Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mo as the Abused

I am so thankful Oprah has us talking again. She always seems to get us going over something. While her show has never been a 'black talk show' - Oprah's producers do find a way to hit black people in the face with their dirty laundry. I can appreciate that. I have found that black people often times need to be backhand with a smelly pair of underwear. It is a tough blow at first - but in the end the funk at least starts a dialogue.

Black people have been molesting each other for years. Nothing new. Mothers do it to daughters, fathers do it to sons, uncles do it to nephews, and aunts do it to nieces.

Where black people have failed in addressing the issue is with SILENCE. No one really talks about how Kistina was fondled for years by Uncle Bobby. It is common knowledge - but to speak it brings a forced level of responsibility to do something about. Yeah, other folk have this problem...I am aware. Me nah be dat shallow.

Some are faulting Mo for 'when' she made her abuse public. Does it matter? Some are saying that Oprah 'loves' to project black males in a negative light. Really? These are frivolous additions to move the topic from the forefront. The fact of the matter is that Mo's brother, according to her, molested/sexually assaulted her - and now a conversation is commencing with hopes we will begin to address child abuse without tip-toeing - and do something about seek counseling. This could be an opportunity to talk with children about getting ‘touched’ in the wrong place!

Ironic, Catholicism's Main Man, The Pope, is said to have hidden what he knew. Wow! The Main Man, The Leader of Vatican - KNEW and did NOTHING. Goes to show black people ain't the only ones keeping secrets...but I will say that The Vatican should be charged by a World Court/United Nations/some international body for their CONSPIRACY of cover-up!
No…KEEP him AWAY FROM those kids:  

Brian E. Payne sharing.


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Speak on Black Man.


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So true!


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But in the beginning her show was black like Jerry Springer for a minute though. lol But we appreciate her and love her.


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I am so thankful she has EVOLVED!Loves me some Oprah!