Friday, January 30, 2009

Stimulus My Azz

Many have heard and/or read the word STIMULUS, and experienced some excitement. Some have positioned their middle finger up at the television or mumbled the words 'this government can kiss my azz' when the word was blurted. I have done the most derogatory and offensive of the three.

Why this government cannot learn from their mistakes blows my mind. Another stimulus? The last one did not work! Did we elect a bunch of IDIOTS? History has proven that not one ‘forced bump’ in the economy has ever worked! Can't we see that this is a way to get what the politicians want and desire, without REALLY helping the American people? I am puzzled by this. Leaving me with one question:

When will the American people understand that government is not on their side?

No good natured, well liked, well spoken, adored, messiah-like for some, genuine, caring President can escape/change what the United States government has set forth for the future of this country: Doom as a result of Chickens Coming Home to Roost.

For those of us who got excited over STIMULUS, look over a few of the benefits that will directly affect the life of the average American:

*Those who receive food stamps with a family of four will receive a small increase. Enough for another jar of peanut butter (hope it is not contaminated).
*Some of us who make $75K or less will receive a $12 to $13 increase in our checks.
*Some will receive a check in the mail. The data shows that the lucky people who received the last handout used it to pay bills and buy food. Not many went out on a spending spree.

Thanks, Democrats!

Let’s keep in mind that 4.78 million Americans claimed unemployment benefits last week.

To bad the first black president is in charge as this pathetic place collapses further and further. God bless da brotha!

Below is a write-up from some random but INTELLIGENT dude I came across on line. He has written every word I wanted to convey:

The proposed new $825 Billion Stimulus package will cost well over $1 Trillion if just 2 years of interest is added onto it. You see, the federal government does not have the money for the stimulus package, so the Federal Reserve will just print a couple of trillion dollars for them and the American taxpayers will pay it back with interest.

The President and Congressional leaders are calling the current proposed stimulus package "an investment in America's infrastructure" but that is simply not the truth. According to the Congressional Budget Office, only 3 percent, or just $30 billion of this entire package, is dedicated to road and highway spending. The stimulus package will, however, provide additional funding for 150 different federal programs, will create 32 new federal programs, will expand government employment and federal agency budgets, but it's still not clear if it will create any measurable number of new private sector jobs.

While the people of America cut back on their spending and struggle to make ends meet, congress' new stimulus package will insure that government agencies and selected special interest groups will get more money to spend. This proposed legislation provides enough spending to give every man, woman, and child in America $2,700, or over $6,000 to every individual taxpayer. What did the American taxpayer get for the $ Trillion dollar plus bailout of Wall Street Firms and the Banks? Absolutely Nothing! Unless you consider that the goal was to help some banks and Wall Street firms buy out other banks and Wall Street firms. To make matters worse, it was just reported that Wall Street execs gave themselves over $18 Billion in bonuses in 2008 as a reward for their failure, all with the taxpayers' bailout money.

The government should be giving stimulus money back to the people who actually gave it to the government in the first place: the American Taxpayers. After all it is the people's money, isn't it? It would certainly do more to stimulate the economy and create jobs for the Americans who are losing their jobs, than giving the taxpayers' money to Wall Street firms, international Banks and hundreds of politically connected special interest groups that are currently lined up at the federal trough ready to feed off of the American taxpayers once again. Under this new stimulus legislation, even illegal aliens, without social security numbers, will be able to qualify for the $500 per person tax credit checks. That will really help the American people.

It is perfectly clear that there's more pork in this bill than you would find at a mid-western slaughterhouse. This bill is not designed to create large numbers of private sector jobs or to stimulate the private sector economy of this great country. Rather, it is designed to fundamentally change how the American economic system will operate in the future, with an ever expanding and intrusive role for the new Politburo in the federal government.

John Wallace
Chatham, NY 12037

Written and shared by Brian E. Payne.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Non-Believers are in the Melting Pot Too

"We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus, and nonbelievers."

When those words rolled off President Obama’s lips I knew that the religious right would come a runnin’. Ready to defend their insecure brand of Christendom. Prepared to toss our new president to the den of hell. While I understand – but empathically do not agree, why they are so upset, I cannot empathize with their spiritual discomfort and feelings of disrespect.

The United States is a Christian nation. Let’s get that out the way. But, we are a nation that does not completely adhere to the important tenets of the faith such as doing unto others as we would have them do unto us. That’s blatantly obvious. What they, the Christians, would rather do is convince the spiritually destitute that Jesus walked on water. Silly!

The Golden Rule is present in most established religions throughout the world so we are by no means unique. What separates us from most of the world is that we arrogantly boast to other countries that we are the ultimate caretakers of God’s wishes and so called word while degrading the intrinsic values of Islam and other religions of PEACE. It is here, in this God forsaken place where the United States stands in the pit of hypocrisy. Nevertheless, no one should be surprised by my declaration. It is a truth that we have for centuries fought tirelessly to hide from the world through acts of kindness that are/were really efforts to socially, politically, and spiritually cripple other nations e.g. The Brutal Christianization of the Pacific Islands.

So, as the religious henchman (conservative African American pastors) who by the way supported George W. Bush in order to receive faith-based program dollars make every attempt to discredit Mr. Obama I ask, ‘Why in the world are you disturbed by the truth?’ "We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus, and nonbelievers. Was the word ‘nonbeliever’ the impetus of your discontent? Yes, that’s what it was.

To be a nonbeliever is a mark of the beast in these accepting United States of America. If you do not believe you are not in the club. That club that gathers each and every Sunday morning during the MOST segregated hour in America. Imagine that. Segregation still prevalent…here. Even in God’s house. No way!

This is the America President Obama inherited. And, now he not only has to protect the United States from relentless terrorists he has to explain to fanatical Christian ministers who are just as dangerous as the 911 high-jackers that the inclusion of nonbelievers is necessary.

The first lesson in seminary:

Jesus loved EVERYONE.

Written by Brian E. Payne. Inspired by the weakness of Christianity: Insecurity.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Day I Will Never Forget

January 20, 2009 is a day that I will NEVER forget. How can I? The descendants of America’s forefathers had to literally bow down to what their forefathers considered to be the least of God’s creation: a Black Man. The species that has been coined spook, monkey, beast, and all sorts of derogatory labels. But, not today. It is/was Mr. President!

After 12 noon today President Obama was greeted by America’s service men and women with a salute, and in some settings the masses will NOW have to stand up when President Obama enters the room. Who would have ever thought a black man who is not a black athlete would ever garner such RESPECT. Unbelievable!

While I am not one to gloat, it felt great to be on the winning end of this one. To see former President Bush humbled when Barack Obama basically admonish the past eight year administration was a glorious moment. Not only did it hopefully begin to rectify the past transgressions of the United States, it set the tone for a New Day with the world’s population.
We BELIEVED! The black man’s ancestor’s BELIEVED. The moment is here! Let’s do something with this remarkable accomplishment for those who died so today could be!

Praise Him!

Written by Brian E. Payne. Inspired by:
"Black Boy, a black man will never be president." -Frankie Lulu Payne
Grandma, you were wrong.
Wishing you were here!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Promises, Promises, Promises

Listed below are ten promises/pledges that President Barack Obama made to the American people during the pander-filled campaign season. A season that has accumulated to the finality: Inauguration Day. The promises were made I am certain because our new president has the forethought to recognize that this nation is in trouble. On the brink of total collapse. If one cannot mentally conceptualize this he/she is living in the clouds or they are filthy rich; and no matter what happens he/she will be protected by their money and the prestige it brings.

I want to believe it is this complexity of problems (troubles) that encouraged Barack Obama to seek the office he now owns and according to him shares with the citizens of the United States. If he did answer that genuine internal call to lead the ‘Free World’, and not some ego driven politician desire I pray that he will be able to resist becoming the establishment. The Babylonian structure that one of my friends believes is a non-existing force which by all means is detested by the likes of myself e.g. Malcolm Militants.

The establishment is real. It has engulfed the best of humanity’s children. However, Barack Obama appears to be the truth that has the ability to set us all free if only we listen, look inward, and ultimately assist one of God’s greatest gifts to the world.

The gift is Barack Hussein Obama.

Like all gifts they are cherished and even disregarded after some time. Will President Obama remain a gift or will we the people do what we have repeatedly done particularly when times get difficult and do not go the way we want: Forget about the significance and PURPOSE of the gift? Not sure about you – but I plan to hang in there with the gift despite my political pessimism and anti-America disposition. Nonetheless, once that gift (Obama) loses its appeal because it has not lived up to its value (word) I will without hesitation repackage, throw away, or place it in a cabinet never to be considered again.

Don’t let us down, President Obama by becoming disenchanted by and a part of broken Washington. I am definitely aware that you are not a whodini, but you did say that you represent Change We Can Believe In. You are the best gift (hope) I have received in a long time.

The Promises:

1 - Ensure all children have health insurance coverage
2 - Reduce health care costs for the typical American family by up to $2500 per year
3 - Double the production of alternative energy
4 - Enact a spending program to strengthen the nation's infrastructure of bridges,
roads, and schools
5 - Cut federal income taxes for 95 percent of working families
6 - Withdraw most U.S. combat troops from Iraq within 16 months
7 - Increase U.S. military strength in Afghanistan by at least two brigades
8 - Lift restrictions on government funding of embryonic stem-cell research
9 - Close the U.S. prison for terrorist suspects at Guantanamo
10 - Make it easier for labor unions to organize


Written by Brian E. Payne. Inspired by a faded HOPE hoping to be recharged.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The AmBush

In my effort to be fair, and not to recklessly defend, I must say that the media has done President Bush a disservice. Yes, he has made some colossal mistakes (with the approval of congress). Primarily, with the use of the English language – but he is not a cold-blooded villain. Definitely, not the man that AOL, Yahoo, and other online resource outlets made him out to be Monday, January 12, 2009.

As I sat and watched the outgoing President during his final news conference I saw a man more humble than he was four yeas ago, I saw man tired/beaten, I saw a man trying to be funny, I saw a man confidently on the defense, and I saw a man trying to explain to the world his reasoning/decisions. For example, his decision to not request a landing of Air Force 1 as it flew over New Orleans after Katrina was legitimate and understandable. However, most of the media coverage did not print or air the stated reason.

What I did not see was an angry animal. Nonetheless, this is what those ‘dependable’ resources and a few liberal journalistic outlets portrayed. They were jumping for joy when they were able to secure and use a photo that caught President Bush looking mean/upset. It was ammunition for their mischaracterization onslaught.

This time they used set-up shoes (questions) to smack him in the face. While the questions were legitimate, I still found it hard to believe that some of America’s journalists are hell-bent on tripping-up the President in his final days. The Commander who was praised by millions, including the liberals, after some fanatical men crashed planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The Chief who has put into place an intelligence community that has kept us out of terrorisms way since that horrific day. Even with this life saving accomplishment, they continue to find no justification to thank Mr. Bush. All they can do is search for failure – but ultimately what they fail to do is listen to his reason. His position. This done in another effort to further stain his presidency.

The contribution to the stain is connected to one decision. A decision that turned out to be a horrible mistake – but what was ultimately wanted by the American people: Retaliation. On thing that I learned as a union president was that in no circumstances whatsoever should I use my power as the leader of over 500 bargaining unit employees to retaliate in the direction of management even if the employees that I represented demanded it.

President Bush made a mistake: He listened to the emotional uproar of the people, and initiated a war that has cost us lives and money. But, like most leaders they lead with the people’s non-leader wants/opinions in mind. Nothing wrong with that. It just does not serve the masses well in the end.

We best believe that our incoming President will be crucified also at the completion of his term. With what he has to rectify as the result of American greed, he best prepare to give his farewell news conference in four years, and to deliver it behind a fiberglass barrier.

Written by Brian E. Payne. Inspired by the President who has done more for Africa than any other President. Inspired by the President who had the most ethnically diverse cabinet ever.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Gaza: New Year, Football, and God

Join me in PROTEST: I plan to position white tape over my mouth Friday the 9th of January. Displaying that the officials we, the people, elected are silent on the murderous reign in Gaza. The tape will have the following written on it:

Israel is DEAD WRONG, and the US Capitol is full of COWARDS.

What say you?


On January 5, 2009 I did what most Americans did: I pressed forward with my life on this first Monday of the New Year. I took advantage of a few end of the year sales before the new year got into full swing too. Can’t forget about that. And, of course I indulged in one of America’s favorite past times: Watched some football. While watching, several highlights got my attention – but what stood out the most was how much reverence a few of the players gave to God. If I did not see a player in the end zone looking up, arms extended, and mumbling – I heard a player say something along these lines while being interviewed because he was the star of the game: ‘First, allow me to give thanks to God. If not for him we would not be here and I would not have had such a great game.’

What does Gaza have to do with football, God, and the New Year? Evidently nothing!

The coverage of NFL playoffs and college bowl games must be the blockade that’s preventing us (Americans) from raising holy hell in defiance of Israel’s unrelenting murderous assault on the innocent citizens of Gaza, the Palestinians. Mostly women and children, by the way. What else could it be? We have been too sport-ly occupied with Colt McCoy and Donavon McNabb. I understand that…I suppose??? However, the cold-hearted Israeli leaders that the American government support must be aware that it is ‘win or go home time’. Our attention is not in the direction of CNN. What difference would it make anyway considering Israel’s military has restricted foreign press from entering Gaza? ESPN probably has more couch potato drive-bys these days anyway.

As these religiously misguided athletes (primarily black) give glory to God via a prayer or hand gesture after a touchdown rightfully desperate praying men, women, and children are dodging Israeli missiles. Missiles that military commanders claim are targeted for Hamas’ leader dwellings. I assume that schools are launching pads for Hama’s bombs. I doubt that! And, let’s just say that the schools are storage facilities for weapons, isn’t there another method to take other than blowing the arm off of a five year old child?

The audacity to think and believe that God is the guiding force behind a stiff arm into an area of the field that has Fiesta Bowl written in huge letters is not only ignorant – but foolish! Guess I should go get me some Tostitos? All the church theatrics on the football field while bombs kill pregnant women. Seems strange to me, but ‘life’ must go on in the Great Nation. I wonder if God is in the end zone or in a Gaza village? You tell me after Googling: Death toll in Gaza. He watching football.

I think I have made my point without ranting this time. Did I?

Before I try my best not to explode in a crying tizzy please help me with two questions:

Why is the United States government including Mr. Obama so slow to address this repeated crisis with persuasive authority?

Is the United States government and its notable leaders slow to speak out against Israel’s actions because Israel has strategically cocooned herself with ‘you have to side with us, we are The Jews’ verbal diarrhea (speak against the Jesus killers and be labeled anti Semitic)?

Not that it matters, I am just a struggling writer/author, Israel is out of line; and they need to be reprimanded with a heavy hand (sanctions) from the international community. But, the political beating must come from someone other than me and a couple thousand protesters. We are just a loud voice that has not been heard in years.

"It’s hard to imagine what being in Gaza does to someone’s will until you’ve come here. You no longer feel alive, in fact, you’re not living; you’re just killing time until some sort of change happens."-Kenneth Ring

Written by Brian E. Payne. Inspired by: Israel is PERVERSE, and no one with clout ever says so out loud.