Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Tabloid Life of Whitney Houston…Silenced – Not Amy’s

Over the past few days I have found myself so far away from the unrelenting opinionated disposition that consumed me after the death of Amy Winehouse. I blasted Amy for 'killing herself' with the excessive over indulgence of alcohol, prescription meds, and powdered cocaine. She like so many in the music entertainment industry drugged herself to death.

We all know that Whitney's life was full of drug use. But, there is a definitive silence lurking within the black community. Out of the plethora of news reports, blogs, articles, text messages, emails, and other forms of opinion post I have yet to read a critical piece from the black world that addresses Whitney Houston’s self-made…self-created demise. 
Like most talking heads, Bill O’Reilly has voiced his opinion:

“she obviously destroyed herself”

Why isn’t there a mass number of black people coming out with the same level of heavily critical velocity at this One Moment in Time,
We know Bill is right! We are not agreeing with Bill because he is a right-winged Conservative who we believe is a white racist. We also do not agree with him because the truth bruises. Of course, I am not interested in propping-up Bill’s comments as The Word. However, I must admit, in all fairness and considering my on-point judgment of Amy Winehouse, O’Reilly is in the right lane and he has taken the right exit,
We must put the responsibility of a drug-laced life in the lap of Whitney Houston. We cannot and should not remain silent in a show of misguided loyalty. We must move beyond this irresponsible protectionism. I like it to the No Snitching Rule that has added to the devastation of the black community. And, we must say it: Whitney Houston like so many of God’s creations did not possess The Greatest Love of All, 
I ask with sincere introspection, and without any attempt to take away Whitney’s dignity.

Where is my blast of Whitney? Where is my condemnation of the drug-use life she lived? 
 Whitney and Amy are similar…one in the same: They were defeated by their drug use. Both battled addictions and they failed to save themselves! That is the truth…it is sad but true! 

I am so thankful that my days of remaining somewhat silent on the death of “America’s Sweetheart” have brought a different, and convicting perspective. 

The Lamb was Silent

I acknowledge my race-linked hypocrisy –and I agree that Black Hypocrisy is just as bad as the Silence that lingered when the white salve master's wife wanted to but failed to speak up about the treatment of black Africans during slavery.

Muata Nowe