Thursday, October 28, 2010

Racism is Taught by the Stereotyped

Racist thinking is partially fed and cultivated by behaviors that are uniquely displayed by certain groups of people e.g. Blacks, Mexicans, Italians, and the other usual suspects that racist direct their frustration, anger and hatred towards...which encourages some people to suggest with trepidation: "certain groups" may need to behave more appropriately.

This implies that the groups of people mentioned - and certainly other groups including white Americans from Arkansas - are behaving in such a way that encourages the racist to formulate thoughts that are typically tagged as stereotypical.

When I was the blackest boy growing up on Small Street my grandmother told me, "You behave like you got some damn sense. Don't you embarrass the family." She would continue with, "Black people already got enough against them. We don't need you acting like the nigger that white people think you are. Don't make their case."

Over the years, I have tried to admirably play the part for my grandmother and black America. Tried to be a good boy. I have literally put forth an effort to be better than the 'thoughts' that swam/swim around in the head of some white folk. I did this for two reasons:

Because Grandma Frankie told me to and because I wanted to defy what was already imprinted in the minds of not only white people - but countless black people too. FYI, it was a BLACK man who told me, "you ain't gonna be shit." I was told that at church by a respected church member. And, after I had just won my first national track and field title.

Living up to grandma's standard did not jive with my mentality at times. I have regrettably on many occasions played the 'nigger part'. Therefore, I became what she deplored. And, unfortunately I indirectly encouraged racist thinking.

It is morally inappropriate for a person to be a racist. The feelings and beliefs associated with the title are destructive. They eat away at one's soul, and ultimately the conclusions formulated by the racist poison society. The affects of the toxicity are reflected in the past and present conditions of United States' race relations.

Consequently, I must disclose that I am familiar with the thinking of the racist. Most recently, there have been brief moments that alerted and alarmed me to my statements about a "certain group". I noticed that I was freely conveying via verbal commentary racist comments. I began to talk about this "certain group" like a group of racist white men would in the confines of their circle. I became a racist in those moments. Why was it so easy for me?
Because of the behavior projected and displayed by the "certain group".

Not that people of color should be singled out as if they are the sole misbehaviors. Perhaps, if some of us within the "certain groups" behaved differently we would not have to worry about what is being said and written about us by the white racist. Then we will be confident in knowing that the detrimental thinking of the racist was in fact formulated based on a deep seated hatred that has nothing to do with us - the Black Americans, Mexicans, and Italian Americans - acting unbecoming. Well, as long as there are Jersey Shore and Tiny & Toya reality shows the racist will have fuel for their fire.

Muata Nowe


Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

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LOVE it!


Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

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I really enjoy reading your pieces!!!


JusticeNeedsNoReason said...

Your Google advert was illustrated with the words Racism is Taught, its not 'its copied'. Racists are not judged for their happy family life, for their honest work attitude or law abiding qualities but how much hate they can spew out to any fool willing to listen. And when they are exposed as frauds, crooks, expense fiddlers or as women chasers they show no shame. You see it's part of their makeup. Point out a racist and your pointing at a crook. He knows it - you don't and that's how they survive for so long.