Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Unexplainable?

How do we want to explain this one? Explanation?

Some are saying it was a miracle? Others are saying that the seating position is the reason for a life saved.

Why are we so quick to discredit/discount coincidence?

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson: No Words can Express

I don’t have much to say. If anyone does they are more than likely simply regurgitating an empty chronological synopsis of a Legends life. ‘On this day he did this…On that day he was honored for that…’

All of this has no immediate value to me at this moment. I am, and as MOST of the world’s population, is well aware of what Michael Jackson accomplished. No one can take that away, by the way.

On this day, at this very moment – we should be asking ourselves: ‘What do I see when I look in the mirror?’ When MJ asked us to reflect, and change our ways he was at that very moment issuing a challenge to all to be more than what is expected.

Michael Jackson exceeded all expectations. He was loved by the masses. His legacy has been solidified.

As we go about our weekend, hopefully, remembering this International Icon I pray we see ourselves for what we truly are and can be.

“I am asking him (man) to change his ways.” –Michael Jackson


Shared by Brian E. Payne

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Unpleasant Disposition of Black Women

These women are better known as Mad Azz Esthers!

In the past two weeks I have witnessed:

A black woman be unwarrantedly rude to an elderly physically handicapped white lady. Guess what? The black woman was working at Quick Trip. Imagine that, rude while catering to customers. Just disgusting!

A black woman blessed out a white female manager at Publix. The manager treated the black woman with respect and with the best customer service. Guess what? The black woman responded to the manager in such a vomit-laced tone. Just disgusting!

A black woman requested her cheap off-brand pack of cancer sticks from a black female clerk at a Race Track. The death sticks were unavailable so the black woman despicably demanded another pack. She then asked, "How much are these ones." The clerk said, "$5.50." The black woman said, "Forget that shyt. Cost too damn much." Then she stormed out and slung the exiting door so wide it slammed against the glass window. Just disgusting!

Needless to say, I am so sick and tired of the nastiness that bleeds from SOME (possibly the MAJORITY) black women. I am seriously so damn tired of it.

No smiles, no greetings, no body language gestures of pleasantry, no niceness that indicates that she appreciates/values her life. And, if all this NASTINESS is the result of a man, I say again:

My mother and possibly most of the black readers' mothers did not share with the world this level of disdain just because some tired azz black man shyted on them.

It would be mistakenly easy for anyone reading to label this blog entry as an opportunity for a black man to bash black women. It is not! Therefore, I will be

Solution Based:

What in the h*ll can I do as a brotha to help black women with this sickening outpouring of negativity?

We, black men, need a solution that does not take away the personal responsibility of the black female.

We ALL are responsible for our actions and we have the ability to control our frustrations; and our days.

Shared by Brian E. Payne. Inspired by these Mad Azz Esthers.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Complexity of Coverage

By now we should be aware that President Obama’s Marxist heart is in the right place. He has proven that with most decisions he has made. It appears with each piece of legislation that travels down Pennsylvania Avenue to The Capitol Building it is wrapped with love. However, socialistic love is not always the answer to complex issues such as healthcare.

Is it love that ‘persuades’ America’s emergency room administrators to treat everyone who walks through the doors with a non-emergency and NO insurance? Is it love that motivates a pharmacist to give a sick man a few pills until his insurance kicks in?

I want to believe that love is the reason.

I also want to jump on the free healthcare for all Americans bandwagon…but I cannot for two reasons. I will list my justifications/positions in the form of a question:

*Why in the world should we trust our government to manage a system as critical as healthcare when our elected and appointed officials have proven that they are not the best managers of governmental affairs e.g. social security and national security?

*Why should the government GIVE free health insurance/healthcare to Americans who do not value their health?

Both questions are among my critical analysis in the recent discussion that’s playing out in the news. What stands out the most for me is that the White House is pushing forward with a plan that may not consider my second concern. The first concern is not an issue for me considering our government is horrendously incapable of managing/protecting its citizen’s life benefits and human rights.

Yes, I am aware that there is a minor focus on preventive health measures in the three thousand page proposal. Nonetheless, there is no emphasis on personal responsibility: Taking care of yourself.

I would like to see some thoughtful discussion that will lead to regulation on what can be done to encourage people to do the right thing when it comes to the management of their health e.g. do NOT provide coverage for those who neglect their health or require somewhat of a ‘litmus test’ (medical physical) before coverage is granted. Of course if the uninsured does not pass the test he/she needs to receive medical guidance with strict goals/objectives so he/she can gain the government’s social benefit.

What do you think?

Paying for healthcare for all the uninsured is costly. Perhaps we will have a healthier nation if we move in this direction. Perhaps this will be another waste of money.

We have to admit that this nation has not done what is best along the lines of staying healthy. Some of us don’t even go to the doctor until it is too late. Also, this country has made it extremely difficult to eat healthy e.g. the high price of fruits and vegetables.

Written by Brian E. Payne.

Organizing for America BarackObama.com Health Care

To Pay for Health Care, Obama Looks to Taxes on Affluent - NYTimes.com

Thursday, June 11, 2009

One Man’s Hatred could be the Sentiment of Thousands

Isn’t it ironic that the prevalence of American hatred some how began to show its ugly head again after the Iowa presidential primary? Or, could I be fooling myself by believing that White Supremacy had subsided until then? Somewhat went underground? Perhaps, I, like many Americans, began to believe that the Timothy McVeigh’s of the United States were a dying breed. Perhaps, I began to fall for the media hype: The Real Haters are Muslim. Either way, I am NOT in a position of disbelief by what the 88 year old white supremacist attempted to do and did June 10, 2009.

John Von Brunn by all accounts is plagued by violent hatred. His poisonous venom will soon be made available to the world to read again. His book, Kill the Best Gentiles, is littered with hateful epithets. All directed toward African Americans and the world’s self proclaimed victims, the Jews.

As a child I thought about what could make someone so insane that they would take the life of another just because the other is black. Of course, as I grew older I began to include the Jewish people in my thought process: “Why are they hated so?” At that very moment of sympathetic inclusion I realized something about myself. I was not the Black Man who hated all white people. My heart began to bleed for the elderly, psychologically and physically neglected children, and all disenfranchised men and women. Race did not matter to me. What matter was JUSTICE.

Think about it, Mr. Brunn (who I hope dies in the hospital) believes he was delivering/issuing justice.

Has the American culture seeped so low in manure that we have regulated justice to a subjective derivative? Somewhat like what we have done to truth? Wow!

The truth is John Von Brunn is a maniac who has lived an entire life being disgusted with blacks and Jews because his mental condition has been ‘conditioned’ and ‘groomed’ by a society that refuses to face the truth. A truth that THEY forged on paper e.g. Constitution/Bill of Rights/Declaration of Independence – but fail to live by the ink’s creed. Nonetheless, this racist, that I was compared to by a black man this week simply because I communicate the stinging truths of African American discontent, should not be excused for our government’s failure to practice what it preaches worldwide (never put into REAL action).

Mr. Brunn acted out the desires of countless men and women in these United States. How do I know this? Listen to conservative talk radio. A few of the personalities i.e. Rush, Sean, and callers from all over the nation are spewing. Fuming. Just because their nightmare has become a reality:

A Black Man has more Power than Them

When a white man’s power is taken or has eroded their worlds end. They begin to encourage other weak minded men/women to speak their racist fire with the final intent to ultimately ‘take out’ the one with the power.

Every black man and woman should be on alert. THEY (lunatics and the man you may report to each morning, your boss) are prepared to wage war so that they will not lose their stolen land. So, I recommend when you are in their malls, on their trains/buses, and at other public places to be on guard. Unfortunately, Stephen Tyrone Johns was on guard; and was still killed by hatred. Hatred, not words.

Written by Brian E. Payne. Inspired by a comment made by L. Scott.

“What's the difference between you and the man that tried to kill women and kids at the Holocaust Museum yesterday?” –L. Scott

“I ain’t no murderous hater. I just don’t like those who raped my female ancestors and those who plot to keep my brothas ‘in a hell of a state'.” -Brian E. Payne

White supremacist kills guard at Holocaust museum - Times Online

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

My Unpretentious Time Spent in the Projects

While entering one of my work locations I saw a staff member peeking around the corner. I asked, “What are you doing? Are you hiding from someone?” She replied, “Not sure. I was just paged to the front desk; and I want to make sure that whoever is out there requesting for me IS NOT A BILL COLLECTOR.”

Unannounced collectors of debt were a common occurrence in the housing authority where I grew-up, the New Projects of Thomasville, North Carolina. Most residents did not have a telephone so Rent-A-Center randomly showed-up on any given day seeking their weekly rental payments. If the payment was not for a television, it was for a refrigerator. For my family, payments were sought for the cheap frig that was always either too cold or too warm for our food stamp bought food.

I vividly recall one hot July day when a nasty looking obese white man who was chewing tobacco came to our tattered screen door. He rudely demanded to speak with my overly slaved, and unavailable at the time mother. She was at the presently China owned TFI trying to come up with the LATE payment (TFI: a hell of work place similar to Marsh Furniture. Just on a larger scale). Since we (Clinton Tyrone, Shirley Jean, and I) could not produce the $55 payment he and a known neighborhood crack head that had a job with this scam of a business proceeded to repossess the ‘icebox’. Repossession is not unfamiliar to project people. It happens. So what!

To this very day I believe that the removal of the refrigerator helped build my character.

Character is what I witnessed while chilling in the Daniel Brooks community last Saturday. No matter where I have been, even overseas, a ‘project atmosphere’ has a special character: friendly people, harmless drug heads, a matriarch of the community/village, running wild young people, elements of street level violence, stress free poverty, etc.

While poverty lingers pervasively, what remains is a feeling of ‘at home’ in the formally named for Jewish neighborhoods: ghettos. This is how I felt as I sipped on the shared alcohol products with men and women who just wanted to celebrate ONE young fellas high school graduation. It was amazing how the project people came together to honor and praise “one of their own”. The proud matriarch let those of us know who traveled from afar that Lil Tyrone was her Daniel Brook’s kid. He has been her ‘project’ as he matured in the projects: “Tyrone is one of me owns.”

In Mrs. Cynthia’s lengthy prayer she continued to inform me and the other initially viewed as highfalutin visitors that Lil Tyrone is from the bosom of Daniel Brooks. Not Clara Cox! As she prayed, I thought about all the project men and women who extended so much faith in me, another project kid. Then I thought about the reasons I left Thomasville. Then I thought more about who I am today as a result of the housing authority: Still a Simple Project Kid.

Lil Tyrone is who he is because of the 18 years of maturation he spent in one of High Point’s remaining low income havens (I hear HPU is trying to acquire the land – Modern day imperialism at its best). He is Tyrone Antonio Payne partly because of the LOVE I experienced June 6, 2009: free Milwaukee’s Best, free “regular” (weed), free Aristocrat Vodka, free Glenmore Gin, kindness, and most importantly: the genuine unpretentiousness demeanors. What a welcoming treat considering I live down here in Frontin’ Atlanta!

Written by Brian E. Payne. Inspired by me begging High Pointers and reminding myself not to forget where we come from!



Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Still Waiting on Compelling Sotomayor Criticism?

I waited all of last week to hear or read something that would help me with my constructive criticism of Judge Sonia Maria Sotomayor. I researched and I researched. But, there was nothing that I could use to inflame the right wing fire. There was no gasoline. No ‘secrets’ in here closet. Nothing. All I could come up with was her remarkable story. It is impressive. Anytime a borough project kid grows up to be ‘something’ we all should jump for joy. It simply means that the system worked for him/her: She did not succumb to the numerous trappings and vices set forth by our American culture and government. Sotomayor overcame the odds. She is carrying a Puerto Rican torch! Similar to the torch black people carry as they navigate through the dark seas (e.g. failed public school systems, dilapidated housing authorities, and shanty town neighborhoods with liquor stores on every corner) of the United States.

It is hilarious and also sickening that the Republican Party basically does not have a legitimate response to President Obama’s nomination. Hilarious that they only have one piece of ‘controversy’ to present:

"…a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experience would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who has not lived that life." –The Honorable Sonia Sotomayor

Are they really going to stick with this 2001 ACCURATE statement? I best begin to monitor what I say and write. I do plan to run for political office one day. Seriously, I am still laughing at these conservative white males. This is all the ammunition that they have? LOL!

As I mentioned, this bump in the road for the judge is pathetic too. With all the stress THEY put on the American Dream, not one of the potential nomination blockers are acknowledging Sotomayor’s success. Her accomplishment. Misery does love company! These men are so miserable that they cannot applaud this ‘brown skin girl’. That’s it. Her brown skin is noticed first. Not her intelligence. Her rulings. Her professional history.

I hear them now, ‘What do you mean, Brian? Clearance Thomas skin was an issue? Was it really? In my opinion, Mr. Thomas was just RIGHT for the Republican Party: A Brotha with White Man Thoughts and Opinions.

Also, the infamous statement should remind us that we (so called minorities) should tell our own story. We are the information gatekeepers of our, in some cases, traumatic experiences. We need to be the final say on what is best for us black and brown people; not some turkey neck white man who really cannot relate to our lives.

If the GOP was smart they would concentrate on her rulings and legal opinions regarding abortion, gay marriage, gun control, stem cell research, and other hot topics for our legislators. These matters are critical. They have the ability to drastically change America…Even more to the Left.

Perfect Timing:

Pro-Life Leaders Denounce Murder of Abortion Doctor George Tiller ...

Written by Brian E. Payne.