Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It is Tax Season!

There is more energy in the air. People are walking around with more confidence than they had six months ago. The car salesmen are ready to make a sale. Men are a little more prideful. Women are smiling. Best Buy is prepared for an increase in flat screen television sales. Ministers are rubbing their hands: more money will be placed in the offering baskets. Hair salons have stocked up on weave, activator, gel, and perms. Barbers are excited; their tips will increase. Strippers and prostitutes are prepared for more work. The Asians nail salons are gearing up for the weekend onslaughts. The mail carrier will be approached by men and women waiting around for the coveted W-2's. Additional weight will be gained because people are going to purchase and eat more food. Some people will give money to family members without condition. Liquor houses will be packed out with people dressed like they are headed to the Grammy's. Trailer Park communities will be littered with Milwaukee's Best beer cans. A child's social security number is of premium value...this will surely put Baby Momma and Baby Daddy at odds. Comcast and Direct TV are adding temporary technicians because people are getting or upgrading their service packages. And, you will hear over and over again: 'When I get my tax money...'

It is Tax Season!

Yesterday I traveled away from my community stomping grounds for a moment. I ended up sitting in my vehicle watching people come and go. The Chevron was off the chain! I discovered why when I went in for a bottle of water and my weekly 24 ounce of Miller High Life: folk were playing the lottery.

I was in the parking lot of a shopping plaza. I decided to circle the lot. As I coasted I counted eight income tax service businesses: Tax Time, Jimmy's Income Tax Services, Thank You Jesus My Money Is Here Tax Preparation, etc. Everywhere I looked there was a place to get your taxes RAPIDLY completed.
Of course, we know that these businesses are ripping people off. Right? We also know that the service seekers are aware that they should not pay an untrained tax preparer $500 for twenty minutes of work. Right? But, the people want their money...NOW. I can understand that. I really can! Times are tough, and President Obama did not provided any certainties of immediate value during the State of the Union address.

However, the seekers of that scam for a service – usually are people struggling to make ends meet - can get their taxes 'done' for FREE, and guess what? Their money will reach a bank account within 5-7 days. Sometimes less than that!

Why not wait a few more days?

I know why: People want their money...NOW! I definitely understand that…
If you are or know a few people who are prone to use the services of these exploitative business that are supported in name and status by the likes of Magic Johnson please do a little research. Google 'free tax preparation'. You may be surprised by the hits. Actually, if you are in the Atlanta area and make less than 48K hit me up ( I will direct you to a local non-profit agency that will complete your taxes for FREE.

I don't expect to get any emails.

People want their money...NOW! Lord knows I understand...but my and your understanding may not be the best option.

Muata Nowe

Friday, January 21, 2011

'Without means of subsistence; lacking food, clothing, and shelter. Deprived of, devoid of, or lacking: destitute of children.'

In my recent stint of humanitarian work below the
I have often been painfully reminded that "this is Georgia". Reminded that mind sets for some are 'locked'. Shackled with old time ways. High-jacked by what the media spews. Frozen in opinion by what THEY see day to day. And, what THEY see is clouded by images of a sensitive struggle and dominating despair. A despair that dates back to an atrocity inflicted on innocent men, women, and child from Africa.
*Note the baby in the picture*
In all that we do as darker people nothing will change the mind of those who refuse to address THEIR internal conflict. And, believe me, one can be this racially and stereotypically conflicted - and still help those who do not look like THEM. It can be labeled,
Not that racism or cultural ignorance was the root of the comments made yesterday during a useless diversity training: "Columbus discovered America", "When I go there" (as if to say 'those people' or ‘that place’). And, these comments came from ‘the liberal evolved’ – men and women who spend their days adhering to their guilt at non-profit organizations. Men and women, who ‘oversee’ the work of Jesus for the disadvantaged, disabled, unemployed, and DEFEATED. Defeated by the lingering affects of slavery, discrimination, stereotyping, and – yes – deep-seated hidden hatred.

I refuse to label it Racism! That is an easy way to dismiss the shallowness of yesterday's destitute description.

No, yesterday was a conscientious word choice (destitute) that explains and solidifies what is in the mind of so many we want to believe have our (darker people) best interest at heart.

Speaking of the heart, hearts have to be changed - THEIRS - ...but I am done with trying to change the heart of those who really do not understand me or any other emotionally and psychologically raped African American.

But we are destitute. SMH!

Destitute? is destitute:
Be mindful that this so called destitute continued when Christopher Columbus and his entourage ravished country after country while on his stumbling trip of adventure that has added to the Lies of America. Lies that became justifications to cripple nations from all around the times in the name of America’s unsanitary religion, Christianity.

Another lie: Muata Nowe is full of anger…Nope! I am full of disdain for a systematic structure that was/is used to dehumanize. And, our President has the audacity to ‘push and challenge’ China’s leaders on human rights. Hypocrites!

Muata Nowe

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wasn’t I Promised Something Different?

It has been validated by several civil rights historians and icons that Martin Luther King, Jr. was empathically against streets and buildings named after him. He also signaled to those he thought were devoted confidants (civil rights associate, Ralph Abernathy and photographer, Ernest C. Withers - friendship traitors) that he was not interested in a national holiday in memorial.

Memorializing someone who deserves to be remembered can backfire. As it has to some extent with MLK Day.

The backfire will commence Monday morning when countless black people apathetically decide to do NOTHING to commemorate King’s life. The backfire will commence when white lawmakers go behind closed doors to mock President Obama and discredit his most recent message of love, reconciliation, and understanding (Tucson, AZ).

The backfire will commence with the first news report of a black person killing another black person Monday night. The backfire will continue to commence while the NAACP of Georgia and North Carolina complain about a few Georgia and North Carolina county school superintendent's deciding to open school doors on Monday (the memorialized holiday).

In an effort to state what Martin would do considering the way he felt about education, I want to believe that he would advocate for students to report to school on the holiday that he did not want. What do you think? 

In an effort to think about what Martin would think, something that I HESITATE to do considering every man and woman with a commentary platform is thinking about what Martin would think, I think he would be highly upset that what he saw in the Promised Land has not bore fruit. What do you think?

Back to WMWD (What Martin Would Do).

Martin Luther King, Jr. was the man of modern history that intimately highlighted social justice. Without his efforts the black church would have never been known for anything other than a place to beg God for forgiveness and a place to beg God for the Believers to be removed from their sickening desperation.
The black church is producing desperate people. Mostly scorned black females. If the church attendee is not trying to get to heaven she is trying to get out of her dramatic emotional bankruptcy. In the midst of all the desperation she forgets that her life will never change if she does not commit herself to the eradication of injustice.

Surprisingly, we are still talking about what we should do for the poor. Surprisingly, we are still talking about how we should educate our children in the public school system. Surprisingly, we are still talking about where we should not go because of outlandish violence and/or racism i.e. black man cuts the throat of a black teenager over a cell phone and blacks move in and whites move out. Surprisingly, we are still talking about when we should Stand for something when it is obvious that we only Stand for our sanctified selves, and not for Humanity – and this type of singular Stand is supported and encouraged by:

So, on this day – the day that Martin Luther King, Jr. lobbied against – we are reminding ourselves again that we are falling short. That in itself is an indictment on my mother’s generation. And, a conviction for the 30 to 40 year old generation. And, a death sentence for the generation that glorifies and ushers to hero/heroine status, Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj.
This can’t be the future of Black America. Please someone wake me up from this nightmare. I want to see that piece of land that Martin saw. Wasn’t it Promised?
*My promised land on layaway*

Muata Nowe

Friday, January 07, 2011

A New Day Inside My Day

I was sitting in a car line-up at a Kroger gas station. It was raining. The people ahead of me –an older gentleman in particular – were moving like they had no reason to 'move it along'. They re-entered their vehicles, sat there, and sat there as if no one was patiently waiting. When I finally reached the pump after exactly seven minutes and fifty-eight seconds of reading random work emails that were destined for deletion, I exited my American made SUV and headed to the gas station attendant booth.

The frail lady in the Kia that ‘favors’ a Bentley directly behind me looked as if to say, 'no he doesn't have to pay in cash.' I did. And, there was a noticeable waiting-to-get-in-a-club-line forming. After granny’s glare of displeasure, I thought: 'I hate that I have her waiting. I should just pay with my debit card.' Then I remembered: funds are running a little low in that account. So, I looked over and lipped, "I am sorry."

When I finally reached the attendant there stood the older gentleman that took his sweet time in his Hyundai after he filled up. He had on a hat that read, 'No worries. Not in a hurry.' I read it and laughed.

Then as I drove off after touching that filthy gas pump handle to pump the gas, I thought about the significance of the day, January 5, 2011. The accompanying picture above reveals the importance of that cold and rainy day.

A new man is in charge on Capitol Hill. His name is John Boehner. That sounds so TOUGH, doesn’t it? The fist bump solidifies his toughness…

This is the “emotional man” that claims the American government is too big. He is the man that plans to spearhead a congressional revolt under the guise of “The American People Have Spoken."

While at the G. Morgan’s invention, I passively drifted onto thoughts of finances. My bills. My responsibilities. I thought about how I have not purchased myself an item of clothing in 6 years. I thought about how I look and dress like a broke azz bama baby daddy (I ain’t from Lexington). Oh! Thank God I have not gained a significant amount of weight. If I did I would be walking around like this:
However, unlike the United States government, nothing I have is too big. It fits just right! Metro-sexual style:
*I would wear this shirt!


I am thinking about the word, Revolt. It means a lot to me. I relish in the meaning, and I would like to believe in my former life that I was a man who led revolts.

Revolting is non-existent in modern day North American culture. No one organizes a revolt for a meaningful cause. We will Rise Up for the Atlanta Falcons, but become No Shows at PTA meetings.

What most Americans do is continue as if nothing is harming them financially, mentally, physically, and spiritually (Eddie Long’s church is still packed-out on Sunday). Like most Americans proved not to be alarmed this past Christmas season: December 2010 is in the record book as one of the most profitable for Macy's, Sears, Ann Taylor, Target, Wal-Mart, and other shopping havens. That is a perplexing contradiction for me considering double digit unemployment rates, record number foreclosures, and the escalating credit card debt.

Who is spending this money?

Whomever it is - Is it you? - Please stop spending because our law makers view the high consumer spending as a plus: 'The American people are not doing as bad as I thought.'

I am certain that was the mindset for the Georgia state representatives as they voted to approve a tax hike on food this 01052011.

Another blow to me. And, definitely not a fist bump!

Muata Nowe