Friday, November 12, 2010

Lethal Complexity

While the beating of Bobby Tillman  is enough to serve as an example of the lethal complexity within the black community, other salient – and detrimental factors are in the background which adds to African American reality. Realities that black people in many ways control and leave unattended.

Psychological and Spiritual

The young men accused of the savagery appear to be emotionally and spiritually bankrupt. They display no authentic emotion. As if they are possessed by a nonchalant and uncaring spirit. No connection to morality or humanity.


They young men accused of the savagery cannot form complete sentences. Their English is horribly broken indicating to me that they possibly read on an extremely low grade level.


The young men accused of the savagery are so clueless that they are not aware that the jailhouse interviews will help convict them.

Urban Demise

The young men accused of the savagery are so caught-up in thug mentality that they are freely referencing and supporting the cowardice No Snitching Rule. Also, the deputies put all the youth on the bus as a part of their initial investigation because none of the youth present were willing to “name names”.

Misguided Importance

The NAACP is so enthralled in finding a cause to promote that they have lost their way. They have literally depleted their relevance and importance by latching onto any and every complaint made by black people. Often times the complaints are frivolous, of no value, and a waste of time. How about they explore why black males are significantly falling behind in academics on ALL levels!

The Effects of Urban Flight

Bobby's mother wanted what was best for her son. She relocated to slow Georgia with her children in flee of gang activity in high speed Los Angeles. Ultimately, what purpose did that serve? She with high expectations came to an area of the country where the hood – but accurately described as deadly - elements of city life have moved to the suburbs as a result of gentrification.

Black Baby Boy Momma Syndrome

The mother of one beast-like boy is emphatic about her son's innocence. She is so blinded by the Baby Boy syndrome: Excessive pampering of African American boys. To the extent of foolishly excusing their reckless behavior. She actually believes her son could not commit murder because he is, "a sweet boy". Really? Also, within this context, not one black father has spoken. Not one!!! Leaving me to conclude the obvious: the black daddy’s are not involved in the maturation of the accused.

All of the above are huge particles within the black community. All points are so entrenched, embedded in the black day-to-day that we cannot routinely with pride preface our improvements/advancements e.g. Black president - but still lead the nation in killing each other.

We (America’s blacks) are the problem. No system. No government. We are! All these years of seeking and working to eradicate our plights and ills; and we still are finding that black life is jacked-up at our very own making.

I honestly believe most black people are so defeated that they enjoy the stench of the swamp. They are okay with it...what do we do in collective to change it?! We will march on Washington. Criticize government. Go to the school and act a fool. Neglect to vote. Blame the white man. But, we always fall short of getting it rendering us mentally and soulfully distant.

Guess what? The Black Church will be packed come Sunday - and the surrounding black communities will be littered with the bottles of cheap bear and wine. Moscato and Colt 45.

Jailhouse interviews: 

Muata Nowe


Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

o the only problem the NAACP has with the whole situation is that this rowdy teens were loaded on a bus.  Give me a break!  I guess there's no problem with an innocent person being beat to death by 4 or more stupid kids. I watched the interviews and to me they all had an attitude that it's wasn't a big deal.  All claim 2 others did the actual beating, but won't name intelligent is that.  They would rather go to prison instead of snitching.  CRAZY!!!!! The sad thing is that Bobby's mother moved to GA to get her children away from the gangs of LA.---

Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

o your point that NO BLACK FATHER has spoken, This is HIGHLY SIGNIFICANT! Men have an inherent role in the lives of children. A role that can not be substituted. These boys are lost, all of them, including Bobby. Trying to navigate this culture and society without male guidance is extremely difficult, to say the least. The lesson, in my opinion, is for males to be responsible and active in your kids lives and for females to choose responsble males to bear children with. Keep in mind that post slavery in America promoted absenteeism of the black man in families. Unemployment, Drugs, Education denial, welfare and Prisons made sure of that. Currently many popular songs and TV shows help enforce it. I won't even name the songs and shows black people glorify and engrain in their heads that they don't even realize helps educate children of their roles as  famil members and citizens

Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

Both of your comments are appreciated. One thing that urks me is the excuses that black people continue to make regarding black pathetic behavior!

Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

Muata it will serve you a lot of heartache to give up on blacks. We are done!