Saturday, January 30, 2010

Obama and Gays in the Military

Does he realize the backfire this will have? The morale breakdown? He doesn't because he has never served in the military. It irritates me when men/women make decisions that will affect the military when they have no idea what the military is like. The challenges service men and women face.

The military is unwelcoming and ill-equipped to deal with men/women being 'out'. So, the military is supposed to change its core because a talking head wants it to? Because the president wants to appease his supporters?

Brian E. Payne sharing.

Friday, January 29, 2010

The MAN at the State of the Union

I saw a man frustrated with inflated egos. I saw a man sick and tired of playground politics. I saw a man weaken by division. I saw a man mildly confident. I saw a man borderline pompous. I saw President Obama as a man with testicular fortitude. I was surprised considering up until the State of the Union he has been meek. Carefully gentle with his approach towards the Republican Party. And, while I wanted our President to grow some balls I was a bit put off by his sharp sarcasm and narcissistic facial impressions: as if he was shaking his head and whispering an arrogant laced comment to Reverend Wright about a man he believes is an idiot. Not similar in content, but like the elitist facial expression Bill Clinton made as he tried to get Ted Kennedy to support Hilary’s presidential bid: “A few years ago, he (Obama) would have been getting us coffee.” –Bill Clinton

My Fear Realized:

President Barack Obama has become Washington

It is PERFECTLY obvious that he means well and that he loves his country. A true Patriot! The man cares…that’s written all over his aged face. It is ingrained in his legislative policy and his former community activism. But, on January 27, 2010 from 9:00PM to 10:00PM it was confirmed that President Barack Obama has fully embraced partisanship.

Whoever wrote the address deepen the hole for America. Obama followed-up with the delivery of a speech that will be remembered as deliberately divisive and patronizingly scolding.

When I was a kid my mother told me to solve conflict with the opposite of what was causing the conflict. That’s what I was taught – and it worked in most cases. I guess Obama is all trying out. Done with political friendliness. Like I was when the school yard bully pushed me to the limit. I kicked him in the balls…like my momma told me told me too after she was burned out with my whining!

Barack Obama became my man on the 27th. He kicked the ‘seated’ Republicans in the teeth! Consequently, he satisfied his fickle supporters with that kick. As the dust settles it is painfully obvious that he did nothing different for the American people with his new approach.

Change and Hope may be lost if the President has truly become Washington. I am hoping he was bluffing…well, just a little.

Written by Brian E. Payne. Inspired by Barack Obama’s angry smirks.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

50 Bucks and You Can Have Yourself a Haitian Pickney

Blacks selling blacks...nothing knew. Forced/uncontrollable desperation eats away at morality! Still no excuse for this alleged crime against humanity!

Brian E. Payne sharing.

Knew I Could Count on The Nation

Can ALWAYS count on The do something! Small and/or big.

Where ya at Church Folk? Churches? I know there are black churches among the THOUSANDS nationwide doing their 'own thing'. What about a national black church movement to assist Haiti? Nope. Will not happen...Denominations, differences in Christology, and contradictions in religious approaches prevents the unification of black churches for THE GREATER GOOD outside of their four walls. So asinine!

The Black Church gets no slack from me. God and Jesus don't either!! Remember, God is the reason for the earthquake. He does control all things, right?

-Brian E. Payne

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I wanted to share some information. I wanted to be ‘low profile’ with it too. I wanted to simply throw something out there that was interesting to me. Share something I found on the social media page for Bison Round-Up, Howard University. A place where I frequent to associate with great minds!

Here is what I emailed to a few people who put up with my infiltration of ‘Truths’.

Gang Tours, Entrepreneurship at its BEST?

The cyber conversation that proceeded was another opportunity for intelligent people to vent, share statistics, and tell The Truth.

The Truth is what you will find on this blog. No fluffy bullshit!

Read by clicking on the Comments icon below.

Brian E. Payne sharing.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Haitian Orphans, Mixed Feelings

Someone please tell me why I have such mixed feelings about all these white folk adopting the Haitian orphans? God knows I am happy for the kids. I truly am. For some reason I cannot get pass my hesitation to be 100 percent happy. Not sure what it is...I do know when I see the white to-be-parents loading up to go get the kids I somewhat get irritated because we (blacks) are not lining up to go get 'the dark ones'. When will blacks lead the charge to 'save a life' for a change? When I was in Haiti years ago I had the same feeling as I walked around noticing all the white people there trying to 'save lives'.... -Muata

The statement above opened-up an interesting dialogue. Read more by click on the Comments icon.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Obama and 365 Days of Naiveté

365 days later, and President Obama admits he underestimated the resistance to his promise of change and vision of hope.

Like many of us who found a renewed faith in US politics, President Obama appears to have gotten it. He appears to understand his generated enthusiasm has been short-lived. Fleeting. Gone. This was expected by those of us who have been referred to as Uncle Tom haters, field Negro wet blankets, and pathetic black men jealous of the first black president. Go figure…Jealous. Really?

Reality has sat in. The intoxicating euphoria has been sobered. Of course, this is not meant to imply that there have not been any positive steps taken. Nope. It is a blunt reminder that President Barack Obama will not change the core of American politics: Deep-seated Dysfunctionalism.

Our government is broken. Yeah…you have heard that cliché before. Hearing it this time around has to really ring a bell because a man committed to change has been somewhat defeated within a year. For the second time in history, a president has become a lame duck after three hundred and sixty-five days. Just like Jimmy Carter.

The Demise of Obamamania is threefold:

1) Barack Obama actually believed that those on the Right would heed to his campaign
slogan, Change We Can Believe In. The Republicans NEVER believed in Obama.

2) Barack Obama miscalculated the power of conservative talk radio and television. Rush Limbaugh and Fox News are forces to be reckoned with. Obama’s administration has not fought fire with fire, neglecting to believe that many Americans agree with the Hannity’s and Beck’s of the world. These people actually hate Change that may come from a black man.

3) Barack Obama will foolishly continue to ‘work the other side of the isle’. This effort
continued after it has been solidified that the GOP is a Party of No, not Advancement?

Here is where President stands in the shallow minds of Americans and foreign nations:

Where’s the Love for Obama?

World Views Obama’s First Year

The discontent is growing - with a silver lining: black folk will remain in President Obama’s court no matter what. We have to be the most innocently misguided loyal people on earth.

Written by Brian E. Payne. Inspired that person saying, ‘Dang! It has only been a year.’

The Thrill is Gone

Friday, January 15, 2010

Dear Christian Broadcasting Network Staff,

Christian Justification, God’s Relationship with Haiti
Truth is subjective because humans need it to be. We are not willing to accept truth as it truly is, absolute. We are so modernly aloof that many will conclude that two plus two does not equal four. Yes, we are that ridiculous.

Truth can be discovered in various forms. People have been known to wake up in the middle of the night with a prophetic truth. People have pulled over from driving to note their truth on “not a winner” lottery tickets.

An additional interesting concept with truth is everyone believes that their truth is indestructible. Solid. Wrapped and sealed with cement. If this is the case, I can understand why so many believers have coined an earthquake as God’s way of getting non-believers attention. The believers do have an ancient text in their arsenal for validation while men like me have nothing but what Christians can label as unsubstantiated rhetoric. To be quite accurate, the believers are correct. I do not have a world-revered source I can go to support my argument. In my humble defense all I have is common sense – and one other fact: I and other non literal thinking intellectuals have the ability to ‘use’ the Christian’s dusty book to invalidate their premise; therefore leaving me with the logical revelation in this particular occurrence (Earthquake in Haiti) that God is NOT a murderer. If He some way some how reveals that He is a killer I will be prepared to fully disclose that He is fantasy, not real. In short, there will be No God for me any longer.

If God wanted to get Haiti’s attention, why did He use a deadly earthquake to do it? Why didn’t He spiritually encourage and anoint leaders from around the world to institute humanitarian policy that would have helped Haiti rebuild years ago? If God is so omnipresent and so powerful, why couldn’t He do something that would have protected life, not take life?

The Christians including that foolish extremist, Pat Robertson, cannot and will not venture to answer these questions because the shallow understanding that they have from the good book helps them use their religion to discredit other beliefs. If their religion did not discredit, what would their truth be? What foundation would it have? They have to have it this way to justify the actions of their biblical God. Justification for His murderous, divisive, intolerant, genocidal, misogynistic, and homophobic sanctions/enforcements.

If one takes away God’s so called purpose in this natural disaster we would be calling this event the work of Lucifer, or just a random act of Mother Nature.

I guess God and Lucifer are one in the same?

I will not praise the Duality of this God, or His perverse scripture: Exodus 35:2, Leviticus 20:13, John 12:48, and Deuteronomy 7:1-2/22:20-21.

Brian E. Payne

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Thoughts of My Connection to Haiti

Just when I was planning to continue the 'race talk' my BlackBerry vibrated. The vibration was a News Alert: Haiti Rocked by Devastating Earthquake. At that moment I had to readjust my thoughts. Gather myself. Prepare for the anguish I would walk around with Wednesday. As I clicked on the link that would definitely reveal horrible news my demeanor began to change. I became angry, frustrated, depressed, and hopeless. Then I put my link to 'Breaking News' down; and asked myself, 'Why has Haiti had to endure so much atrocity?' As I labored over the question I thought of another question, 'Why does it appear that most people of darker skin around the globe have it so hard? This is where I stopped and began to write in my tattered journal that has complex questions that God has REFUSED to answer via my aged prayers.

Talk radio is my secondary lifeline outside of my personal life. Most of you reading know this. Writing is my primary passion. You know this too.

Another passion is my quest to understand. As I attempted to make sense of my final question above, I heard a Christian zealot speak the following ignorance over the airwaves:

"Haiti needs to repent. The people worship witch doctors. They do not believe in the saving grace of Jesus...and, now they must look to Jesus to be saved. No other way will work for them. Haven't they learned this? God will eventually get their attention. Until then He will continue to send divine devastation."

While I would love to blast this statement with My Truth I will not give it any credence. Acknowledgement. This is one time when I will be what may be perceived to be arrogant, and say:
This fool does not deserve my education…knowledgeable anti-Christian rhetoric.

Haiti, the FIRST black led country in the WORLD and the FIRST independent nation of Latin America, was forgotten a long time ago. Haitian Americans rarely go back in numbers, the United States has treated the country like a stepchild for decades - and God, Himself, abandoned the people years ago.

It is obvious Haiti is a sore that seeps infection. Not many want to be connected to the country. I have met Haitians here on America's blood-soaked soil who are embarrassed by their nationality. To my surprise I received this avoidance of connection when I was describing my brief – but pleasant time spent in The Forgotten Place. At first I could not understand why this beautiful black-black woman would try to dodge her heritage. Actually, I was pissed...I in turn told her I was too. Then I left her with a name that I hoped would help her identify with Haiti’s remarkable history, François-Dominique Toussaint L'ouverture.

Inconsequently, the very people that I equally give a vigorous challenging time are the people who speak with such reverence for Haiti’s history. They are the same people who have displayed consistent compassion for the country. These Caucasian men and women are returned Peace Corps Volunteers. The love they gained for the people while they tirelessly gave all of themselves to Haiti is unmatched. When the Peace Corps leadership decided to evacuate the volunteers for the final time I recall the tears streaming down the faces of America’s majority of Peace Corps volunteers (white women). Nothing I said could console them. They wanted to stay. They regretted at that moment that they were associated with America’s bureaucracy, the Peace Corps.
I questioned then, ‘Why do these people have so much love for Haiti?’ Then…I traveled to this mostly Catholic nation to work. So much for ‘witchcraft’…?

As we go through this sad day with tears for Haiti; and later witness a painful Recovery Effort - I really want someone with some intellectual reason to help me with my question:

'Why does it appear that most people of darker skin around the globe have it so hard?

If the question is not answered I will be okay. Unfortunately, my quest to figure this one out will remain unachieved. Leaving me with my love and the hope my employer will allow me to take a leave of absence for 2-3 weeks. I have to get back to Haiti. The Forgotten darkies need more darkies to sacrifice for them.

Brian E. Payne

Monday, January 11, 2010

Black People Don’t Need a Race Talk

All over the news this week we will hear and read about what Harry Reid is quoted as saying in a new book, Game Change. Some will use this latest American pacification as an opportunity to remind the rest of the world that we have a race problem. Like that is news. Others will push further, and declare America needs to have a discussion about race. An overdue frank dialogue. One that’s expected to clear the air. I guess the infamous Beer Summit was unsuccessful (

While all of the above plays out I plan to sit back. Chill…with my thirty year unpopular position:

Black people do not need to participate on any level in a race talk. We are the subjects (as always), not the perpetrators of the ignorance. Yes, we have ‘color’ issues within the black community (a ramification of the brutal African Diaspora). What we do not have is full fledge ignorance and stupidity along the lines of what we are in the minds of white people. No, this is not to imply that white people who wonder if black people have tails are ignorant. It is intentionally implied that these white persons are stupid! Just idiots! Don’t chuckle…you should be shocked because just 20 years ago there was a lily white girl from Maryland that asked a southern black girl, “Do you have a tail?” Place: High Point College, 1989.

My point, black people are pretty much not responsible for the countless understandings, thoughts, and beliefs that white people have about black people unless white people watch Hip-Hop videos all day long. I definitely do not believe there is evidence in our history that indicates that we told white people that we have tails like Spot. The accepted misunderstandings about Negroes, Blacks, African Americans, or whatever they call us is of no fault of our own. We have proven what we are e.g. Dubois, Simone, Ali, and Truth. White people from the past and today are to blame for the ignorance. So, why in the hell do I, a black man, need to sit around a table and tell white America that black people are humans? Humans who can speak-well. Humans who are intelligent. Humans who know you (white people) are the ones with the race problem. White people are systematically conditioned to have this problem. Western Civilization dictates and validates that they are Supreme; and others are Second Class. So, how can they move from that thought process without completely defying what their culture mandates?

You made us in the image that made you feel more secure, Mr. White Person. We had no choice in the matter. And, now you want us to help you tear down your deliberate and successful effort to tarnish blackness? You can’t be serious…You can have this discussion with my dog, Spot. He knows that I am nothing more nothing less, his two-legged Master…unlike the masters of the past who treated dogs better than black HUMANS.

And, for those Negroes who continue to want this dialogue: What would you say during this meeting of the minds? – ‘See, massa, Eyes can speak duhs Queen’s English too.’

When will black people stop trying to prove to white America that we are worthy?

Brian E. Payne

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Welcome Home, Tiger

My grandmother told me, "Brian, you are going to be something...just keep in mind that you will always be a Ni**er to them. No matter what you accomplish."

I loved my grandmother. She was so honest, and so right. Her statement by no means made me feel inferior. It has helped me navigate through the mess America has made and continues to make. She gave me this advice out of love. So, I would not be hurt. She told her sons the same thing before they left for Vietnam. Guess what? She was right then too. Raymond and Jerry came back Ni**ers who fought in a war for America. Following American military orders to kill innocent men, women, and children while in a foreign land. Their payment was to be reminded that they were 'less than' - "Whites Only. No Ni**ers allowed."
Tiger is at home now. He just like every black man walking around on American soil. He shaped his recent image (chronic philanderer) - but one thing he did not do during his development was associate himself with anything/anybody that could connect him to what? A Ni**er.

Now, he one...even after winning at THEIR game. I ain't surprised at all.

Grandma was right!

BTW, what black man would let himself be pictured that way - and not know it was to demean him and all other black men? You guessed right. One who trusted the system of America. Tiger believed in the system because he has never faced it as a what? Black man...

Brian E. Payne sharing.

Give Your Last - and You Shall be Saved...African Style

As I thought about my previous posting, and the lost of another 'follower' I began to think about how religion, in this case Christianity, continues to poison the minds of men and women worldwide. So, I began to research. The video below validates once again my mantra:

Christianity in its present form is many ways: intellectually, spiritually, and financially.

God Bless and pass the offering tray.

Please watch the eight minute video.

*Photo: Snakes are made. They just don't walk up in the church. They learned their craft from The Church.

Brian E. Payne sharing.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

There are a ridiculous number of churches in the city of Decatur (Georgia) - Just STUPID

That was the subject heading of an email I sent to a group of friends/associates on January 6, 2010. You can say it was my non Facebook‘status’. I shall NEVER become a Facebooker! My 2010 commitment…

I went on to declare:

"Christianity in its present state (as presented and represented by blacks) is a self defeating prophecy."
-From Exposing Christianity, My Way of Sharing an Alternative to the Church's Truth

My making an ass of myself (assumption) leads me to believe that well over 65% of the churches are black churches.

As a result of my status and statement, I have lost another reader of my commentary. Devoted Christians cannot take the heat…

The Back and Forth can be read by clicking on the Comments icon below.

*Picture: We still going to the altar and coming back empty handed...The same...No change.

Happy reading...and remember that Jesus loves You...Not the Forgotten Ones.

Brian E. Payne sharing.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Outside the Lines: Cleaning House

For years now I have had countless arguments with men and women who are NOT athletes on the subject of college players getting financially compensated for their talents; like most entertainers and craftsmen. While watching Outside the Lines this Sunday I am even more convinced of this:

If the NCAA and the college athletic programs are going to function as a business they should do what businessmen do to keep their business in business: PAY THEIR EMPLOYEES - not with some worthless degree either.

Have you read the stats on how much your degree is worth? Pathetic...

Business Transaction (below)

“John Calipari inherited a Kentucky basketball roster from Billy Gillispie. Having recruited a handful of players, including freshman John Wall, Calipari needed roster room. A half dozen players from Gillispie's tenure say they were encouraged to leave. "Outside the Lines" tracked down four of those players, who said Calipari told them they were unlikely to get much playing time. Kentucky officials say Calipari just wanted players who fit his style. Tom Farrey reports Sunday on "Outside the Lines."

OTL: Cleaning House Promo - ESPN Video - ESPN:

*There is a white college quarterback who has filed a lawsuit against the NCAA for using his likeness in a video game.
Good for him!

*These black athletes need to support the HBCU's by going to the HBCU's. I bet my last dollar that if over 45%of these black jocks start going to HBCU's a new process will take place.

Shared by Muata.