Thursday, May 31, 2007

Choice: Abortion should not be politicized, liberalized, or right-winged

There have not been too many times that I apprehensively pranced around a subject. A subject that Rudy Giuliani cannot shake. A subject that’s clearly decisive. It is a subject that most men never chat about while having a good CAO with a Cameroon wrap and a taste of Kentucky’s finest, Knob Creek. We just don’t feel a need to debate or dialogue about abortion. Men typically find themselves talking about sports, their high school/college days, who we had sex with last week, last night, or twenty years ago, and even religion. Abortion is too heavy for us modern day cavemen, but now and then we will state our peace on the subject. And, today is my day to give my reverential two cents with the hopes I will not be perceived as judgmental, nescient, shallow, and/or self-righteous. Nevertheless, I must admit that I plan to be unabashedly frank. I cannot tip-toe around this hot subject any longer. Muata must speak – with the hope no one will personalize this commentary.

Experiencing the death of a child, I am told, is one of the most difficult travesties both men and women could possibly face and work through. Some say one never gets pass the unexpected shock and piercing pain, which means that these parents are forever changed by what the Christian God has guaranteed: DEATH. But, no one expects for God’s death angel to strike the most innocent of us. Or, is it the devil’s death angel? I have always been confused by this. Maybe some Christian reader will help me understand. Anyway, there is one thing I am not addled by, and that is the aborting of a life. defines abort in this clear, concise, and non-circuitous way:

*to bring forth a fetus from the uterus before the fetus is viable; miscarry.
*to develop incompletely; remain in a rudimentary or undeveloped state.
*to fail, cease, or stop at an early or premature stage.

I know several women who have had miscarriages. A few of them probably did not initially know that they miscarried considering it can occur without the female being aware. I know a couple of women who knows someone who had to deliver a baby with no heartbeat. And, I do know some women who terminated their pregnancies. They decided to do what the third definition states. Not one of the listed occurrences is easy to deal with. Nonetheless, statistics report that terminating pregnancies is the most popular of the situations. The numbers and research also indicate that abortion is readily presented as an option by doctors and counselors more so to African American women in comparison to Caucasian women. Funny how this advice appears not to be given to the influx of Hispanic female illegal immigrants considering they are having babies just so their offsprings can gain American citizenship; and then we (tax payers & legally working people) have to take care of their children via the social services that we RARELY use. This is America!

Reasons why women go to abortion clinics seeking that $300-$1200 service are vast. Roe v. Wade has given women the opportunity to make their own decisions on what to do with their undeveloped, but really “developed” fetuses (if there is a pulse it is developed). Pro-Choice is what we call it, and today’s climate threatens its existence. Presently, this choice is what a few presidential hopefuls (white men) are debating all across the country on the “behalf” of all American women within the United States. They are making an attempt to appease their constituents and other people who want to know where they stand on this topic that’s truly perceived as the moral standard question. By the way, who determines what a moral standard is and can be? Some say the church and others believe it is our conscience. I prefer my conscience. But, what if my sister was faced with the illness that’s detailed in this video clip? Please watch:

I guess if Mitt, Huckabee, Christopher, or Kucinich becomes president of the United States they will either put forth legislation to reverse Roe v. Wade or keep it the way it is, a woman’s choice. The choice that flat lines heartbeats and brainwave activity.

Isn’t it ironic, and worldly typical that the gender that will ultimately have the final say on a female decision is MALE? Actually, I find it insulting to women that these blue suit wearing 50 plus age white men are swimming upstream when asked a question on abortion. The only one who is adamant about his position is Mr. 911 Savior, Rudy. He has said on countless occasions that abortion is morally wrong, but he has also conveyed to the nation that the act is a female’s choice. You have to respect a man that tells his truth!

Choice, is where I would like to passionately hone in on. We all make decisions. Some are more important than others, and some of our decisions are run of the mill. Routine and not that significant. But, abortion has proven to be in the category of IMPORTANT. At least that’s what I would like to believe, but living on earth has proven otherwise. While abortion is an option for Cindy, Julie, Shaquita, and Lexus perhaps it should not be. Just think about that for a moment before you turn this commentary into, A Passing Judgment Referendum. What if abortion was only an option for those cases that are critical i.e. mother could die, child could be born with a debilating disease or birth defect, you know those incidents a few of the presidential candidates are willing to grant pardons for?

Why aren’t our boxers and panties in a knot when healthy, young, middle-age women break one of the Christian’s Ten Commandments? Are we so far to the left that we feel a need to be silent? Well, some of us are harping. But, where is the uproar like we hear and see during Pro-Choice rallies? Yes, we have those fanatics standing outside abortion clinics causing psychological harm to the “mentally prepared” women who plan to allow Dr. Dawkins assist them with aborting a life. We also have Mr. Boyfriend who is in most cases supporting the young lady’s termination decision at her side. Well, to be fair, some of these male baby makers may not be in agreement of the decision. They may want the child to be a future city council woman, surgeon, athlete, etc.

Abortion, a decision that is NOT easy for MOST women. The decision is made for various reasons. It just so happens that right or wrong is the judgment that has been applied to it. Did we think judgment would not surface regarding an act that affects a life that has no say in the matter? Would we feel better if the following was not a reality?: aborting a fetus has become a brand of allergy medication on aisle eight at Walgreens. It is a choice. Unfortunately, the over-the-counter brand is a generic one, not top of the line like Claritin. For some, top of the line are of the ideals of Pro-Life.

Choice. We make the hot and steamy decision to pull or pants down. Have unprotected sex, and then we, both men and women, are in a panic because Aunt Flow has not appeared. So panicky that it appears that pastor has just announced Jesus is returning tomorrow. Oh! I forgot that pastor has said, ‘Behold, Jesus is returning’ before on NUMEROUS occasions. Jesus is such a character! It is almost like we did not know there was the miracle known as pregnancy. But, we are definitely - without a doubt aware that abortion can fix our poor choice which is supported by this “appropriately” selfish decision we call Pro Choice.

There would be no need for these presidential puppets to talk and talk about the moral standard of abortion if we made better choices. Most people know right from wrong. We just refuse to mention what is right and wrong out of fear of being labeled a conservative or liberal. It is a travesty that Americans choose to placate and compromise rather than stand up for values and righteousness.

The grey area and PC is killing us! How I wish someone would tell it like it is without fear of being labeled bleeding heart or ultra conservative!

Call me what you want. I select to be a realist with fuddy-duddy views and opinions on this matter.

Written by Muata. Inspired my efforts not to offend; and if I did please accept my apology for saying what I believe needs to be said.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Either he really does not get it or he is simply playing politics

“I don’t think white people will not vote for me because I am black. If they don’t vote for me it is because I have not demonstrated to them the leadership qualities that they desire.”

This is a direct quote from an interview transcript Barack Obama had with George Stephanopoulos. This statement alone confirms my germinal belief about Barack: He simply is not prepared for the garbage that comes with the presidency of the United States. A black man who believes he is going to get the majority of the white vote because of his leadership capabilities is demonstrating to the world he is either clueless or trying his best to be positive. Being positive is perfectly okay. We all need to be now and then; while never forgetting about REALITY.

What real world does Barack live in? Does he understand that America is still a racist society? Does he realize that he is just another Negro with a suit and tie? Is Barack that naïve to think his blackness does not play a role in a white person’s decision? Doesn’t he comprehend that some black people will not vote for him because they subconsciously believe he is the color of incompetence? (similar to some blacks deciding not to seek the services of a black doctor or dentist because the physician is that “dreadful” color: BLACK)

Of course I was floored by his assessment as I listened to him do everything possible to convince the viewing population that he is the best Democratic candidate and will be the best president post Bush. I was even getting excited about him for once until he decided to be “positive” and/or politically correct. Initially, I said that Barack is not ready to be the president of the United States. But, over the past few months I have listened to him clarify his position on a few extremely important matters and detail a plan for his stint as the Commander and Chief. From my re-analysis of Mr. Obama’s verbiage I was starting to lean his way. Just a little. However, I could never get pass my suspicion that he does not display to me that he is really ready to sleep in the white house with an authoritative personality. I kept thinking: Does he have the balls to be the president of this conflicted country and will he be another Peace Corps-type for a president like James Earl Carter, Jr.? I just believe Barack Obama is too good for the US presidency, like the former peanut farmer proved to be. Too good in character. And, too vulnerable to be corrupted by the heavy weight-ness of Americas’ ferocious politics.

The last thing I would like to witness is Barack Obama get engulfed by the fecal matter that comes with attempting to be a good president. Good president? What does it take to be a good president anyway? President Walker Bush was a decent president for millions of people before he decided to annihilate Iraq and later support the Shiites. President Jefferson Clinton was a good president until he decided to receive blow jobs in the oval office. President Milhous Nixon was a good president until he ordered someone to eavesdrop. President Wilson Reagan was a good president until his War on Drugs Initiative revealed the alarming differences in prison sentencing for crack vs. powder cocaine offenders. My point is that we, the America voters, can never tell who will be a good president because of changing and evolving circumstances. All it takes to be black listed by voters is one mishap (Howard Dean episode). Just one because of our inability to see past the here and now.

All we have in our intellectual arsenals to make our decisions is the candidate’s scripted political history and their manufactured responses to critical questions. We have nothing that helps us understand them as people first and candidates second which leaves us with what we want them to be for us. Yes, even with voting we have made our selections based on what we personally believe we need. Not on what the country needs.

Evidently, Americans feel we need a change. The people have spoken. Both democrats and republicans. But, what will change? No, a better question - what has changed? We will still be entrenched in Iraq. We are not just going to precipitously leave the Iraqi people high and dry. If you believe these democratic law makers are willing to step-up and jump ship you may be just as naïve as Mr. Obama. We will still have no solution to the ever growing problems within the healthcare system. We will continue to put education at the bottom of the agenda. We definitely will not have an answer for the social security crisis our administrations dating back to Ford have created. Finally, we will NEVER have a solution to America’s race problem until both white and black people are honest with themselves and each other. Barack was not honest with Stephanopoulos. He gave the correct answer to appease America so he can get votes for a position his personality is not ready for, while surely not saying this truth to white and black America: ‘I am aware many of you have issues with my skin color. I am aware some of you will not vote for me because of your racist and self-hatred beliefs, but America needs me because I am the BEST leader in this pack of perpetrators.’ Nope, this sincerity and honesty will not come from Barrack because he is doing and saying what he believes he needs to as a result of PLAYING POLITICS.

As these power thirsty white men, one innocently callow black man, one ambassador-type American of Mexican decent, and one hardboiled white woman are saying what we want them to say so we can feel better the country is falling apart:

-Illegal immigrants are bankrupting the social services. (something I have a great deal of abhorrence towards) -The American Dream of purchasing a home has become nightmares for those bamboozled by sharks who the government failed to regulate.
-Companies are exporting their businesses leaving thousands of hard working blue collar folk jobless.
-The American family is under assault because of reckless liberalism e.g. gay marriage & carefree abortion.
-Our youth are on self destructive rampages i.e. using hard drugs (meth) & participating in real dangerous coition, and not clothes up grinding.

Written by Muata. Inspired by the reaction my younger sister had after a white man called her and her friend black nappy-headed niggers. Welcome to reality, Melanie! Inspired by the need for someone to tell Barrack Obama that the hearts and minds of most Americans have not changed. We just do a better job of hiding our contempt for each other now! And, if you don’t believe me ask the average black person what they really think about those Napoleon-complex brown skin brothers crossing the border illegally. We (black folk) have become the new George Wallace-type.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Blessed and Highly Favored

The next time I hear someone say, ‘I am blessed and highly favored’- I might just regurgitate. You cannot imagine how disgusted I am about having this statement reach my ears.

What does this statement truly mean? I will tell you: 'We (Christians) are blessed because we are saved and God favors us because we have decided to be apart of His Christian church/religion/kingdom, and you are/have not.' Not many Christians will tell you this with humility or without arrogance. Unfortunately, when they do reveal this to you it is done on a level of 'you are down here and we are UP here'.

The funny thing is I NEVER hear Muslims, Buddhist, Taoist, and the numerous other “religious” folk answering the phone with this statement. Perhaps they are secure in their beliefs and don’t need to boastfully broadcast to the world their so call “position” with God. I am of the belief this statement is made out of insecurity by the average Christian.

Who are these Christians trying to convince of their favor? I don’t have a need to know where you (the Christian) THINK you stand with God. I can careless. What type of response are they expecting to receive? Does it make them feel better to declare their "made up" status with their Lord?

Question: I guess that child of Muslim parents dying of AIDS in Africa is not blessed and highly favored? Ya see, the way I see it God is not going around blessing and favoring people. If he is, he has left out that innocent child in Africa. Hasn’t he??? If he is, he is involved in this Freewill concept these Christ followers proclaim he "gave" to the world. According to Christian doctrine, God granted freewill and then said to us ‘Here you go, humans. Do what you will.’ Isn’t it obvious we are doing as we will i.e. chaos, war, destroying the environment?

Do we actually believe God is involved in the details of our lives? If he is, why isn’t he rescuing the millions of kids being sexually molested and killed by "praying" adults while "moral" people are praying to keep our kids safe?

Also, why is there a need to ‘hold onto the everlasting arm of Jesus’ if you have been blessed and favored? The way I see it there is no need to seek comfort or security from The Son of Man (hold on to the everlasting arm of Jesus) if you are covered with the blood of Jesus (blessed and favored).

I ain’t crazy and I ain’t mad with Christianity. I am being real with REAL questions, and NO one is answering or addressing them for us folk who are THINKING and SEARCHING for a new path that will possibly lead us to some level of intellectually understanding, and not understanding by faith. To understand via your faith means one cannot move from that understanding without fusing in the dogma that's apart of their anima.

Written by Muata. Inspired by the devoted Christians who forget that their religion states that they are SINNERS first and SAINTS later.