Sunday, September 30, 2007

Hypocrisy: The Black Response to Racism

A few days ago I got lost in an area that’s known to those of us living in the south’s hotbed for gentrification as International Village. Getting lost is nothing new to me these days. I still consider myself “new to the city”. Wet behind the ears! A newbie! An addition to the ever changing city that’s losing its blackness: Atlanta, Georgia. Even the first chocolate city, DC, could not escape the entourage of Mid-town-type men buying up all the abandoned real estate. A power move that forces the blacks to subdivision haven: the suburbs. The new place for big city crime. Look out Kennesaw and Gaithersburg lifelong residents. Your neighborhoods are going to hell. Those people Chris Rock hates are comin with their loud rap music and loitering antics.

After becoming a resident of the state of Georgia, and one in thousands of transplants in the Atlanta metro area I continue to get confused with 285, 20, 75, and 78. Maybe it is me, but the highways appear to be interconnected in such a way that links up eventually. Perhaps some lifelong peach or falcon will help me out. Send me an email. After you send that email definitely continue to read my story:

I am not sure why that buzzing area that looked to be a place where chickens roam has the title International Village considering the only elements of internationalism are Mexican and Asian-themed restaurants. Physical structures bearing the names Pancho’s and New Seoul are only a couple of dining places that caught my attention when I was direction discombobulated. By the way, it has to be against health department code to hang roasted ducks in windows. Talk about great window space marketing!

Obtaining directions back to my rude Indian neighborhood and newly litter-filled by blacks former condo community was surely a reminder that certain areas in the south are also becoming a semi-diverse metropolises, and of course the ghettoism of littering has made its way to places of living that pride themselves on seclusion. Just can’t get a way from blacks who don’t care about where they lay their heads.

After three wasteful stops and attempting to communicate with nine people from Vietnam, a small village in Mexico, or wherever I began to get irritated. I was not frustrated by getting lost any longer; it was my hidden and subconscious racist thoughts that caused me to yell at the top of my lungs. At that moment, I thought to myself, ‘These damn foreigners! I can’t believe they come to these fa├žade of an united states, and refuse to speak the language that they will have to use while reciting the pledge of American citizenry.’ Can you believe that not one individual spoke a coherent English sentence? Unbelievable! What was also hard to fathom was the level of racist anger I possessed at that moment. I was spouting all types of slurs, and throwing all types of racism into the atmosphere. And, why? Because poor little bigoted Brian was lost and could not find his way to his place of solitude that’s turning into a miniature housing authority. A place that he would rather be all day anyway. Staying in my confines shields me from the nastiness that I was displaying in make-believe International Village. I was a racist with no concern for how my disposition was affecting those short brown skin men and women. I must have scared them with my big back, big head, and black black skin. Their words had to be: ‘What in the hell is wrong with this spook?’

Spook is such a derogatory term. It is demeaning. It is the worst descriptive term a white man could call a black man. Being called a nigger has lost its sting for most of us, but we still had the need to have it buried even when we continue to act like a damn N-word! Look at that: N-word. Why do we walk around here saying this? It looks and sounds stupid. What are we first graders? Why is there a need to literally control this word? Is racism still that hurtful, or is it something else causing all the ridiculous attention that Bill O’Reilly has received over the past week? The attention was so severe that Mr. Rainbow/Push Coalition decided to go on the O’Reilly Factor after denying invitation after invitation for years. I guess if Jesse is upset all of us should be.

However, I am not one of the countless black people fired-up over Bill speaking his mind. There was no reason for me to get my Hanes boxers in a knot when in fact what Bill O’Reilly said was not racist! Not even close. If you have only heard the parts of the audiotape that CNN published to the world (in their efforts to boost their ratings) please go back and take a listen to the entire transcript, and then remove yourself from the ‘I am a victim of racism’ posture. After sitting in this REAL place for a moment, you will discover that what Bill said was not bleeding with prejudice. In fact, what he said was not even inflammatory. But, CNN wanted us to believe it was - in another attempt for them to get more of us to watch their network while never disclosing to the public that they are way behind Fox in viewer-ship. The facts are not mine!

What is inflammatory is how so many black people have become hypocrites like those we really do not like: Some White People. I find it two-faced that we (black folk) will say to each other, ‘I pray no black person shows their behind up in this black restaurant and I hope we get decent service up in this black restaurant.’ But, when a white person thinks and says this he is a racist. Now, that is not unbelievable. I can believe that we are suspicious and critical of each other, but no one else can be. This is an affect of slavery. The excessively critical and baseless suspicion part. Something the inventors of slavery in America know we will never be able to shake: Self Hatred.

The very essence of hypocrisy is within us, and we need to stop allowing some egotistical zealot control our emotions. Stupid is what I called myself when I began to get mad at Mr. O’Reilly. Then I thought: ‘I need to have control over my feelings. Bill O’Reilly should not have this much power over me.’ If I was able to do this, why couldn’t all of Black America do it? I will tell you why: We continue to subject ourselves to their (the system’s) plan. We are so subjugated that the power we slowly gain day after day is quickly diminished because we have no clue of how not to give our precious power to someone else.

Of all people, Bill O’Reilly, dominated our hearts, minds, and spirits last week. An unintelligent and controversy-seeking man did all of this to us after we were successful at rallying against this decade’s most popular injustice: The Jena 6. Additionally, as we were fighting against this injustice we had a black man telling a judge and jury that it is okay for a black man to call a black woman a bitch. Of all people, Isaiah Thomas, said this with the confidence that other black men would agree. Whoa!

I ask again: Who is winning this battle? Last week I was convinced we were close to pulling ahead, and then we allowed our hyper-sensitivity and an arrogant former black unsportsmanlike basketball star to set us back.

Bill, you won! Go ahead and do what you always do: Gloat!

Black Hypocrisy appears to be conveniently infectious considering Brian Nichol’s new defense strategy states that years of racism caused him to kill innocent people in Fulton County’s courthouse a couple of years ago. Another black man not taking responsibility for his destructive acts. Sarcastically laughable and dangerously pathetic!

Written by Muata. Inspired by that person who called and asked me, “Did you hear what Bill O’Reilly said?” I heard his comments, I ain’t offended, and I will still be concerned about one of us showing their behind up in a black restaurant because we do cut a fool now and then. If ya black ya know what me talkin’ bout!

Monday, September 24, 2007

After the Journey to Jena

They are unrelentingly digging their heels further and further in the sixties blood soaked soil down there in Jena, Louisiana. The WHITE judicial system is refusing to reason with not only Mychal Bell's legal team, but they are with judicial arrogance proving to the thousands present in peaceful protest on the 20th of September and the millions issuing a black-wearing apparel defiance statement that they are in charge - and that no matter how many of God’s black children rebelliously demonstrate; a change with their racism will not occur on their watch. This watch of theirs has been slowly ticking in their favor for far too long.

It appears no matter how much we mobilize and strategize for some reason our efforts fall short while the racists remain on top and in a position of bigoted influence. This, justifying to the world that the evil of racism does continue to prevail despite our work to do things the way Jesus began his journey: Patiently and Non-Violently. This begs the question, how much longer do we have to behave in a manner that’s unreflective of the way that they taught us to behave and respond? It is violence that they used to make their points. They noosed us. They physically demeaned us. And yet, we have somehow been able to be Christ-like: Righteously Passive.

We have not been like what the Hebrew Bible mandates: “An eye for an eye.” We meekly evolved within the context of the New Testament while our enemies remain entrenched in the literal teachings of the Old Testament. Isn’t that something, black folk became new while too many white folk spiritually and religiously remain old? But, I am not surprised. What do we expect these white racist to do? Can’t we understand that if they do relent, and release Bell that they will display weakness? Weakness is not what they need to present to the Southeast and Midwest. They are on the Bush path of fanatical stubbornness.

I am of the belief that black people need to get violently fed-up just like Jesus Christ did with the Money Changers. His show of rebellion is revealed to us in Mark 11: 15-19. He violently turned over the tables in Herod’s Temple! And, it did make a difference. A change did occur at the expense of Jesus’ execution: The screaming alarm of justice was activated. It was through his death that we (black folk) now recognize a wrong while America’s justice system (the modern day Romans) continue to crucify our people without the slightest indication of remorse. A remorse that cannot be found in the current Grand Old Party. The GOP has not articulated a word regarding the Jena 6. They are no different from the changers of money in Herod’s courtyard. Capitol Hill crooks are what they are, and we continue to allow them to cheat us out of what is rightfully ours: JUSTICE.

This commentary was not supposed to be written in this vein. What I initially planned to do was share with all readers and bloggers my elatedness after experiencing black beauty in downtown Jena. The time we had traveling down was remarkable. The time we had while standing and walking for hours was refreshing. The time we had enjoying the love shared was wonderful. The time we had supporting Mychal, Robert, Carwin, Bryant, Theodore, and Jesse Ray was empowering. Lord, what a time we had! Beauty was at its best. On so many levels my experience was joyfully heart-touching, but tearfully sad considering we still have to march and protest. The tears we shed were well worth it. The lost in wages we will notice in our pay on the 30th was worth it. The lack of sleep and discomfort from riding on a bus for 9 or up to 27 hours was worth it. Los Angeles represented!

I would be lying if I said I was completely pleased on the day after Black America boldly yelled “Enough is Enough”. I was not. Actually, my feelings are hurt. Permanently damaged. I am so distraught by the news I received while drinking whack gourmet coffee at Caribou. Call after call and text after text was: No release for Bell and no new judge assigned to his case. Even when my conscious was aware that it would be difficult for Bell to go home and be with his family, I still had hope.

This hope black people have been holding onto for 400 plus years is so impeccable. When our minds tell us that reality will dictate the outcome, we STILL hold on. We have been so faithful under un-winnable circumstances: The Middle Passage. It does make you wonder: “If God is so Good, Why are Blacks doing so Bad?” Me and my slave ancestors have pleaded with God to show Himself, but what we continue to get: Divine inaction.

In spite of my faith wavering I and others will not quit. We will not stop! We keep pushing and praying for a difference to be made. For some that difference is in the unclean hands of our enemies. We foolishly continue to beg our oppressor to treat us fairly. Fairness is what we want! However, I am no longer thinking along these lines. My hope is diminished on this accord. The racist system within the United States will never treat us fairly, and black folk need to stop expecting this conditional charity. We will not get the fairness we deserve. It ain’t going to happen! I thank my new friend, Brother L.L. for convincing me of this. His persistent and passionate chatter while we were on the bus headed to Jena was useful - and his reaching out phone call to me on Friday as I sipped on the overpriced Mocha Delight sealed the deal for me. Thankfully, he was there to console me while a white supremacy group summoned its followers to lynch all the “Niggers who return to Jena.”

Think about it for a moment: Children expect their parents to be fair. Children grow up hoping life will be fair. Now, I ask, are we (black folk) children? We are non-aggressively petitioning white intolerants to be fair. This is ridiculous to me. We are not the white man’s children. We are destined to be a movement! We are not helpless souls wondering around on this earth. We are men and women who can defeat this kingdom of serpents if we discontinue buying into their retarded approaches to life. But, it will take bold political decisions and economic actions on the part of us who are dissatisfied. For example, Barack may have to sacrificially step out there a little bit more by taking a visible stand with Maxine Waters and blacks must hit the system where it hurts: In the pocket. Both can be and should be done.

All we have to do now is organize internally. National Action Network, the NAACP, SCLC, New Black Panther Party, and countless other groups must coordinate while individuals such as you, me, and these spineless churches provide resourceful assistance by simply supporting in a meaningful way. We can’t be like the followers of Jesus after he ram shacked that Temple in Jerusalem. They pretended not to know of him or his cause. We have to be the warlike zealots of Judea. They advocated the violent overthrow of the Roman Empire (America) and they also vigorously resisted the barbarous efforts of the Romans (white racist) to heathenize the Jews.
I don’t won’t to be a heathen any longer! How about you?

Black folk, we can do this. Lord knows I am believing this today. I am. Believe with me! Without this belief we will have only been successful at integrating with those men and women who hate us for no reason whatsoever!

Powerful slide show:

News Report:

Written by Muata. Inspired by the students from Prairie View A & M. A HBCU, and the second oldest public institution of higher education in Texas. The Historically Black Colleges and Universities represented! Who said that our students don't care?

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Mother Teresa’s Secret is Revealed: Is our Lord Answering our Prayers?

Jesus has a very special love for you. As for me, the silence and the emptiness is so great that I look and do not see, listen and do not hear.”

These are the words of Mother Teresa. She mumbled them to Reverend Michael Van Der Peet back in September of 1979. She was referring to her state of mind and spirit while working with the poor in Calcutta, India. A place where hopelessness was a part of daily life at the time, and as you can decipher, was a place where people like Mother Teresa who compassionately devoted time and effort to the poor people of India LOST faith in the perceived power of God. She subtly indicates that she was growing weary and that she was getting tired of waiting for a response from Jesus (Isaiah 40: 31).

The world’s greatest humanitarian icon insinuated a question and issued a subconscious command that I have been humbly articulating for years: “Where are you, God. Please show Yourself. Prove to the faithful that you are still King of the Throne.” The easy and typical Christian answer to my question: ‘God is present. You just have to believe that He is.’ Yes, this is the answer several of you reading would like to respond with, but at this junction of my life I have no faith in unison rehearsed and empty responses. No, I don’t! But, does this mean that I have totally lost all of my faith? Does it mean that I am an atheist? ‘I can see some of you trembling: Is Muata an atheist?’ Stop worrying. I have not lost or completely eliminated the belief in God from my life: theism. What I have simply done is re-instituted my Job-like questioning. Something I certainly believe the Lord wants us to do. Why shouldn’t we? We all know what the Believers believe does not make any sense at all. We know it does not add up. We know that the Believers believe because of their faith walk. Their reality has been consciously suspended in order to get on the road of salvation and to remain on the road to glory. The Believers' Christian message and New Testament traditionalism do not have to be coherent! Blindly trusting in God is all one needs to do (2 Corinthians 5:7).

Should we trust this God we apply so much reverence to? Should we really trust Him (2 Corinthians 1:9-10)? And, if you do trust The Most High ask yourself why. Is it because He has answered the prayers you claim you religiously offer-up or is it because your family trusted Him? I don’t need fideistic answers from anyone. No spiritual metaphysics, new thought belief, or ole time religion is necessary. My intentions are simple: I want us to be informed and reminded that the most faithful of us i.e. Mother Teresa had lengthy moments of suspended certitude. She essentially stopped believing that Jesus was present in the world despite what the Bible depicts. The book of man-written scripture does state that Jesus will not leave us and that His spirit is among those who do and don’t believe in and need him. But, the question, Where is He?, can be asked – and several of us know it is a legitimate question.

Perhaps, I am not praying right? Maybe, I am second guessing myself which in the rarefied church’s truth leads to sabotaging? Perhaps, I should go back to church? Surrounding myself with the Saints, the Beloved, and the Blessed & Highly Favored should help. Right? Maybe, I am forgetting about my Christian upbringing? Have I become too High and Mighty? Whatever I am doing, it must not be enough (Matthew 6: 33) or either I am rejecting God, His Son, and the Holy Ghost (2 Timothy 2: 19).

I should have a mustard seed of “favor” considering I have been devoutly praying for the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan - but they are still getting their limbs blown-off. I have been praying that the Louisiana district attorney handling the Jena 6 case will change his heart (remove his racist convictions), and I have been consistently praying that I secure employment. I see your mind racing: ‘This is what this week’s commentary is about. Now, I know where Muata’s faithlessness discourse is coming from.’

Well, to be honest, yes, my present anti-believing writing platform does stem from my disappointment of not finding a job. I am tired of sending out resumes (over 300 in 3 years) to be told, “You are overqualified.” “While your experience is vast, we cannot appropriately compensate you.” And, this is the classic one, “Are you willing to take a significant pay cut?”

Pay cut? Let’s really talk about cutting. With all that occurs in this sickening world I am not only close to giving-up on God answering my getting-employed prayers, I am a step away from relinquishing all of my hope in things getting better for the world’s poor and the world’s forgotten. Keep in mind that the forgotten my just be all of us. Remember, God did promise us that His son would return. Unfortunately, Jesus’ return will be to CONDENM, and not to rescue us from the mess we have created. I find this to be so unfair: God creates the world. Claims He wants us to live abundantly, and then He sets us up for failure with His freewill concept.

“There is no hope for the future.” was Mr. Shakur’s thugly poetic message. He appears to be right, and it is the core message of Mother Teresa’s letters which are shared with us in a new book entitled, Come Be My Light – but we just pretend and force our imaginations to believe that ‘things will get better’ or that there is a “better place”. We have to do this in order to remain sane and moral. Imagine a society where no one believes in anything of significance. Imagine a world where no one gives back like The Compassionate One. Imagine if she would have quit after she lost hope. But, what is additionally significant is that we spend our lives trying to get to “glory” while never understanding that Allah wants us to have glory on what He created.

Muata is almost there (faithfully jaded), and he is not wanting to be in this mental and spiritual funk. He does not ‘trust’ like Peter did (Matthew 14:28-29). He wants to believe! He is in a storm now. Maybe a miracle will fall upon him? He does continue to pray that God does show Himself. If Jah does not, Muata will die broken-hearted by God’s unfulfilled promise. He did make us a promise (Romans 8: 18). Muata thinks we should pull The Lord of Host on the carpet. He needs to account for His lack of action and absenteeism!

As I close knowing that I sound so conflicted, please read the initial spiritual enthusiasm Mother Teresa had when she first began her journey to rectify the ills in India. She was full of faith. Living and sacrificing for the world changed her. Harden her. Defeated her. Watching God’s innocence and helpless perish – and His lack of response caused her to question just as Moses did when he needed ‘identity’ clarification from God (Exodus 3:13).

"It is not enough for us to say, 'I love God, but I do not love my neighbor’… God had made himself the hungry one — the naked one — the homeless one. Jesus' hunger is what you and I must find and alleviate…radiating joy is real because Christ is everywhere — Christ in our hearts, Christ in the poor we meet, Christ in the smile we give and in the smile that we receive."

Written by Muata. Inspired by Mother Teresa. I finally found someone who the Believers may not shoot-down because she lost her faith. I am waiting on your bullet, Mrs. Christian. Inspired by my hope that I will regain ALL of my faith in God. Getting a job will not completely do it for me nor becoming a best selling writer will do it for me. I need for this God of ours to remove all of the pain we bear as a result of His failure.

I ain't no devil. I am your subconscious.

My book, Exposing Christianity – My Way of Sharing an Alternative to the Church’s Truth, official release date is November 12, 2007. Ordering details, book signings, Meet the Author socials, and book readings are forthcoming. Stay with me, FAMILY.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Why do They Hate us?

A message for any black person who has felt the sting of RACISM:

Remember how you felt after watching Roots for the first time? Did you want to go out and smack a white person? I did. I can feel the anger I felt then. It is the same anger I have this morning.

After reading and hearing about the young black woman in West Virginia I wanted to ride out and smack the S out of the first white person I saw. But, I decided to chill. Reflect. Think about America, and its continued destruction at the hands of those who refuse to adhere to the hatred within their hearts.

If you know me you know that I detest this place on so many levels so keeping my cool is a challenge when we are dehumanized by white haters and even when we do it to ourselves.

Of course those six white evil-doers are not reflective of all white people in the United States - but one thing is for sure: these trailer park folk’s mentality is representative of the deep-seated hatred some white folk have toward blacks. And, you best believe that there are numerous white men and women who go to church with you, eat with you, and watch sports with you that have seeds of hatred in their souls, but in some way are able to contain it. I commend them!

What have WE done to deserve this level of hatred? I can't think of anything. We have been brutalized by THIER oppressive system since day one; and they hate us? That is crazy to me. Even those "liberal" white folk disliked us at one time. How could they not? We are demonized from left to right.

Anyway, I stop here. I see a white man. I want to slap the S out of him, but I know he is more than likely innocent. He is not responsible for his ancestors’ evils. Or is he? How many white people do you know who stand up for blacks? On a national or local level? How many? I ask these questions because if the white man I wanted to slap has not done anything to rectify/eliminate the hatred, he is in fact GUILTY just like his ancestors.

Tell me if I am wrong! If I am wrong someone help me understand.

Written by Muata. Inspired by the 20yr old African American woman who was treated worse than America’s pet.

Monday, September 10, 2007

The letter in the form of a commentary below has been sent to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and numerous other media outlets. The letter is not intended to insult R.L. White (President of the Atlanta Branch of the NAACP) and it is in no way intended to disrespect one of the once well respected organizations of the United States. It is my hope and prayer Mr. White and/or someone within the Atlanta Branch of the NAACP will respond not only to me (no one has returned my call), but to all their supporters! A response would be nice considering there is not one mention of the Jena 6 case on the Atlanta Branch web site. Unbelievable. We have to be the army for justice if our national and local self-made leaders, pimps for preachers, and established by the people organizations will not step-up. Power to the People!! -Muata

Where is R. L. White? - The Jena 6 needs his Support

Growing up in the seventies and eighties gave me a great sense of insight on how we should learn from history. Really learn from history. Think about it. The turbulent sixties had just ended. There was so much promise and expectation. Most Americans anticipated change. This is what blacks and whites stood side by side fighting off German shepherds and dodging water from fire trucks for. They wanted change, and we the babies of the bell-bottoms era are now benefactors of that sacrifice.

Where would we be without sacrifices from these noble human beings? They decided to give part of themselves so we can live a comfortable life. As I reflect on the Martin’s and Medgar’s I think of the NAACP. An organization that has been in the forefront defending the continued wrongs that are perpetrated by men who can care less about the sacrifices. These men are hurdles that have been difficult to clear, but the NAACP has somehow managed to defeat the perceived enemy of progress. It makes me proud when regular citizens decide to contribute time and money to this agency of change: The NAACP.

We all know change can be assessed in numerous ways. Typically, change is deemed worthwhile if a fair amount of people are affected. For example, eliminating legalized segregation was a remarkable advancement for African Americans. Not only, did this legislative mandate begin to permit more opportunity for black people on so many levels, it was a victory for countless civil rights groups including the NAACP.

When Michael Vick was alleged to be the mastermind behind a hideous crime the NAACP of Atlanta was there to support him. Even after Mr. Vick pleaded guilty for his foolish involvement with the despicable act of dog fighting the NAACP of Atlanta still remained by his side to provide support. Now, as a man who grew-up in those two decades while learning from the history of the 60’s I was pretty much flabbergasted by the allegiance Mr. R.L. White, the president of the Atlanta Chapter of the NAACP, committed to a man who clearly dishonored those ancestors who died so Michael Vick could play the sport of football on a national level. I began to question, ‘Is this what whites and blacks died to protect? and Isn’t Michael Vick someone the NAACP should lovingly condemn considering the circumstances of the crimes committed against America’s pet?’

This is where I was with my feeling concerning R.L. White and his NAACP. I was disappointed in his unilateral actions, and embarrassed for the change agency that I grew to respect. However, I began to reevaluate my emotions. I started to give White the benefit of doubt. He was just trying to protect the following: “All men and women are innocent until proven guilty” so he received a pass from me. But then, the case of six young men facing prison time for a school yard fight in Jena, Louisiana began to make the news in Atlanta and throughout the southeast. Another injustice is a brewing against the black man in the south. Was my first thought. And, of course my old time cherished memories began to flare: This travesty of justice will be handled appropriately by the plethora of black organizations within the United States. No worries.

I also thought about R.L. White, our so called leader. I have not heard anything from this man concerning the Jena 6. No news conference. No press release from his office. No return call from his office providing me with details of a NAACP of Atlanta chartered Greyhound to bus people down to Jena on September 20, the day of the rally and sentencing of Mychal Bell (one of the Jena 6). Nothing from R.L. White and his staff! But yet, he was in front of every camera supporting a man who REALLY did something wrong. The Jena 6 did nothing wrong. As a matter of fact, they have been wronged by the system.

We need you, R.L. White! You are supposed to be the people’s president. Where are you? We need your resources in Atlanta, and not the national chapter of the NAACP’s resources. Although they are assisting with the Jena 6 legal defense and promoting a petition, this is the same organization that nominated R. Kelly, the child molester and pornographer, for an Image Award after he was seen on a sex tape urinating on a 13 year old girl. I guess the apples are not falling too far from the tree?

Message to R.L. White:

We need a few buses to transport the real protesters of injustice down to Jena, LA. And, while you are working on that please contact and collaborate with some of these filthy rich and out of touch pastors of mega churches in the Atlanta area. They appear to be MIA also. I will be waiting for your returned call.

Written by Muata. Inspired by R.L. White's support of Michael Vick. Inspired by R.L. White's hush-hush on Jena 6.

Friday, September 07, 2007

The Evidence of Blown Speakers

Volume is not indicative of good sound and quality. Too much treble generates a piercing hissing sound and too much bass makes a crackling distorted sound. While I prefer a banging body-tingling bass I have discovered that heavy bass prevents one from concentrating on what makes a great song: the words. Words are what move us. Really moves us. It is the song writer’s ability to tell a story or convey what the heart desires that helps us to make decisions pertaining to our lives. It is the lives of people that are affected by the decisions we make to play the field, get married, and/or date.

Dating today for some has become boring, and pretty much a waste of time and money. Even with the high volume of women to men in the Atlanta area dating for men is still unfulfilling. Believe it or not, new sex just ain’t enough! Some of us do want more than empty sexual encounters. We are surely not interested in hearing a speed dating script of what a woman can do for us, and we definitely do not care about how many letters a woman has behind her name. The only letters most men deem important are NFL, MLB, PGA, NHL, and NBA! This is not to suggest that we do not value education. We do. We just prefer that a degree or degrees do not define a woman.

With all these women running around the ATL desperately looking for a man, dating is like trying on shoes for the man. Sometimes he will find a comfortable shoe and on other occasions of testing that shoe he will discover that no matter how good the shoe looks the shoe may not go well with anything in his closet. With volume you would think you would have better options. Options for that nice brown three piece suit. Not the case for that man seeking to be with a woman who has not resorted to objectifying herself.

Becoming an object for men to toy with has been a mistake for not only women, but for the black community. How can we move forward when our women have become shoe horns for men? I know for certain if I use a shoe horn to put on a pair of shoes those shoes are important to me thus the reason I am not trying to damage the shoes by slamming my foot in them without assistance. The shoes are essential for ‘the look’ I am trying to project, and why would I hurt my look? On the other hand, if I do not use my shoe horn it means that the shoes are disposable (not important): Ready to be passed on, trashed, or become collectors of dust.

Isn’t it ironic that a man will get rid of a pair of shoes quicker than the woman? Perhaps not ironic, but interesting. Think about it: A woman will wear a pair of shoes that are killing her feet, and yet she will walk around all day and all season with that hurtful shoe. She will hold on to her irresponsible faith that “the shoe will break-in” after a couple of months while never realizing that her undying endurance and wasteful dedication to feel better will not come anytime soon. This is the woman who has basically decided that the God-awful pain is irrelevant. This is also the woman who has objectified herself for that man. That man for her is the uncomfortable stilettos. But, what else is she supposed to do: Be alone?

It appears being alone is the last option for many women. While it typically and eventually becomes the best option for these women, it comes at a time when the woman has been humiliated to the point where her abasement and emotional scars have taken over her spirit. This woman has been broken by the disgusting philandering and dalliance of Mr. Playboy. She is in many ways no good for the man who really wants to do right by her. She is discombobulated by the toying of her feelings and by the other atrocious actions she has allowed herself to endure. In the end, it is too late for the ‘changed’ man and entirely too late for that once fertile woman - and most importantly it is too late for the black family.

So, what we have in The A is that much talked about volume that includes fine and sexy women. You notice that I did not include characteristics that truly make a person? Men in Atlanta do not get the necessary qualities of the woman until after she takes her behind off our penises on the dance floor. Anyway, I see fine and sexy women at the gas station, at the grocery store, at all the malls, and at the brunch spots after a wasteful two hours of Get Happy Time (church) – but what I do not encounter is a high number of women who have not become objects for us men.

What we (men) have caused is catastrophic for the black community. We are the ones who know that a great number of our women have been destroyed by the cheating, the DL-ing, the lying, and all those other things that are not representative of what a man is suppose to be. What we have become: Tired flimflammers incapable of hoodwinking ourselves into believing we are only doing what is permitted. We know we are wrong, but “what man in his right mind would pass up all this pussy?” This is the question so many of us have to contemplate on the regular. It should not be something we should have to think about, but I and many other men would be fooling ourselves even if we wanted to believe the question does not affect our decision making.

I want to believe men are thinking more about the magnitude of our shameful behavior has/had on our most precious human commodity: The Woman. However, the evidence of blown speakers are all around us. We need to pick-up the pieces and start again (turn down the volume).

Written by Muata. Inspired by that pitiful woman who told me she is terribly unhappy with her relationship – but she plans to stay in it because her so called man “pays the bills”.