Saturday, March 28, 2009

I am so terrified! Please don't come.
Wow! Should we be afraid of God? I am not!
As I continue to keep up with a discussion entitled, Does Satan Exist?, on my Howard University social networking web page I wonder why many are fearful of publicly asking, Does God Exist? I know if I were to solely utilize my common sense I would answer that question like this:
No! Are you crazy? God? What is that? If I cannot see and/or touch this being, He/She must be some spirit thing humans have created to help them ‘deal’ with the unexplainable. A God, yeah right!
Here is my answer while in Sunday school 30 years ago:
“What you talking bout? You expect me to believe that, Deacon Johnson?”
Waiting on the LIGHTENING to strike me!
The first response is full of sarcasm – but I am trying to be sarcastic because deep down inside the only reason I believe that there is a God is because I fear the outcome if there is (I wanna be on the RIGHT side – Heaven sounds like a good place to go). I also refuse to acknowledge that the disgustingly flawed and dangerously complex humans are in control. No way!
The second response was an innocent kid’s thought process at the time. What caused me to abandon where I was at in my understanding then: Forced-fed Christianity.
I know there are those reading who are clicking off my blog right now. Afraid that I am Satan. Go ahead, click away. But, you know the only reason you believe is because of an unsubstantiated faith.
Two plus two equals four. That is fact!God plus Jesus plus Heaven equals belief based on Faith. That’s belief, not fact.
I believe in God because I am afraid not to. Such a PUNK.
Written by Brian E. Payne.

Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva: His Truth is Accurate

Financial crisis caused by "people with blue eyes": Brazilian ...
To deny this means one is living in intellectual darkness. In clouds of misinformation.
To immediately question why people like President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva would say such a thing indicates that the questioner refuses to pin the tail on the donkey. The guilty.
As a result of greed, something the white man introduced to his 'mentees', the poor will have to suffer, not only in America, but worldwide. Even the Japanese are assigning blame in a Western direction. They are on the right track with their criticism.
This (international financial crisis) is the outcome of people with white skin behaving selfishly and with GREEDY intentions.
Too bad we all going to HELL because of the actions of the 'perfect human':
The Blond headed, blue-eyed...
Not so perfect after all, huh?
Written by Brian E. Payne.
This commentary reaction, and any words in response from Muata are not an all out blast of all white people. It was written to 'second' the claim of Brazil's president. Perhaps, if one removes their political correctness he/she will recognize that he is on to something critical.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The First to get Fired on Wall Street: Women?

Why can’t it just be that these women (featured in the video/article) got fired/laid-off because of recession ramifications? Is a discrimination conspiracy theory necessary? H*ll, everyone is feeling the pinch some way or another. What’s next, a bunch of black men from General Motors will get together and claim that they were fired because they are black? While both scenarios, the real one and the hypothetical, can happen perhaps we should not focus our energies on reasons that are unsubstantiated. Besides, if we really want to be honest/fair countless women have been hired to adhere to a gender minority quota anyway. This leaving me with the opinion that they may not have been qualified in the first place while competent men are left on the sidelines waiting to get picked up by a second rate company. It happens. And, this is not written to take anything anyway from corporate women. Believe me; I am familiar with the well-to-do and intelligently dynamic woman in power. However, most of you reading know incompetence when you see it. Actually, I have worked for a black man who was only sitting in the Chief’s seat because the company had to ‘diversify’ as an obligation to the federal government’s under utilized EEOC.

Women can do some jobs better than men. That’s a fact – but once women begin to lodge lawsuits based solely on hormonal emotion and illegitimate information they may just shoot themselves in the foot. Regulating the ultra white feminist movement to nothing but whining.

Also, considering the data within the second link, why didn’t these suing women civilly address the obvious male-female discrepancy before now? (Take a look at the chart).

Money will keep one from complaining…especially if the ‘discrimination’ is not hitting one’s pocket.

Inconsequently, based on my acquired understanding from countless women:

Females would rather work for a man.

Is that true, ladies?

Short video:

Informative Article:

Written by Brian E. Payne. Inspired by all the female NFL and NBA corrospondants who never played the game.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Respect and the Pulpit, a Hidden Oxymoron

Are we, as a nation, so far gone down Secular Lane that we cannot even acknowledge when a pastor is flat out wrong? Are we so hesitant to hold our so-called Moral Leaders to task because we are afraid if we say something we will be pulled on the carpet for our own ‘unacceptable behavior’? Where are we morally if we cannot hold each other accountable?

These are a few of the questions that raced through my brain as I read about Pastor Jamal Bryant - and while church-going Believers (have to make the distinction between church-going Believers and general Believers considering the following information) and I discussed infidelity among ministers:

More Americans Say They Have No Religion

While Reverend Bryant’s situation is old news, I still take issue with church-going Believers making what I believe to be an excuse for behavior that ultimately destroys the morale of a church, disrespects God’s ‘written’ intentions, and convolutes the soul of those seeking a place on God’s roster as a pastor (that was me after seminary).

GIZELLE BRYANT VS. JAMAL H. BRYANT: Popular pastor and wife in divorce ...

The Excuse:

“He is Human”

Okay…and so am I. But, one thing distinguishes me and countless others from Bryant: I/we ain’t up in the People’s Sanctuary regurgitating that Written Word each and every Sunday; and occasionally on bible study night. Nonetheless, I am a human being. Full of flaws. Corrupt with temptation that attacks my flesh on the daily. I am broken; seeking grace, mercy, and forgiveness from my Maker. Right?

In my book, Exposing Christianity: My Way of Sharing an ... ,I have a chapter dedicated to Forgiveness. In this chapter I try to explain how we have used the Concept of Forgiveness to eliminate the Fear of Damnation. For example, if I knew without a doubt that I would burn in hell if I killed 10 innocent people (Alabama slayings - perhaps I would not go on a shooting rampage killing women and children. Perhaps, I would think twice about molesting a three year old.

My point:

When does the evil deed KEEP one on the path to Hell (if there is such a place)? When is Forgiveness not a multiple choice selection?

With what we have done to God’s Out (Forgiveness), all of us can freely live a life of complete wickedness, and STILL make it through the Pearly Gates. Jeffrey Dahmer is in heaven.

We are in a terribly dangerous place: church attendance among 20 to 40 year olds is significantly low (not that it is a necessity to go to church), spirituality is void, people are faithless, and a huge segment of the United States population is living a life in the profane moment while simultaneously expecting God to grant us a pass after we speak those often repeated words on a death bed:

‘Lord, forgive me of my sins. Wipe me clean. I believe in You and Your son; and I am ready for your Kingdom. Make a place for me.’

We are familiar with:

‘God please get me out of this one. I promise not to be here again.’

Regardless of what many of the bible-thumpers and Holy Ghost dancers believe, a significant number of churchgoers and non-churchgoers live their life believing that God will indiscriminately forgive. Thus, leaving them with the impression that it is NOT a righteous prerequisite to live an honorable life when this life is temporary and can be medicated with a dose of forgiveness. With this pervasive misunderstanding and/or blatant disrespect of God, maybe this is the reason humans have proven to be morally bankrupt?

So, I guess he is “The Man”? A comparison to David? He appears to have forgiven himself. Such arrogance! Please watch and listen:

Written by Brian E. Payne. Inspired by another fallen Saint who church-going Believers have welcomed back with open arms.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

She Thought she was Safe…I am sure

Over the past few years there have been countless news reports detailing violence inflicted upon Americans who decided to live and work overseas as Peace Corps volunteers. Of course, the decision to become a representative of the United States via the Peace Corps is not an easy decision.

Most of the time the applicants rarely think about the crime statistics of the perspective country of assignment. It is usually the last thought while swimming upstream in the application process. I know it was for me. ‘Safety? What is unsafe about Antigua? People go there all the time to vacate.’ Was my sentiment! And, I never had any reason to think differently. Even as I lived there. However, other volunteers did not have my experience: I was safe. No bodily harm. Nothing!

Not the case for Kate Puzey. This caring young lady fell victim to a random act of violence. Like numerous men and women who walk through villages and communities thousands of miles away from their home. I am sure Kate was not immune to the ruckus that human beings create. She is from Cumming, Georgia. Not far from the once and on the rise hot-bed of violence, Atlanta, Georgia. So, Kate had to be well-aware that safety is paramount. But possibly, like many PCV’s we rarely think ‘it’ can happen to us. Especially, not in a vibrant culturally-contained community. Again, not the case for Kate Puzey.

As her family prepares to continue life without her in the Great Red State and as the PC community in Benin, Africa mourn her death, I want to share a brief conversation I had with fellow returned Peace Corps volunteers. It may just help further the understanding of our experiences. They are not all the same, and no one should blanket the Peace Corps journey with untruths, misinformation, and words of unjustifiable discontent. Like several of the comments left on the WSBTV web page.

It is my hope that Peace Corps continues to be safety conscious and ever so vigilant. The PC bureaucrats are! I was one for 8.5 years. However, there has been criticism lately of Peace Corps’ safety approach. Some constructive and some unfair.

America’s best assets cannot continue to come home in body bags. These individuals leave home to be advocates of peace and love. They do not deserve for their resting place to be tagged:

Here lies returned Peace Corps volunteer, Kate Puzey; she died sharing her life abroad

To follow the conversation please click on the Comment icon.

Written by Brian E. Payne. Inspired by Ms. Puzey. She was doing the Lord's Work!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sexin’ In the Church

Unlike the typical church, the church you about to read about has BALLS. BIG BALLS! They are actually talking about sex; and they are unashamed in their approach. This minister has incorporated a sex sermon series. And, has the bold audacity to put the name of his provocative sermons on billboards. Wow! Thankfully, someone is final moving away from the restrictive traditional teachings that have shackled the minds of Christians for years.

The church must begin to meet the worldly where they are: In the World that we have ruined!,w-alabama-sermons-031109.article

What do you think?

If you have an opinion please share with Muata. Also, read the conversation documented in the Comment section.

Shared by Brian E. Payne.

50 Days of Success?...and Pork

Before I begin I want it to be known that I put forth a GIGANTIC effort to be fair when exerting my critical analysis energy. I share that disclaimer because when one utters a word of criticism of our President he/she may be subjected to a verbal beat down. The ass whipping usually comes from those who are incapable of assessing President Obama in a neutral position. However, I am not in this category. He will be under a microscope on this blog!

Let me begin by listing what I believe to be accomplishments from our President in his First 50 Days:

*Closed that God forsaken prison camp in Cuba.
*Began his brand of diplomacy in the Middle East. Actually, promoting a Palestinian state.
*Intends to revamp the educational system. He really has a plan!!!
*Has begun to explore ideas that may lead to a new health care system.
He continues to give speeches too. Some believe this is his way to continue a connection with the people. Okay...Nonetheless, have we ever considered that this is his best quality, which by the way, is a pacifier for some people? We all need something these days to tide us over. I am looking for a good sermon. Got one? Now, please allow me to be one of the few black men to point out that President Obama lied - I am not surprised, this is what politicians do...

"Change we can Believe in"


What excuse are 'The He walks on Water Believers' going to pull from heaven on this one? I am really waiting to be enlightened. Please someone help me with this one.

Written by Brian E. Payne. Inspired by a nice fat PORK chop.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

How do you know he will do it again?

The Lord knows I have tried my best not to give the Chris Brown and Rihanna saga any attention. I actually told a friend that I would not write one sentence referencing the incident. Not sure exactly why I have been so stubbornly distance. But, I do know that the thought of a man beating a woman makes me extremely uncomfortable. Because of those tormenting feelings that surface, I have refused to watch the movie, What’s Love Got to Do with It again. Just can’t stomach the beat downs. Almost like my position on Pulp Fiction: Will NEVER watch it again either.

Nonetheless, I do have an opinion now that one of my heroines has spoken. Oprah informed the world that once a man hits a woman, “he will hit you again”. Really?

There’s no prayer that will help? No forgiveness that leads to a change? Therapy?

While I have never punched a woman, I have wrestled with one. We must have looked dumb ass hell too! I just wanted her out of my place before she decided to throw something else like the rotisserie chicken she slung across my living room. Chicken juice went flying! Grease stains all over my freshly painted walls. And, she even damaged my cherished framed pencil drawing of Bob Marley. She had to get the hell out then so I shook her a few times and forced her out of my condo. By the way, she got the best of me. Whipped my butt!

Seriously, I have a question:

Is Oprah right?

Here is what she said:

The Donald has spoken too:

"She better get the hell out... If she goes back, she's a loser and she doesn't deserve to have any future success.”

Rihanna’s Future documented? Well, four minutes of it:
Tina Turner:

Written by Brian E. Payne. Inspired by Oprah Winfrey.

Monday, March 09, 2009

VOID: Unemployment and Faith

I could not believe this report when someone called to tell me about it. My first response was: NO WAY! His response: Yes…Way!

So, in typical weekly fashion I started an email discussion with the hopes it would lead to a spirited debated. It did…Well, it somewhat ignited when the following questions were asked:

What happens when faith is not enough? Shit happens, Right?

The sparks began to fly. But, too tamed for my liking so I continued to push:

Faith During Economic Crisis?

Shared by Brian E. Payne. Inspired by an ongoing shit!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Black Love Revisited…

I am so in Love with The First Lady!

It appears CNN’s Jack Cafferty is too.

When I emailed this article accompanied with a picture of Mrs. Obama to a few of my friends I did not expect us to have a day long dialogue about Black Love. However, I am happy we had an opportunity to chat about something I believe has been highjacked by seen and unseen forces.

Many of us believe Black Love is separate from the general category of Love while others believe that Love should not be removed from the generality of Love. As one friend said, “Love is love. It is not black, white, or brown.” I, of course, disagree.

Click on the Comments icon below to read the discussion.

Shared by Brian E. Payne. Inspired by the often times elusive Love: Black Love.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Rush Being Rush: Not Sure if I Don't Like Him

If someone asked me if I like Rush Limbaugh I would not be able to respond with the answer one may receive if the average into politics black man who knows of him would respond: Hell, no! Of course, I have asked myself why. The only reason I have to be ‘undecided’ on Rush is because he reminds me of plenty black men throughout history who are/were outspoken, defiant, and conservative. I am aware that Limbaugh will make some ‘questionable’ comments at times – but the same black men I am referring to have been known to say what they mean without any apologetic remorse. These men are radically truculent, and they have generated a massive following over the years. One of these men is the Honorable Louis Farrakhan (Beloved by me). While Rush and Louis come from two completely different backgrounds, I must admit that they incite identical feelings: Contempt. With the “repugnance” Rush breeds, he is also heard by over 20 million people every day. Now, that’s a lot of folk!

Does Limbaugh really want President Obama to fail or President Obama’s socialist agenda?

“Rush is neither a patriot nor a traitor for wanting Barack Obama to fail.”,0,5470874.htmlstory

“America needs a regime change…you have to uproot what’s under the government of the United States of America, or the American people will never have what the Constitution guarantees.”

Shared by Brian E. Payne.