Thursday, April 29, 2010

Slavery, Who is Guilty?

"Equal culpability and responsibility"

is definitely a far reach...however, we must accept and admit that a significant amount of African brothers did participate in 'selling' our ancestors to the evil European enslavers. To do so, means that we are being fair to history. Historically responsible. What the Final Call article - which is well written - did not do is completely and scholarly refute Henry Louis Gates' claim. Until we move in the direction of refuting without personal criticism/attack of Gates he will continue to garner believers of his research. In many ways, Gates has an intellectually advantage considering he is backed by Havard University.

Brian E. Payne sharing.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Education Dilution

Do you believe education/academia is being diluted by online education/online degree attainment? Also, what are your thoughts on the numerous 'storefront' colleges and universities? Storefront in the sense these schools do not appear to be creditable. For example, if a person graduates from a Clemson or Tennessee it is considered commendable because of status and name recognition. On the other hand, if one obtains a degree from a ITT Tech, Strayer University, or Bellevue University it is somewhat considered 'low valued' by academia and the employer community.

School selection is critical...

Name is everything...?

Brian E. Payne sharing.

Friday, April 23, 2010

The non-Evolution of the Dark

At one time I was confident that darker skin would take off. Would lead the pack in choices. I do recall one moment in recent history when the word was, “Light skin brothas have played out.” I somewhat felt sorry for my high yellow home boys. Secretly, I was gloating. Happy that my grandma given nickname, Black Boy, would be substantive and possibly garner me more dates. It did. Well, not the name of endearment – but my dark skin became an asset. White girls love the Jack Johnson look!

In the total picture, scope of world affairs, dark skin has been a curse. Think about it…most people of darker skin tone have been systematically sodomized by the Powerful. Among this Powerful is the white Western structure and God. Again, think about it…white men have imperialized most of the East, savagely brutalized Africans with slavery as their tool, and hoodwinkishly raped the native land we refer to as North America. In all their savage efforts to do what was done to them in Europe, the white occupiers have succeeded at demonizing all that is black…except for the financial markets (in the black is good). And, I have not forgotten to elaborate on The Creator. God, Himself, has sanctioned the mass murder of people of dark skin. He has not protected any of his skin cursed children. Think about it…who are the recipients of God’s wrath mainly? All you have to do is think about natural disasters. Where do they mostly occur? I will not answer the questions for you. Just think about the faces we see in the news.

Before the brief period of what we thought was the skin color evolution there was a cultural caste group in India by the name of the Untouchables. These members who were less fortunate to be a part of a more acceptable caste have experienced unimaginable cruelty at the hands of light skin people who look just like them. Some anthropologists have dubbed the treatment of the Untouchables as the strongest racist phenomenon in the world. And, I thought black slaves had it tough?

Before the brief period of what we thought was the skin color evolution there was a time when black women, like Angie Stone, could not pay for a date. Black men preferred the Rosario Dawson colored chicks – and lighter. Some black people, particularly black females, believed that these brothas were color struck. I always wondered what that meant. Umm…color struck? I guess I was struck by light at one time considering I dated several half breed colored sistas. Actually, grandma inquired about my selections: “Why do you always bring them almost white girls home?”

Before the brief period of what we thought was the skin color evolution there was/is a siddity social body that used a paper bag as a litmus test device, the Alpha Kappa Alpha organization, to help determine if a female could gain acceptance. This is not a hidden fact. Most have heard or read about the internal discrimatory policy. The policy: If the young lady who wanted to pay for her friends was a slight shade darker than the paper bag she was ‘black-balled’ from being an AKA. Thank God for the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated. They were/are welcoming of the dark skin rejects. I have been told too that the Zeta’s do not size discriminate either:

With each example of days past presented, we remain before the brief period of what we thought was the skin color evolution. Dark skin women still have a difficult time getting the number of date proposals as light skin women. Indians still to this day detest dark skin in all forms including dark skin black Americans. I can attest to that! And, those AKA’s…still have skin color issues after so many years of exclusivity

What is so ironic about this topic:

White people are still steadily trying to be what has been and remains despised within their Power structure and overwhelmingly hated within black American culture, DARK. Go figure, tanning bed white people have learned to appreciate the dark while we (black folk) have not completely accepted the

Written by Brian E. Payne. Inspired by

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mo as the Abused

I am so thankful Oprah has us talking again. She always seems to get us going over something. While her show has never been a 'black talk show' - Oprah's producers do find a way to hit black people in the face with their dirty laundry. I can appreciate that. I have found that black people often times need to be backhand with a smelly pair of underwear. It is a tough blow at first - but in the end the funk at least starts a dialogue.

Black people have been molesting each other for years. Nothing new. Mothers do it to daughters, fathers do it to sons, uncles do it to nephews, and aunts do it to nieces.

Where black people have failed in addressing the issue is with SILENCE. No one really talks about how Kistina was fondled for years by Uncle Bobby. It is common knowledge - but to speak it brings a forced level of responsibility to do something about. Yeah, other folk have this problem...I am aware. Me nah be dat shallow.

Some are faulting Mo for 'when' she made her abuse public. Does it matter? Some are saying that Oprah 'loves' to project black males in a negative light. Really? These are frivolous additions to move the topic from the forefront. The fact of the matter is that Mo's brother, according to her, molested/sexually assaulted her - and now a conversation is commencing with hopes we will begin to address child abuse without tip-toeing - and do something about seek counseling. This could be an opportunity to talk with children about getting ‘touched’ in the wrong place!

Ironic, Catholicism's Main Man, The Pope, is said to have hidden what he knew. Wow! The Main Man, The Leader of Vatican - KNEW and did NOTHING. Goes to show black people ain't the only ones keeping secrets...but I will say that The Vatican should be charged by a World Court/United Nations/some international body for their CONSPIRACY of cover-up!
No…KEEP him AWAY FROM those kids:  

Brian E. Payne sharing.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Chilli List

There is much talk about Rozonda Thomas, her new show, and this 'list'. Lord knows I tried to be positive without fusing in reality. Notice that word: Reality? Lately, reality is mistaken for negativity.

Back to Chilli.

‘Man this man that.’ So tired of this chatter about black men and them being No Where to Be Found. Two weeks and counting of me hearing about the pathetic desperations of black women when it comes to men. It is absolutely disgusting. Yuck.

Was watching the Today Show this morning. Matt did an excellent piece on Working Moms. - No black woman featured. That's to be expected. However, I began to think about the conversations we (black people) are having lately: ‘Man this and Man that.’ I began to think about how much black women focus on not having a man or believing that there are not any good black men. Then it hit me: The Message.

The message black women send to their daughters, nieces, and little girls in general...and teenage females. That message: You are Nothing without a Man.

I will stop here. But, before I go onto something worthy of my time (i.e. reading about the humanitarian, Alicia Keyes) I want to share with FEMALES an email a female friend sent to me after I asked her to help me find Chilli's 'list'. Here it is (below). Please read aloud the last paragraph!

“Hey Brian,
Can’t locate an all out list but here’s the closest I’ve found. She proceeds to run down a few items on the list. Chilli’s man can’t:
Eat pork

Chilli’s man must be:
Super Fine
Have a six pack (abs)
Be well endowed
Love God

Never did she say he needs to be honest, sincere, ambitious, have a since of humor, intelligent, love kids, because we know she has a son. I just find her to be really shallow and self centered.”

Picture above: Beautiful...but she has turned me off big time. Big time. Amazing how attitudes and mindsets can ruin beauty...

Brian E. Payne sharing.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Remembering Ron

My mentor, Ronald B. Wilkins is dead. Died on his birthday, April 10.

Over the years, as he got sick, Ron spent his final days extremely low key. The declining health really affected his spirit. It unmotivated him. He lost part of his faith. This after his faith was rocked by The People he so desperately tried to inspire and help never really grabbed a hold of his message. That was his biggest heartbreak.

Ron was a dynamic man. He loved people - and wanted to see a better place, here on earth.

I remember when I first met him. I was at my internship site on the first day. After unsuccessfully trying to convince the man who was supposed to show me the ropes of one particular recreation department that I was his responsibility for the day, Ron stepped in and took me under his wings. I never left...even after shallow-minded people told me Ron was a homosexual, and that "people think you are too now that you hangout with Ron."

From that moment, that day - Ron became my mentor. My confidant. My friend. My shoulder. My strength. My reason to be Ron's Soul Mate.

It was him who encouraged me to join the Peace Corps. It was him who encouraged me to complete seminary. It was him who convinced me that all events/things happen for a reason after I had given up on life. I recall that day of suicidal contemplation. It was two days after I had just won my second national championship. Why I was so depressed is no longer a mystery: I got tired of winning for everyone else - and still feeling empty.

The emptiness almost destroyed me. Here I was, a double champion - and I hated life. Life, is what Ron helped me ENTER with his constant sacrificial support, and joyous laughter. I began to a result of him.

Ron convinced me to be ME at all cost. No matter what people think, "Brian, just be you. No one else can. Love Brian E. Payne." Loving me became special priority!

I have often told people, "Ron saved my life. Therefore, he is my savior." That he was!! No Jesus saved me. It was Ron Wilkins and Brian E. Payne.

Without Ron's intervention on September 9, 1992 I would still be 'sitting and waiting' on someone to 'take charge' of me for a day. Without his intervention on January 18, 1991 I would be long gone from here...not living.

All Praises are Due to Ronald Bernard Wilkins.

"Love you Brian. You are all you have. Seize it while Seizing the Day. Carpe Diem!” -Ronald B. Wilkins

I am me as a result of him. I remain here as a result of him.

A gift from Ron at link below. He bought this album for me. Told me, "Brian, enjoy the music. Be at peace while listening. Peace is what we will have one day. Working on getting there."


Another gift from Ron at link below. He took me to the movies a few months before I departed for my journey with the Peace Corps. Said, "This move reveals love. Love will be right next to you while you are serving. You will find it in You first. Then give it away, Brian."

Rent it...

Brian E. Payne off to re-center...again. Solitude........

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Angry White Men: Don’t Mess with Their Money

I learned in 1980 that the other valued color in America is green. White is the pure-ultimate color, and black is the despised stain. What an easy lesson!

I was ten years old in 1980. Smelling myself was my modus operandi then. Ready and willing to defy momma and grandma – and erection ready. No momma’s daughter was safe. They were all bait and potential victims! Green backs with a sensual smell and lustful look are what the hot girls were as they pranced up and down James Avenue. The New Projects.

While I cherished employment when I started working at age 13, I was not fully prepared to utilize my money in the most effective way. I did not save which in my opinion is a major shortfall for many black people. Some will find that a gross generalization – but I have a lifetime of facts on my side. Who makes up the collective wealth in North America? White people. They have the big saving accounts. They have the property and the land. They have significant ownership in most markets. Speaking of ownership, a philandering Russian can easily acquire NBA team ownership – but Michael Jordan had to bleed before he was granted team dominion. Russians are white…Mikhail Prokhorov: The Russian Is Coming - 60 Minutes - CBS News

It is believed that black people and what well-to-do white people classify as ‘white trash’ are the blood suckers of the American financial system. That in itself is more than ridiculous…I am of the belief that the filthy rich white men of America are the ticks. They also are relentless protectors of their money. There is an old saying that I have found to be true, “White people will sell out their parents for money.” Something to that affect. If you are white and reading: Yes, your reputation when it comes to money is pretty bad. And, to be fair this is understood about Nigerians too.

Understanding that white people function in this capacity, I certainly understand why the term ‘redistribution of wealth’ is a fiery topic on the internet and conservative talk radio. I knew it would only be a matter of time before President Obama would be linked to the overplayed terminology. It does have a socialist connection – and Barack Obama is a socialist…according to Glen, Bill, Sean, Brit, and Sarah. Guess who this group works for?

As I listen to The Right, I wonder if I were white and wealthy would I be up in arms about the potential redistribution of my money. Money that I earned with the American credo as my motivator, ‘All Americans have the opportunity to be whatever they want, and earn what they are worth.’ Since I am black and broke, I wanted everyone reading to know that I am somewhat leaning on the side of my white brothers and sisters. Well, I am with them while realizing that their ancestors stole everything that they benefit from today. So in affect, the Becky’s and John’s are rich because of their distant cousins willingness to take what makes people wealthy e.g. land.

Understanding this, do you think it is fair for wealthy white people (please be aware that I do know a significant number of black people are well-off too – but they appear not to be too concern about the White House’s efforts to redistribute wealth – Typical) to be heavily taxed, more so than the average person?

Let me close with this, if I were white (no wondering this time) I would be pissed if I looked at my earnings and leave statement – and noticed a total of $2500 in taxes removed from my salary that’s earmarked for some mismanaged social community organized program. I would be flabbergasted if every time I went grocery shopping, saw a fat woman fill a ride along shopping cart with the unhealthiest of food, and then tender with a redistribution of my wealth payment card e.g. EBT card.

Sorry, but I understand the frustration.

Written by Brian E. Payne.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Don’t be Shocked: Bullying is a National Past Time

Bullying was a part of every school day back in middle school. It never failed. Some overweight kid with issues at home – like most of us - was notorious at strong arming me and several others. I will not mention his name in this forum because he is still lurking. If I am not mistaken he has been arrested several times, spent a few years of fed time incarcerated for pushing weight, and now struggling to be different with a Scarlet Letter, Convict. Wanting to be different from what kept him in the midst of America’s government supported illegal activity: Narcotic Sales and Distribution.

With all the compassion I have in my body, I cannot believe that pre-teens and teenagers are killing themselves because a school mate teases and mocks. Mutual public humiliation is a right of passage. Everyone gets a taste of being called: Bumpy Face, Fatty, Big Nose, Elephant Ears, Peanut Head, Darkie, Skinny Stick, Douchebag…the list is long - and brutal. As a kid, you are forced to give up you hamburger while being called a faggot and/or cunt. It is expected to be treated like trash. This is what kids do.

When I was growing up we dealt with it. We went to school and faced it until it was our turn to deliver the vile treatment to the underclassman. I recall an area outside of Mrs. Stumps classroom where my gang (The Elites) congregated in the morning before the opening bell. Our sole purpose was to harass girls and boys who dared to walk down the hallway. We were relentlessly cruel. Did not matter who it was e.g. sweet girls, cool boys, etc. we were out to make the day begin with the most insulting of insults. Then we would continue during lunch with the behavior. Again, it was never ending. But, no one committed suicide.

Actually, I am in amazement that suicide is an option for these kids. Perhaps, I should not be scratching my head at the latest news reports. Youth of today are not like we were. We were strong-willed. Determined to prove each other wrong. Today, what we have is a Nation of Punks that gives the impression that they have it all under control. They don’t. In their independence and information age thinking there is a huge void. They lack a serious amount of common sense. They have a shortage of ‘what to do if’ understanding. They cannot handle the pressure that comes with accepting the role of ‘please dad, I got this’. So, the most recent casualty should not be too much of a surprise.

Options are what we as parents and adults have when it comes to parenting and leading. We are the root cause of the emptiness these zombies for kids possess. We are failing our kids. Expect more suicides as long as we continue to parent from afar while living in the same homes with our children. No dinner time together. No world news viewing together. No Sunday afternoon drives together just to talk. Nope. We too busy on our devices e.g. BlackBerrys and cell phones. And, too busy thinking prayer back in schools will eliminate getting a ‘friendly’ beat-down. Bullying has always one-up’ed prayer!

Written by Brian E. Payne.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Blacks without Jobs…and? 

Why is this another potential crippling for President Obama? Damn is everything this man fault? Wow! Unbelievable. This problem existed even before Bush.

Should we consider that the unemployment rate is high among black folk because of countless ingrained and systematic issues? One issue could be that African Americans stop connecting education with employment. We basically dropped the ball collectively when it comes to education. Here is another one: African Americans are still discriminated against in the employment ranks. This will always be a factor…especially with names on resume like: I-E-Sha. Another one: Black people may not be getting employed because they are not interested in "doing the job the Mexican will do". Once again, we have to look in the mirror as a people before we start pointing the figure and hoping/praying the President will get us a job.

When I was unemployed I asked myself every day, "Why are you unemployed, Brian." I never blamed President Bush or the factors that are laced in the fabric of America. Come on!

Also, shouldn't there be light at the end of the tunnel for white America considering they are leading the way in most social economic categories?

This is nothing new!

Brian E. Payne sharing.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Making a Case for the Revolutionary, Jesus and Barack Obama

Something I am not, a belief proponent in the divinity of Jesus i.e. born without sperm meeting egg, his exorcist powers, and him coming back to life after getting tortured and gutted. After reading his incomplete story, intellectually laboring over it in seminary, and debating with holy rollers I have to admit that I do believe, as the story should be interpreted, that he was a man who advocated for social and economic justice. That should be simple to glean from the ancient book of fables e.g. bible.

I refuse to waste your Good Friday time directing you to easily manipulated scripture to support the argument considering I typically use the inspired writers’ fiction as a mechanism to contradict Matthew, Mark, and Luke. That is remarkably easy to do despite the synoptic description. What I will do is advocate for the obvious. Jesus in all His glory was a Revolutionary. If the New Testament is an accurate reflection of His life here is how I know with simplicity that He fought for social and economic justice:

When He suicidal-ly marched in to the temple and proceeded to turn over the money tables he was in fact defying the Roman governmental structure (economic).

When He constantly spoke of assisting the needy and helping the destitute He was proving to the people that He was a man who cared (social).

So, as Glen Beck (modern day Pontius Pilate) continues to pervert (link above) the most valuable memory of Jesus let’s not forget that Beck has a purpose behind his rhetorical ignorance. He wants to prevent movements that are modeled off the most logical understanding of Jesus’ life. He wants to quell any hint of Gandhi’s and Martin’s efforts while pushing the inane unbelievable.

Spending time philosophizing whether Jesus walked on water or not is ridiculously wasteful, by the way. Even I can admit that considering the belief in this is a figment of imaginational faith - and mostly because I do not believe in Harry Potter theatrics.

The church that touts “The Word of God” should be presenting a Good News message that encourages us to stand for Jesus’ work, not His “saving power”. We can only save ourselves. No highly emotional ten minute altar can. No Good Friday dead man can. No hyped-up Easter Sunday sermon should replace Justice! Justice takes passionate formation in understanding that something just ain’t right with today’s replica of biblical Roman oppression.

President Obama recognizes this. Thus the reason he, in his clever and unassuming way, is leading this nation down the path of humbly acknowledging its harmful past and present via change (revolution). It may not ‘fit’ into the hateful political landscape of America. One thing for sure, those who can identify with justice – and not biblical mob mentalities are ahead of the game. This game is not about what occurs in the ungodly House and Senate chambers (similar to the church) – it is about true and dignified revolution. Not a Hate Speech Rally disguised as a Tea Party…

President Obama is in the right historical moment: The Place of The Skull, Golgatha. The home of the crucifixion. One must be crucified to be remembered. All Revolutionaries leave us this way. However, rebuking the Mt. Sinai mob mentality that commenced as Moses ‘met’ with the fireball image of God – and controlling it unlike Aaron did, may keep our Modern Day Revolutionary un-martyred.

Brian E. Payne thinking this Easter Season. Inspired by the inevitable - if history does in fact repeat itself.