Thursday, May 30, 2013

For years now I have been particularly concerned about the fast deterioration of moral fortitude which is one of the numerous reasons why I answered my Calling to preach; and later rebuked it. 

The decay is ever-present within today’s generation of tech savvy Smartphone carrying men and women who lack the ability to speak properly, dress with a level of respect that honors their families, behave with dignity, count the correct change without a cash register, and tell time with an analog clock, not digital. 

Generation after generation there has been a desired probability of Life getting better. After the Civil Rights Movement there was a huge expectation for a dawn of a new and better day, not only for African Americans but for all the people who found themselves under the heel of Western discrimination and domination. Better in the sense of humans choosing to make decisions that do not negate humanity’s purpose. 

The Change has not come. Day after day…newscast after newscast we are relentlessly and indiscriminately polluted by the efforts of an irresponsible news media with atrocities that defines and legitimizes our unwillingness to live by traditions that exalt morality. 

Just this past week an African maniac with a British accent boldly claimed Allah instructed him to take a life. 

What makes a man use a vehicle as a weapon to run over another man? What makes God’s supreme creation stab, cut, and decapitate another human being? The excuse the devilishly misguided man prefaced in his Jihadist Old Testament scripture laced rant is terrorism e.g. Matthew 5:38-48. 

I agree the actions of these two demented men caused and promote terror. But, why is terrorism the reason proclaimed for the evil-intent that wrongfully subsists in the hearts of God’s Creations? Why…? 

Is this really an incident triggered by a need to impose lex talionis? 

Some will give credence to mental illness…others will remind us that Man has always been violent and prone to malevolent behavior. If this is the case, why are we living? What is the purpose of getting up each day knowing that Man is a voided soul that uses popular justifications for his shortage of morals? 

Ultimately, the sad reality is that someone will flippantly categorize decayed human acts and behavior as,
 ‘This is just the way it is, Muata.’

Really…? Is this what I have to look forward to as I get older? If so, I am prepared to die today – I and wholeheartedly primed to take my life…eliminate myself from this lawless arroyo. Even in our desperation to defeat…Purge our demons, humans once again will in-motion picture promote Man’s self-induced demise:

And, what about my children? How do I explain to them that God created Man and Woman, but allows Man and Woman to emotionally and physically choke the Life out of each other? 

Should I tell them that Man has made his bed…deathbed? How should I expound on the insightful inquisitives of a child? When should I inform my children that it appears Living will be riddled with disappointment and horrible tragedy? How will I impart bravery (like displayed in the photograph below) in the Face of Death?

What should my response be to my child who will eventually look up at me and ask, 
‘Daddy, why are humans so cruel to each other?’ 

My response will be short: 

‘Man…Male has destroyed human creation. God has nothing to do with the misfortune that occurs in this world. Man is the reason for the ongoing self-destruction. You live a life that’s divinely expected, and then hope and pray the ‘reasons’ for wicked irrational behavior is not blamed on a tough childhood. And finally, please believe in the Power of Decision. Despite what others my say and believe, Decision is what you have before any negative action.’

Muata Nowe