Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Twittering with President Obama

President Obama's tweet from his town hall at George Washington University Tuesday night:

"The question is whether hope once again overcomes fear. The other side is trying to ride fear all the way to the ballot box on November 2."

My tweet back:

"How much hope r we expected 2 extend w-out gaining s-thing from our hope and faith? I am tired of waiting 4 change."

No response yet...

Not that I am some brave fella - but I find it absolutely pathetic that more black people are not holding the president accountable to his marketing pledge, Change We Can Believe In. Not that my tweet will make a difference; it will not be read by the aide that sent it. I just seized a moment to utilize my tweet account with substance, and not random bull shyt like: 'I am watching Undercovers.'

Roland Martin has challenged the president by asking the hard questions that - as a matter of fact - were not laced with 'what are you going to do for black people?' The questions included the major issues of today: exceedingly high nationwide unemployment, massive unethical home foreclosures, another year of Wall Street financial raises and bonuses, and other pervasive issues that Change is not affecting. Roland was also demonized as a result by black people who are simply and shallowly satisfied with having a black president.

What difference does that make anyway? The nations poor, and now middle class are struggling while the president flies around this country campaigning for the democrats (his backers and black people's political Gods) that cannot get anything done.

In his scripted campaign sermons he continues to blame President Bush. Sorry but that to me is a bytch move. Blame blame blame. I am sick and tired of hearing that from him. Each time I allow the pointing of the finger intestinal runs to swim around in my head I feel like puking. I am actually losing respect for him.

Earlier this week the Atlanta Braves lost a game due to repeated errors made by their second baseman. He had a horrible game full of mistakes. Guess what? His teammates have not blamed him for their demise. They moved on, and prepared for the next game...that they lost, by the way. My point, players do not place blame. They forget the day before, the season before. They address the now. The present without prefacing over and over the past.

Still waiting on my tweet response to be addressed. Well, I am not waiting. I have moved on! Perhaps, the White House should take my lead - and leave President Bush alone.

Muata Nowe

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