Friday, April 02, 2010

Making a Case for the Revolutionary, Jesus and Barack Obama

Something I am not, a belief proponent in the divinity of Jesus i.e. born without sperm meeting egg, his exorcist powers, and him coming back to life after getting tortured and gutted. After reading his incomplete story, intellectually laboring over it in seminary, and debating with holy rollers I have to admit that I do believe, as the story should be interpreted, that he was a man who advocated for social and economic justice. That should be simple to glean from the ancient book of fables e.g. bible.

I refuse to waste your Good Friday time directing you to easily manipulated scripture to support the argument considering I typically use the inspired writers’ fiction as a mechanism to contradict Matthew, Mark, and Luke. That is remarkably easy to do despite the synoptic description. What I will do is advocate for the obvious. Jesus in all His glory was a Revolutionary. If the New Testament is an accurate reflection of His life here is how I know with simplicity that He fought for social and economic justice:

When He suicidal-ly marched in to the temple and proceeded to turn over the money tables he was in fact defying the Roman governmental structure (economic).

When He constantly spoke of assisting the needy and helping the destitute He was proving to the people that He was a man who cared (social).

So, as Glen Beck (modern day Pontius Pilate) continues to pervert (link above) the most valuable memory of Jesus let’s not forget that Beck has a purpose behind his rhetorical ignorance. He wants to prevent movements that are modeled off the most logical understanding of Jesus’ life. He wants to quell any hint of Gandhi’s and Martin’s efforts while pushing the inane unbelievable.

Spending time philosophizing whether Jesus walked on water or not is ridiculously wasteful, by the way. Even I can admit that considering the belief in this is a figment of imaginational faith - and mostly because I do not believe in Harry Potter theatrics.

The church that touts “The Word of God” should be presenting a Good News message that encourages us to stand for Jesus’ work, not His “saving power”. We can only save ourselves. No highly emotional ten minute altar can. No Good Friday dead man can. No hyped-up Easter Sunday sermon should replace Justice! Justice takes passionate formation in understanding that something just ain’t right with today’s replica of biblical Roman oppression.

President Obama recognizes this. Thus the reason he, in his clever and unassuming way, is leading this nation down the path of humbly acknowledging its harmful past and present via change (revolution). It may not ‘fit’ into the hateful political landscape of America. One thing for sure, those who can identify with justice – and not biblical mob mentalities are ahead of the game. This game is not about what occurs in the ungodly House and Senate chambers (similar to the church) – it is about true and dignified revolution. Not a Hate Speech Rally disguised as a Tea Party…

President Obama is in the right historical moment: The Place of The Skull, Golgatha. The home of the crucifixion. One must be crucified to be remembered. All Revolutionaries leave us this way. However, rebuking the Mt. Sinai mob mentality that commenced as Moses ‘met’ with the fireball image of God – and controlling it unlike Aaron did, may keep our Modern Day Revolutionary un-martyred.

Brian E. Payne thinking this Easter Season. Inspired by the inevitable - if history does in fact repeat itself.


Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

Reader response:

Amen - I'm very proud of you!


Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

Reader Response:

I can say a big ole AMEN to this one my friend...


Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

Reader Response:

Amen BPayne! That was beautiful and so right on. The hypocrisy of the "Christian" movement is galling. It's so frustrating to see them warp the idea of Jesus into a tool for their own self-righteousness and their crazy, bigoted beliefs. It seems so obvious that the example of the man was to lead a good life, respecting others, helping your brethren etc. How can so many people not see that? You said it, Mister Payne.


Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

Muata responds to SE:

The obvious is purposely hidden and avoided!


Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

Reader Response:

Hmmmmmmmm….very interesting. However, as believer of Jesus, I would find logic in your first sentence if Jesus was considered an ordinary man and his Father were not The Almighty God above all gods. Capable of doing extraordinary and unhumanly powerful things. He who created the sperm and egg, as well as….the before and afterlife.

I still love ya though.