Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Your Homosexuality Compassion Compass

Law and Order SVU had a great episode on a couple of weeks ago. Since watching it I have been second guessing myself: Should I share my thoughts with the world or should I just ignore that little man on my shoulder who has been encouraging me to share my feelings and commentary? The little man was the winner of my internal battle, and as a result of Dick Wolf’s brilliancy I have decided to step out there knowing that what I write on this subject could offend and also confirm someone’s thoughts/beliefs.

Let’s begin with a brief synopsis of the episode. (If I have the details wrong please let me know, but my 'survey' still should have legitimacy and merit).

The Show:

A woman is severely beaten-up by her brother-in-law. She is pregnant. She is hospitalized. While in the hospital her husband discovers that she has been a research participant for a study. The study: A genetic testing to determine if her child will be gay/homosexual or not. She is aware that her brother-in-law is gay, but not out of the closet. The test/study reveals that her un-born boy will be a homosexual. Her husband is not pleased with the test outcome. Actually, he is furious. As a result he demands an abortion; and he has full authority over the decision because his wife is in a vegetative state due to severe head trauma. So, he decides to abort. His reasoning: reckless homophobia, hatred of gays, and a non-interest in his son having to be tormented by a society that believes homosexuality is a 'foolish' lifestyle selection.


Do you believe the majority of the people in the United States would prefer to abort or will abort the child if he/she had complete/100% accurate/binding evidence that their child will be gay?

To begin the dialogue here is my honest answer/response:

I believe the American masses would select to abort. I believe most people worldwide would prefer the abortion route. In numerous countries being gay is against the law. Also, in some countries the people are so 'disgusted' with homosexuality that some gay men have been murdered in one of the most horrific ways possible e.g. burned to death. Also, to make it a little more personal - I would... I am not going to tell!

If you are stuck on my personal inclination (abortion conversation) you are ready to judge me. Don't pass judgment. Unrelenting, self-righteous, ignorant, and non-caring judgment hinders effective communication.

What say you?

Written by Muata. Inspired by Mr. Dick Wolf, the creator and executive producer of the longest running television show in history, Law and Order.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Barack Obama’s Complexion appears to be Irrelevant

Change is popular now. It is the ‘in thing’. The new hip and vintage concept and/or word that’s part of numerous catch phrases. It is also Barack Obama’s campaign platform: Change we can Believe in. Change is and will remain his mantra – but interestingly enough several of those right-wingers are being caught using that remarkable concept/word: Change. I am not mad at them for jumping on the Barack’s much needed rhetorical bandwagon considering it now appears to be a common denominator that’s voiced by people from all walks of life e.g. black, white, rich, poor, educated, uneducated, etc.

Sam Cooke said, “A change is gonna come.” Barack Obama says, “We don’t want to just change presidents. We want to change politics!” Cooke was right – but America’s “first black president”, Bill Clinton (this description is so culturally insulting to black Americans), said that Obama’s lofty idea is a fairy tale. It is interesting that Bill Clinton dismissed Obama’s idealism when many of us were moved by William Jefferson’s humble and hope-filled demeanor, and exuberating charisma back in 1992.

Why is the first black president characterization insulting? Because, we actually gave Bill this title as a result of his adulterous affair and after he lied on national television. I guess deceiving and cheating on your wife classifies him as a black man. So ridiculous and self humiliating.

Obama with his idealistic reasoning believes that America is ready for a change, and the people of Iowa and New Hampshire claim via caucuses’ and primary votes that they are ready for Barack to lead us in the direction that always comes whether we want it to or not. Despite the lost to Hilary in New Hampshire - the state that boasts, “You are going to Love it Here” - Barack Obama has solidified his position in American history. He is one of few black politicians who have successfully crossed the line white America has so successfully cemented in American life: That unnoticeable line that informs non-whites of ‘their place’.

Change occurs with or without our assistance. Change is believed to be ordained by the Great Master of Destiny. We should know this by now. Particularly those of us who claim the world changed for the better when God sacrificed His only son: Crucified so we may live. But, what I am surprised by is the amount of unwavering faith and astounding belief white people from IA and NH are willing to invest in a black man. I literally cannot believe that they have significant confidence in this skinny, preacher-like, former chain smoker, energetic, intelligent, and sincere black man so dearly. Is Obama black or what? His light skin is definitely a plus for them! Could I be dreaming or is this a new day in American politics? He has galvanized and inspired the young adult population. Have we (the black masses) finally convinced white folk that we are just as, and in countless cases, more competent than they are? More of us do have letters behind our names and manage profitable corporations. Or, is America really (this time around) seriously wanting someone in the White House who will mount an effective campaign for changing the outcome in Iraq, revamping the healthcare system, cleaning up America’s reputation at home and worldwide, providing a solution for the illegal immigration crisis; and equally as important, finally focus on assisting the poor?

Time will tell.

However, before time starts to tell I would like to explore with your assistance what it would be like for a black man to be the next president of the United States. Since I am somewhat limited in coming up with realities of a black president I would like to solicit your priceless and always appreciated feedback.

Please share with me what you think America would be like over the next four years if Barack Obama wins the 2008 presidency. What will be accomplished if he is voted in? How do you think the red state constituency will respond to this potential moment in history? Who will be responsible for securing the office of president for him? Will black folk finally begin to participate fully in the political/voting process? Will this give indication that America has addressed and overcome its number one problem: Race Relations?

What say you?

Take an additional 5 minutes to listen to or read Barack’s Yes we Can speech {link below}. It was delivered after his second place showing in New Hampshire. I was inspired and I am convinced that Barack is the only true candidate of Change! Unfortunately, I am also convinced that America’s bed is made with hypocrisy and arrogance. There is no coming back from what our government has done and not done unless Barack’s plea to us works:

I am asking you to believe. Not in just my ability to bring about change in Washington… I am asking you to believe in yours.”

Written by Muata. Inspired by all those white folk in Iowa and New Hampshire who’s responsible for the latest “Obama excitement”. We are waiting to see if that large percentage of registered black democrats in South Carolina (50%) will add to this contagious fever!