Sunday, December 26, 2010

Be Christian and Be Kwanzaa

Yesterday was Christ-mas Day. The day King James claimed Jesus was born. A day of birth that's considered special to thousands of people from ALL walks of life. From Iraq to Germany. From St. Vincent to Tonga. This day is revered! That cannot be disputed.

My hope as someone who does not subscribe to a religion and as someone who humbly believes that his life has been one of charitable contribution via his passion: Service - is that Christianity's Christians will not only celebrate Jesus’ believed-in birth - but plan to and then mirror the life of Jesus Christ...and stop talking about Him in name ONLY. Rather emulate Him in service. In divine duty.

Feed a homeless man. Spend some time with the sick. Communicate with the men and women who are not ‘Saints’. Convey to someone that they are worthy. Challenge an unjust authority. Be Him.

And, continue to be of his essence by promoting and participating in an action plan. A road map of empowerment: KWANZAA. Kwanzaa places the one who celebrates in a position to do something.

I peacefully –and without any self superiority suggest when you, the Christian, begin to miss Jesus and/or 'get happy' don't just call His name. Be as countless atheist and agnostics are: Sacrificial and Giving.

Most importantly, Be the Christian You Say You Are, in your faith and within The Seven Principles of Kwanzaa.

Muata Nowe

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