Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Forced Betrayal

A few weeks ago Barack Obama said in affect, "I can no more disown Jeremiah Wright than I can the black family/people." Yesterday, our hope for change turned his back on Jeremiah Wright and the black family. I gathered this from Barack’s words. I did not make this up. He said it. Re-read the quote I just typed.

Barack had to do this to maintain votes from the white family. Blacks will stay with him regardless. We have proven to stay when we probably should not. Remember OJ? I am upset and sadden that Barack had to do this - but he was forced to by the white man since he wants to be the president of these United States.

But then again, we (black folk) have been here before. We have had to disown each other to be accepted fully by the white man i.e. House Negro vs. Field Negro. Sad reality. Nonetheless, there have been courageous black men who sacrificed for us completely. Gave it all up to honor the truth i.e. Honorable Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, the list goes on and on.

Barack did not give up his bid for the presidency yesterday for what I believe to be the Greater Good. God’s Good: The Truth. I understand why. He running for president. Get it: RUNNING?? While he runs he is running from us, black folk, so he can win a seat that will stay the same while he is in it: CORRUPT.

We can blame Jeremiah Wright. This is what Mr. White Man wants us to do: Divide and Conquer. Willy Lynch.

The truth is we still have to bow down to the great White in order to get ahead in this union. This should be a learning experience for us. We need to get our own, and stop depending on this European power structure to take care of us.

At this point, we are nothing more than puppets.


Written by Muata. Inspired by Wright vs. Obama. A fight created by the media.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Party Loyalty is how Elections are Won

After winning the Pennsylvania primary Hilary Clinton said to an enthusiastic crowd of supporters, “…the tide is turning.” When I think of a tide I associate it with a wave. A huge wave. Typically, reversing a tide cannot be accomplished without overwhelming force. The force has to be so powerful and commanding that the re-direction of the water literally has to do a complete shift. It is like standing in front of hundreds of people who are in an all out sprint, asking them to stop running towards you, and then requesting that they immediately turn and run in another direction. It ain’t gonna happen. Well, not without pre-orchestrated agility, selfless organization, and discreet finesse.


Quick and well-coordinated in movement. This small and simplistic definition of agility is reflective of the Republican Party. The GOP has been known for its ability to mobilize prior to the ‘big dance’ – and definitely during the big dance. Elections have been simple for them to win because they move in simultaneous coordination. All of the major players fall into line. Similar to the humility of Mitt Romney. When it was time to step down and follow, he did. He was a soldier taking orders. Biting the bullet for something greater: The Grand Old Party. Mitt Romney said the following a few months back. One would assume he was referring to all of America, but in my sometimes shallow mind I believe he was talking about his affiliation. His gang.

“…to this task, accepting this burden, we are all dedicated, and I firmly believe, by providence of the Almighty, that we will succeed beyond our fondest hope.”

“We are all dedicated”

That they are. Dedicated to the party. Not dedicated to the figurehead like the Donkey Democrats are emotionally attached to faddish Barack or man-tendency Hilary.


The state or manner of being organized. This definition is a perfect description of black folk’s former party (Yes, blacks were once aligned with the Republican Party). The Republicans are open to being used in order to save the unit. The family. When asked by someone in leadership to hold-off; they comply. If it requires a sacrifice they will oblige like a well trained child. Not that they think and behave on a childish level. No, the Republicans of this party are thinking robots who are in-tune with what needs to be done to acquire that presidential seat. They have learned to be unselfish for the sake of the whole. Seeking the final successful outcome by giving up a part of themselves.


Extreme delicacy or subtlety in action. Have you noticed how surprisingly delicate the GOP Elephants have been during this political saga? Every word is manufactured-ly calculated with the intent on not making a dreadful mistake. Listen to John Sidney McCain III when he speaks. His responses are short, concise, to the point, and most importantly answers the question that’s asked. He does not sermonize us with Hope and Change elocution like… You guessed it. Barack Obama. Also, there are not many Republican supporters or elected officials out there putting their foot in their mouth i.e. The Ultimate Democrat and uncontrolled fibber, Bill Clinton. Delicacy is what they aspire to achieve while being subtle. So subtle the American democrats have no clue what the Republicans are up to as America prepares for the “most important election ever” (according to Al Sharpton). Didn’t we hear the same rhetoric back in 2000? It is disappointing that black democratic leaders have to use fear mongering tactics to get black people to the polls after their great-grandfathers were dragged in the streets because they wanted their voices to be heard. What a betrayal! By the way, these are the same forgetful black people who favored the Clintons in the past – but now worship Barack Obama. And, on the other side of the race coin, we have these polished and educated white people who are suddenly Obama choir members when in fact they were Bill Clinton’s surrogates back in the day. No loyalty!


The Republican Party, unlike the Dummie-crats, is gearing up. They have given up so much for a victory. They are ready to die for what is important to them: Republican Loyalty. They have this brand of allegiance, and the Democrats do not. Democrats have been known to be fickle. So amazingly and foolishly inconsistent that a high percentage of them are planning to not vote in the general election if their democratic candidate does not win the nomination. What a symbol of togetherness they have. What a display of unity they have. But, what should I expect from a party full of loosely liberal minded, give me more, never satisfied, and always complaining group of wanna-be patriots. Patriots sacrifice. Patriots are not selfish. Patriots have the ability to coordinate for the greater good. Patriots are more than willing to strategically deploy for the greater good. Patriots move faintly while evaluating each and every step for THE GREATER GOOD.

It is too bad the Democrats are not in agreement. Not on the same page. Not moving in unison. Let’s keep in mind that stubborn Hilary is not the lone barrier in the road. If the Democrat Party was truly “for the people” they would have never built into their process the ‘supper delegate has the final say’ option.

John McCain, to my disdain, will be the next President of the Untied States.

You Democrats, are to blame!

Written by Muata. Inspired by black allegiance to the Democrat Party. Another colossal mistake Black Americans have made.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Barack is a roaring Lion among spineless Lambs

"It's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.." -Barack Obama (on rural town people from Pennsylvania)

They, the lambs, have viciously twisted Barack's words to the point he is accused of "attacking religion". That religion is America's "opiate": Christianity. Saying anything remotely close to criticizing the white man's religion will surely get you into hot water; and when a black politician scrutinizes the blond head blue-eyed Jesus' mantra he potentially issues a political death sentence for himself.

This spineless uproar proves to me AGAIN that America has to be one of the most insecure nations on the face of the earth. As soon as their mischievously established, violently force-fed, and brainwashing mechanism is referred to something that is clinged to they forcefully get on the defense. Why? I will tell you.

Christianity in all of its deliriously perceived brilliancy is a failed movement. The only 'thing' that holds it together is misconception, false truths, and flat out lies which is supported by the power of the United States government. Even when people from rural Pennsylvania, Thomasville and High Point, North Carolina - both mill towns - "cling" to religion they often discover Christianity is not enough. It is a temporary fix reserved for Sunday mornings. I recall my mother and almost everyone else's mother from Thomasville going to work in an uncomfortably hot or cold furniture factory (depending on the season). The work was back-breaking hard, and the pay was horrendous. No significant fruits from their labor were produced so they did appear to be "bitter". Who would not be? Their bitterness at times leads them to the liquor houses (Juke Joints for those of you reading who have no idea what a liquor house is). Then on Sunday it was time to go to the one place that was falsely consistent. That one place that provided a make believe comfort: The House of the Lord. This is where they attached themselves for three long hours, The Church.

Senator Barack Obama, the LION, got it RIGHT once again. Those poor downtrodden people are angry. They lost their job to a "brown skin, flat face, slant-eyed Asian". This is how I have heard the Chinese described by those American men and women who are now cleaning bathrooms at cheap hotels that are managed by Indian illegal immigrants. Yes, they are mistakenly mad at these people for 'taking their jobs'. They are also pissed-off at a government that allowed international towns, districts, villages, and provinces to flourish at the expense of their jobs.

The America Government in its hypocrisy fails to identify with small and rural town America. Isn't it funny a black "elitist" Harvard grad understands and they don't? America is so typical, shallow, and common. This country does NOT deserve a Barack Hussein Obama!

The truth is within the voice of those who should be heard. Keep talking, Barack!!

Written by Muata. I was not inspired to write this one!

Friday, April 04, 2008

"God has to be Tired of this Shit"

I often think if God is truly tired of what we have recklessly re-designed. Have you? Seriously, is our Lord disgusted by what we have done to His creation? Perhaps not, considering God was the one who allegedly allowed Adam and Eve to jack the world up: Free-will. Think about it. If the story is accurate, God labored for six days diligently fashioning the universe. Then left the Garden of Eden for a few moments. Came back, and later discovered what He molded with adulation was destroyed by one act of disobedience. Makes me wonder why God would go to so much trouble for us by creating the world, and then permit two human beings to destroy His work. Sadistic?

Most of us are serious about our work. We get to work on time. We do not abuse our lunch hour, and we make every attempt to successfully address our responsibilities in the timeframe we are given. God did all of this while on the job during His initial days of employment. He was never tardy. He did not make any mistakes; so they say. He only took one break throughout his lengthy days of work (On the Sabbath). Reminds me of a Mexican. However, the completion of work can be subjective. I can look over my work and confidently believe it is complete, and needs no adjustments. Someone else may appear to be more critical and conclude my efforts are incomplete; unsatisfactory. Which leads me to my question, Are you satisfied with what God has allowed to come of His masterpiece? Even if we believe in the Free-will concept you have to admit that what has become of this world is sickening. And, I wonder why God has not intervened to save the best of His creation, the Saints and Believers. If the story is true I guess they will be saved.

It is interesting that everything related to God is contingent on “if the story is true”. Have you even considered if the extremely convincing story that’s told by Christian ministers, grandparents, theologians, and church-goers is NOT true? Some of us will never fathom or entertain the idea. To do so puts us in an unworthy light with Mr. God himself. No one wants to be in the dog house (bad favor) with the Lord considering He has been known to strike down those who doubt and rebuke Him. A perfect example of someone who received the wrath of God is Haman, the antagonist in the Book of Esther. God did not waste any time with Haman after it was discovered he was plotting to kill God’s favorites: the Jews. It is apparent with Hebrew Bible support that God was more hands-on during those days. He was always ready to protect His highly favored and even exterminate those who did not comply. There are countless stories in the bible that reference God’s fatherly allegiance to His ‘Chosen Ones’, the Righteous. He was prepared to issue a death sentence to anyone who defied His agenda.

At least we are aware, via King James’ stories, that God cared then. But, now in my summation it is difficult to determine if God is really tired of this stinky stuff. We have those ‘enlighten individuals’ who blatantly disrespect God, we have those who do not believe Jesus is God’s son, we have those who believe the entire concept of God is foolishness, we have those who do not adhere to His commandments, we have those who refuse to acknowledge the power of God, and the list goes on and on with all sorts of “sins”. (I am aware some of you believe I am among this hell-bound group) And, still there is no movement from God. He continues to be unresponsive. Unless, you believe He is issuing vengeful retribution with disastrous and deadly weather that’s affected all of the United States in some form over the past 2-3 years e.g. ravishing floods, uncontrollable wild fires, erratic tornadoes, cataclysmic hurricanes, etc. Is this God’s way of sending the chickens home to roost?

Jeremiah Wright, in one of his fiery but truthful sermons, told his parishioners, “God has to be tired of this shit”. When I analyze the evils which have lead to the ills of America that are mentioned in this particularly sermon I conclude that there is something possibly missing among the people regularly seated in Jeremiah’s former church during America’s most segregated hour, and among most Americans: A Fear of God’s Anger. No one cautiously fears God like we were told to do as children. As He was feared by the Tribe of Judah. God is a joke to most of us. An impotent afterthought. An unused relic. Something of the past that no longer has the ability to rule.

Isn’t it obvious He is not sitting on the throne ruling or could it be that He is so sick of this shit that He “sadistically” refuses to reprimand us perilously carefree descendants of Abraham considering His remarkable acts previously used to get our attention have been insolently disregarded for far too long? Perhaps, He will have the last laugh!

What do you think?

Written by Muata. Inspired by another effort to understand.