favor’ a select few like the He did with the Hebrews. (This is the Old Testament/Exodus sharing, not Muata).

The sad unfortunate is that the United States government and culture has created a monstrous entitlement attitude and pacifying environment that’s reflective of that white man’s thought process: ‘This should not have happened to me.’ I ask, Why not?

Evidence of No Humility

Attack on Peal Harbor
Hurricane Katrina
September 11, 2001
2010 Gulf Coast Oil Spill
Bay of Pigs Wiping
Vietnam War Lost
Oklahoma City Federal Building Bombing

All seven are the consequences of an oppressive arrogance - and an inability to bow down.

Can't even patch up a hole...oil spill. But, disgustingly filled with narcissistic arrogance.

I will not connect the dots for hypocritical AMERICA anymore. I just ask that AMERICANS take some time to reflect on my mind at work and not my rhetoric - then ask yourself:

What makes the United States deserving of immunity?

Friday, June 11, 2010

My Experience at the iPad Giveaway

The only reason I went was because I wanted to win an iPad. Not that I would use it. My company laptop works just fine.

When one is need of cash, not credit, there are choices one has at his/her disposal. The obvious choice is to work for it. Like a stripper does. Like an illegal immigrant does. What I wanted to do on this day was increase my chances to be a non-working winner. I wanted to hear my name called like I was ‘important’. I wanted to be envied! I was not interested in winning a trip to Las Vegas. Never been there! The iPad I am certain would have garnered me an immediate sale. I am confident a ‘wanting to look cool individual’ (like I must look when pecking on my laptop at social functions) would have jumped on my deal.

I did not win…I never win anything. Should have known better!

Three names were called. The first guy by the name of Justin did not answer. He missed the 10 second countdown too. Justin…was a winner – but he blew it by leaving the Happy Hour, a rarity in Atlanta believe it or not – Happy Hour.

Kenya’s name was called. She missed the 10 second countdown too – but there is an interesting twist.
So, keep reading.

A young lady headed to the prize table…well, everyone in attendance thought she was going in that direction. After a few elated people applauded the young lady she said, “No, no, I am not Kenya. I am going to the bathroom.”

Kenya’s name was called again: KENYA! And, once more: KENYA!

Remember, the young lady who said she was not Kenya? Turns out she knows Kenya (her bar stool was next to Kenya). She ran back to Kenya and asked/said, “Girl, you did not hear your name called? You won the iPad!” Kenya immediately ran over to the prize table with a glass of dark brown beer in hand (gotta love those ladies who drink Guinness) screaming, “I am Kenya! I won!” Kenya was told nicely, “We called your name 3 times and then we had a 10 second countdown. You never appeared so we pulled another name, and this young lady, Madison, has won the iPad.”

Kenya said with sista attitude and disappointment, “I did not hear my name. My girlfriend just told me that I won.”

I have shared this story with a few female friends, one African American, one Caucasian, and one Asian American. Their initial sentiment: ‘Kenya’s friend is not a friend.’

The Hatin’ is relentless:

The Hatin’ begins early:

My Response:

I can’t believe (really can’t believe) that Kenya’s friend pretended to be going to the bathroom just to confirm if Kenya’s name was the one called. After it was confirmed that Kenya’s name was called, she then went back over to Kenya, her ‘friend’, to report to Kenya she had won knowing it was too late for Kenya to retrieve the iPad.

My Questions:

Kenya’s friend is that conniving and hate-filled that she would allow her ‘friend’ to miss out on winning a prize? She actually knew Kenya won – but did not tell her until it was too late?

What I Should Have Done:

I wanted to approach Kenya, and tell her that her friend is not a friend. I did not. Perhaps, I should have.

The Reality:

People know the company they keep. Some just refuse to eliminate the bad company.

Brian E. Payne sharing.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Helen Thomas is 98% RIGHT

Helen Thomas is 98% RIGHT!

Palestine is "occupied” land. Stolen then occupied! Israel will tell you that they seized the land after a war. War…? How about a fight that a bully started – and knew that he could easily win.

Israel should leave the land and "go home". Israel claims that they are protecting themselves. Really? Another Jew-lie! They are actually allowing people to go without basic necessities that most people in the West take for granted.

An 89 year old woman still fighting the good fight despite all these Jew sympathizers! All the while, another United States presidential administration ignores the cries of the people who are the real natives of the land. President Obama is among that list know…Opps! The possessed Obama lovers are going to get me!

Israel continues to have a strangle hold on the United States government. Another reason this government is despised around the world.

Me nah lik dis place!

I am imagining…what if blacks in America were revered like the Jews??? They deserve the reverence considering the brutality forced upon them since day one of the Atlantic slave trade.

Thanks, Helen -and SO LONG. You went out with a BANG:

Brian E. Payne sharing.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Disappointment Defeated

This was definitely a 'feel good story' despite what was lost regarding sport's history. I was so elated by the pitcher's sportsmanship and by the umpire's humility. Even in a time of obvious mistake, something good was present. Something defeated disappointment. It was understanding that stood strong. Isn't this what we want: To be understood when we make a mistake?

A teachable moment...