Sunday, August 28, 2011

I am certain that there was one day in the great past of the United States of America that there was significant excitement among the masses when there was an announcement issued pertaining to a job fair.

“Come one come all. We are having a job fair. We have the ideal job for YOU. Dress to impress and bring plenty copies of your resume. There will be companies prepared to hire you on the spot.’

Now…fast forward to today.

The unemployment rate is hovering at 9.2% - and even higher in several states.

If the percentage chart is too blurry to decipher, just know that the dark red is attached to 10% unemployment. As the dark red gets lighter know that the rate is 9% to 8%.

By the way, the unemployment rate for America’s black population is an astounding 16%. But, that is irrelevant to those in charge. And, surely a safety concern for the yuppie’s that benefit from urban rejuvenation in places like Atlanta and the District of Columbia.

Now that we are all on the same page, please continue to read – and while reading hold into consideration that my professional life is in the field of human resources, talent acquisition, skill assessment, job placement, and recruitment management.

Professionally, I have been helping people get jobs or secure opportunities to gain marketable experience for two decades. I only mention that to support what I am about to pass along:

Job Fairs in Today’s Employment Climate are a Waste of Time

Organizations and institutions of higher learning have discovered that there is a lot of money to be made by staging a job fair. Some of the set-up fees can range from $100 to $5000. The companies that pay the huge amount understand that their attendance is a continuation of marketing and branding.

Home Depot has been known to randomly layoff hundreds of employees – later participate in job fairs and receive resumes with NO plan to hire or fill the positions that they vacated/terminated. Home Depot also understands psychology: The visual presentation of hiring is pacifying to the job seeker. It is similar to a preacher telling a church member to ‘hang in there’. That for some confusing reason comforts the Believer. It gives them a superficial hope that they can depend on with prayer as the motivator…

After standing in a long line...LONG line…WAITING for up to three hours to enter. Then to be told: “We are not actually hiring – but we will take your resume. And, you can also visit our website to submit an application.” is enough to send someone over the top. Losing it…is not worth the night in lock-up. You may as well be happy with standing and associating with others who share your plight and desperation. And, when you get home after a treacherous day in the sun have yourself some cheap vodka. That will numb the emotional pain…but that is only temporary. What next?

If you think I am off-base or passing on a lie please spend some time reading and hearing all the disappointments after a day of pimping yourself. After saying all the right things. After dressing in the best suit and wearing the lucky tie or panties. After gurgling mouthwash and sucking cheap peppermints all day. After smiling and trying to project confidence in the face of foreclosure. After repeating the same story about yourself.

Like interviewing, all one is doing during a job fair, is exposing oneself to a person who has a job. And, in my experience I am so much more intelligent than the man behind the job fair table display and definitely more qualified than the putts conducting the interview.

So, how does one go about getting a job? Wish I could tell ya! What I do know:

Job Fairs in Today’s Employment Climate are a Waste of Time

Try networking...if you are black do the networking verbal diarrhea with white people. Most blacks have no outlets for the unemployed. No leads. Or, that black person you come across that is willing to network with you under false pretense more than likely is in a position of disgusting insecurity so he/she will not assist you in the fear that you will take their job, do better than them, get more attention from the white boss, or make more money.

Try sleeping with the hiring official…yeah prostituting appears to work. Men - especially - will hire a dime piece just to get in the dimes’ pants or up the dime’s skirt. Women in authority or in a position to hire have been known to flirt aggressively until they get the man to objectify himself by sexing the female boss in the copy room.

Try getting a face lift…change your appearance…it is a known fact that if you are not easy on the eyes you are not getting hired. And, if you are overweight you have a lengthy unemployment stint ahead of you.

Simply, getting a job today has nothing to do with your experience and/or qualifications. And, going to a job fair does not increase your chances of securing employment. Some will say it has always been that way…Some will say “it is all in who you know” – and I will respond with, ‘Really. I know a lot of people. Some corporation executives, city officials, and former colleagues who are in a position of status at non-profits and agencies – but my behind is still jobless.’

Also, making a dismal spectacle of yourself no longer works,

The best the unemployed individual can do is pretend to be positive, search online or walk in a business, and bunker down because having a degree or two degrees, valuable work experience, and spunky enthusiasm is somewhat,

I speak from experience…I speak from knowing that my praying for a job has been somewhat,
Muata Nowe

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

 The Choice

Last week there was an anticipated amount - but absurd bleeding heart sentiment pertaining to the death of Amy Winehouse chatter on the World Wide Web. If you have never heard of Amy I am certain by now you have got your fill of her pitiful life. 

In my effort to interject and receive opinion I started a Facebook conversation, one of the many on Facebook, about Winehouse’s deliberately troubled temporary existence. There was not a need for me to explain to the readers what type of woman Amy became over her short life. She without regret showed us! I am certain what she became was NOT what her mother and father expected. With this understanding, it was my goal to point out that Amy Winehouse chose to live the way she did. She selected her life from a multiple choice pedigree that was tainted with substance abuse and addiction:

A    A. Crack Cocaine
B.      B. Hard Liquor
C.      C. Prescription Meds 

I am not sure what her childhood was like. It actually does not matter for my view of the way she lived. Again, she gave us plenty to examine.  As I mentioned last week, Amy Winehouse was in full control. She was in the driver’s seat which is so unlike the women who are the subject of Sade’s heart wrenching song:

Woman in Somalia 

The Woman cries to a heaven above…and there is no answer. God’s deafness has been documented. God does not like the darker people of this world:

She lives a life she didn’t choose

It hurts like brand new shoes. Amy’s shoes did not hurt her. Right? If they did she eased the pain with huge profits and synthetic drugs. Her overpriced shoes: 

No, I did not walk in Amy’s shoes. I could have...I did have her drugged life as an option. I and others should have learned something from this type of personal destruction. Amy Winehouse had a Choice. We all do - regardless of our traumatic childhoods. This woman is an example:

My point with this tardy organization of thoughts…

Women from Somalia have NO CHOICE. Their multiple choice selections are

A.    A. Spiritual Death
B.     B. Habitual Rape
C.     C. Forced Child Sacrifice
D    D. Refugee Status


So, if anyone is of the belief that candid bloggers “disrespected the dead” last week…consider and answer this:

Do you respect soulfully dead Warren Jeffs? He is a ruthless polygamist who had sex with a 12yr old - and told her during the act of intercourse to, “Feel the spirit of God.” By the way, women of the bible were subjected to this sexual brutality, and it is 2011 condoned by evil Men.  

Do you respect Jerry Wayne Steele? He is dead now? PRAISE God! Read up on him (below). He was a child molester. Now, if you respect the dead Jerry Wayne Steele, I ask you to explain to me why? 

Muata Nowe