Thursday, September 25, 2008

Using my Imagination to Imagine that the Number is Wrong

Imagine if every eligible black person in the United States was registered to vote. Imagine if at least 75% of these registered blacks were prepared to vote for Barack Obama on or before November 4, 2008. If this phantasm would become a reality Barack Obama and the Democrat Party would not be as flustered as they are now. What do you think?

For the sake of using this mental imagery: Wouldn’t there be more comfort and ease among those who are wanting and needing a Change We Can Believe In?

8 Million Unregistered Black Voters in the United States

“Brian, stop pulling numbers out your butt! You are wrong. Where did you get that number? There are only 40 million black people in the United States.”

Well, even after blogging and sharing verbal and written commentary for the past 4 years there are those who still believe that the information that I share is on ‘shaky ground’. Perhaps, I am questioned because the information I do share is considered negative and somewhat depressing most of the time thus encouraging others not to believe and/or dismiss me. I agree that I can do a better job of sending out more decorative info. Perhaps, the statistics I share concerning black people are just high and alarming. So high that they are extremely DIFFICULT to believe. I definitely did not believe this one:

8 Million Unregistered Black Voters in the United States

Nonetheless, the US Census Bureau prides itself on getting the figures right:

This commentary is not written to be grandiloquent or to blast black folk. No, today this is my message of deep concern, vigorous encouragement, and startling disbelief. We can hear the radio personalities say to us over and over, ‘Please register to vote.’ We can receive email after email suggesting that we FORCE someone in our realm of persuasion to register. While I have received a total of 87 email forwards over the past three months motivating and guilt-ing black people to do what they are suppose to do anyway, I was still amazed - actually, SHOCKED to discover:

8 Million Unregistered Black Voters in the United States

After thinking about this number in my sleep, I have two questions:

What does it really take to get unregistered Devon to fill out a form that only requires 3-4 minutes to complete? How do we inspire unregistered Alexis to write her name, address, telephone number, DOB, gender, race/ethnicity, and driver’s license number/last four digits of her social security number on a form that could literally assist in changing her life?

I don’t understand it. After all that was brutally endured and unselfishly sacrificed, what will it take for this 8 million to pay homage to the honorable (the ancestors)?

It is my hope that you and I along with the man who stands behind Change We Can Believe In can GET those unregistered to Swear or Affirm that they are a citizen of the United States.

Just had a thought. Perhaps, this is the underlying problem: The unregistered do not feel that they are TRULY citizens of these United States. If this is the case I can understand why: disenfranchised, ignored, disrespected, and gentrified. I have been there.

Written by Brian E. Payne. Inspired by 8 million!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The View of an Education


Hawaii Pacific University – 1 semester
North Idaho College - 2 semesters
University of Idaho - 2 semesters
Matanuska-Susitna College -1 semester
University of Idaho - 3 semesters
After all THAT:

BA Journalism

When I was in high school I was told, “You need to go to college.” I eventually did go to college. Actually, I decided to go for the wrong reason though: To run track without the idea or purpose of graduating. Thankfully, over time I decided to buckle down, and as a result I graduated with academic and athletic honors.

Education has become a justification for my intelligence. I have somewhat determined without going to undergraduate and graduate school that my intellectual insight would be limited. In some ways it is but only in certain areas. For example, chemistry is not my cup of tea. Therefore, I cannot elaborate on certain details of this Egyptian alchemy. However, I should be an ‘expert’ in the following subject areas:

Health/Physical Education

Even with my acquired and expensive academia I have been told that it does not matter how much education I have. What matters is how I use it. I have also been told that without some level of an education one places limitations and barriers in his/her path.

Now, that I have this education I at times am viewed as a ‘know it all’. Of course, I am not, and try not to behave as such. I am just confident in my understanding of the majors I decided to study.

While education continues to be held in high esteem it definitely needs to be understood that going to college and finishing within two or four years is not a prerequisite to success. What makes an accomplished individual is the incorporation of his/her learning’s in the day to day process of life.

Barack Obama, Joe Biden, John McCain, and Sarah Palin have been to college. They made it to graduation. But, I under no circumstances will use their college experience as a litmus test. I will not judge whether or not they are creditable or prepared to be president or vice-president based on graduating from Harvard University or the University of Idaho. What I will do is defend and/or support when the effort is made to go to college.

And, what we should not do is one day determine that going to college is not all that important and then on the next day begin to believe it is that serious.

If it is THAT SERIOUS I would like for us to explain this:

Joe Dudley – 10th grade education
Malcolm X - no high school education
P Diddy - dropped out of Howard
Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard
Farrakhan - no college education
Harry Truman - no college education
Abraham Lincoln - no college education
Benjamin Banneker – no college education
George Washington - no college education
Gandhi - no college education
Matthew Henson – no college education
Andrew Jackson - no college education
Mark Twain - no college education
Paul Laurence Dunbar – no college education
Ernest Hemingway - no college education

Written by Brian E. Payne. Inspired by the importance of an EDUCATION.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Drill, Drill, Drill

is the title of a commentary I read a few days ago. After reading it, I am not sure why it has that aggressive title. It definitely does not reflect the message Eva Ensler was trying to forcefully DRILL. However, the article does a fantastic job of presenting a one-sided scatterbrained argument of why Sarah Palin supporters should not be in her corner.

What I have done is humbly responded to Ensler. Please read the article at the link below, and then read my letter of response to this ‘I am with Barack Obama in spite of the truth’ zany monologue.

Muata’s Response


Most Americans can care less about a polar bear. This is my assumption that will NOT make an ass out me. I am certain! But, I will go ahead and ask: Am I an ass?


Would I be wrong in saying that most Americans believe in the creation story, and not evolution? Just wondering because the majority of churches tell the Adam and Eve story all the time. The story is imbedded in Christianity’s dogma. It is a story that is recorded in Christianity’s book of sacred scripture. We are a Christian nation, right? The aforementioned facts leave me with: Most people can care less about evolution concepts especially if they cannot pay their utility bill.


Is global warming a priority concern for the average person who lives in a Battleground State? Those places of residence that will not only determine the next president – but those places where the employment industry has collapsed. You know those states where a huge portion of the population is having difficulties with purchasing food and putting gas in their modest cars? When has global warming ever been a concern that’s discussed in small rural town hall meetings? I agree it should - but it is definitely not a pressing issue among trailer park, lower middle class, and housing authority residents.


Palin is on the record stating that she personally does not believe in abortion, and that she will not allow her belief to affect her legislation. While I find that hard to believe, I must respect her position. If she decides to interject her personal opinion while serving as vice president that's when we should pull her on the carpet. Shouldn’t we respect a person’s beliefs on the topic of abortion as long as it is not hindering productive dialogue?

Why is it made to be a huge issue for Palin to declare, "It is God's plan" when so many mumble this on the daily? I have even heard saved church-going people say, “It was in God's plan for that eight year old to be killed by a drunk driver.” If Palin believes God has ordained/sanctioned the war in Iraq so be it. This is her religious/spiritual determination. It may not be accurate – but it is her belief. Who are we to judge such a personal understanding of God and His ‘work’?

That ridiculous rumor floating around out there that claims Palin tried to ban books from libraries is an untruth. Who in their right mind would conjure up such a foolish lie? Why would Eva even mention this when it is a known distortion?


Sarah Palin grew up in a state where guns are apart of the culture. Hunting is an extremely popular ‘sport’ in Alaska, by the way. Why is it so difficult to accept that Palin is an accomplished hunter who has taken on hunting practices that are common throughout the state? Besides, what is wrong with "bearing arms"? The constitution does give Americans this entitlement.

We need to stop with the irresponsible 'support of Barack Obama at all cost'. A perfect way to begin is to share Ensler’s letter and include a responsible and unbiased critique. The letter does nothing but create an atmosphere of ignorance if we, the commentators, forwarders of emails, political writers, and pundits, are not attempting to tell the complete story. And, I am sick and tired of everyday people ending up in the DARK as a result of them mentally ingesting crap like Eva Ensler’s one-sided letter.

For the record, I am not a supporter of the Republican ticket. I only support TRUTH and FAIRNESS. Two things that voters must seek and demand during a presidential election. You can begin by questioning Ensler’s findings.

Brian E. Payne

Sunday, September 14, 2008

After reading the article (link above), a group of Obama supporters decided to challenge my criticism of their views pertaining to Cindy McCain’s past addiction to Vicodin and Percocet. While I was a bit more forgiving, they were vehemently unsupportive of Mrs. McCain’s lapse in judgment and uncontrollable addiction. I gather that they are this heated as a result of their unrelenting and irreproachable support of Barack Obama.

The Obama congregates also take issue with her and her husband’s involvement in trying to cover up the substance abuse. Claiming that John McCain is someone that they would not like or trust in the White House based on his “less than honorable actions”. However, I contend that the Messiah Obama worshippers hold a double standard considering that they are the same people who were perfectly okay with President William Clinton’s immoral behavior. And, let’s say that they were not ‘okay’ with Bill’s sexual shenanigans; they evidently are not holding the moral iron to Barack Obama’s feet: He has admitted to ‘dipping and dapping’ in cocaine. He has been associated with men that the American judicial system labels as crooks.

The back and forth is recorded here on Muata Truth Telling. Please enjoy the dialogue. Click on the comment icon below.

Recorded by Brian E. Payne. Inspired by Barack Obama’s Army of Hypocrites.

Monday, September 08, 2008

A Rant that has One Life to Live

I never really wanted America to fall/fail. I have just wanted this Machiavellian machine for a country to do right by its citizens and the people around the world since America’s Yes-Men tout themselves and this land as the BEST. America has not done this thus placing them in the undesired but deserving category of FAILURE.

Over the years this beast for a government has manipulated countries to the point that they do not even recognize their rich culture and heritage. The media infiltration of America’s General Hospital good life has transformed reality into soap opera episodes. Therefore, leaving Bulgarians and Sudanese people reaching for The Guiding Light – but America’s light is being dimmed by its misdeeds. And, now As the World Turns not in America’s favor we, common everyday people, who may cling to religion are praying that the United States returns to The Bold and the Beautiful nation it once was.

The United States Congress poses as that great beacon of legislature that claims to answer to it residents; and then decides not to live up to its purpose because an opposing President sits in the White House. That alone is the essence of the failure and downfall: Donkey ego that tries to out match an inflated Elephant ego. This gets us nowhere. It also tarnishes the true mission of government. Yet politicians on both sides of the aisle have the audacity to criticize China’s State Council on its human rights breaches.

America in all its glory has built its wealth off the backs of the poor and darker people worldwide without ever once thinking about the inalienable rights of these people. The first inhabitants of North America, Native American’s, basic rights and freedoms were not even considered. No, our white countrymen slaughtered them; later bused the red skin leftovers to ill-prepared reservations, and then almost 200 years later decided it was necessary to ‘preserve’ the Cherokee’s history in a building on the National Mall. I am not sure if the few remaining Cherokee Indians appreciate this multi-million dollar gesture or not – but I do know that their spiritually has not been respectfully acknowledged or welcomingly received by the Lone Ranger (America).

America and its Christian zealots e.g. Billy, Eddie, and others have used religion and their brand of the spirit world (Holy Ghost) to control and brainwash the masses. As a result they have defied God and polluted His word. If the Good Book is accurate this act alone has and will continue to shorten the Days of Our Lives. Lives that resemble desperation, confusion, and anger.

The present state of America is an embarrassment. What happened to the integrity? The honor? The accountability? What makes a man from a foreign land want to defecate on the stars and stripes? I will tell you. The reason is on the hands of guilty white men who decided to adhere to their weak feelings of insecurity. They have ruined the nation as a result of this act. Pathetic! Now you, my children, and others will suffer (are suffering) a consequence just because we live here.

Thank God I am not too devastated by this: All great nations crumble. Unfortunately, America’s dissolution is occurring too soon. Entirely too soon! Even the Great Savior, Barack Obama, cannot save us from the ABYSS. He will say he can just like McCain will – but I recommend that you prepare for the worst.

I only have One Life to Live so why be quiet?

*For the record: I do not condone the act in the accompanying picture – but I do understand the sentiment.

Written by Muata. Inspired by The Young and the Restless. I am radically youthful in spirit, but overwhelmingly tired of this shit!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Tradeoff: Sexual Confidence or a Stiff One?

Football season may as well be in full swing. The NCAA had its season opener last Thursday, and on Labor Day night there was a game. As for NFL fans ‘First Sunday’ cannot get here fast enough. I am not talking about the ‘remembrance’ Sunday at the beginning of every month when churches conduct the consecrated elements of Eucharist. And, when church service for me was even more dreadful because it was longer. Boy, did I hate First Sunday’s: stale saltine chips, Food Lion brand grape juice, and an unrelenting pastor. What a horrible beginning of the week!

Typically, to start my day or week off I want a ‘release’. Not a rhetorical sermon: ‘Jesus is Lord. Jesus saves. So, come join the church.’ No, I need a little somethin’ prenuptial sinful to get me rejuvenated from a hectic weekend where I spent most of my time running errands, being a Saturday and Sunday Dad, and from having lengthy conversation after conversation with various family members. We all know that those chats can be emotionally draining – but the one thing some of us have to look forward to is a hot and steamy sex session. That’s if you have someone to get it on with. If not, you are on your own. You know what I mean!

According to an article I recently read, women are pretty much solo when it comes to sex. Countless reasons have been regurgitated over the years on the pages of female-oriented magazines. Reasons ranging from the brotha just can’t get it up to the sista feeling uncomfortable with the appearance of her body. Of course those fellas who have the limpness issue have extremely effective alternatives. I am sure you have seen the bombardment of Get and Stay Hard commercials during football season. If you have not just wait until after kick off on First Sunday: Viagra and Cialis Overload! And, women do have a ‘choice’ especially when the man is given an opportunity to voice his suggestion: ‘Just workout and loose that weight.’ He makes it sound so easy. Doesn’t he? However, sexual confidence is a complex issue for women and ultimately for a relationship/marriage. If a woman is not satisfied with her body, how can she fully acquire enough confidence to really put out? Really put out!

“USA Today reports that the number one reason women avoid sex is because they feel uncomfortable with how their bodies look.”

While this is not much of a newsflash for women, it is for the men I have talked with about this topic. Some of my boys thought it was all them: ‘Was I an asshole yesterday?’ Now, they understand that it may just be that wifey or girlfriend is not feeling content with her body today. This leaving them feeling a little better about themselves – but this does nothing for their spouse but intensify the self consciousness. Lost in an abyss of insecurity.

“In general, African-Americans experience more sexual dysfunction than Whites, and Hispanics experience fewer sexual problems. Black women are much more likely to experience low sexual desire, and to report less pleasure from sex, than White women. Hispanic women consistently reported the most satisfying lives.”

Where do we go from here? What mechanisms can be established/used to create the perfect setting for that love making encounter other than a Viagra-induced penis? The penis may be hard, but the emotions and self-concepts of girlfriend/wife are fragile.

Perhaps, men can gain some insight - and possibly women can attain some confidence from reading and answering the questions at the link below:

Conducting research and later communicating may just help those of us not getting that
on-going release.

Additional research suggestions:

June Dobbs Butts, one of the first African American sexologists. Her research and writings focus on sex, teenage pregnancy and AIDS. She has earned the reputation as the African American counterpart to the popular psychosexual therapist Dr. Ruth Westheimer.;col1

Lynn Aurelia Norment, serves as a member on the Editorial Board of Ebony Magazine. She writes and edits various columns for Ebony Magazine including "Sisterspeak,";col1

Fellas, even with a hit of street sold Cialis or Viagra you may still be falling short. Besides, most women are not interested in you forcefully sexing her for hours!!

Written by Brian E. Payne. Inspired by one of the most tirelessly overrated, subject to devastating complication, and possibly unpleasing God creations: SEX.