Saturday, April 10, 2010

Angry White Men: Don’t Mess with Their Money

I learned in 1980 that the other valued color in America is green. White is the pure-ultimate color, and black is the despised stain. What an easy lesson!

I was ten years old in 1980. Smelling myself was my modus operandi then. Ready and willing to defy momma and grandma – and erection ready. No momma’s daughter was safe. They were all bait and potential victims! Green backs with a sensual smell and lustful look are what the hot girls were as they pranced up and down James Avenue. The New Projects.

While I cherished employment when I started working at age 13, I was not fully prepared to utilize my money in the most effective way. I did not save which in my opinion is a major shortfall for many black people. Some will find that a gross generalization – but I have a lifetime of facts on my side. Who makes up the collective wealth in North America? White people. They have the big saving accounts. They have the property and the land. They have significant ownership in most markets. Speaking of ownership, a philandering Russian can easily acquire NBA team ownership – but Michael Jordan had to bleed before he was granted team dominion. Russians are white…Mikhail Prokhorov: The Russian Is Coming - 60 Minutes - CBS News

It is believed that black people and what well-to-do white people classify as ‘white trash’ are the blood suckers of the American financial system. That in itself is more than ridiculous…I am of the belief that the filthy rich white men of America are the ticks. They also are relentless protectors of their money. There is an old saying that I have found to be true, “White people will sell out their parents for money.” Something to that affect. If you are white and reading: Yes, your reputation when it comes to money is pretty bad. And, to be fair this is understood about Nigerians too.

Understanding that white people function in this capacity, I certainly understand why the term ‘redistribution of wealth’ is a fiery topic on the internet and conservative talk radio. I knew it would only be a matter of time before President Obama would be linked to the overplayed terminology. It does have a socialist connection – and Barack Obama is a socialist…according to Glen, Bill, Sean, Brit, and Sarah. Guess who this group works for?

As I listen to The Right, I wonder if I were white and wealthy would I be up in arms about the potential redistribution of my money. Money that I earned with the American credo as my motivator, ‘All Americans have the opportunity to be whatever they want, and earn what they are worth.’ Since I am black and broke, I wanted everyone reading to know that I am somewhat leaning on the side of my white brothers and sisters. Well, I am with them while realizing that their ancestors stole everything that they benefit from today. So in affect, the Becky’s and John’s are rich because of their distant cousins willingness to take what makes people wealthy e.g. land.

Understanding this, do you think it is fair for wealthy white people (please be aware that I do know a significant number of black people are well-off too – but they appear not to be too concern about the White House’s efforts to redistribute wealth – Typical) to be heavily taxed, more so than the average person?

Let me close with this, if I were white (no wondering this time) I would be pissed if I looked at my earnings and leave statement – and noticed a total of $2500 in taxes removed from my salary that’s earmarked for some mismanaged social community organized program. I would be flabbergasted if every time I went grocery shopping, saw a fat woman fill a ride along shopping cart with the unhealthiest of food, and then tender with a redistribution of my wealth payment card e.g. EBT card.

Sorry, but I understand the frustration.

Written by Brian E. Payne.


Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

Reader Response:

White men are getting what they deserve.


Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

Reader Response:

I get why they are mad too. My taxes are outlandish.


Muata, The Shadow, The Black Rebel said...

Reader Response:

Good one.